Duooff Casino Streamer

Duooff Facts
Streamer Name: Duooff
Real Name: Romaric and Valentine

Duooff avatar

Origin: France
Residence: Unknown
Year of birth: 1998 (Romaric) & 1999 (Valentine)
Followers: 59,191 (Twitch)
10.122 (Twitter)
725.000 (Youtube)
44,700 (Instagram)
Duooff favorite provider: Stake Casino
Features: French streamer duo known on YouTube for their crazy pranks.
Highest win: Unknown
Highest multiplier: Unknown

Behind the pseudonym Duooff is not just a streamer, but a young couple from France. Valentine and her partner Romaric have revolutionized Twitch with their loving way of interacting in front of the camera. The numbers speak for their success, as on the streaming platform alone there are more than 60,000 followerswho really appreciate what the two do every day.

There is a reason why we list the duo Off in the streamers ranking. In fact, it is the charming look of Valentinethat literally captivates viewers – which doesn't mean that her boyfriend doesn't do a good job as well.

In the meantime, Duooff is known far beyond the borders of France. The success does not come by chance, because the two are not only outstanding Slot and CoD Streamerbut also YouTuber with heart and soul. Where they are to be seen when and what distinguishes them from other providers of the scene, all these questions we will devote ourselves to in the next few minutes.

General information about Duo Duooff

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As already mentioned, Duoff is only available in a double pack. Despite everything, it's the streamer Valentine who stands out during the live broadcasts. She radiates something that people out there love. Still, her boyfriend doesn't want to be forgotten either. Both are only in their early 20s and have already achieved much more than streamers who have been in the streamer scene for much longer.

Their fame on YouTube certainly gave them an advantage on the still young Twitch channel. Once you have taken the two Frenchmen to your heart, you simply follow them everywhere.

In the meantime, it is unfortunately that Duooff slots are streamed so often anymore. More and more often they use their time on Twitch to Call of Duty fans fans. Still, it can be seen that they are both very knowledgeable about slots of all kinds. They have shown this to their more than 60,000 subscribers subscribers often enough over the past few years. Perhaps their success stems precisely from the fact that they don't just show one facet of themselves, but show much more than other providers.

Which providers do Duooff play with?

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In the meantime, the two young streamers from France have definitely discovered some online casinos for themselves. Since the regulation in France is not quite clear, they rely just like most Australian streamers and players on such providers that are in possession of an possession of an EU license are. In most cases, such a license is issued by the MGA Malta. The companies themselves are subject to strict guidelines – especially with especially with regard to player protection, fairness and transparency.. Let's take a look at which casinos Duooff currently visit most often:

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Curacao Gaming 2019test nowLucky Days Test 2.

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MGA Malta 2019test nowBetamo Test 3.

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2015test nowPokerStars Vegas Test

If you want to know more about the companies, gaming options, bonuses and the like, you can find us at FindCasinoBonus.com at the right address. All of the mentioned providers have been tested by experts and found to be reliable. This makes it possible, at least in theory, to start playing just like Duooff – even if you don't feel like streaming yourself.

Romaric and Valentine's favorite games

Duooff streaming on twitch


As already mentioned, the two of them now devote themselves more and more Call of Duty Online game sessions. Machine games, on the other hand, are unfortunately only streamed very rarely, which really surprises us personally. At the end of the day, however, you can see quite well on Twitch which slots Valentine and Romaric are paying special attention to.

In a good mood, they show us what is possible in terms of online gaming and how versatile slot games can be. Preference is given to those titles where you can usually count on exciting features like such as wild cards, free spins and bonus roundsbonus rounds and which also offer high odds among them this one:

  • Crazy Time
  • The Dog House
  • Aztec Bonanza
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • Tome of Madness

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For the future, we would like to see more of all this from the two of them, because if there is one thing online that is not lacking, it is slot machines with countless facets, extras, high odds and above all a variety of themes that appeal to many target groups. To date, however, Duooff is apparently staying true to its passion for Call of Duty.

