Customer service test and comparison

Customer service has a special meaning for us. It is important to find out which casinos are ahead in terms of service and friendliness. The ranking to be found below should give you a first overview of tested companies in terms of customer service. Of course, we will go into a little more detail as we go along.

First of all, we tested which contact options are available to you at all in the various casinos. After all, these are one of the most important quality features in the gambling industry.

Top casinos usually do not leave out any possibility to make contacting you as easy as possible. Common are the Contact via e-mail, live chat and of course a – in the best case free – hotline.

Provided that all services in the customer service are offered without additional costs, the casinos naturally earn one of the top places in our ranking. The speed as well as the competence of the employees also count.

The test results in the area of customer service:

Learn more about our approach in the customer service test:

Like all test areas, the service was also subdivided. In various criteria, the casinos had to convince us to get their well-deserved place on our pages. Friendliness is only one criterion, because a nice chat ultimately only brings you something if you were able to clear up all ambiguities in the end and questions were answered competently.

Here now are all the test areas that we have tested and evaluated:

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    Response time

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What contact options are offered?

phone book
Especially for a few experienced players, the optimal setup of the support is essential. A good online casino will specifically to the needs of its customers and provides ways that suit every taste.

Certainly, many users prefer to express their concerns directly by phone. If it comes to further ambiguities, one can immediately talk about it and work out a solution. However, the anonymity offered by live chat is not available on the hotline.

letter icon
You may belong to the somewhat "older" generation and be happy if you can express your concerns in writing. Especially criticism and praise is of course gladly received by the casinos. The fact that a home address is given directly on the website also clearly speaks for the seriousness of the company. Contact by fax is also possible with some providers.

An e-mail address is generally available – at least in all of the casinos we tested. This slightly outdated option is made available because this is the easiest way of verification. A copy of ID finally arrives by mail much faster than by mail.

Overview: Contact options of some providers

Contact option

lucky deams-logo


Stake Logo

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playamo casino logo

live chat
Contact form
social media
Other (mail, fax, FAQ)

By the way, e-mail contact is also advisable if you your request outside the service hours to the team outside of service hours. Alternative to the classic e-mail address: the contact form. Basically, both options are identical. As a rule, you will always receive the answer in your specified e-mail box.

Often it is even unnecessary to seek direct contact at all. Serious online casinos namely answer all known questions in a detailed FAQ . This, of course, you can always open to get the answers you need with a little luck.

plus icon
Plus points collect providers if you write this page in detail and explain the most relevant topics so simply that they are immediately understood even by laymen.

Many a time we have noticed that some companies write the FAQ page only because it is expected of them. If it goes thematically into depth, you will certainly not find solutions to your concerns there. The more superficial the casino approaches this area, the less it can do at score points.

Especially important: The customer service in Australian

As test editors, we assume that not every player is proficient in the English language. Ultimately, the casinos offer their services specifically in Australia. Accordingly, we assume that the service is also English-speaking. At least during "peak hours", it should be possible to discuss concerns without language barriers and work out a solution with a English-speaking employee.

Even 24/7 customer service only convinces us if the employees understand you and can really help you. We have deliberately focused on English-speaking support – which of course has an impact on the rating.

Australia flag icon
How well the service works in Australian is ultimately up to the headquarters of the casino operator. This is another reason for us to only present providers that are based in the EU and preferably operate in English-speaking countries.

If a company is not based in Australia, then that doesn't have to mean anything bad, of course. However, Australian support will usually not be available there around the clock, but only at set times – usually somewhere between 10 am and 10 pm.

If the customer service is offered around the clock, then players from Australia can of course make use of it at any time. It would only be helpful if you have at least some knowledge of English – or are equipped with a usable translator.

trophy icon
Good standard is offered by Sunmaker, for example. Here are all known contact options are very easy to reachand other options are also available – including the new WhatsApp contact.

The competition on the gambling market is getting bigger and bigger. This has an impact on the individual providers, who are now developing very versatile solutions when it comes to support. Above all, the service is offered in more and more casinos offered in various languages – and sometimes even around the clock.

Good service should cost nothing

price tag
Ideally, you will not be charged for the advice and support provided by the customer service. This service is at least in most online casinos free of charge. Ultimately, not least the operators themselves benefit from satisfying their customers.

However, caution is advised, especially when it comes to the hotline. In some Casino, the fees are quite a bit to pay. As we find, free options are standard and should actually be a matter of course for the companies.

You can send emails to the support without any costs. The disadvantage of this contact option is the usually longer response time. Costs are incurred, if at all, only for the telephone service as well as for sending a fax.

Some of the Maltese gambling companies have set quite lavish per-minute rates for telephone support. If you only have a short question, the costs may still remain manageable. For more complex issues, we can only advise you to opt for an alternative.

