Live Casino test and comparison 2024

In this section you will get all the answers to the question, which provider is the best live casino provides. After all, it is the live tables that inspire thousands of players with their uniquely realistic atmosphere.

In order to be able to draw up an evaluation, we had to divide the topic of live casinos into several test categories. Various criteria play a role in this:

First of all, our focus is on how large the game selection in the live casinos is. Ultimately, this gaming area doesn't bring you all that much if only three or four tables are available. And of course, the Win odds The limits set by the live casino are one of the main reasons for this.

An attractive selection of game versions ensures high scores in our live casino test. However, since more does not necessarily have to be better, we have also checked other criteria in the casinos. Which exactly, you will be informed in more detail in this article.

Our top live casinos:

Some online casinos have now been on the English-speaking market for almost 20 years. With the turn of the millennium, the Internet became a matter of course for more and more households, and it is precisely this fact that gambling companies as well as software companies have used to create a special casino experience. However, the first live casinos came out much later. Today, of course, they are no longer in their proverbial infancy.

You will find that technology in the field of live gaming has come a long way in the last few years alone. The special thing about live games: You play at real tables thanks to the webcam transmission and compete against real dealers and croupiers. croupiers.

Live Casino Beispiel
The first live casinos were not very spectacular compared to today. Mostly, you could only choose from roulette, blackjack and baccarat in the classic version.

In the meantime, a lot has happened and the offer in the live area of an online casino has been expanded immensely. And it is precisely the variety of game variants that makes a visit to such a live casino appealing. Selectable are different versions of popular classicsand even Poker as well as a few real gaming highlights have been implemented so ingeniously that you simply have to check them out.

Of course, many live games alone are not the only requirement that will matter to you. There are various criteria that are even more important – including good quality and playing without any interruptions. The better a live casino is technologically, the higher the score will be.

This is what matters in the live casino:

As soon as we look at the live games of an online casino, the first question that comes to mind is: how extensive is the portfolio? For example, are there only the simple versions of the popular classics, or does the company perhaps offer a wider selection of gaming tables – also in terms of betting limits?

In order to be able to perform a technically correct analysis, we had to "concretize" our test criteria a bit. The following aspects were taken into account during the test:

  • What games are offered – and at what times?
  • How flexible is it to place bets at the tables?
  • deal-of-the-day
    Special offers

  • laptop
    Overview of the offer

  • einsatzlimits
    Deposit limits & odds

  • transparenz
    Transparent presentation

  • Performance
    Usability & Performance

Besides the main criteria it is important to look at the winning opportunities that are offered at the live tables. Of course, classics like blackjack and Roulette usually have fixed odds, which result from the standard set of rules. However, most live casinos offer very special variations of these classicsand it is precisely here that you can "vary" the odds at least a little. This is exactly what we focused on when testing the odds.

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As soon as all test areas are completed, we will have the opportunity to give you our assessment. The quality of the live casino in terms of all criteria plays a particularly important role, because if there are deficits in even one point, then it is time to possibly look around for alternative providers.

In the following, we will show you which points has worked on in detail:

The live game selection

Both from an expert's point of view and for you, the range of live games plays a major role. After all, the more you are offered, the longer you will enjoy the live casino. The game offer is therefore basically in the first place – and this in all the reviews you will find on our pages.

Due to the rapid technological development of the industry, it is possible for the software providers software providers to create more than just a few classic tables. The variants of popular games, such as baccarat, poker, Roulette and blackjack, are becoming more and more versatile.

A similar picture can be seen with Sports Betting noticeable, where the offer in the live betting centers has also developed strongly over the years. Side and additional bets provide even more excitement, as bets can be placed in real time. Especially customers who are keen on betting get their money's worth in terms of entertainment.

live dealer icon
As a result, almost every betting provider that thinks highly of itself and its live betting offers live betting opportunities around the clock.

These are usually dominated by soccer matches, but people also like to bet on tennis and various other ball sports in real time.

How versatile a live casino can be, proves for example 20Bet proves in a very impressive way. It also shows that all software providers who develop live games bring in their very own ideas.

We took another closer look at the companies' portfolios – to examine the following aspects:

  1. When are which games active?
  2. How many different main games are there?
  3. Are special events or tournaments available?

