Starburst Test 2024 – The slot machine in the big test

How Starburst works

Now let's get to the most important basics that the Starburst machine brings with it. The ten paylines, which are spread over five reels, are fixed. So, all you have to do is set the bet – which is between 10 cents and 100 euros per spin. There are also several betting levels. Once the settings are done, the reels can be set in whole with a click.

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Now you have to spin at least three identical symbols from left to right or from right to left. Such combinations have different values. The winnings table will help you to get a first overview.

The so-called Win Both Ways concept is first-class, because you ultimately have twice as many chances as initially thought. Thus, the probability of winning is correspondingly high. The aforementioned table not only shows you all the symbols and their equivalents, but it also informs you about what features the Starburst slot machine is equipped with.

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Further down in the test, we will go into a bit more depth about the coveted Starburst Features features. After all, they are the very reason why this slot is so popular.

Play Starburst for free

You always have the option to play Starburst for free in reputable online casinos. This makes it even easier to get to grips with the different betting options and test which values suit you and your budget best. Also, here at you will immediately get the opportunity to play a few free rounds. However, it must be clearly stated that the mode is all about play money.

For those who want to collect real winnings, the only option is really the real money version, which is available to you at all the NetEnt casinos mentioned above. Once you have convinced yourself of the special features without any obligation, it will be clear to you why the deposit to the casino is worth it. After all, the probability of winning is extremely high, especially with Starburst Online.

The winning symbols of Starburst

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A clear plus point is that Starburst slot gets by with few simple symbols. The classic concept makes it much easier for you to score a win or two.

Instead of the usually popular fruits, in Starburst it's colorful diamonds that enrich you – literally. But even more, you should pay attention to the special symbols, which we will go into in more detail in the next section. Let's now take a look at the most important basic symbols that Starburst brings with it.

  1. Stars
  2. BAR Bar
  3. Lucky number 7
  4. Diamonds

1.) Stars

Starburst Star
You can find a detailed explanation of the colorful stars in the test section "Features". Stars act as wild cards here and help you to achieve high winnings through a special concept.

2.) BAR Bar

Starburst Bar
A symbol can hardly be more classic. The golden BAR has the highest equivalent value after the colored stars. Like all other symbols, it must appear at least three times to lead to a win.

3.) The lucky number 7

Starburst Sieben
It will also bring you luck when playing Starburst. More than 100 coins beckon when five sevens are seen. You will get a smaller win from as few as three matches.

4.) Diamonds

Starburst Diamant
In total, there are five different gemstones in the colors yellow, green, red, blue and violet, which also differ from each other in their shape. Blue and violet diamonds have the same equivalent value, the ones by the way are a little more profitable. As always, it takes three identical tiles to make a win.

The Starburst Features

Really high sums are possible when the stars shine for you. The most important symbols of the Starburst slot come in the brightest colors. Of course, we don't want to withhold from you which functions are connected with the stars in detail.

  1. Starburst Wild Cards
  2. Starburst Respins
  3. Win Both Ways concept

1.) Starburst Wild Cards

Single stars are capable of filling up and expanding combinations when playing Starburst. Since there are no other bonus images, the stars can be universally used in any chain. However, they appear exclusively on the three middle reels and can fill them completely with a little luck.

Those who have done the math know: Up to 12 stars can be collected on the playing field at the same time. You can already guess what this means for your account balance. However, there is another function associated with the stars that give Starburst its name. What that is, we will now take a look at together.

2.) Starburst Respins

If a joker appears, the Starburst Wild function is activated. This is followed by new spins, so-called respins, which in turn can lead to further wild cards. In addition, with each new free spin, there is a chance that high combinations will be created, which in turn will be paid out again and again. Sometimes you can sit back for a few minutes while the slot machine virtually showers you with winnings.

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The respin function stays with you until no more wild cards appear. Then it's back to the base game, with all previous winnings ending up in the player's account, of course. There is no risk function or other extras in Starburst Slot. All in all, this is a simple slot machine that pays out quite solid winnings – especially during the respins.

3.) Win Both Ways Concept

The fact that combinations in Starburst are scored in both directions is a real advantage. Instead of the expected 10, there are a whole 20 chances to elicit a win from the bonus slot. The Win Both Way system is not a bonus function, but it allows you to win higher amounts without having to bet more money.

Starburst FAQ

  1. Are there any Starburst tips and tricks?
  2. Can I play Starburst offline?
  3. Is there a Starburst download for the computer?
  4. Can you play Starburst on your mobile or tablet?
  5. Can you play Starburst for real winnings on the internet?
  6. Play Starburst without registration – Is it possible?

