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Details about Bac Bo


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According to the developer Evolution Gaming, Bac Bo is based on the card game Baccarat as a template. At first glance, there seems to be no similarity, as Bac Po is played with dice dice.

A greater proximity can be seen to the Chinese game of chance Sic Bo which, like Fan Tan, was successful in the casinos of Macau before it came to the USA and Europe. Bac Bo combines, as will become clear, elements of both games, elements of both gamesThe appeal of a simple, yet exciting gameplay is preserved.

The game is played with four dicetwo each for player and dealer. The challenge is to predict whether the number of the house's dice or your own will be higher. will turn out higher. As a third option, you can bet on a a draw. can be made.

It should already be clear at this point that Bac Bo is a pure game of pure game of chance is involved. Here, the only deciding factor is chance.

Bac Bo – important facts:

  • Baccarat variant with dice instead of cards
  • Comparatively high minimum stake
  • Suitable for beginners and high rollers
  • Easy to learn basic rules

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Bac Bo – a baccarat version with dice

bac bo spielen
The ingredients of Baccarat are actually a bit different from Bac Bo. There are no playing cards here, nor is it a matter of scoring nine points. Nevertheless, the classic card game provides the inspiration for the live game from Evolution Gaming.

Instead of cards 2 x 2 dice (2 for the player, 2 for the croupier) decide the result. However, the decisive factor for winning or losing is not the sum rolled (12 maximum), but the bet placed before the start of the game. placed bet. Bets are placed on the outcome of the game: does the player or the croupier roll the dice higher, or do both roll the same number?

The dice are rolled in four cups – automatic dice hooks (there is one for each dice), which are stopped in a fixed sequence. This already makes it clear that the outcome of the game cannot be influenced. classic game of chance.

interface icon
Especially interestingThe left side of the screen shows how many players have won after each round. In addition, the current betting statistics are published in each case, namely what percentage of participants bet on themselves, the house and draws.

Bac Bo Game Rules & Instructions

As with all live games, the Bac Bo table also has a croupier, who leads the game. The croupier has the task to button to presswhich activates the activate the four dice can be activated. Each of the four dice is in its own cup, with the color blue assigned to the player and the color red to the banker.

bac-bo dice
Before a new round begins, players are asked to place their bets. place their bet. Allowed are bets from one up to 50,000 euros per round.

There are three betting options. The house or player with the higher number of dice. Likewise a draw – with the same roll result – is conceivable.

When the croupier presses the button, the bottom of the dice tray is lowered and then vibrates, shaking the dice that are sunk into the table. During these first seconds, the betting is also closed. As long as bets may still be placed, all four dice cups are dice cups are in motion at the same time. Gradually they are stopped, and in this order:

  1. The player's first dice is stopped.
  2. The first dice of the banker follows
  3. If the number of dice is the same, the second dice of the player is stopped next, if the number of dice is not the same, the second dice of the player who has a higher first roll is stopped first.
  4. Finally, all the dice remain still and the scoring takes place.

bac-bo win
The winner of the round is the one who rolled the higher sum, but this is not decisive for a win. What counts is whether the correct tip was was made. This is the most important parallel to the original Baccarat. There, too, the following applies: If you tip correctly, you will win the round even if you have a low score.

As usual in live games and classics in general, winnings are awarded according to fixed odds paid out. These are partly derived from the probabilities.

A draw occurs rather rarely in practice. If players bet on this, the odds will be a little higher than if they bet on themselves or the dealer.

idea icon
For the odds, especially in the case of a draw is also relevant for the odds, namely the number of dice rolled. If both the house and the player rolled a rolled a 12 or 2Bac Bo Live pays the the bet 88 times times.

Typical for Live Casino Games from Evolution Gaming, and also integrated in Bac Bo, is the traffic light system. As long as bets can be placed, the timer in the center of the playing field is outlined in green. If the color jumps to orange, it's high time to make your final decision. When the color turns red, no more bets are allowed, because just a few seconds later the result of the game round is determined.

Overview of all Bac Bo odds

Result Odds
Player wins 1:1
Banker wins 1:1
Tie number of points 2 or 12 88:1
Draw number of points 3 or 11 25:1
Draw number of points 4 or 10 10:1
Draw number of points 5 or 9 6:1
Draw number of points 6, 7 or 8 4:1

The amount of winnings paid out at the end of a game round depends on the individual bet. If the choice is Drawthe number of dice also plays a number of points plays a big role. Different variants are each assigned their own payout odds, ranging from four times the stake up to 88 times times.

