Play with VPN in the online casino – experience & test

Details about VPN


Meaning VPN Virtual Private Network
The oldest protocol PPTP (Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol) 1990 by Microsoft
VPN blocked 30 countries have blocked VPN (e.g. North Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Syria and Russia)
Best VPN solution NordVPN
Best VPN Casino Stake Casino
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VPN is becoming more and more important in the casino. Not least in Australia, more and more customers are now looking for an opportunity to circumvent the strict regulations that have been in place since October 2020. With the transitional regulations, for example classic table games and live tables have been removed from many gaming sites.

Playing via VPN offers the possibility to disguise the IP address and visit Internet sites via another, predefined location. As a result, the complete range of services is suddenly available again. complete range of services is is available.

In other countries, where gambling sites are completely blocked, for example, this method is already much more widespread.

Since the topic is currently gaining attention, our test editorial team has dealt with VPN in the casino in detail. On the one hand, we analyze the advantages, but also show the risks out.

In addition, we offer a ranking list of gambling sites that tolerate VPN and have identified three three well-known international VPN tested.

Table of contents

  • Casinos that allow or tolerate VPN
  • What is VPN?
  • Best VPN for online gambling
  • How VPN works in principle
  • How to use VPN in the online casino
  • Why to play with VPN in the online casino at all
  • What are the advantages of VPN
  • What are the disadvantages of VPN in the casino?
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

Casinos that allow or tolerate VPN

If you are looking for casinos where you can can play with VPN, then you have quite quickly a considerable list. However, it should be noted that this is not so much "permission", but rather "toleration". Our research has shown that VPN is excluded in the terms and conditions of most operators, but at the end of the day we have found that often the food is not as hot as it is cooked.

In particular, crypto casinos in particular do not usually block players via VPN, but limits and product restrictions can also be circumvented at other brands by disguising one's IP address.

VPN Casinos Ranking 2024

What is actually VPN?

Spelled out VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a service that is provided via servers and with which it is possible to connect the real IP address used to disguisen. If a website is accessed with a VPN, it is no longer possible for the operator of this site to track the true location of the visitor.

VPN services are often used to circumvent geo-targeting. This in turn is a technology that allows website operators to target their content to the customer and their country. One can observe the concept wonderfully in online casinos, which are provided in multiple languages. If you visit the site in this country, it is usually automatically displayed to you by the geo-targeting, it is automatically displayed in Australian. displayed.

In the example of the casino, the content can also be controlled via such a function. Especially now that new rules apply in Australia for offering certain game sections – be it live games or virtual tables in our case – the site automatically adjusts itself through the correct IP assignment. However, this is exactly what a VPN prevents.

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The IP address created IP address specifies, for example, that the visitor is from Austria, Canada, USA or any other country. According to this other content is available, and thus also those that the online casino in Australia itself is no longer allowed to provide.

Best VPN for online gambling

In the meantime there are numerous VPN providers worldwide, but not all of them are equally good, also with regard to the topic of online casinos. The challenge is, in particular, to find companies with the widest possible wide range of servers that cover that cover many countries. In addition, the connection should be as stable as possible.

We have found three VPN solutions that are particularly suitable for players in online casinos:

1st place – NordVPN
With this service, it is above all the overall package is convincing. NordVPN covers with its offer after all 59 countries worldwide and provides a total of over 5,500 servers at its disposalso that a high performance is guaranteed. For casino players, however, it is especially the simple handling that stands out positively. The setup of the VPN server as well as the selection of the "pretend" location can be completed in seconds. NordVPN deliberately relies on a no-log policy and Smart DNS – two aspects that are also very convenient for users.

The only minor criticism is that the use of a single NordVPN account is limited to six devices. is limited to six devices. is limited. This would certainly be a problem for larger companies that use VPN. As a casino player, however, you usually only use a PC or, as an alternative, the smartphone or tablet anyway, so there are no significant disadvantages here.