Live casinos can be designed much more flexibly than initially assumed. Thus, the operators always have the option to provide you with events, live bonuses and tournaments to provide. In addition, you can quickly see for yourself that not all providers have the same basic games in their portfolio. For example, some do without poker completely. And: not all tables are active around the clock. This applies in particular to the Australian versions, which are usually available at set times.

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Even if Australian roulette and blackjack are not available at all times, we award extra points to all online casinos that offer this option at all. This still young option is thanks to the major software providers, first and foremost Evolution Gaming.

Usage options and limits in the endurance test

The fact is that you play for free in any live casino. free of charge. This means that you have to be prepared to wager at least a certain amount. Now it becomes apparent once again how well or poorly the providers are positioned. Since we have both beginners and high rollers among our readers, it was very important for us to test the limits of the various live casinos in detail – and not only in gray theory, but also through our own experiences.

Particularly commendable are companies that offer some of their live games from 25 cents make accessible. But the upper limit is also not insignificant for real gamblers. In various casinos, you can sometimes invest up to 100,000 euros. This covers every budget from a theoretical point of view.

However, we strongly advise you to refrain from betting too much. Whether in a live casino, an online casino or a casino: Only ever wager money that you do not need for your daily life and where you can accept the theoretical total loss!

luckydays live roulette

In more and more live casinos today, you will find the opportunity to rediscover your favorite games for yourself through special versions and with extremely appealing side bets.

While less than five years ago it was assumed that there were strong limits especially in the live gaming sector, we have now been taught otherwise. The ingenuity of developers seems to be almost immeasurable, to ultimately every technological advance brings you new opportunities to unfold freely in the live casino.

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Based on the versatility, it is possible for us to give a more or less good rating. The differences between the casinos are still immense today – although theoretically all have the same framework for further gaming options available.

Some live casinos continue to limit themselves to well-known classics in their simple form, while other companies set up such an ingenious live casino that you can now safely save yourself the trip to the real casino. After all, there are hardly any more reasons to throw on some fancy clothes and make your way to the casino – because this is exactly what is delivered directly to your screen.

The large selection of live games is an evaluation criterion to which we attach the greatest importance. However, the quality of what is offered must then also fit, of course. If games are disrupted by interruptions at the exciting moment, this has a negative impact on the rating. Most of the time, constant load locks, especially during webcam transmission, indicate dubious behavior. Our editors have deliberately taken several looks here in order to be able to assure you of safe and transparent play.

Winning opportunities in the Live Casino

The fact is that live casino games in themselves bring a special level of excitement. After all, the atmosphere can only be recreated to a limited extent with digital tables. Speed and concentration are demanded of you in games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. And: A certain understanding of strategies can also help your luck.

Especially because you often have to decide very quickly on a bet or a game action, it was important for us to examine the winning possibilities more closely. After all, this is exactly the aspect that you can sometimes lose sight of in all the speed.

First of all, of course, you influence the odds yourself to a certain extent. This is especially true for roulette in all variations, since the bet determines how high the profit will be – if your tip was correct.

In order to study odds and possibilities, you should know the basic games at least roughly and familiarize yourself a bit with the common rulebooks beforehand. At special versions there are additional chanceswhich will of course be explained to you in more detail in good live casinos. Our editorial team has examined the topic of winning opportunities in detail.

Information on the subject of live casino games – interesting facts:

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Real differences between live casinos do not exist in terms of winning odds. Let's take roulette as an example. There, the odds are fixed depending on the selected bet.

You will experience smaller deviations at most with special and additional bets in certain roulette versions. The same applies to all classic casino games that are offered live.

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Just like the odds, the payout odds are almost identical as a rule. After all, the casino itself has no influence on the outcome of a game round. Unlike in digital games, it is not generators that decide on success and failure at the table, but real chance.

The performance of the casino is a good indicator of whether everything is actually going to go according to the rules in the end. If there are disruptions in the transmission at the most important moments, this is often not a good sign. Of course, casino operators are not omnipotent, and server problems cannot always be blamed on them. However, if such interruptions happen regularly, then absolute caution is advised.

Of course, the game speed always depends a bit on the live casino and its croupiers. Normally, there are also very clear rules for this. But especially at special beginner tables, you are often given a little more time when choosing a bet. If speed is demanded of you, then ultimately the dealer or croupier must also follow this speed.

