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Details about Mega Ball


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At first glance, you might think Mega Ball is a new variant of the classic bingo. However, as it becomes apparent relatively quickly, the live game has many facets and is therefore difficult to put on a par with the traditional numbers game.

What exactly is meant should become clear after a few minutes in the preferred live casino at the latest.

It is noticeable that the rounds run extremely fast. However, it doesn't take a lot of skill or even strategic ability to get the most out of playing Mega Ball live. winnings up to 100,000 times the stake. to secure.

Exactly how high the odds are depends on several factors. However, casino customers should definitely be prepared to make a little effort when playing the exciting game show from Evolution Gaming.

The most important facts:

  • Bonus round with 100x win multiplier per playing card.
  • Between one and 200 Mega Ball cards playable.
  • High quality live stream.
  • Multipliers are randomly determined.
  • A mix of lotto, bingo and keno is offered.

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Is Mega Ball the same as bingo?

Mega Ball Mischtrommel
There are certainly one or the other parallel to Bingo. However, Evolution Gaming already makes it clear on its website that Mega Ball is unique in its concept. In addition to the typical features of bingo, there are elements that are more reminiscent of classic lotto or keno. elements that are more reminiscent of the classic lotto reminds. It is this combination of everything that keeps you entertained for hours and, above all, promises maximum excitement.

Already after starting the game, it is noticeable that Mega Ball has nothing in common with the previously known Evolution Gaming game shows. At least, the wheel of fortune, with which the provider has already celebrated several successes, has been completely dispensed with here. Instead he relies on a machinein which there are lots of number balls.

As soon as all participants have at least one card, the draw starts. How exactly this is structured and what special features are to be considered when playing Mega Ball Live online, we will now show.

Rules and special features of Mega Ball Live

Participation in the Mega Ball Live game is only possible once a card, similar to typical bingo cards, has been purchased. There are various betting options, which are described in detail further down in the test. At least 10 cents must be invested per card. The maximum amount is 100 euros, whereby, as indicated, not only one card can be purchased, but even up to 200. It is important not to lose track of the cards.

If all participants have their cards in front of them, the drum starts and throws successively 20 of the available 51 number balls out. The goal is to have as many hits on the cards as possible. These are marked automatically. However, a win is only awarded if at least one row completely matches the numbers drawn. If there are more rows, then of course the winnings increase significantly.

In order for players to see how close they are to a payout at Mega Ball Live, the cards are the cards are re-sorted each time. So the card that already has a majority of hits is at the top. All the others, on the other hand, move into the background.

Mega Ball – lines and odds

As already mentioned, winnings at Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming are from one complete line possible.

More lines increase the payout, although that is not all that happens in the game.

Once the draw is complete, the wheel of fortune starts spinning. This now reveals a multiplier between x1 and x100which is applied to all lines.

The image shows a brief tutorial and the paytable that Evolution Gaming displays every time the game starts.

We have summarized the most important information about possible line wins in the table:

Number of full lines Minimum win factor Payout factor maximum

1x 100x
2 5x 500x
3 50x 5.000x
4 250x 25.000x
5 1.000x 10.000x
6 & more 10.000x 100.000x

So much for the potential base profits. However, Evolution Gaming owes its success in particular to the fact that behind each of the Live Games exciting features features. To what extent this applies to Mega Ball, we will now take a look.

Are there any Mega Ball bonus features?

In fact, with a bit of luck, there is a possibility of winning two consecutive Mega Ball bonus rounds to be activated. However, whether these start is decided randomly during the course of the game. As soon as all 20 standard balls have been drawn, it's now about the Mega Ball mentioned in the title.

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This is a special ball, which increases the win multiplier up to multiplier of up to x100. multiplier. However, this only works if any winning line on the game card can be completed by this special Mega Ball. Sometimes the ball can even complete several lines at once, so that even higher payouts are possible.

If the Mega Ball does not complete a line, it is treated like all previously drawn standard numbers. The hoped for multiplier is of course not granted in this case. However, if you are very lucky, there is a chance to win a second Mega Ball in the course of the game. chance to win a second Mega Ball. The conditions are the same again, although this time multipliers of up to 100 times can be triggered.

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Important to know: Evolution Gaming has designed Mega Ball Live in such a way that basically only one multiplier can be won per bonus game. The higher factor is used to offset this, should two Mega Balls actually be drawn.

What are the Mega Ball live betting limits?