Duooff streaming times and platforms

There are few platforms that Duooff would skip. After all, Romaric and Valentine are not only extremely successful as streamers, but also inspire more than 700,000 people around the world as YouTubers. all over the world. Of course, our report focuses on the former career.

Duo Off are streamers through and through. When it comes to showing their subscribers the coolest slots or their Call of Duty skills, the choice falls, as expected, on Twitch. Currently, there is simply no platform that offers similarly appealing features and earning opportunities.

It remains to be clarified when exactly the couple will get to work. Most of the time you can see them in the evening hours playing various slot machines. The streams usually run for several hours.

In fact, the times of the two are cleverly chosen, because the duo wants to reach as many followers as possible with their broadcasts and moments of good humor. Once the fans are off work, they can almost blindly rely on Duooff to present them with new streams again.

Duooff on social media

  1. Duooff on Twitch
  2. Duo on YouTube
  3. DuoOfficiel on Instagram
  4. DuoOfficiel on Twitter

Although the two streamers from France are only in their early 20s, they are already among the most most successful social media stars. At least, that's what the numbers on channels like YouTube and Twitch say.

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Before the pair came to streaming, they had already gained a lot of experience. The great passion of the two are humorous prankswhich, fortunately, don't go below the belt, as you're used to from other YouTubers. With sympathy and refreshing good humor, the two attract people's attention.

In the following minutes, we'll take a look at Duooff's channels or also duo.official take a closer look. It can be said right away that the posts and tweets are written in French. A simple translation program should help if followers from other regions do not speak the language. And besides, it's especially true with these two: Pictures say more than a thousand words.

Duooff on Twitch

At the moment, it seems as if Romaric and Valentine are only playing a minor role in slot machines. The two stream almost daily together on Twitch. Not only do we as the editorial team appreciate this, but also the more than 60,000 subscribers who are very consistently sitting spellbound in front of their screens.

As mentioned above, Duoff loves to turn night into day.

Duooff on Twitch

When they're not in the mood for slots or table games, they prefer to play shooters like shooters like Call on Duty. The advantage of this is that the couple appeals to several target groups at once. This is a simple explanation for the high number of followers.

Just a few weeks ago, the declared goal of the two was the aforementioned mark of 60,000 fans. Today, that number has not only been reached, but easily surpassed. So the two of them can sit back, enjoy their CoD livestreams together and maybe set their next goal.

Duo on YouTube

We've seen a lot of streamers, but no one comes close to the success of the French duo on YouTube. In the meantime Romaric and Valentine are followed by a whole 725,000 people. The channel is not even about slot machines or gambling in general.

Rather, the two have a passion for taking each other for a ride. With the pranks that Duooff has become famous for, they're not actually hurting anyone. You just have to love them for being so humorous with each other.

If you know the duo, there's not a dry eye in the house. We, too, laughed tears while looking through the pranks. In any case, it seems as if the two are deliberately separating their careers as streamers and YouTubers.

All you get here is the two of them in funny and bizarre situations. situations. This goes down well, because ultimately there is no better proof of the pair's success than the aforementioned follower count.

DuoOfficiel on Instagram

Duooff Instagram account
Looking at duo.officiel's Insta channel, it becomes clear: Valentine and her partner Romaric don't have to worry about lack of attention here either. Currently, there are more than 44,000 fans waiting for new content every day.

What's special is that the couple is not at all concerned with marketing their Twitch or YouTube channel. The two would much rather be themselves and thus give their fans very private insights – whether skiing, at the Christmas tree or traveling.

Both come on their pictures simply unbelievably affectionate and likeable rüber. Of course, this is just as true for the two dogs Xena and Piccolo, who are definitely just as photogenic as their young and successful owners. So whatever Duooff tackles as a team, it miraculously becomes a complete success. In any case, we're mighty excited to see what insights the two will give us in the coming weeks. Last they published a picture in Halloween look.

DuoOfficiel on Twitter

Duooff on twitter
That Valentine and her boyfriend Romaric are humorous, they just prove on their Twitter channel. Fans love to watch funny videos of the two. But of course, Duooff also have a serious side.

