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Successful iGaming is only possible if the payout ratios in the casino are right. The value, also called RTP, clarifies which percentage of all gaming revenue flows is returned to the user. If the rate is above 95%, it can be considered a good average. However, one must once again clearly distinguish between the overall rate and the payout rates of individual games offered.

Good international online casinos generally offer their users a higher payout rate than stationary companies in the gambling industry. One of the reasons for this is cost accounting. While land-based arcades have to lease premises, set up equipment, maintain it and employ a lot of staff on top of that, online competitors in the industry can save money in many places – in favor of higher win rates.

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Since July 2021, many well-known brands have massively lowered RTP values from well over 90% to around 84 percent. These are usually casinos with ambitions for the Australian license. The reason for the reduction is the newly introduced 5% tax, which is thus indirectly "passed on" to the customers.

However, there are still casinos with high odds, these usually operate with an international gambling license from Curacao and are therefore also considered safe and reputable classify.

Casinos with high odds ranking 2024:

Translated means Return to Player nothing other than return on investment. The decisive importance it has for the choice of reputable casinos is often underestimated.

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Good to know:
The house advantage can be calculated on the basis of the payout rate stated by the company. For example, if the rate is 95% (calculated on all games), a house advantage of 5% will result from this. In comparison, the RTPs locally are usually well below 80%, with casinos with ambitions for the Australian license at 84%.

Actual vs. Theoretical Payout Rate

It is important to distinguish between theoretical and actual payout rate (Return to Player). The actual RTP is calculated from the profit and loss profit and loss accounts collected over a specified period of time.. Thus, in many reputable casinos it is possible to understand what proportion of the stakes was paid out within the past 30 days.

Payout ratios result from a simple calculation. Only the house advantage has to be deducted from the stake. The difference is now called the return to player. However, not all companies provide their RTP for the entire gaming portfolio. Instead, information on the payout rate in the preferred individual slots or table games. games.

One example
is the bonus slot Viking Mania from the house of Playtech. With the release an RTP of 94.94% is indicated.. This means that the house advantage is 5.06% of the collected stakes. However, we are again talking about the theoretical payout ratio. Serious and fair online casinos also often state the actual values.

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Fluctuations of up to 4 percentage points are always noticeable where jackpot wins are possible. A experience shows that a jackpot slot has a low RTP more often than slot games without progressive main prize. If the jackpot is paid out, the actual odds, calculated over a month, can even rise to over 100% every now and then.

To put it in a nutshell: Serious and fair online casinos are characterized by the fact that, although they attach importance to their own profit, they still work with fair payout ratios of around 96%.

In every offer you can find outliers down or up. If you compare, you will even find one or the other slot with 97% and more. On the one hand, this is possibly a promotion for a special offer, and on top of that, it is usually a sign that you are dealing with a company where customer satisfaction is an important priority.

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The fact is that online casino payout rates are not only dependent on the individual game, but there is usually always an overall average. The more transparent the provider is, the more regularly these odds are published on the corresponding website.

Anyone who now makes a comparison will notice the the sometimes significant deviations between the individual providers quickly notice. It is therefore worthwhile to keep an eye on several online casinos regarding the RTP – especially for players who want to profit from their willingness to bet in the long term.

Experienced players could now argue that the RTP (Return to Player) is basically not determined by the online casino itself, but by the iGaming studio. Developers like Play 'n Go, NetEnt or also Yggdrasil develop games and directly determine what winning odds various combinations produce and ultimately what the payout rate is.

Of course, this statement is true, because all slots and also virtual classics are directly connected to random number generatorswhich in turn are strict controls controls. So what does the casino have to do with it and why are there companies in the industry that offer less attractive payout ratios?

While operators do not have much influence on the RTP, they can actively include such games in the portfolio that offer a higher overall house edge. If, on top of that, tables such as European Roulette are then dispensed with and are replaced by the American Roulette version, which inherently offers better odds for the casino, players have significantly worse chances of winning.

