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Those looking for a casino without a Australian license probably want to play at a provider that is not bound by the transitional regulations in Australia. is.

Although operators and customers alike welcome the granting of Australian casino licenses in principle, these bring massive restrictions with itself. The changes have been noticeable since October 2020, and there was a further tightening on December 15, 2020. In 2024, a number of providers have disappeared from the market completely or have a noticeably limited offering.

Many players do not want to accept this so easily and go in search of alternative casinos. alternative casinos without ambitions for this new approval.

A online gambling hall without a license does not sound like a good idea at first. After all security, fairness and transparency should be guaranteed. We have therefore dealt with the question of whether a Australian gambling license is absolutely necessary in order to fulfill the aforementioned criteria?

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First of all, we do not want to recommend anyone to deliberately choose a provider that does not have a license at all. It is rather a matter of differentiating between Australian licensing, EU licensing and reputable international licenses.

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Our casino ranking – gambling without a Australian license

Many of our readers will have experienced the change, which has already become noticeable from the third quarter of 2020. More and more online casinos that appear on the Australian authority's white list or fancy their chances of getting an official license from Australia have already adapted their portfolio to the licensing requirements adapted.

This essentially means the following:

  • Live casino games, digital roulette, Blackjack and also jackpots have completely disappeared from the offer.
  • There is a monthly deposit limit of 1,000 euros.
  • The 1 euro betting rule per game round further limits the casino experience.
  • Fixed 5 seconds rule. This means that a spin at the slot machine game must last at least five seconds on average.
  • After 60 minutes, a break in the game must be observed.
  • The connection to LUGAS is mandatory
  • Slot machines may not be provided as a simulation demo

Several well-known and popular brands have discontinued casino operations – at least temporarily and in some cases even completely – and in the meantime are relying exclusively on Sports betting.

We have selected the best Casinos without gambling license from Australia and thus reviewed and evaluated again without the said restrictions. These are the resulting top players:

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In terms of gambling addiction prevention, data protection, correct fair odds and profitable payout rates, these providers do not differ from competitors that have a Australian license. Transactions are of course also very well secured. The big advantage is that the products offered will remain much more "liberal" and extensive.

Crypto casinos as an attractive alternative without a license

In addition to the providers listed above, there is another major trend in the industry: Bitcoin Casinos or crypto casinos. While some sites have been around for a while, trust and awareness is now spreading. Thus, the brands with the possibility to make crypto payments are gaining more and more importance. And as a rule, these are also "casinos without a license", i.e. those that have a Curacao concession own.

Which licenses can online casinos have apart from the Australian ones and what do they offer?

There are several reliable authorities, but two in particular have become very established on the market in recent years and are preferred by operators operators for the approval of their online gaming sites: The MGA Malta as well as Curacao Gaming, because these offer both providers and customers many advantages, as the following graphic shows.

These are the licensing authorities:

mga malta license
MGA Malta: Most providers that hold an MGA Malta license have adapted their offer to the Australian transitional regulations. However, the exceptions prove the rule here, as our list here shows.

UK Gambling Commission
UK Gambling Commission: Due to the Brexit, most online casinos in Australia have decided against this license. Providers adapted to Australian regulations rely instead on the MGA Malta, while unlicensed competitors prefer to use the gambling supervisory authority in Curacao.

Curacao: Nobody would have suspected that such a small island would cause such a stir in the gaming industry until the planning of the new Australian State Treaty on Gaming. In the meantime, various providers have switched to being licensed there in order to be able to provide all games as usual without a license.

Since Great Britain has left the EU, different general conditions apply there than before. This means that the Gibraltar Gaming Commission in particular is losing a lot of its importance. Most companies in the industry rely on licenses from Curacao, provided they do not want to comply with restrictions that apply to Australia.

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In terms of security, the licensor is in no way inferior to the EU authorities. At fair odds and fast payouts players can usually rely on. Regulation on Curacao is to become even a little stricter in the future.

What are the effects of the planned changes in Curacao?