1.) Are there any Starburst tips and tricks?

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From experience, supposed Starburst tricks are nothing more than the proverbial soap bubble that bursts at some point just like that. "Tricks from the pro" and other headlines fill the popular search engines. However, there's not too much behind them. As a gambler, you should always lower your expectations, because the joy is all the greater when you do win as you had hoped.

There is no question that you benefit from wild cards. The wild cards in Starburst Slot have the ability to expand. With a little luck, the entire field will be full of wilds after a short time, so that you can safely take really high winnings. However, there is no jackpot in Starburst.

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Nevertheless:You can easily grab up to 50,000 coins, as long as luck is on your side. At this point, we would like to reveal some tips that will really help you.

First of all: Only play in online casinos that can show an EU license. This is the only way to ensure that you are operating within a protected framework and that winnings are actually paid out to you. Further up you will find in our big Starburst Test 2024 the best casinos, all of which not only have popular NetEnt games in their program, but also convince with bonus offers and other advantages.

2.) Can Starburst be played offline?

At least in Australia, NetEnt is a pure online provider represented. So you can safely forget about local arcades, because you certainly won't find Starburst there. So far, the provider has focused on the virtual area and has been more than successful with it. If you play Starburst online, you will enjoy many advantages anyway.

You don't have to observe any opening hours, you get round-the-clock support and you are not even forced to play Starburst with real money. More about that later. The fact is that there is no local Starburst version so far. This is certainly not going to change anytime soon, as NetEnt remains true to its previous concept and continues to do everything it can to inspire players online with fantastic slots.

3.) Is there a Starburst download for the computer?

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The good thing about NetEnt Starburst is that the bonus slot machine can be directly in the browser regardless of which operating system you ultimately choose. Accordingly, a software download is not required. You can simply choose between the casinos listed above, register there if necessary and start Starburst immediately. The low effort not only saves time, but also nerves.

And: Even Mac users have full access to NetEnt slots like this one. So there are no restrictions here that prevent you from playing Starburst online.

4.) Can you play Starburst on mobile or tablet?

starburst mobile touch
Starburst slot really does run on all devices. This means you are not tied to your own four walls. You are welcome to choose a mobile casino with NetEnt slots that saves you app downloads. Basically, it should be possible to play Starburst on your smartphone or even on your tablet with almost all providers.

Whether or not registration is necessary depends on the online casino you choose. Some also grant you free mobile insights, while others require registration. The companies mentioned are all transparent, so it's definitely easy to familiarize yourself with Starburst Mobile risk-free here.

5.) Is it possible to play Starburst for real winnings on the Internet?

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Of course! However, in this case, there are some requirements to be met. Starburst real money mode is open to you only after registration. In addition, you have to deposit at least a small amount. Often, just 10 euros are enough to qualify for the casino bonus right away. Real winnings can logically only be achieved if you are willing to show a certain degree of commitment yourself.

A clear plus point is that the Starburst machine is just as suitable for beginners as it is for high rollers. From as little as 10 cents, you can set the reels in motion and hope for your first solid winnings. It's also clear that those who invest more can tap into correspondingly higher sums.

6.) Play Starburst without registering – is that possible?

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Yes, this is also possible in most reputable casinos. However, if you play Starburst online without registering, you can only win play money. Real payouts always require the real stake in Starburst as well. By the way, the registration as such costs you nothing. Even if it should be necessary to set up an account, you do not enter into any obligations. Accordingly, it basically does not matter whether you reach for the stars as a guest or a registered user.


We think Starburst has earned its cult status. If you want to convince yourself of this, you are at the right place. not only provides you with detailed game instructions, but you can also directly play a few free rounds.

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For all those who would like to play with real money right away, it is advisable to choose one of the above-mentioned Starburst Casinos to decide. As before, promotions are offered around the bonus slot – preferably Starburst Free Spins without deposit. It is all the more worthwhile to compare the providers directly with each other yourself and, if necessary, even use several in order to benefit from as many bonuses as possible.

It is safe to assume that Starburst will still be cult in many years to come. Although NetEnt has developed many more modern machines in the meantime, this release is still particularly popular with millions of customers. Maybe it's because you can easily reach for the stars here without a lot of financial effort. But maybe it's the exciting features that make Starburst Slot so popular.

Whatever the reason is: We think you should waste no time and have a look at Starburst for yourself right away.

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