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Details about Lightning Roulette


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According to Evolution Gaming, the creator of the shining classic, the concept of Lightning Roulette Live is not comparable to any other game in the industry.

It offers a mix of traditional elements of the table game European Roulette in a live format as well as RNG game features.

Especially the latter provide excitement, because with a little bit of luck you can win Multipliers up to x500. The basics that Lightning Roulette offers are easy to learn.

You can get in from just a few cents per spin, although high rollers are by no means left out.

The most important facts:

  • Playable around the clock.
  • Live and RNG play have been combined.
  • Modern HD technology for realistic gaming fun.
  • Play from as little as 20 cents.
  • Awarded twice – including the EGR Award.

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What is the idea behind Lightning Roulette?

Evolution Gaming has opted for a game concept that clearly deviates from the previously known classics. So instead of simply letting players bet on the common options, here comes with the lightning effects adds a lot more excitement to the game. Round after round, up to five numbers can literally be struck by lightning. More details on what this means for the odds in a moment.

Everyone should have heard of roulette by now, and there are certainly many who have already had experience with the classic game in online casinos. Evolution Gaming the simple basics were obviously not enough. Through the Lightning rounds and multipliers up to 500 times the base win extreme tension is created here already in the first minutes, which lasts for a long time.

It is noticeable that the winning odds for so-called straight up bets have been reduced a bit. Otherwise, it would be difficult to finance the features. Despite all this the RTP with 97,3% is still high enough to satisfy even the most demanding roulette players.

Lightning Roulette basics and game rules

In fact Lightning Roulette works similarly simple as the European model. Once the right live casino with Evolution Gaming games is chosen, the game can be started directly – provided a previous deposit is made. The betting range extends from 20 cents to 2,000 euros per round, so thatso that both beginners and high rollers get their money's worth. Here are all the important steps in short form.

Chip icon
1. select bet
As with European Roulette game chips (also called tokens) are displayed in different colors and values. The decision for a bet lies solely with the customer.

roulette icon
2. place chip
The playing field is clearly laid out as usual. Here you have to decide which of the options listed under "Bet options" described under "Betting Options". However, the Lightning Blitz bonus, which involves multipliers of up to x500, can only be activated with a Plein bet, i.e. betting on individual numbers. Any number of straight up bets may be placed – the greater the chance that lightning will strike on just one of these numbers.

Lightning icon
3. decision of the lucky numbers
Once the round is underway, the large displays will show up to five lucky numbers are randomly displayed. These are the numbers on which lightning will strike. Once the numbers have been decided, a multiplier is determined afterwards. Again, chance alone decides, with the lowest factor increasing the hit straight up win by 50 times.

coins icon
4. end of the game
When the ball comes to rest in the kettle, it is decided whether one's own tip was correct. If so, players will not only receive the standard odds, but also but also the corresponding multiplier if the but also the corresponding multiplier.

What are the possible winnings in Lightning Roulette?

Essentially, the odds set by Evolution Gaming are based on those offered by European Roulette. So, here the provider sticks to original rules. However, there is one exception. Usually a plein betbetting on single numbers is usually rewarded with 35:1 odds. In the case of Lightning Roulette Live, this is a bit different, as only this reduction can finance the multipliers offered in the bonus game.

Bet Odds
Single numbers – Straight Up 30:1
Split (2 numbers)

Streets (3 numbers) 11:1
Transversal simple 6:1
Columns, dozens 3:1
Colors, even and odd 2:1

As usual the probabilityof winning an outside bet – for example on colors, dozens or columns – is much higher than in straight up. However, the odds of winning are much more manageable. It It is advisable to find a middle which is adapted to personal possibilities and expectations.

Are there Lightning Roulette features?

The already mentioned Lightning Multiplierswhich increase standard winnings by 500 times in the best case, are actually the most important feature Lightning Roulette live has to offer. To generate these, Evolution Gaming relies on RNG technology. In addition, the roulette wheel itself is operated actuated. This means that the live croupier has significantly more time to deal with the players in the live chat and to respond to questions.

Evolution Gaming Lightning Roulette
By the way, this feature is called Lucky Payout Bonus. Only if the bet and drawn numbers are also displayed in the generator and hit by lightning on the field, you as a player are lucky and can at least look forward to the 50-fold payout of the straight up winnings.

Besides this special feature, there is not much to look out for when playing Live Lightning Roulette. If you like, you can the basic European concept and instead of and instead of betting on single numbers, you can bet on combinations such as dozens, colors or even columns. In this case, however, the special feature that distinguishes Lightning Roulette from all previous roulette versions has no further meaning.

