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Details about El Torero


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 10
Min. bet: 0,10 $
Max. Bet: 20 $
Payout Ratio: 96,08%
Max. Win: 2.000 $
Free Spins: ✔ 
Free: ✔ 
Other features: Joker
Risk game

El Torero officially became known as a Merkur slot. Today, there is hardly anyone among all online gamblers who have not heard of El Pamplona, the Spanish torero and his angry bull. After Merkur withdrew from the online gaming sector, it became quiet for some time about games like the El Torero machine.

Now, however, it is back – powered by its actual inventor Reeltime Gaming, who is properly celebrated for the slot's comeback. High time for us to bring you a little closer to the highlights, features and specialties of El Torero. In addition, we naturally want to take a very specific look at where exactly the slot can currently be found. In fact, there are at least a few former Merkur casinos in Australia that have both this and a few other slots from RTG in their portfolio.

At least as important is the question whether playing El Torero online is worthwhile at all. We put win rates, payout rates and the like to the test. We will now tell you what the result was.

Play El Torero online – the best El Torero casinos 2024

Reel Time Gaming El Torero is actually not yet to be found everywhere. Merkur, the Australian-based company that has offered the El Torero slot machine so far, has also been rather scarce in the virtual world. Nevertheless, we managed to find some of the best providers. Of course, they have all been tested in detail by us and found to be reputable. The list could well grow a little longer in the coming months.

After all, RTG's games are not completely uninteresting. In terms of winnings, El Torero leaves nothing to be desired. With every spin, you have the opportunity to secure up to 2,000 euros – and that's per line! Let's now take a look at which renowned casinos El Torero 2024 can be played at:

How El Torero works

The fact is that we are dealing with a rather simple slot machine at El Torero. The focus is on the Spanish matador and his tireless bull. The battle will keep you entertained even after hours – we are already firmly convinced of that. The goal is to form combinations. At least three matching symbols are required for this. The said combos are scored in El Torero slot exclusively from left to right and on the given 10 paylines. The more identical symbols appear, the better for your account balance.

icon lost money
Before the virtual trip to Spain can start, you must of course first set the bet here as well. Since the paylines are fixed, the bet is basically placed per round. RTG does not demand too much from you. You can start with 10 cents and bet a maximum of 20 euros. Thus, El Torero is rather something for beginners, players with a low budget and mid rollers.

There is no lack of features. We will explain these in a bit more detail in the big El Torero review below. Overall, the concept is quite clear, so you don't have to study rules for a long time. Combinations arise by themselves with a bit of luck. Of course, you can take a look at the paytable before the first spin.

Play El Torero for free

Both with us and in the listed casinos you always have the option to play El Torero for free. This way, you can familiarize yourself with all the features, learn to estimate the chances of winning and do not have to take the slightest risk. The real money mode is also open to you in the casino. However, this requires a registration as well as the deposit.

Once you have logged in, you do not have to accept any time restrictions. Playing for free is therefore possible at any time and anywhere. As a rule, however, you do not necessarily need hours of practice rounds. Even as a layman, you'll have no trouble eliciting some solid wins from El Torero Online.

The winning symbols of El Torero

There are quite a few symbols in El Torero, but the game is nevertheless clearly arranged and therefore perfectly suitable for beginners. Most of the symbols can be divided into certain groups. We have taken a closer look at them. Here are the most important El Torero images at a glance:

  1. The Spaniard
  2. Torero
  3. Hats, guitars and roses
  4. The Bull
  5. Card values

1.) The spanish woman

El Torero Spanish
Her face is covered by a fan. This creates a mystical atmosphere whenever the mysterious Spanish woman is seen on the reels. With her support, you can win up to 1,000 euros per line.

2.) Torero

El Torero icon
El Torero owes its name to the protagonist. If the performer appears five times, up to 2,000 euros will be played out, depending on the bet. At the same time, the Torero takes over the Joker function – more on this below in the big El Torero slot test.

3.) Hats, guitars and roses

El Torero Rose
Up to 500 euros can be won if one of the three typical Spanish symbols is shown five times on one line. Since all three images have the same odds, we can easily classify them into one symbol group.

4.) The Bull

El Torero Bull
Bravely he rages across the reels. Bulls perform one of the two most important functions in the game. However, the imposing animals do not have their own equivalent value. We explain why it is so popular in the Functions section.

5.) Card values

El Torero card
El Torero has cards from Jack to Ace. You can win up to 200 Euros if you see five identical card symbols on one line. In our opinion, a good cut.

The El Torero Features

A classic game that has become known as a Merkur slot is, of course, not completely without special features. Nevertheless, it can be said that we are dealing with a very manageable slot here. Only two bonus symbols and one other feature are at your disposal. What effect these three extras have, you will find out for yourself after a few test rounds. So let's move on to the El Torero features.

  1. El Torero Joker
  2. El Torero Free Spins
  3. Risk game

1.) El Torero Joker

The matador himself supports you as a universal joker to get as many wins as possible. It can be used in all combinations, with bulls being the only exception. At the same time, the Torero will bring you the highest single win – namely up to 2,000 euros per line. The more matadors appear, the better.