As announced back in November 2020, massive cuts could be coming to players and online casinos backed by the gambling license from Curacao. The Curacao Chronicle reported on a potentially new regulation in the near future on the on the Caribbean island.

The aim is to more strictly monitor online casinos that focus on the Netherlands and Australia but remain licensed on Curacao. To this end a gambling supervisory authority is to be established there as well. Additional changes the state indicates as follows:

  • Licenses will become significantly more expensive in the coming years.
  • Gambling on EU markets shall no longer be allowed
  • Licensees and customers to be subject to more control in the future

It remains to be seen whether and when these cuts will actually be made. In particular, the withdrawal from Australia would have massive disadvantages for the industry.

Top casinos with Curacao license without new regulations

Has anything changed for players in online casinos without a license since licensing is underway?

Licensing in Australia has already brought about far-reaching changes for players and casino operators…. Online casinos without a license, on the other hand, will probably continue as before for the time being.

The biggest change here concerns the payment system, as more and more relies on digitization and blockchain must be relied on. The reason for this is that the payment in the gambling sector is blocked by banks as well as by some well-known e-wallets.

These aspects in particular should be noted:

  1. Non-licensed providers are to be blocked, gambling is not legal there respectively tolerated as before
  2. The risk of frozen customer accounts probably increases significantly, especially when making payments with real money instead of cryptocurrencies
  3. There is usually no entitlement to winnings payouts and refunds. The risk in online casinos without a license lies solely with the player
  4. Payments are also possible beyond the permitted 1,000 euros, there is also no betting limit per game round
  5. The trend is moving more and more in the direction of digital payment methods. Less experienced users must first come to terms with this.
  6. Legal consequences for players themselves cannot be accurately assessed to date, since playing at casinos without a license is basically illegal

Players who are not interested in drastic wagering and deposit restrictions will probably have to deal with the following issues as soon as possible:

Australia's politicians have already hinted at wanting to block non-legalized offerings in the future. In practice, however, this plan will hardly be fully realized.

Already some countries before, which had decided to go exactly this way, are still struggling with illegal providers and the fact that they seem to always find ways and means to provide their games.

How safe is it to play at unlicensed providers?

We strongly advise against registering with an entirely unlicensed casino. Nowadays, when you talk about a casino without a license, in most cases you mean "casino without a Australian license".

Also with us of course the safety & correctness has top priority. Therefore, all companies hold a gambling permit from other countries that have already liberalized online gaming years ago. These include for example the MGA Malta but also Curacao is now one of the pioneers in the industry.

In fact, there are also online casinos that are active in Australia without an EU license and that are not only at first sight suitable as an alternativebecause they restrict customers just far less than those casinos that have received a Australian license. So there is neither a deposit limit nor are the stakes limited to 1 euro per round.

Customers can still play here Live games and virtual tables use. These brands place much greater emphasis on on the personal responsibility of their customers, However, they can and will intervene in a protective manner should the situation require it.

Are casinos without a Australian license legal or can one get into trouble when playing or paying out winnings?

Basically, there is a heated debate about this and it is probably a question of perspective. Casinos with international licenses refer to the freedom to provide services and the "international license" that they hold. There should not be any problems with the deposit there, whereas the withdrawal can sometimes become a hurdle.

The following restrictions should be noted:

  • Transactions via bank transfer and credit card could be blocked
  • Payment providers such as Neteller and Skrill are less common
  • Online casinos without a license focus more and more on digital currencies

In order for winnings to land unproblematically with the player, the payment methods are to be checked more strictly here. All classic payment providers, such as banks, Neteller or Skrill, are currently increasingly withdrawing from casinos that do not have a Australian license.

This fact explains why, right now, more and more companies in the industry are turning to decentralized cryptocurrencies that are independent of the official economic market. independent of the official rely on. Deposits as well as withdrawals with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. are currently booming like never before. Those who choose this as an option should not have any difficulties in accessing profits, at least for the time being.

However, transactions in real money currency, for example payments via bank transfer or credit card, can sometimes be frozen, as the use of unlicensed offers is not permitted in Australia.