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In order for a live casino to be positively evaluated always keeps an eye on the staff at the tables. With reputable companies, it should be experienced, trained staff. Our experience has shown that this is not always the case. And that is exactly when we consciously refrain from such casinos.

The technology must not be pushed too far into the background when it comes to all other criteria. Speed is not only expected from the dealers and croupiers at the live tables, but also from the servers and webcams. A clean transmission from the studios, which are usually rented specifically for this purpose, must be guaranteed. This applies to all providers that we present to you on our pages.

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Live casino providers can score particularly well if they provide interested parties with rough information before they register – especially with regard to possible live bonus promotions, events and, last but not least, the betting limits that apply at the individual tables. This makes it easier for players to get a first impression and make a sensible decision on this basis.

Live Casino Service

Our editors have high expectations not only for the game selection, winning opportunities and good performance. All of this is only worth half as much if there is a lack of service. Accordingly, all live casinos were checked for the criterion of customer support.

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It already starts with the question of how good the usability of the games is. A perfect preparation of all categories is the basic prerequisite for us to continue a test.

Now, of course, there can always be questions and concerns around the topic of live casino. At the latest then it becomes apparent whether a company is saving at the wrong end, or whether it can meet the high demands of its customers in the area of service and customer orientation.

The website must be well positioned, especially in the live games section – keyword "usability".

We have checked the following criteria in order to be able to give a detailed assessment of the providers:

  1. Promotional page with special live casino offers
  2. Possible changes in the presentation
  3. Information on betting limits and odds
  4. Preview without prior registration
  5. Usability and performance

1.) Promotion page with special Live Casino offers

deal of the day
At least some of the features mentioned by reviewed providers come up with special promotions that are exclusively aimed at users of the live casino. The Selection of bonuses is not the largest of all time, but depending on the company, it can be quite respectable. Important to know: The classic casino welcome bonus can usually not or only conditionally be implemented at live tables!

If you choose a good live casino, then you will find special promotion pages made available to you. You can find all current events on these pages – including, of course, those that are specifically aimed at live players.

A well-prepared promotions page has many advantages especially for users who prefer to play at the live casino. And of course, the pros and cons of this area are specifically included in our evaluation.

Most live casinos are rather sparsely equipped with events. However, tournaments do take place at some providers. Thus, of course, the most important thing is that these events, promotions and bonuses can be filtered – especially if the calendar of a company has been set up extremely versatile. Almost more important than the sorting function is that you are provided with detailed information about all events.

After all, there should be no misunderstandings during participation. This is especially true for bonus conditions, which are sometimes not so easy to understand. Plus points are awarded to all live casino operators who clear structures in this area.

2.) Possible changes in the presentation

laptop icon
A little order is also needed in the live casino – especially if the game selection is very large. Since tastes are as varied as the product range, it is always good if you can change the presentation of the page.

For example, games can be sorted by type or title. But the option to display a list or alternatively thumbnails also has advantages. In terms of display options, all online casinos go their own way. Everyone handles the flexibility of their website differently.

search icon
It is also helpful to offer a search function. You love a very specific roulette variant, but come across countless tables in the live casino? Then it makes even more sense to make it easier for you to get started. In more and more casinos, a search bar is displayed. There you simply type in the preferred game and you can start playing.

3.) Information on betting limits and odds

betting limits icon
Of course, as a registered user, you will always be told which betting limits are possible at the tables – and, of course, what odds you can expect depending on the bet. However, it has been noticed that such information is often actually only available to players who are already logged in. Prospective players without an existing account, on the other hand, do not receive any indication of all these things.

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Most operators now know how important the flow of information is when making a decision for or against a live casino. Many a company has already changed its concept so that it informs interested parties immediately – if necessary, also via customer service.

The best online casinos show you in the preview, which minimum and maximum bets for each table is possible. As soon as you then open the games, the odds are also revealed to you, as well as all the chances of winning, which are of course somewhat based on your settings.

The more you find out before you sign up, the higher the score for this section will be. Last but not least, this is reflected in the overall rating. If a company is not very transparent, this can lead from our side in the worst case to us not even presenting the provider further.

Transparency is especially important in the area of live gaming. After all, it is not uncommon for thousands of euros to flow into the casino per day at the real tables.