2.) El Torero Free Spins

There is no shortage of free spins either. It takes at least three bulls to get the El Torero free spins started. The impressive animal has no counter value itself, so it doesn't pay out any winnings in the end. During the Free Spins, however, you will benefit from another special feature. All toreros that appear during the ongoing free spins will remain until the end. Only when all free spins have run through, the settlement follows and you can continue playing as usual.

3.) Gamble game

The gamble option is typical for Merkur slots. RTG has copied it and simply adopted it in El Torero. The risk game offers you the chance to double your winnings step by step. However, this is not a must, because higher sums in particular are clearly better off in your player account. You can waive the risk round after each level as v you wish. A maximum of 140 euros is possible as a risk win.

El Torero FAQ

  1. Are there any El Torero tips and tricks?
  2. Can I play El Torero offline?
  3. Is there an El Torero download for the computer?
  4. Can you play El Torero on your mobile or tablet?
  5. Can you play El Torero for real winnings on the Internet?
  6. Play El Torero without registration – Is it possible?

1.) Are there any El Torero tips and tricks?

el torero tipps und tricks
Basically, you should not expect miracles. There are no tricks that will guarantee you winnings at El Torero. Ultimately, the best way to help you is to lower your expectations a bit. All the greater the joy when it works out with the big payouts. El Torero is a solid slot machine that knows how to convince with simple structures. Even the smallest bets are enough to secure decent winnings. It is also clear that you will achieve correspondingly larger winnings with higher stakes – provided that chance is on your side.

The most important of all strategies is: only bet on online casinos that have been tested. Our experts test the providers independently and clearly show you where gambling is worthwhile and with which companies you should exercise caution. EU licenses are a must. Only in licensed casinos you play without risk and can be sure that winnings are reliably paid out to you.

2.) Can you play El Torero offline?

offline icon
Of course, you are free to choose a reputable Merkur gaming house and play El Torero offline there. The slot game is still offered as a Merkur title. On the PC, however, your only real option is to opt for an online casino. The offline variant has some disadvantages – including the significantly lower probability of winning as well as low odds.

This makes it all the more sensible to actually stick to the online alternative. After all, you want to see success as soon as possible. This clearly works better online than in land-based gambling halls. You don't have to worry about support in general. Whenever questions arise, reputable casinos will have a team of experts on hand to help you resolve any concerns as promptly as possible. In short, if you want to test El Torero offline, this is only possible locally.

3.) Is there an El Torero download for the computer?

download icon
You are spared the installation of the game in common casinos. So you don't have to spend a long time with a download, but can play El Torero directly in the browser. This applies to all operating systems – including Mac computers. The advantage should already be obvious. By eliminating the need for a download, Reel Time Gaming reaches a much broader target group. Namely, you are not dependent on Windows to be able to use the slot game.

4.) Can El Torero be played on a cell phone or tablet?

mobile icon
As already mentioned, El Torero is available on all operating systems. Accordingly, you can not only test the popular release at home, but also look forward to a bullfight of a special kind on the go. Most RTG casinos now have a mobile browser version set up, so you are spared any form of download here as well. A good example is Sunmaker. The provider deliberately does without native apps and thus offers you the opportunity to play not only El Torero Mobile, but also hundreds of other slots as well as bakennte classics.

5.) Is it possible to play El Torero for real winnings on the Internet?

money icon
No one will force you to make a deposit right away and invest your hard-earned money. Rather, you are free to choose whether you want to play El Torero for free or for real money. Most of the time, you can even avoid registration in the demo version – although exceptions prove the rule. Even real money customers always have the option to switch back to the free game.

This is especially recommended if you have found strategies somewhere and want to try them out. As already explained in the Tips & Tricks section, it is overall better to trust in chance. It does not matter whether you choose El Torero for free or the variant with real chances of winning.

6.) Play El Torero without registration – is that possible?

icon free
It depends on which casino you choose. More and more companies in the industry are moving towards offering customers a no-obligation insight. Accordingly, no registration is required there in order to play El Torero. Which requirements have to be met, that will be explained to you in detail on the casino pages. Even if a registration is necessary, you do not enter into any obligations.


Even if El Torero is no longer offered as a Merkur slot: The slot game has been able to maintain its appeal to this day. A bullfight of a special kind can not only mean pure thrill, you also have the chance to win solid winnings. Few simple features additionally help your luck in this regard.

arrow icon
Overall, it can be said that El Torero is a perfect beginner slot machine. You don't need any prior knowledge and also the settings options in the game are self-explanatory. In just a few steps, the game is ready for the first spins – which will hopefully lead you to success quite quickly.

Especially small basic winnings ensure a full account in the sum. Higher-value images are rare in El Torero by Reel Time Gaming. If they occur, it is quickly times around several thousand euros.

All that remains is to wish you an exciting battle in the arena. Once you get the hang of it, your vacation funds should soon fill up. The more carefully you choose a casino, the more certain you can be that your winnings will be paid out in time. All the more reason for us to preach at this point that you should rely exclusively on EU providers. All other companies may appear to be reputable, but you will have no recourse if there are any problems with the transactions.

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