How we tested the payout odds:

For players, the question arises as to how it is at all comprehensible which payout rates can be assumed in the online casino. The simplest solution is offered by crypto casinos such as Bitstarz or Cloudbet. Based on the Bitcoin blockchain, these companies have developed a "demonstrably fair" technology developed. Specially generated codes make it possible for players to track every odds with little effort.

On the other hand, you have to place a little more trust in online casinos that do not offer cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. But there are solutions for this as well. A good indication of serious and fair odds is the cooperation of the providers with independent test laboratories.n. Many of them were initially recognized by the UK Gambling Commission, but are also involved with companies that have received their license through gambling authorities in Curacao or Malta.

Best known testing sites for fair payout ratios are:

eCOGRAThe acronym stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. The independent organization is one that regulates casino websites and only awards test seals if the payout rates set by the company are payout rates set by the company are actually fair. are fair.

iTechLabs: For more than 10 years, Australia-based iTechLabs has been involved in monitoring casinos. The testing agency enables casino customers to better understand payout rates themselves. At the same time, iTechLabs regularly monitors the random number generators used in the iGaming industry for their fairness. random number generators used in the iGaming industry for their fairness.

GLI (Gaming Labs Certified): This organization has now been in existence for over a quarter of a century. A special feature of GLI is that it does not focus exclusively on the area of online gaming, but also includes land-based casinos and lottery providers with a seal of approval, provided that fair payout rates are offered. The company is backed by experts in fields such as technology, mathematics and, last but not least, hundreds of independent testers who carry out regular fairness checks.

Advantageous are just such providers that the return to player directly in the slot preview such as for example Cloudbet. Let's take a look at the odds of some of the casino's games:

Title Provider RTP
Fire Joker Freeze Play 'n Go 94,20%
Spirit of the Beast Relax Gaming 96,52%
Tiger's Claw Betsoft 95,14%
Book of Demi Gods II Spinomenal 95,90%
East Sea Dragon King NetEnt 96,23%

In fact, it is easiest to rely on seals of approval in order to verify the authenticity of stated payout rates. While it would be possible to try it out for yourself, it must be clearly stated that the percentages are extrapolated to the entirety of customers.

This in turn means that not every player receives on average more than 95% of of his stakes back. Ideally, there is a table with actual payout ratios, which clarifies how fair the provider – or even individual games – really is.

Our tip: Compare odds specifically

Experience shows that casino customers do not turn to just a few games. As far as these are concerned, a comparison of payout odds would be easy, but those who want to take advantage of the widest possible selection of slots or classics are better advised to check the overall odds of the chosen provider to consider.

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The easiest way to make a comparison is to make sure that the preferred companies publish an official RTP value every month. However, this is not always the case – which does not necessarily allow conclusions to be drawn about a lack of fairness. A certification by the above-mentioned test labs indicates that the odds are good overall.

To merely get an idea of which online casinos are particularly accommodating, you can definitely take a look at identical games offered. The table below shows that the RTP does not turn out to be equally lucrative everywhere. As already explained, iGaming studios make the payout rates fixed. However, a little leeway is always left to the casino operators.

Slots odds comparison

Name: Developer: Payout Ratio: Casino:
Bloodsuckers Net Entertainment 98,00% Mr Green
Kings of Chicago Net Entertainment 97,80% Mr Green
Devils Delight Net Entertainment 97,60% Mr Green
A Night Out PlayTech 97,06% William Hill
Breakaway MicroGaming 97,00% Mr Green
Amazonia Merkur 97,00% Sunmaker

We have tested these forms of games for their payout ratio:

  1. Slots
  2. Roulette
  3. blackjack
  4. Other game types
  5. Live Casino


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Slots of well-known studios are basically equipped with a paytable. A mouse click is usually enough to display it. Listed are on the one hand the for complete symbol combinations as well as for features like jokers and free spins.. On the other hand, there is an indication of the Return to Player (RTP), i.e. the theoretical payout rate.

