Alternative online casinos in Australia

You have probably noticed that many an online casino has withdrawn withdrawn from Australia has withdrawn. There were certainly various reasons for this. The operators have basically in hand, in which countries they are active and which markets are possibly also no longer worthwhile for them.

In Australia, the market is actually booming, but unfortunately the legislator failed to do so for many years, legal certainty for companies in the gaming industry. Therefore, many an online casino has abandoned the market for the sake of simplicity.

In the meantime there are – since 2021 – Australian licensesand hopes were high at the beginning. However, the competitive disadvantagethat these gambling licenses entail is considerable. For the player, this manifests itself, among other things in the form of deposit and wagering limits and the lack of popular gaming offers. Therefore, many casino operators have decided not to return or to rely on alternative EU licenses to rely on.

Popular online casino alternatives – July 2024

In the following table you will find the most popular online casino alternativesthat have been considered by players whose original online casino has ceased operations or now operates under a Australian license and is therefore no longer as attractive as it once was. Of course, these casinos have been extensively tested by us.

End of the Novoline era in Australia?

If you look around on our pages, then one thing stands out: Originally, most casinos offered original Novoline games. However, the developer based in Austria had at some point decided to leave the market. The same did Merkur, a developer behind which is the Australian Gauselmann Group. The culprits behind this decision were the Paradise Papers, which almost cost both corporations their good reputation. Without the Novoline and Merkur brands many online casinos had to break new ground.

Meanwhile both celebrate a comeback in Australian casinos. Games from Merkur for example, can be found in the portfolio of 1Bet, Hotbet or Rollbit.

The best alternatives tested by us

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The good news is: Even without Merkur and Novoline, you can enjoy plenty of entertainment at reputable online casinos and keep yourself busy with games of your choice. At alternative casinos like Stake or Roobet are not lacking in this country. You will notice: Even without Novoline, Merkur & Co. there is no boredom in the world of online gaming in Australia!

Reasons for the withdrawal mostly not clear

We are often asked why some casinos have turned their backs on Australia in the meantime. In the end, we can only speculate about this, but one reason was certainly the uncertain legal situation. Since the State Treaty on Gambling came into force in 2021, many large companies like Mybet have returned – albeit with a very slimmed-down offering and the aforementioned limits. Fortunately, the casino alternatives mentioned above are anything but cold comfort. They easily manage to keep up with their famous role models.

Some of our readers will certainly have heard about the Paradise Papers. In particular, Mybet and subsequently also Stargames came under criticism. Online casinos are still a double-edged sword in Australia. On the one hand there are the critics, on the other hand the supporters. The vague legal situation was certainly a reason for many casinos to leave the Australian market behind for some time.

Can alternative casinos replace the big brands?

This question can be answered with a very clear yes. Especially in recent years, companies came to Australia that really have a lot to offer. Here we have created a list of our alternative sites of the big brands:

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Especially the Book of Ra alternatives are very popular. Those who have them in their portfolio can actually already be sure of their success. Also worth highlighting are those casino alternatives that work together with Reeltime Gaming. The provider has taken on some of the most popular Merkur slots and presents you, for example, with top titles like El Torero or also Fancy Fruits at your disposal.

Our conclusion on the top casino alternatives

Surely, the big names in the industry leave a gap when they withdraw from the market or cut their offers severely. But at least the alternative online casinos in Australia manage to revitalize the market. The games offered are getting higher and higher quality, and graphically there seems to be a lot of change as well. In addition, there are changing promotions and bonusesthat are offered to customers. So it can be well worth it to leave the familiar old paths. Only then will you have the chance to discover casino alternatives and thus many new adventures.

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We are sure that you will quickly find one or the other casino that will make you feel better about your loss. Although the games that you have known for years are not available there, or are limited, there are enough slots that will excite you at least as much. We are convinced of that!

Author: Peter McCollinRated: Alternative online casinosAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%