These betting options are available

roulette-kugel icon
In many respects, the concept of Lightning Roulette is identical to that of the European and most widespread game variant of the classic. This is especially true for the bets that can be placed. As usual, players can not only select individual numbers, but also various combinations. We have summarized the most important ones here.

  • Plein: Denotes betting on one of the single 36 numbers. Alternatively, the plein bet in Lightning Roulette live play is also possible on the 0.
  • Cheval: All numbers offered are separated from each other with lines. If the chip is placed on one of these lines, the bet automatically applies to both numbers that are next to the line.
  • Transversal Plein: Transversals are the combination of three numbers placed next to each other on the playing field. The transversal plein is marked on the line that is found at the end of the number line.
  • Carré: Another option is to bet on line crosses, which are located between four numbers each. Thus, with only one bet, four chances can be secured.

The options mentioned are so-called inside bets – also known as inside bets. All four bets offer a comparatively high win rate, whereas the probability of hitting them is rather low.

Alternatively, you can bet on the outside. We would like to explain these in short form as well.

  • Columns: A column in Lightning Roulette always consists of 12 numbers, just like in the basic European game. On the right side of the betting field you will find the designation 2:1, which exists for each of the three columns. Thus, a chip automatically covers the 12 numbers displayed on the left.
  • Dozens: This time the bet is on 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12. With this, it should be clear that although it is about 12 numbers as in the column, they differ because they are arranged in 4×3 combination and not as a row from left to right.
  • Colors: 18 red and 18 black numbers are the rule in roulette. You therefore have the possibility to cover half of all available numbers with a bet on red or black. The probability of winning is just under 50% due to the 0 that makes up the house edge.
  • Even and Odd: This type of Lightning Roulette bet is also called a simple chance, as half of all numbers are bet at the same time. The bet is to be placed on Even or Odd. Covered, as the term suggests, are either all even numbers or alternatively all odd numbers.
  • 1 – 18 or 19 – 36: The last option of easy chance is to simply set the first or last 18 numbers. Corresponding fields can be found in the game right next to Even and Odd. Again, the chance of winning is almost 50%.

Is Lightning Roulette more difficult than European Roulette?

Lightning Roulette
Basically, the rules of the game are the same. The main difference is that betting on single lucky numbers can be much more rewarding. can be significantly more rewarding than you are used to from European Roulette. Although the basic odds of winning are somewhat lower, an extremely high multiplier can be triggered during the Lucky Payout.

Of course, all this is based on coincidences, but it should be clearly stated that Live Lightning Roulette is by no means more complicated than the standard version of the classic game.

Play Lightning Roulette on these devices

Lightning entertainment is not experienced by players on the desktop alone, thanks to Evolution Gaming. Like all of the brand's releases, Lightning Roulette is available on mobile – thanks to HTML5 technology even without an app download. The advantage to the browser game: you can access the release at any time and with any smartphone or tablet.

Of course, the preferred mobile devices have to bring along some requirements. In particular, the data volume is crucial – as well as the Internet speed. The more stable the network, the less you have to worry about game crashes or that the game will start to hang at some point. The simplest solution is a Wi-Fi connection, and smartphones and tablets are usually 4G-capable nowadays and thus correspondingly fast.

The adaptation to the device takes place with Evolution Gaming Lightning Roulette automatically. So, except for the betting amount, no other manual settings are required. However, we advise to notice regular updates in order to enjoy the best possible performance.

Where can I try Lightning Roulette for free?

sign in icon
Due to the costs associated with live games like Lightning Roulette, there is sometimes no possibility to try it for free in the casino. Although Lightning Roulette can be start after successful registrationHowever, participation in game rounds always requires a real-money deposit – in this case from 20 cents per round.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the game, you can usually get by with a small deposit of just a few euros. Already the said 20 cents covers all costs for the live studio set up in Riga, the hosts or croupiers and the equipment. Thus, the fact that there is no free version of Lightning Roulette is quite justified.

Our conclusion about Lightning Roulette Live

When lightning strikes, it can provide high winnings. In that respect, the concept of Lightning Roulette is definitely unique. Evolution Gaming hits the nerve of numerous players with this particularly profitable variant of the table game. the nerve of numerous players. Because although the straight up odds have been reduced, playing Live Lightning Roulette allows you to win many times more than you would otherwise.

The wide betting range as well as the simple gameplay are absolutely convenient for players. Even if you are not an expert in Live Roulette, it is easy to enjoy the entertainment. Strategies and skill are not required. The entertaining croupiers do their part to provide excitement and good humor.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Lightning RouletteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐96%