Important to know: To date there is no possibility to use NordVPN for free. You can choose between the monthly (9.56$), annual (47.20$) and biennial (71.20$) payment method.


2nd place – CyberGhost
When it comes to the number of servers and the choice of locations, CyberGhost is ahead. More than 6,500 servers cover the needs of users worldwide. In addition, they can up to seven devices connected to a single account. And it gets even better, because CyberGhost's offer can be used for be used free of charge for between one and seven days, depending on the device. The latter works with the app for smartphones and tablets, while on the desktop, newly registered customers have 24 hours to take a look at the advantages – including geo-blocking, P2P torrent support, or even the favorable optional additional features.

Various options can be selected at the time of purchase. A monthly fee of 11.99$ is charged for each option. Subscriptions that run for between one and three years are significantly cheaper. The latter is 79 Euros, which means that only 2 Euros are charged per month.

The occasional connection problems are a disadvantage. Especially when using CyberGhost in the online casino, these can cost you winnings and stakes, which is of course conceivably unfavorable. Also, the connection speed fluctuates, an aspect that must be taken into account when using a live casino.


3rd place – VyprVPN
Anonymous surfing and gaming in the online casino is also possible without any problems with the Swiss company VyprVPN, a reference to the "biting" Viper, by the way. The biggest plus point here are the strict data protection guidelineswhich are very similar to those in Australia. In addition, VyprVPN has a very high transmission speed. very high transmission speed and its own and has its own DNS server.

The streaming performance is also considered solid. Of course, the price for using the service should not be ignored. For the annual subscription, VyprVPN is on par with CyberGhost, but offers significantly less, namely only 700, servers and 70 locations. So, the problem may be that no access is possible to online casinos that are located in countries that are not covered.

VyprVPN does not offer any additional features at all. Split tunneling is possible, but it is only available for Android devices.

Apropos devices: Up to 5 can be linked to their account. The competition is at least a bit better in this respect. VyprVPN cannot be tested for free, but you have a money-back guarantee if you are only partially convinced by the features. The monthly subscription is 12.05$, alternatively, a 3-year subscription can be purchased for 52$. This is significantly cheaper than the strong competitor CyberGhost and worth considering, especially for gamers who frequently use VPN.


Direct comparison of the TOP VPN providers

Provider Costs / year Number of servers Locations Devices / Account Eligible systems Free to use?
NordVPN 47,20$ 5.509 59 Max. 6 Windows, Android, iOS No
CyberGhost 45,00$ 6.500+ 90 Max. 7 Windows, Android, iOS Up to 7 days
VyprVPN 45,00$ 700+ 70 Max. 5 Windows, Android, iOS No

This is how VPN basically works

VPN laptop
A VPN can be used either as a download or directly via the provider's corresponding website. The provider in turn, after selecting the preferred country with the appropriate servers, generates an individual IP addresswhich matches the destination, but has nothing to do with the real IP of the user.

If any website is now accessed via the VPN, the actual IP address cannot be identified by the operator. This means that the operator cannot check whether the visitor really lives in the specified country or has dialed in via the VPN service.

The use of the VPN (for download) works in three simple steps, which we have summarized here:

  1. Install VPN software: Once the installation is successfully completed, the VPN program must be started before visiting a website. This will now handle the server connection by generating an IP address associated with the selected country.
  2. Use VPN server: The website is now not accessed in the classical way, but specifically via the server. This connects the visitor with the provider, whereby the entire page is displayed via the program – including geo-blocking if possible.
  3. Concealment of the actual IP address: Operators of the accessed website see an IP, but it is not real, but generated by the VPN program. For users, this approach means absolute anonymity.

How to use VPN in online casinos

Casinos with VPN are no different from other websites. Who wants to continue to use an online casino, for example, on vacation, can use the VPN software is usually easy to install on Android and iOS devices.There are also solutions for devices with Windows software. As explained in the steps above, the preferred casino site is now accessed via the VPN service, this is intermediary, so to speak.