4.) Preview without prior registration

transparency icon
At the latest when you are registered as a real-money player in a live casino, the provider must of course provide you with all relevant information in a transparent manner – and not least explain how the odds are made up. A game guide also leaves a positive impression. However, it is important to us how informative the company is for guests who are not yet sure whether registration is even an option for them.

computer icon
In most cases, it behaves as follows: You drop by a casino, open the live area, start any game and then get a notice that there is not enough credit available – or that you have to register first. This is exactly a disadvantage, because who likes to buy a pig in a poke?

More and more live casinos have a solution to this problem. On the one hand they offer the image preview, which already gives a first impression. In addition, there are a few providers that present you with videos of games in progress – or even give you the opportunity to look over the shoulders of other active participants as a guest.

Insight into the world of live broadcasting:

We always talk about so-called "live streaming" in live casinos, which means transmission in real time. This is done today with the help of modern cameras. In order to set up a live casino, the software companies need corresponding studios. These can then be equipped with any number of cameras so that players can follow the action in real time from all perspectives on their PC.

To be able to receive a live stream from the casino, you need either a PC (alternatively laptop) or a mobile device such as smartphone and tablet, as well as access to the Internet.

Number of monthly users of live streaming in Australia from 2013 to 2017 (in millions).

Live streaming statistics

Image above: Statistics on livestream usage in Australia © Statista 2019. The steady growth in interest in livestreams is also having an impact on demand from online casinos

Live offers, in whatever form, are very much in vogue. Already now, games that take place against real croupiers, are used by more than 25% of all registered players. The trend is still rising. All the more we are pleased that most online casinos meet the growing demands and constantly improve their live streaming.

In any case, in the online casinos presented by us in the article there is an area with live games – sometimes more or sometimes less extensive. However, since the technical requirements are very high, the selection of providers is still quite manageable. Pioneers in terms of live streaming are Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming.

live dealer icon
The special thing about live casinos: You feel as if you are right there. Parallel to the real action at real tables, the stakes are placed virtually in a very simple way. Table limits can vary widely in this respect.

The biggest challenge, however, is to offer trouble-free gaming – even if customers don't have an overly strong Internet connection.

information icon
For us, the flow of information is what makes a good live casino. In particular, this involves answers to the question of when which games are available and what limits are are offered. These topics serve as a decision-making tool for many customers. For example, if you can't find Australian roulette, you might start looking for alternative live casinos right away.

Of course, the fact that live games can only be played with real money stakes does not lead to a point deduction. As a normal player, it is really hard to imagine how high the costs are for streaming – including the large studios, which now hold significantly more tables than just a few years ago.

The aim of live casinos is to offer you a process that is as close to reality as possible. This means, for example, that the ball drops promptly at the roulette table – and thus the betting opportunity is also over.

5.) Usability and performance

usability and performance
How quickly and easily can bets be placed at all? We got to the bottom of this question in all the casinos we tested. Even a very extensive casino must be easy to use. Of course, the overview must not suffer under the large-scale product range.

Delays are not only a thorn in the side of experienced casino players. They also lead to a lower rating for us. If the game flow is fluid, that speaks for the live casino.

If you need fast game rounds then there are certainly enough suitable live games to be found – for example Turbo Roulette. But also in other games you should be allowed to place bets quickly.

settings icon
The more game variants are offered and the more individual settings are allowed, the better. Most live casinos work very similarly in these respects, as they all rely on proven and well-known software partners.

The biggest in the sector are Evolution Gaming, Extreme Live Gaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech and Microgaming.

All of the above companies are focused on very performance and usability. care. Not without reason they are among the best developers on the European market.

If they are made easy to get started with the said features as well as setting and betting options, then extra points. That's how you can make friends among our editors – and surely end up with you as well!

performance icon
When it comes to performance, we expect a live casino that also works works smoothly on mobile. Smartphones and tablets have become almost indispensable in today's society. All the better if you can also use such devices to play at the live casino.

However, caution is advised here, because: Without an Internet connection, of course, even the live games do not work completely trouble-free. So it is up to you to establish a stable connection.

The online casinos that offer a very extensive live offer and also deliver high quality are of course at the top of our ranking. The service must also be right, because without good advice, even the best offer is of limited use to those with little experience.

Some companies manage a particularly high score, while others still have some catching up to do. Ultimately, it's the overall package that counts in the end, and with this, some live casinos will fully convince you.

Author: Peter McCollinRated: Live CasinoAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 94%