Regardless of whether the casino service is chargeable or not: customers must always be informed about possible fees. After all, transparency has the highest priority in this industry. The small print should be read as far as possible, and the providers we have examined clearly state whether and how much costs may be incurred.

phone icon
Caution with free numbers! The hotline for Australian players is actually free of charge in many cases. If you want to talk to an employee outside the service hours (in English), you can of course dial another one of the given numbers. However, keep in mind the high costs that are incurred for international calls.

You can usually recognize toll-free numbers in the online casino by the prefix "0800", which was set up in Australia specifically for the purpose of service hotlines. For the free support by phone, the companies tested by us receive plus points, which of course have a positive effect on the ranking shown above.

It can generally be assumed that all other contact options with customer service are free of charge. are provided. This applies not only to live chat, but also to e-mails, contact forms and other channels – including, by the way, more and more frequently social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Co.

information icon
Important to know: In some casinos, contacting via live chat is only active once you have already registered with the company. After all, you also have the option as a guest to write an email or dial the hotline.

Casino Customer Service

Customer needs in mind – that's what makes good casinos

As a customer, your needs and concerns should basically come first. For most online casinos, this has long been a matter of course. In the end, it's not just about providing technically correct answers to specific questions. questions. To make you feel comfortable, the support team should be one thing in particular: friendly, courteous and patient!

smiling icon
As befits an editorial team like ours, we got on the nerves of the customer service staff at all casinos – quite literally. We asked questions that only a knowledgeable employee can answer. Playing dumb was the big challenge for our editors.

After all, who knows the "rules of the game" of the casinos better than our in-house experts? Fortunately, the support team did not run out of patience. Despite all the trouble the employees were still friendly and and answered even the dumbest questions as if it were the most normal thing in the world… communicating with "complete idiots", as we played them.

Some topics were chewed over countless times with customer service. Any normal person would have resigned at this point and possibly hung up their job right then and there. How patient the team is in the best casinos amazed even us.

The most popular contact options in online casinos

  1. Live chat (the most convenient way of communication)
  2. E-mail (ideal for sending documents)
  3. Telephone (for those who prefer face-to-face conversation)
  4. Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Co.)
  5. FAQ (Frequently asked questions – if described in detail)

Points deducted for slow response times

Of course, the best contact options are of no use to you if there is no response from the employees. In our tests, we were annoyed many a time by the waiting time. With some companies, the service is so bad that we took them right back off our test list and focused on alternative casinos instead.

Let's just assume that an online casino offers you several bonuses right at the beginning. As a layman, however, you naturally have no idea which of the offers is the ideal one. So you need a a quick and competent answerto be able to get into the game. Here there are really many times "annoyances", because the promised response times are rather rarely kept.

loading time icon
Communication via e-mail is particularly lengthy. Precisely because this medium is used by thousands of casino customers, support sometimes has a hard time keeping up. The extends the response time to several hours – sometimes even more than a day.

Also unfavorable is a unavailable live chat. At least with Australian-language service, most casinos have some catching up to do, and also the specified "position" where it is supposed to be your turn is often pushed back. Even worse, if there is no live chat at all.

Fact about live chat: it is not basically certain that you will get immediate help this way. Sometimes you will be assigned a kind of waiting number that will be of precious little use to you in the end.

clock icon
On the whole, communication via live chat works the fastest. However, it will still take a few minutes before you are allowed to present your request to the staff. The exact waiting time depends largely on what time you log into the casino. The peak hours are also a period for the team behind the scenes, in which peak performance must be achieved. If you play for an hour in the morning, you can usually reach support after just a few seconds.

Among all the casinos tested, there are some that show themselves to be very exemplary. Both technically and in terms of staff, these providers are perfectly equipped. As a rule, you do not have to fear delays there. But: Especially on the weekends it gets very crowded in the reputable casinos. Then it is advisable to already in advance be prepared for a certain waiting time.

Quality before quantity – how competent are the employees really?

When it comes to the competence of the employees, the wheat is separated from the chaff. The reason why our editorial team speaks out against various online casinos is simply the lack of expertise of those who work behind the scenes in support. Accordingly, the quality of customer service was one of the highest standards we set in all of our reviews.

The easiest way to find out if the team is trained is to use the live chat. You will often get the same standard answers to different, albeit similar, questions there. As a rule, common concerns can be answered in this way, but it makes much more sense for the employees to address your problems more specifically and take care of your needs.

Many a subject area seems to push the team to its own knowledge limits. In the end, this is not a big deal, as long as your counterpart checks with reassures himself with superiors or more experienced colleagues. In the end, what counts is that you receive a correct answer.

Certainly, it may take a little longer to find the solution. But the main thing is that you don't receive incorrect information, which then leads to frustration and annoyance. Prefabricated texts will not help you at all with more specific concerns.