Due to the disguising the original IP you pretend to the provider that you are in a country where gambling is allowed. Of course, this can also be Australia – with the restrictions that are known by now – if you are traveling abroad, for example, but you still don't want to miss your favorite games and your preferred casino brand.

stop sign
It is forbidden to use the VPN services to have several customer accounts in a single online casino with the help of VPN services. Since any number of IPs and locations may be selected, this is theoretically possible.

Why play at the online casino with VPN in the first place

In many countries, the use of online casinos is massively restricted or not allowed, strict laws prohibit the use of slots, table games and live games. Often, the casino sites are completely blocked, so access is obviously no longer possible.

However, with a VPN server it is quite simple to visit even to visit blocked pages – because the IP address can be adjusted. This now seems to come from a country that does not restrict gambling sites.

This is precisely why VPNs are becoming more and more popular among gamblers, because in principle they make use of a simple "trick"! Especially when gambling is a hobby that you don't want to give up. With the help of the VPN system, you can easily get to the relevant sites and still have access to the full product (e.g. also live casino & table games), even if you are in a location where restrictions apply.

What are the advantages of VPN

Basically, there are the following aspects that generally speak for the use of the VPN:

  • The IP address is disguised
  • In public networks, users are protected from prying eyes thanks to VPN
  • More and more VPN services block harmful sites and even advertising
  • Attack by hackers is made more difficult

Especially when the Internet connection is made through a WLAN network, there are certain dangers. Unauthorized persons could effortlessly gain access to personal pages and ultimately to passwords and funds. However, as soon as the IP is "masked", this risk is automatically reduced – another aspect that speaks for VPN.

Advantages of VPN for casino players

Players see the biggest advantage of casinos with VPNs in the fact that they can significantly more flexibility and freedom enjoy. Even in countries where many offers and gaming options have been removed in the meantime, VPN services offer opportunities to continue playing your favorite games – provided you exercise the necessary caution.

  • Access to the full product incl. table games & live casino
  • Access to gambling sites blocked in your own country
  • Play without betting and other limits

Use the regular casino with VPN even on vacation

If you are going on a trip and also get during the vacation If you are planning to travel and want to play slots, roulette and other games while on vacation, VPN services offer a simple solution. The option of accessing the customer account abroad is considered by many online casinos as the only exceptionWhile some sites do not allow you to pretend that you are located in a country that accepts gambling. Thus, the number of casinos with VPN for the vacation is of course once again significantly higher.

"My advice: If the account was created legally and it is an offer that is permitted here in Australia, for example, you should contact support at short notice before going on vacation and the associated intention to play via VPN. In most cases, exceptions are possible, since it is legal to play at the place of residence, but ultimately you will not find the same general conditions everywhere on vacation." Kevin Lanson – Casino Expert and Author

What are the disadvantages of VPN in the casino?

In general, VPN services offer a high degree of flexibility – especially in online casinos. Despite all the advantages, certain things should be considered mandatory.

1. with regard to gambling

  • There is a risk of being blocked
  • Also, casinos can freeze funds and winnings

2. general or technical disadvantages

  • The Internet connection is often slower
  • VPN connections require a high data rate
  • If the connection is not stable, a crash could happen during the game
  • Free offers carry the risk of data selling

idea icon
With good reason, our experts have selected three VPN services in the test that are subject to a fee. According to our experience, it can happen that free providers simply sell the data received from the customer – registration is always necessary there – to third parties. The consequences are hardly foreseeable, with annoying advertising calls and spam mails probably being the least of the evils that users of free VPNs have to be prepared for.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What happens if I accidentally play via VPN?
  2. What are the risks when playing with VPN?
  3. Why do many casinos prohibit gambling with VPN in their terms and conditions?
  4. Can I circumvent limits with VPN in the casino?

What happens if I accidentally play over VPN?