The reason for the withdrawal of many payment service providers is that they in particular make themselves liable to prosecution by allowing transactions. Customers also have the option of suing for losses. The provider PayPal has already had to answer to the courts. Other companies have reacted to this and can usually only be found in those casinos that comply with the country's current regulations or are on the authority's whitelist.

Top casinos with Malta license without new regulations

Advantages and disadvantages of casinos without a gambling license

Most casino customers are aware that they themselves are responsible for their risk management are responsible for their own risk management. Therefore, especially experienced players like it even less how strongly the Australian government interferes with personal rights.

It would not be serious to claim that casinos with Australian approval only bring disadvantages. We have compared the pros and cons of gambling sites without a license:


  • No deposit limit of 1,000 euros.
  • 1 euro betting limit per game round does not apply
  • Games are not interrupted after one hour
  • Bonus promotions in any amount possible
  • Roulette and other classics available
  • Live casino games can still be used
  • No registration in the central file
  • Players bear a higher risk
  • Customers have to take more personal responsibility
  • Claims to winnings are more difficult to enforce
  • Jurisdiction in case of dispute is abroad
  • In some cases there are fewer payment methods to choose from
  • One can deposit more, therefore of course also gamble away more money

Even if the fewest casino players have a desire for drastic restrictions, it is advisable to look more closely at preferred providers without a Australian license in advance. Helpful can be our reviews, but also player reports on topics such as the correct reliability of winnings payouts serve to make a for yourself to make a good decision for yourself and minimize the risk.

Other important questions about casinos without a Australian license

  1. Are the odds identical in the casinos?
  2. Are the bonus promotions in casinos without a license better and safer?
  3. What should customers pay attention to before registering?
  4. What are the restrictions such as deposit and withdrawal limits?
  5. Are there differences in data protection of licensed vs. unlicensed online casinos?
  6. Will online casinos without a Australian license eventually apply after all?

1.) Are the odds in casinos without a license identical to the odds in licensed casinos?

There may well be small and also larger deviations in the winning odds as well as especially in the payout rates. This ultimately also has effects on the lucrativeness, because the smaller the chance of winning, the more likely it is to be assumed that the player loses interest.

The RTP in casinos without a license remains habitually high and is, for example, if it is a solid slot machine, mostly above 94. In addition, there unlike in online casinos with a license continues to functions such as the autoplay mode are available, which make it easier to quickly achieve winnings. This is also true for the turbo function that many slots are equipped with.

The biggest and most noticeable difference, however, is that the now very popular Bonus Buy optionwith which various games have been equipped, cannot be activated in licensed casinos. Thus, the possibility of securing further free spins opportunities is eliminated, especially since a bonus buy always entails high costs. This is exactly what the legislator wants to avoid.

The fact that the payout rate in unlicensed casinos is sometimes lower than in providers that follow Australian regulations has to do with the larger betting spread, among other things. In addition, the RTP then becomes smaller as soon as functions such as the bonus purchase are available.

2.) Are the bonus promotions in casinos without a license better and safer?

There is no general answer to this question, because there is generally a very wide range of bonuses between the providers. Casino bonus offers. Between a few free spins and several thousand euros starting credit, everything is possible in the casino – depending on which one you ultimately choose. Attractiveness here is in the eye of the beholder, especially as bonus amount, especially the wagering conditions are crucial. are decisive.

Here, too, a targeted comparison offers itself for illustration:

Top 3 – Casino bonus with starting balance
#1 20$ Min. deposit Turnover 40x to the Lucky Dreams Casino
#2 10$ Min. deposit Turnover 40x to Bitstarz Casino
#3 20$ Min. deposit Turnover 40x to the Let's Lucky Casino

?? Attention. At the casinos without a license note whether a Max Bet rule applies. The bet at casinos with a Australian license is anyway limited to 1 euro.