How good is the casino support?

We have now taken a closer look at the contact options offered and the expertise of the employees. The final question is how good or bad the support is. Especially in the evening and on weekends, most casinos are well attended. At the latest then it becomes clear whether the team is actually as available as the customers would like.

Of course, it's best if there is 24/7 support available to help and advise you, especially on weekends and holidays. This round-the-clock service is far from being a matter of course today. Service times are often offered between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m., and some providers will help you even into the night.

For the "night owls" among us, it is inconvenient if no employee is available just after dark. In this case, you can only hope that at least the FAQ will provide insightful answers.

exclamation mark icon
If an online casino does not offer 24/7 support, then it is not possible for us to award full points. Some companies suspend the hotline from the evening, but are at least available to you via live chat.

Our experience shows that the majority of all players are active at the weekend. This is when customers have the most time to relax and play for a few hours – without having to go to bed early because work is calling.

After all, some of the providers we reviewed only discontinue their Australian-language service at night. So here you still have the option to communicate in English. A translation program should be the solution if you are not proficient in the language.

All contact options in detail

In addition to the rough check, which contact channels are available at all, we have gone into a little more detail in the casino tests. In the following, we will show you how the means of communication work in the practical test.

Table of contents Contact options

  1. Live chat
  2. Telephone
  3. Email/Contact form
  4. Social media
  5. Questions & Answers (FAQ)
  6. Mail & Fax

1.) Live Chat

chat icon
Today, there is hardly a contact channel that is more popular than live chat. When you look at the channel and its possibilities, it's hard to imagine that this medium has only existed in the gaming industry for a few years. This makes it all the less surprising that not all casinos are equipped with a live chat even in 2024 – even if it has become something of a matter of course for many players in the meantime.

The popularity of live chat does not come by chance. Ultimately, there is no other form of communication that is similarly fast and easy. Response times are less than a minute, depending on the provider. All topics can be discussed in the chat window until the solution you want has been worked out. Even at times when the casino is very busy, the live chat usually works quickly.

In many cases, you also have the option of saving the Save chat. If a problem occurs again, you can easily read the solutions there. There is no need to contact support again.

The Live Chat can be used free of charge. This applies at least to all online casinos that you can find on our pages. Especially for more complex topics, this free service is simply ideal.

By the way, the chat function is also enabled at some providers without you having to register as a customer first. Of course, the guest support serves the purpose of convincing potential new players and winning them over. But especially when you have doubts, a short clarifying conversation in the Live Chat is sometimes very useful.

chatten icon
While chatting with the team is very beneficial, it can sometimes become a problem. The more complicated the question and the more protracted the problem solving, the more sensible it seems to switch to another medium.

There are online casinos where more than a million players are active. Accordingly, many questions end up at the live support within minutes. Accordingly, they have to answer quickly. There is rarely time for more complex questions, so in many cases you will receive prefabricated answers. These are not always as optimal as hoped.

Our Pro Tip: If you have questions about payment methods and limits, then you should contact the customer service directly by phone. Most of the time, the live chat employees are quite overwhelmed with this.

2.) Telephone

phone icon
For some players, it is simply too much effort to formulate their request in writing. This can be easily avoided with a well established hotline. You get a contact person and can discuss all concerns with him in peace. The telephone service should be a matter of course for online casinos, but is missing at a surprisingly large number of providers.

The direct contact on the phone actually makes many things easier. Especially complex questions can be answered well by the trained staff. Although the waiting times can be a bit exhausting, if you have a conversation, however, then you get the requested answers immediately – while you sometimes sit in front of the chat window for minutes until a renewed response follows.

As test editors, we have had the impression in some casinos that the team on the lines is clearly more familiar with many topics than the live chat staff. Certainly, this feeling can be deceiving, but in all tests we received the friendliest and best advice over the phone.

Of course, we do not want to accuse the chat team of a lack of competence in principle. It is nevertheless the case that the employees are driven to peak performance. are driven to high performance. This means that one or the other technical information can get lost a little.

worker icon
Normally, you can save yourself all the research during the phone call, because in the good online casinos everything is explained to you in great detail and competently. That it is trained employees who operate the telephone support, there is no doubt in any case.

Contacting by phone has the advantage that you get very detailed help. Every employee is there for you alone during the call, and doesn't have 20 requests in front of him in the chat window that he has to answer in parallel.

For all these advantages, it is clearly worth accepting the somewhat longer waiting times on the phone. As a rule, an employee will be available to talk to you within a few minutes – and then, of course, until all ambiguities have been resolved.

time is money icon
There is one disadvantage, however: fees. At least some of the reviewed online casinos do not provide their service on the phone for free. Then such a call can sometimes go properly into the money.