As already explained, some casinos additionally publish the actual payout ratios – regularly once a month. It is worthwhile to compare both values specifically. In this way, it is possible to understand which of the slot games offered are particularly worthwhile in the long term and for which the theoretical RTP indicated in the paytable deviates significantly from the actual rate.

Especially with slot machine win rates, it is noticeable that features and not least the chance of jackpot payouts have an influence. If a progressive jackpot is provided, a payout rate of less than payout rate of less than 95%. can be assumed. While this is not always the case, it stood out clearly during our research. The lowering of the payout rate results from the fact that a portion of the stakes goes into the pot. As noted, in the case of a jackpot payout, the actual RTP can be more than 100%.


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Roulette Games are based, unless they are live versions, similar to slots on Random number generators. While the odds for both inside and outside bets and also for betting on individual numbers are clearly specified by the rules, the RTP cannot be influenced.

However, a special feature of this game is that users can choose can choose variants that have a lower house edge. In the case of European Roulette this is on average 2,7%while those who choose American Roulette must be prepared for a house advantage in the amount of 5.26%. adjust. The chances of winning on the European version of the table game are therefore better.

Regardless of the RTP value, the type of bet influences the outcome. If you deliberately bet on colors, even and odd numbers, the probability of winning – due to the house advantage – is just under 50%. After all, dozens and columns bring about 33%.

However, where the ball finally comes to a halt is determined by roulette tables of virtual type of random generators regulated. All the more should be paid attention to the fact that in the roulette casino a seal of quality is listed and thus an independent testing agency is responsible for the monitoring of these generators.

Black Jack

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Which payout rates and odds at the Blackjack table depends crucially on the preferred game variant. For example, versions such as Ultimate Blackjack, Super Fun 21, Perfect Pairs Blackjack or even Blackjack Surrender entail a lower RTP than is the case with classic European Blackjack. There, in the classic form, an average value of 99.4% is is given.

The commonality of virtual tables is that playing blackjack is just as dependent on fair random number generators as slot machines. Those who prefer real coincidences, on the other hand, can alternatively fall back on Live Blackjack. Neither the user nor the casino have any influence on the outcome of the round – which is definitely an advantage.

And there is something else that distinguishes blackjack from slots: There is the possibility to use proven strategies strategies. The perfect strategy is mastered by only a few, but at least the bet itself can be influenced. This, in turn, determines how high the probability of winning and the risk. Regardless of the variant, the average theoretical payback rate is usually significantly higher than that of slot machines..

Other types of games

In addition to the more classic casino games, online casinos with still high odds are increasingly offering alternatives such as arcade games, scratch cards, video poker and, for some time now, special crypto games.

We would like to turn to the latter in a little more detail here, because despite their simplicity, these games – including Plinko, HiLo or even Dice – have very attractive payout rates to offer. Here are the most important RTP values of Roobet:

Crypto Game
RTP Roobet







As it becomes clear, the payout values of both crypto casinos differ significantly from each other. All in all, it can be said that arcade games and crypto games are an alternative to classic slots and table games, as it is possible to as it is also possible to gain a clear advantage over the casino.

Video poker also has a fairly high RTP, although there are again clear differences between the individual companies and game versions. With variants such as Bonus Videopoker, payout ratios that are close to 100% can sometimes even be achieved.

Live Casino

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Although live tables are not connected to random generators, but depend on real coincidences, some providers give payout odds in this section as well. Among all the classics Live Blackjack has the highest RTP – usually around 99%..

Unlike slot machines and virtual tables that are tied to random generators, the values given in the live casino are not based on a theoretical return to player ratio, but on the actual one. This is also usually calculated over a period of 30 days – i.e. on a monthly basis.

Crypto casinos like Bitstarz in particular display a high degree of transparency. There, the payout rates of the live games offered by Evolution Gaming are comprehensible at any time. We have summarized some examples here:

RTP (average)


Dream Catcher

Mega Ball

Mega Ball

Live Baccarat

Baccarat Super Sic Bo

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette

Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack

Speed Blackjack

Since there are regular small changes in the actual RTP, it is also displayed next to the odds whether the values have increased or decreased in the last accounting period. You could hardly ask for more transparency from a live casino.