In established Evolution Gaming live casinos, there is the possibility to deal with Mega Ball from a bet of 10 cents. There are upper limits for players, but at least up to 100 euros can be invested per round and game card. As already noted, the limit is 200 tickets. Let's take a look at the options offered in detail once again:

Mega Ball

  • 10 cents
  • 50 cents
  • 1 Euro
  • 2 Euro
  • 5 Euro
  • 25 Euro
  • 100 Euro

Although the suspense increases significantly with several cards, we advise not to overdo it right away. Matching numbers are automatically marked, so that you have an overview even with 10 or more tickets. Nevertheless, the costs should not be underestimated, especially since the stake should remain within limits and you have to be aware that it is only possible to a limited extent to get it out with a winning line, for example. The cost-benefit calculation should be well thought out.

Is Evolution Gaming Mega Ball suitable for beginners?

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This brings us to the next advantage of Mega Ball from Evolution Gaming. The game is made for all those who want a mix of bingo, keno and mix of bingo, keno and lotto. lotto. The advantage is that no previous knowledge is required. Here are a few helpful strategies for the beginning:

  • Chance determineswhich of the 51 balls will be drawn. Numbers drawn once may well occur again in the next round. occur again. Thus, no conclusions can be drawn from the previous game rounds for the further course. This in turn means that there is no strategy for Mega Ball Live.
  • If you set a bet value, you pay this not only once, but per playing card. Even the minimum of 10 cents can be expensive if all 200 tickets are actually activated. It therefore makes sense to keep an eye on your budget and think carefully about what stake is affordable on how many cards and where your personal "pain threshold" is reached.
  • The motto "less is more" applies to Mega Ball quite well. Already one or two playing cards can be enough for the beginning. In general, it is recommended to start small to get a feel for the process first.
  • It is possible to swap cards that have been dealt randomly for others, swap them for others. So if one does not like the numbers, this decision should be made quickly. Once the draw starts, swapping is impossible.

The provider provides the gaming fun and presumably deliberately avoids complex processes. Once you get the hang of it, you can look forward to hours of action – not least supported by the good-humored live dealers, who deliver real entertainment to the screen.

More Mega Ball Live features

As expected, the provider also relies on the highest standards for Mega Ball. This applies to the technology as well as to the availability. If you like, you can use the live game anywhere – both at home on the desktop and on smartphones and tablets. Here are all important features at a glance:

  • Overlays of all game areas and the live dealer.
  • Entertaining live chat in English
  • Live streaming in HD quality possible
  • Two bonus balls for even higher winnings
  • Mobile availability on all devices

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The hostswho spin the multiplier wheel and moderate the draw, provide good entertainment on their own. Again and again they are brought to the fore – and this until the draw draws to a close. Winnings are paid out fully automatically, of course.

Is there a Mega Ball jackpot?

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The live game offers no progressive main prize. Nevertheless, the bonus multipliers sometimes result in payouts of up to half a million euros. These are of course dependent on the stakes played and also on the number of active playing cards. Casino customers have influence on both, whereas the exact amount of winnings depends on chance.

Technical requirements

To play Evolution Gaming live game shows like Mega Ball, you basically do not need much. All you need is a Desktop PC or mobile devicesuch as a smartphone or tablet. In addition, an Internet connection is required.

live streaming
If this is stable enough and the device used offers high technological standards, there is nothing to stop you from playing Mega Ball Live in HD quality. Alternatively, there is the standard version, which provides faster loading times with similarly good performance. Special attention must be paid to the connection in order to avoid possible game crashes.

Where can I play Mega Ball for free?

If you are interested in the unique live game, you are welcome to take the opportunity and watch other active players for a while. However, your own participation in Mega Ball also requires a deposit as well as a real money stake of 10 cents or more. A demo mode is not available – as with all game shows that Evolution Gaming develops and in which the provider has invested a lot of money.

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Once the decision is made, the deposit can be made regularly in real time. So no one has to wait a long time to get personally involved with the special concept of Mega Ball. Also, as already mentioned, financially there is no high risk.

Our conclusion about Mega Ball Live

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All those who have never had to choose in online casinos between Lotto, Keno and Bingo in online casinos, Mega Balls will certainly please them. This live game combines the most popular elements of all three classics and will not let you get bored even after hours. Another advantage are the sometimes high winnings. Up to 500,000 euros, after all, are not promised every day.

The simple gameplay should be quickly internalized. Whether you end up playing with one or 200 cards is a decision that everyone can make for themselves at Mega Ball Live. However, only chance knows when the Mega Ball bonus round will start.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Mega BallAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 94%