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In the following casinos you will find the best Book of Ra alternatives 2024 – including Book of Dead, Magic Book, Ramses Book and many more:

The alternative Book of Dead

The alternative Ramses Book

How Book of Ra works

book of ra deluxe
How many paylines are available to you when playing Book of Ra depends on the variant. Book of Ra Deluxe is particularly popular, because it offers additional chances to win.

At this point, however, we want to look primarily at the first version, which Novoline developed years ago and initially released exclusively in land-based arcades. You can expect five reels and nine fixed paylines. The goal is to line up the ancient Egyptian symbols that Book of Ra displays. Combinations are scored from left to right from three matching images and rewarded with a payout.

The paytable adjusts to your bet, which you can freely set between 45 cents and 40 euros per spin. Card symbols don't bring too much, but even with the classic standard symbols, the winnings can add up quickly. The biggest highlights, which also include the aforementioned book, we will tell you further in the big online Book of Ra test 2024. Don't worry: all in all, you're dealing with a rather plain and easy-to-use slot machine that doesn't require a lot of prior knowledge on your part.

Play Book of Ra for free

As already mentioned, the Book of Ra slot machine is currently no longer playable online. If you want to deal with the sun god and his treasures, the only option for the time being is to head to the nearest arcade. Nevertheless, we can offer you a free version. Here you can get a feel for why Book of Ra is so popular with players in Europe, without betting and the associated risk.

The winning symbols of Book of Ra

Book of Ra has been equipped with quite a large variety of symbols. Nevertheless, the entire game is clear, especially since many images have been divided into specific winning groups. So let's start by taking a closer look at all the Book of Ra symbols.

  1. Book
  2. Explorer
  3. Pharaoh
  4. Isis
  5. Scarab
  6. Card symbols

1.) Book

Book of Ra Buch
We will talk about them in the next paragraph. The magical book is not only the namesake of the Book of Ra slot, but it also performs the two most important functions in the game. With three books you can win up to 10 free spins. We will reveal more about this further in the Book of Ra Features topic.

2.) Adventurer

Book of Ra Forscher
The adventurer has the highest value. He can enrich you with up to 50,000 coins in no time. Of course, this only applies when the famous Book of Ra explorer is seen five times on a payline.

3.) Pharaoh

Book of Ra Pharao
A real pharaoh can't be missing in ancient Egypt either, of course. 20,000 coins can be thrown by this special specimen in Book of Ra. Just like the other themed images, he also throws off a win with just two matches.

4.) Isis

Book of Ra Isis
The goddess of Egyptian mythology is also present and helps you win. With her, you can still achieve up to 7,500 coins when playing Book of Ra.

5.) Scarab

Book of Ra Skarabäus
Hardly any other symbol stands for Egypt as much as the scarab. It has the same value as Isis and also pays out money from two matches – up to 50 coins depending on the bet value.

6.) Card symbols

Book of Ra Ass
The card values from 10 to Ace are divided into two groups. Both lead to a win only when three or more identical symbols appear. Kings and Aces are worth a little more money than the other card faces.

The Book of Ra Features

The fact that the Book of Ra slot machine only has a few features to offer is not necessarily a disadvantage. The clear plus point is that the most important extras are taken from the magic book. So you don't have to study and keep an eye on several symbols first, but can sit back and relax. So let's take a closer look at the Book of Ra special features.

  1. Book of Ra Joker
  2. Book of Ra Risk Game
  3. Book of Ra Free Spins

1.) Book of Ra Joker

Book of Ra Joker
As already mentioned, there is the book, which performs the main tasks in the game. If books appear either singly or twice, they act as wild cards and can thus be used universally in any combination.

The beauty of the books is that they also yield winnings individually. In fact, they have the highest equivalent value in the game.

2.) Book of Ra gamble game

Book of Ra Gamble
In Book of Ra you always have the option to start the Gamble function. This is an optional risk game that can be activated.

Let's assume you collect three card symbols and get a win. Now you will be offered to start the gamble feature. You will have to guess the correct card suit at the point, giving you a 50% chance of doubling the amount you previously collected.

Of course, this only applies if you are correct with your guess. If not, the money from the previous round is lost. This is exactly why we recommend playing risk rounds exclusively with smallest winnings and better to secure larger sums directly on the customer account. There is no must for this feature.

3.) Book of Ra Free Spins

Book of Ra Freispiele
It is quite easy to win free spins on Book of Ra. You just have to wait for three of the books to occur – or even four and five.

Once this happens, the way the symbol works will change and you will get 10 Book of Ra free spins are started.

Before that, however, one of the books will randomly display a different base symbol. This one is able to expand on the reels during ongoing free spins. The probability of winning thus increases many times over. There is also the possibility of winning more free spins – whenever three to five books appear again.