The problem of most providers is the Availability of English-speaking telephone support. Anyone who urgently needs help outside of service hours can reach an employee, but then only in the country in which the casino is located. An international call may be very expensive.

The fact that a good and, above all, free service is expected by the players, the operators of the well-known online casinos know for sure. That is why more and more companies are going over to waive any form of fees. The hotlines are usually provided with an 0800 number, which is aimed at Australian players.

If a different area code is specified, either the regular fees for a local call (within Australia) or special service fees (for 0180 numbers). Read the phone number carefully to avoid falling into a cost trap in the end. Some casinos offer the service at a per-minute rate of 14 cents. Surely no one wants to have a detailed conversation here.

3.) Email/Contact form

email icon
Email support is another very popular medium. Despite the fact that telephone communication and live chat work faster, a surprisingly large number of casino customers use the option to send their concerns to customer service in writing via email or alternatively via a contact form.

It is rather rare the case, but in fact there are still casinos today that make it possible to contact them exclusively via email.

As already explained, there are fixed service times in some online casinos instead of the 24/7 support. If live chat and hotline are just not active, then the email contact is gladly used to bridge the time.

Contact forms are of course more pleasant than the classic e-mail. Here you can easily select the main topic of your request, enter some data and formulate the actual request directly below. Through the Subdivision into subject areas you can easily reach the support "specialists" with the form, who can guide you to a solution faster with their expertise.

Of course, gives you extra points for a specialized service. By the way, another advantage of the form is that you don't have to log into the email inbox first to ask your question.

The average waiting time for an answer by mail is around half an hour – according to most casinos. Our experience says otherwise, because we had to sometimes even wait longer than an hour for a response. And even longer waiting times have occurred to us. This is not only annoying, it also costs you valuable time. Especially when it comes to important concerns, the email support in many casinos is rather unfavorably solved.

If your question is less relevant, then you are of course welcome to send the mail to the team outside of service hours. Sooner or later, the answer will certainly be delivered to you. Of course, we as editors have no influence on whether you will have found another way by then.

4.) Social media

social netzwerke
Social media have been spreading rapidly for several years. As a contact option, however, they are rather an exception in relation to online casinos.

To clarify relevant topics via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Co. is less recommended. However, you can certainly leave messages here – for example, to Praise and criticism.

You will receive answers on the sites from both employees and other users – with the latter variant being the more likely. In most cases, third-party providers are responsible for social media. The actual support team only gets involved there in exceptional cases. Nevertheless, the information about current promotions on Facebook and Twitter – including detailed descriptions of the offers, of course.

5.) Questions and answers (FAQ)

question icon
Every halfway serious casino answers the most common questions on a FAQ pagewhich you can open internally. Here, the team deals with concerns that are most often brought to the support. Often, "problems" take care of themselves by reading through the page, as even more complex topics can be described in great detail.

Especially if there is no customer service available via phone and chat, you should take a look at the FAQ. In most cases, you will reach your goal faster this way than if you wait for the service hours.

FAQ means as much as "Frequently Asked Questions". "How do I register?", "What payment methods are offered?" and Co. are common concerns that are usually explained in great detail and easy to understand on the FAQ page of well-known casinos.

Suitable solutions are provided directly. This saves you in many cases the waiting time, because the support is actually not always available in seconds. However, since it can of course also come to further questions, it is very good if an online casino has taken precautions in terms of customer service.

The fact that a FAQ page alone is often not enough only proves in the end how complex playing in online casinos is and how different the level of knowledge of the customers is. A good example is the first planned payout of winnings: If this is denied, then it makes sense to ask support for help and follow up there. Often the solution lies in the bonus conditions. However, there may also be other reasons why the transaction does not work smoothly.

info icon
Our recommendation: Always take a look at the FAQ first, because usually problems solve themselves. At the same time, you will save yourself the trouble of waiting for an answer and can usually get straight into the game.

6.) Mail & Fax

Admittedly: The postal service is a bit outdated in times of modern media. Also, the fax has not too high value for many private individuals. Nevertheless, some online casinos offer their customers these two ways to contact. We do not even want to talk about the waiting time, because of course it takes days until you get a response to a letter.

Nevertheless, it is commendable that casinos provide a postal address. This ultimately only shows that it is an actually existing company is involved. If you can't find the address right away, you can hope for the assistance of the support team.

The contact options via mail, phone and live chat usually make the postal service unnecessary, because who will write a letter just to find out how to deposit money? The fact that sending letters involves costs can only be mentioned as a further disadvantage. Faxes can be sent free of charge, but even here the waiting time is clearly too long.

If you need to send copies of IDs and other documents to verify your accountthen a simple scanner is sufficient. You can then easily attach the documents copied in this way to an e-mail or upload them via the provider's contact form.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Customer serviceAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%