The two take their job as streamers and lifestyle experts very seriously, as many of the tweets shown here impressively prove. From time to time, you can even find videos on the channel in which the two play slot machines. However, the topic of slot streaming recedes a bit into the background.

Even as a layman, you can quickly see the level of expertise and accuracy Duooff market themselves on Twitter. Ultimately, this also applies to the other social media pages that we have looked at in detail over the past few days.

Every image, every video scene and every tweet is thought out down to the last detail. This explains relatively easily how the French couple managed to prevail against the competition of the influencer scene.

What makes Duooff tick

Even if Valentine is more visually eye-catching, the Duooff Twitch channel is not solely about the streamer. Her partner, who lives with her in France, also has a knack for inspiring people. The duo appears exclusively together in front of the camera.

That's another way in which they differ from streamers who work in groups. After all, the streaming times are not divided up here. Or to put it another way: Romaric and Valentine are only available in a double pack..

The two of them record their social media presence in particular. There is a clear differentiation between their skills. On YouTube, the focus is primarily on pranks – according to the motto "what loves, teases".

Twitter and Instagram, on the other hand, are channels on which the two post more post private and funny stuff. Of course, it's easy to see that most of the pictures are skillfully staged and not classic snapshots.

When we talk about what makes Duoff tick professionally, then it's definitely the freedom from scandal. The two are so incredibly likeable and authentic that simply no one would think of accusing them of anything evil.

With these streamers, the name says it all

By now it should be clear that the streamers are French. The pseudonym, however, could well come from English, because the term duo is in there for a reason. It already makes clear to us that these two young that these two young people only exist as a exist. The two have apparently been inseparable for quite some time – a fact that is definitely anything but self-evident at the age of 20 and in today's world.

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Valentine and Romaric simply harmonize perfectly with each other – and certainly not only in front of the camera. If it were just the streamer, the channel might never have become as successful as it is today.

A duo like this is very rare, especially since they really understand how to keep fans happy. We are talking in particular about the mutual pranks. It's unmistakable that the two love each other despite the "nastiness" on camera.

Not only streamers, but also prank experts.

The mutual pranks, which we have already talked about several times, Romaric and Valentine have virtually perfected. It is precisely because of this that they have become known beyond their own borders. Because even if you don't understand their French dialog, you immediately notice the connection between the two.

Another aspect with which the duo collects sympathy points: No complete strangers are pranked.. They merely have the honorable task of watching. When watching the YouTube videos, one automatically laughs and cries.

Duooff on youtube

The French couple's YouTube career is by far their best, but they're also getting more and more fans on Twitch who appreciate what Valentine and Romaric regularly give them here. When the two aren't going live or shooting pranks, they enjoy their time together. Followers share that on Instagram, too.

Duooff take their lives with humor – that much is certain, even without us knowing the two of them personally. This lightness that Valentine and her partner exude has made them successful. Of course, for all the funny moments, pranks and lifestyle videos, their two dogs their two dogs should not be forgotten. They, too, have become real stars on YouTube and are always present when their masters and mistresses are at work.

Romaric & Valentine in private – humorous and authentic

Duooff avatar
All that is known about the private life of the two streamers is that they are at home in France. It is quite conceivable that Valentine and Romaric will say yes to each other at some point. As I said, the two are still just in their early 20s. The harmony, at least, is absolutely right – not only in front of the camera, but also in moments that have nothing to do with their careers, for a change.

You can literally feel the bond of the duooff couple through pictures and videos that are regularly published on the well-known social media channels. And at least to some extent, the French give us an insight into the lifethat they lead far away from these media.

It can be assumed that Romaric and his girlfriend no longer have to worry about money. As already mentioned, the duo has achieved a lot in recent years. Whether success makes happy is hard to say. But at least both seem to be very satisfied with what they have and above all with their little animal family in the form of two dogs that faithfully accompany each other everywhere. With Duooff nothing goes without the Jack Russell and the Staff. As it seems, the "ownership" is settled. At least that's how the foursome presents itself on the profile pictures.

Author: Joshua Davidson