  1. How important are payout odds for players?
  2. Who checks the odds?
  3. How can good odds be identified?
  4. What does RTP mean?
  5. What is the difference between payout ratio and win rate?
  6. How likely are jackpot payouts?
  7. What does the casino house edge mean?

1.) How important are payout ratios to players?

In fact, it is of little use if a game is offered with an RTP beyond the 96% mark, but the concept does not appeal to your personal taste at all. First and foremost, you should enjoy your stay in the casino – be it in terms of Varied online games, exciting features and interesting bonus promotions.

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On the other hand, players devote themselves primarily to the offer of online casinos because it is about winning and not about spending a lot of money in a short time without even the slightest chance of success. So if a company pays out high odds, that is definitely an advantage. Especially in direct comparison, higher profits can be made in the long run, whereby a few percentage points can make a significant difference. make.

2.) Who checks the odds?

More and more frequently, companies are relying on demonstrably fair technology, based on Based on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Thus, there is a possibility to check payout rates even as a layman. A check helps to learn more about the and fairness of the provider. find out.

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Interesting: Today, online casinos that do not offer crypto payments or that only provide BTC, ETH and LTC transactions in addition to classic payment methods can also be demonstrably fair.

If this technology is not available, the aforementioned testing bodies, first and foremost eCOGRA and iTechLabs, take over the monitoring of win rates and payout rates.

Provided that the provider cooperates with one of these bodies, it is awarded a corresponding seal of approval which is usually visible on the homepage. The random number generators used are checked at regular intervals. This guarantees a fair basis is guaranteedbecause: If the casino does not meet the requirements, the seal will be withdrawn and further consequences may also follow.

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The fact is that not only eCOGRA and iTechLabs (or other testing agencies) keep a watchful eye on payout rates. Also the licensors themselves require online casinos to be fair to their players – especially with regard to the chances of winning.

3.) How can good chances be identified?

Especially when it comes to chances of winning in general, players should not only keep an eye on the payout rates of individual players, but should at best get an overall impression. The easiest way to do this is if the casino publishes a monthly RTP or lists all slots and classics along with the actual return to player rate for the past 30 days.

Basically, it must be said that it is not absolutely necessary to make the choice of casino dependent on payout ratios alone. First and foremost in the industry is entertainment. But of course, this can quickly fade away if only losses are recorded in the long run. It therefore makes sense to look at the RTP. If this is confirmed by independent test centers, the provider has an appropriate seal of corresponding seal of qualityexperience shows that chances can be assumed which are calculable.

4.) What does RTP mean?

The abbreviation RTP stands for Return to Player – which translates as return to play. The higher the value, the lower the house advantage. Mostly, this payout ratio is given for each game individually, in addition, a total value can be listed in the casino, which results from the average payouts of all slots, classics and live games.

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For example, if the RTP is 96%, this means that out of 100 Euro stakes, 96 Euro will be returned to the customer.. The house edge makes up 4% accordingly. In addition, a differentiation is made between a theoretical and the actual return to player rate. The latter is transparently listed for the previous month in some real money casinos.

5.) What is the difference between payout rate and win rate?

Besides the payout rate, which is given as an average value, the win rate plays a major role. the win rate plays a major role. On the basis of online slots, this can be explained relatively easily. Let's take as an example a slot machine like Book of Dead. As can be seen on the table, there is a fixed win for each symbol combination – settled according to odds. The more matching images occur, the higher the payout.

Especially the top three casinos with the best odds are characterized by the fact that they predominantly provide you with games that have particularly profitable odds bring with them.

Thereby are not even necessarily jackpot machines are not even necessarily jackpot machines – although the value here can of course be outstandingly high. After all, everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire with just a few cents.