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Players who have VPN integrated in their browser could certainly play over it by mistake – because they forgot to deactivate the IP change, for example. In such cases, it is usually enough to contact customer service briefly and talk openly about the "mishap". Usually, casino customers then have no consequencessuch as the aforementioned blocking of winnings or payouts.

Even customers who are only using VPN for a short period of time – for example, while abroad – can contact contact the support team and address the issue. As long as the actual residence is in a country that allows online casinos, this should not be a problem.

What risk do I have when playing with VPN?

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Players who try to use a VPN to access the online casinos in their to circumvent current gambling bans in the long termmust certainly reckon with face severe consequences. Many providers clearly state what is allowed and what consequences VPN use can have.

You should therefore inform yourself in any case before which casinos tolerate VPN and even carry out payouts to VPN players. For example, we have made the experience that Roobet tolerates VPN. The company reserves the right in the terms and conditions, to delete accounts and withhold winningsshould the guidelines be violated. However, there are reports in forums that VPN works at Roobet.

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Important: In the end, every player must weigh up for themselves whether they use casinos with VPN or not. A residual risk that there will be delays or problems with the payout or verification remains.

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Interesting: Providers like PokerStars use a special fraud software. This detects quite quickly whether a VPN is active. Thus, it is not possible to access games there even with the IP change. If it does work, both winnings and deposits are gone.

Why do many casinos prohibit gambling with VPN in their terms and conditions?

The operators act on the basis of their licensing requirements and clear legal occurrences rigorously depending on the country. Players need to be aware of this. If casinos simply tolerate VPN, they themselves run the risk of being severely punished by the legislator of the country that has either banned gambling altogether or severely restricted it.

By issuing their licenses, online casinos have entered into the obligation to offer games only where it is actually permitted. Worldwide there are 195 recognized countries, whereby 56 have issued strict guidelines on the subject of gambling. 10 nations completely prohibit their residents fromto engage in slot machines and the like. Failure to comply with these prohibitions would have far-reaching consequences for the casino, up to and including the revocation of its gambling license.

Can I circumvent limits with VPN in the casino?

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In theory, this possibility does exist. In the case of online casinos that are seeking a Australian license and therefore adhere to the transitional provisions, this is difficult to imagine. Because there Game stakes are limited to 1 euro per round, and also the monthly deposits may not exceed 1,000 euros..

On the one hand, these casinos usually block VPN IP addresses. If this is not the case, the end of the line will be at the latest when trying to make a deposit. With VPN, the IP and therefore also the location is concealed. However, even with a VPN, a deposit is logically only possible where you are located. At payments with real money will therefore be blocked even when used with a VPN. Although there is no deposit limit in our sample country Malta, an increased deposit would be noticed at the latest during verification.

The situation is different with internationally licensed gambling sites and especially when using cryptocurrencies. This is because these sites do not have such strict limits and the coins are known to be decentralized.

Our conclusion

If you are open to the topic of VPN in casinos, you should find out exactly what the advantages and disadvantages are before playing. In our technical article, we have tried to, to objectively point out possibilities and risks. In addition, we provide a conscientiously researched ranking list with the best VPN casinos 2024.

While in most cases there is merely an acquiescence and the customer usually faces involuntary restrictions While the customer may not be able to deal with the costs in his own country, this is often not the case for stays abroad (e.g., vacations):

Here, many providers give the real permission, to continue gambling even in places where gambling is generally classified as not permitted – of course only if the registered main residence is in a country that does not prohibit online casinos. For safety reasons, we recommend a brief consultation with your preferred provider before traveling abroad.

But not only the choice of casino brand you should inform yourself in advance, also on the selection of the appropriate VPN provider plays an important role. This should offer a stable connection and be reliable and reputable.

If you take this to heart and also keep in mind that VPNs are usually only tolerated and a certain residual risk remains, you will be able to enjoy a unlimited casino product range open to you.

Author: Kevin Lanson