Book of Ra free spins video

Book of Ra FAQ

  1. Are there any Book of Ra tips and tricks?
  2. Can I play Book of Ra offline?
  3. Is there a Book of Ra download for the computer?
  4. Can you play Book of Ra on your cell phone or tablet?
  5. Can you play Book of Ra for real winnings on the internet?
  6. Play Book of Ra without registration – Is it possible?

1.) Are there any Book of Ra tips and tricks?

book of ra tipps und tricks
We can basically advise everyone to first take a look at Book of Ra – just like all other slot machines – for free.

The Novoline classic is no longer available online as a real money version, but the demo version is just as fun and exciting. As a player, it is very important not to be blinded by supposed Book of Ra tricks.

Whether at home or online: It will not be possible to trick the slot. Accordingly, it doesn't matter at all when you put how much credit into the machine.

Switching between Book of Ra and other slots in the series definitely won't help you get more winnings out of it. Otherwise, the following applies: Concentrate exclusively on reputable providers. There are still many black sheep in the industry, which are quite easy to recognize by missing licenses and bad ratings.

2.) Is it possible to play Book of Ra offline?

novoline 2 automat
Currently, only local arcades offer the possibility to play Book of Ra. A costfree online alternative we can offer you, but real winnings cannot be achieved here.

To play Book of Ra offline, all you have to do is look around your region and search for suitable arcades. The Austrian Novomatic AG cooperates here in Australia primarily with Löwen Play arcades, which you should be able to find in most larger cities.

It is important that you are aware of one fact: offline slots do not offer as high a payout rate as the online variants. Moreover, a certain level of commitment is always required from you.

3.) Is there a Book of Ra download for the computer?

book of ra download
No, there is not. All Novoline games that were still available online until the beginning of 2018 have been directly in the browser offered. So you don't have to go through the trouble of downloading Book of Ra, but can start playing right away. As already mentioned, the possibility to play Book of Ra with real money is currently omitted. Accordingly, the only option is to either forego real winnings or actually make your way to a land-based arcade.

4.) Can Book of Ra be played on a cell phone or tablet?

Until the final withdrawal from the online business in Australia, Novoline offered Book of Ra Mobile. Accordingly, the question can basically be answered in the affirmative. Of course, we hope that the popular Novoline classic will be back soon. After all, it has been one of the best slots ever released in Europe for years. If you are in possession of a smartphone or tablet, you can play Book of Ra mobile todayHowever, you will not have the chance to win the big real money prizes. These will remain reserved for players who focus on local gaming venues until further notice.

5.) Can you play Book of Ra for real winnings on the Internet?

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible for the time being. Of course, you are free to play Book of Ra online. This way, you can get a feel for what the magic book is all about and how it feels to collect high winnings, risk-free. However, if you are hoping for real payouts, you really only have to rely on local offers. The online market has to do without all Novoline games for the time being

A justification cannot be provided at the moment. However, we know very well that Novomatic AG will spare no effort to obtain an official license in Australia sooner or later after all. At times, the issue of gambling in this country has been on the back burner, as it has not been possible to establish clear lines and a solid gambling law for years.

6.) Play Book of Ra without registration – Is that possible?

Yes, with us at that is exactly possible! Not only do we provide you with the detailed Book of Ra Test 2024, but we also give you the opportunity to get involved with the Novoline slot without any prerequisites whatsoever. A few minutes of play should be enough to get a feel for the peculiarities of Book of Ra. Registration is basically not necessary on our site, because it's all about the fun here. Real winnings, in turn, require the choice of an official casino, although one is not available for Book of Ra.

The Book of Ra app in the test

Book of Ra Conclusion

information icon
Book of Ra will always be one of the most popular slot machines in Europe. Novoline hit the nerve of millions of players with its release.

Whether it is due to the special features or the game theme, it is difficult to answer. However, the appeal of playing seems to be great, and in the end, playing Book of Ra in particular is all about really solid wins – plus various features that additionally help your luck.

It's a real shame that you can't play Book of Ra online can only be played for free. The question whether there will be a revival of the most popular Novoline real money games, we can't answer for you.

Australia flag icon
The whole of Australia is hoping that gambling will eventually become more than just a legal gray area. Until then, the only thing left to do is to look into Book of Ra alternatives. In the meantime, there are quite a few providers who have created one – including Play 'n Go, Gamomat and many more. So you don't have to miss out on Egypt, magic books and special features online. Now you can have a look around on our pages at your leisure. We are sure that you will soon find an alternative that suits you. This will at least make it a little easier to cope with the loss of playing Book of Ra for real money.

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