Just like the RTP, you can find win rates in all game categories. Especially in the area of sports betting the success of a bet stands and falls with the odds. Often, the bet is even made specifically dependent on which odds are most worthwhile. When playing slots, the situation is somewhat different, as a wide variety of combinations and thus very variable winnings are conceivable here.

Winning odds independent of the bet value

The good news for all players with a low budget: The amount of the bet generally has no influence on the chances of winning – even if you like to read something different on the net. So you can have just as good a chance with a stake of 50 cents as someone who invests 5,000 euros per spin. The fact that the payouts in this example vary greatly has nothing to do with the chance of winning.

In the case of jackpot slots, players are often suggested that the more you bet, the greater the chance of winning the jackpot. It is even recommended to use the Max Bet – the highest possible bet per game round. Thanks to our many years of experience we know that this information is not correct.

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Throughout the years, players who could only spare a few cents have always won. What is needed much more than a willingness to take risks is a large portion of a large portion of luck.

Despite this fact, it is advisable to look specifically for online casinos with high odds – i.e. companies whose average RTP in the sum of all games is at least 96%. Of course, you can check out how the individual games are doing there without any obligations – mostly even in the free guest mode.

After a few test rounds at the latest, our information should be confirmed and you will realize that sometimes less can be more.

6.) How likely are jackpot payouts?

jackpot-luck icon
Let's come back to the topic progressive jackpots again. This refers to main winnings that continue to increase whenever players invest money. A part of the stake therefore automatically flows into the jackpot, which can sometimes be as much as several million euros can amount to several million euros.

If you take a closer look at these games, you will notice: As a rule, the RTP is significantly lower than for slots without progressive jackpots. It should be at least around 94% for there to be any real chance of winning – even if millions are not paid out right away.

The challenge, especially for inexperienced players, is to distinguish between the between RTP and odds. What influence the values have on each other usually becomes apparent very quickly. So it is clear: The higher the individual winnings are, the lower the RTP turns out to be – especially in the area of jackpot games.

7.) What does the casino house advantage mean?

Behind every online casino offer is a company that has to bear both personnel and other fixed costs. This explains why not all stakes can flow back to the customer in full. A certain house edge is mandatory to cover these very costs.

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In addition to employees in the live casino, there are those who look after players in support. In addition, technicians, game developers and other people are on duty around the clock to ensure that everything runs smoothly. All the more, one might ask why the house advantage is usually less than 4% of the total revenue.

The answer is simple. Large online casinos, such as MBit, Stake, Lucky Dreams or even Stake, turn over several million euros every year. If you subtract a small percentage – the house advantage – from these sums, this is easily enough to cover all costs. The operators can also live off their own revenues and have enough budget to constantly develop their concept. Because although many items are incurred, the costs of an online casino are still significantly lower than local providers.

Basically. From 100% of the game bet, the RTP is determined. The difference is given as the house advantage. This can vary depending on the game type and provider. A comparison is worthwhile especially with a view to the values, because in the long run even a difference of less than 2 percentage points makes a lot.

Casinos with high odds Conclusion

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The payout ratios are a good indicator of how reputable and fair the chosen provider is. reputable and fair online casino is concerned. It goes without saying that the companies do not pay out permanent winnings to every customer.

At the very least, however, the random number generators used should function reliably and ideally be certified by independent testing bodies – such as eCOGRA or iTechLabs. Such a seal of approval is always an indication that sooner or later that profits can be made sooner or later and that the provider does not exclusively pocket the stakes.

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One must always keep in mind that the casino offers games of chance. As the term states, it needs the necessary luckto be successful. While strategies may be applied at the blackjack table, online slots, on the other hand, rely solely on chance. Even in fair online casinos it therefore makes sense to set a set a loss limit and to limit the playing time.

Unfortunately, more and more providers in this country are drastically lowering their win rates. In any case, if you want to continue playing with the usual high odds, you should find out before signing up whether it is a casino with good winning opportunities and, for example, choose a casino from our ranking for this purpose.

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