To date, online casinos that have a license in Australia pay, continue to pay solid bonuses out. So, as far as they are concerned, there are obviously no too clear restrictions and the regulations are transparent as well. The difference to casinos without a license is thus less significant. Security is a given with all providers. So whether a bonus turnover is fair or not has less to do with the question of the extent to which Australian licenses or licenses from other destinations (for example, Curacao) are available.

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Whoever is interested in the starting bonus of a provider, should basically deal with all general conditions and turnover requirements. It is also crucial which games contribute to the revenue at all. This can be variable depending on the casino, although licensing also plays a subordinate role here.

3.) What should customers look out for before registering?

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Not every online casino without a license is safe and reputable – we have therefore also compiled a list of dubious providers created. These sites should be avoided in any case to protect yourself from fraud!

So, if you decide on a provider that does not specifically rely on a Australian gambling license, you should check various points more closely in advance.

The most important question is: Are there regulations?

If, for example, the MGA Malta is responsible for regulation, you can be sure that the provider has fair payout rates offers. Usually it is enough to take a look at the software provider, as major brands in the industry enjoy a good reputation for a reason.

Another aspect are the payment methods offered. E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller or MuchBetter have always been considered safe. Alternatively, there are options like Trustly and Sofortüberweisung. Testimonials on the topic payout of winnings can be found relatively quickly on the web. Here you can see if and how long you have to wait for your money.

4.) Are there any restrictions such as deposit and withdrawal limits even at casinos without a Australian license?

The good news is first of all that there is no deposit limit of 1,000 euros per month. Nevertheless, certain limits certainly apply in unlicensed casinos as well. So, it is not possible to deposit an infinite amount of money or cash out millions. How high the limits are exactly, that can vary significantly depending on the provider. > Casinos without limits

It is advisable to read the Read the general conditions carefully. If necessary, any questions that arise can be clarified with customer service. At this point at the latest, it should be clear that a good online casino without a license in Australia must be similarly transparent and easily accessible, so that ambiguities on the subject of finances do not even remain in the room.

5.) Are there differences in the data protection of licensed vs. unlicensed online casinos?

Basically, the protection of personal data is a top priority for every provider we tested, and personal data is therefore secured in any case.

Strangely enough, however, it is precisely in the case of the Australian license that voices are raised that concerns about the transfer of sensitive data. sensitive data. And not entirely without reason.

In the two contributions Casinos without LUGAS as well as Casinos without OASIS we have dealt intensively with this topic.

6.) Will online casinos without a Australian license eventually apply after all – and if so, with what consequences?

At the present time, it cannot be assumed that the operators will change their minds in the near future and possibly apply for gambling licenses after all. They are currently putting far too much energy into alternative solutions for this – especially in the area of payment with cryptocurrencieswhich offer themselves to circumvent all the requirements of the Australian government.

It is hard to predict what the future will bring. While the online casinos in Australia that have obtained a license or are aiming for one have taken all the steps to move away from live casino games, table games and other products, casinos without a license see their chance right now to attract significantly more players to themselves and to pick up customers who are equally unwilling to be restricted.

Here is an overview of the most important licensing requirements:

  • A maximum of 1,000 euros may be deposited per player per month
  • Game rounds on slots last 5 seconds or longer
  • Features such as the Auto Play mode, the Turbo button and the Bonus Buy feature are no longer allowed
  • There are no more table games, live casinos are also prohibited
  • Every customer will be registered in a central file, which serves the prevention of gambling addiction

If, contrary to expectations, things turn out differently, the consequences for players and casino operators would be drastic. All classics would have to be removed, payment methods adjusted.

The other restrictions would also take effect immediately. However, it is extremely unlikely that all online casinos without a license will really change their minds and submit an application to the Australian state.

Casinos without a Australian license – our conclusion

Playing in an online casino should be one thing above all: a fun leisure entertainment. So that fun does not suddenly turn into bitter seriousness, you should be careful when choosing the gaming site you trust you should pay close attention to the seriousness.

Just because a company operates without a Australian license does not mean that you are dealing with a dubious provider in the industry. There are international authorities, which place equally high value on player protection, security and proper fair play. However, the customer is given significantly more personal responsibility.

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