Less attractive is the betting on the bank or yourselfsince the odds in both cases are 1:1. So basically you only get only the stake back. The chance of a correct tip is quite high.

arrow icon
Although the numbers of points are rewarded differently, you can only bet on the draw, not on a specific number. specific not on a specific draw. Nevertheless, the number of points decides the amount of the win. And something else is exciting: If you bet on a banker or a house and the result is a draw, 90% of the bet is returned to the player. 90% of the bet is returned to the player..

Bac Bo Live Features

Bac Bo offers the player a number of settings and features. Of course, there are no bonus functions, as known from slot games. Nevertheless, the options provided make the handling of the game a bit easier.

  1. Jeton display
  2. Traffic light system
  3. Double or repeat bet

Jeton display

If credit is available, a selection of tokens is displayed. You can find the bar under the game table. Here you have the opportunity to select the preferred betting amount, i.e. chips, for the bet. The display has a special feature.

Only chip values that match the individual budget are actively displayed. fit the individual budget. If, for example, the account balance is just about 100 euros, the 500 euro chip disappears from the picture. The placement of chips is done by simple clicking. Once the betting limit is reached, the chips are automatically deactivated.

Traffic light system

bac-bo traffic light
You can use the "Betting traffic light" as a very useful function. It is divided into the classic Colors green, yellow and redpaired with a Countdownwhich starts to run from the opening of betting. As long as the light is green, players have enough time to decide on a betting option and consequently on the bet amount.

When the light turns yellow, speed is of the essence. The display visualizes which phase of the game has been reached and how much time is left to make a choice and reconsider if necessary.

Double or Repeat Bet

Two buttons appear once players have placed a bet for the first time. This can be repeated in the following round repeated with one click in the following round. It is therefore no longer necessary to manually select the previously selected amount when pressing the button.

Alternatively, there is the option to double the bet. Also for this purpose, developer Evolution Gaming has set up a button that can be clicked quite conveniently.

If this button was pressed by mistake, there is a new option with the button "Undo button gives you the opportunity to delete all bets. The "Back" button allows you to remove chip values from the bet one by one. This is helpful if too many tokens were accidentally placed.

Is there a Bac Bo game strategy?

luck icon
Bac Bo is a game based on randomness and probabilities probabilities. Of the three betting options, each occurs with a different frequency. This fact is taken into account by the odds. Nevertheless: In order to bet correctly, neither neither skill, nor are there strategies.

information icon
It is a sign of transparency that Evolution Gaming lists the previous game previous game results and also shows the probability of winning when betting on the three options. Unfortunately, it is not possible to draw any strategic conclusions from this. The only thing that is clear is that the draw occurs comparatively seldom(er). But it is the betting option that promises the highest possible profits in the end.

It belongs just luck to win at Bac Bo. With this in mind, it might be easier to choose a suitable budget.

Use Bac Bo on the go – on smartphones and tablets

html5 icon
Bac Bo can also be played on the go on smartphones or tablets. As with all of its games, developer Evolution Gaming relies on modern HTML5 technology. It allows the play on all devices. The live tables are occupied almost around the clock. The quality of Bac Bo mobile is just as good as on the desktop, provided you have the latest software and a secure internet connection.

live-dealer icon
For those who have already opted for a live casino with a mobile platform, getting started is made especially easy. All you have to do is go to the website, log in and start playing. If no money has been deposited yet, the transaction can be made up for on the go. This is true for real money casinos as well as for pure crypto providers.

Is it possible to play Bac Bo for free?

Users without credit are allowed to take a first non-binding look of the game. However, participation is exclusively with real bets possible. In this respect, the release does not differ from other live games.

Evolution Gaming gives a minimum bet in the amount of 1$ per round. Of course, higher stakes are also permitted, but there will probably not be a Bac Bo Live demo version in the future.

Our conclusion about Bac Bo Live

Bac Bo is very interesting because it combines elements of two popular classic games with each other: Baccarat and Sic Bo. The rules are easy to easy to learn, which makes it easier to get started with the game.

The odds do not seem to be the most appealing at first glance, with the exception of the draw. Depending on the number of dice, this option can definitely yield some attractive winnings, provided the tip is correct.

First and foremost, Bac Bo is a live casino game that promises good entertainment without being complicated. All you need here is a good intuition and a little bit of luck.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Bac BoAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%