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Sunmaker Casino Alternatives

Alternative license: Curaçao
Pros: ✔ No $1 wagering limit
✔ No 1000$ monthly limit
✔ No 5 seconds pause


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Jackpot games
Best alternative: Lucky Dreams
Alternative Merkur Casino: Casinos with Merkur slots

For a long time, Sunmaker's online casino was among the best in Australia. In recent years, however, much has changed in the market. New regulations in gambling law bring, among other things. a restriction on stakes, a monthly gaming limit and the ban on table games with it.

As a casino that is seeking a license in Australia, these changes also affect the offers from Sunmaker. For many customers, this means that the time has come to look for look around for alternatives.

There is certainly no shortage of competitors, and in view of the developments, it pays off to keep an eye on the steadily growing circle of competitors under the microscope.

And also for fans of the Merkur slot machineswe have made a search for optional sites, because these are no longer available from every provider.

We show, which online casinos are the best offer as a fallback option and to what extent they differ from the once very popular Sunmaker Casino casino.

Table of contents

  • The best alternative casinos to Sunmaker
  • Why are customers looking for a Sunmaker alternative?
  • What to look out for when searching for a Sunmaker replacement
  • Is a Sunmaker account cancellation necessary when switching to alternative?
  • The best sports betting alternatives to Sunmaker
  • Sunmaker alternative casinos with Merkur slots
  • So reputable are similar casinos like Sunmaker
  • FAQ about Sunmaker alternatives
  • Conclusion on the best Sunmaker alternative

List of alternative casinos to Sunmaker 2024

Why are customers looking for a Sunmaker alternative?

The most important reason for players to start looking for alternatives to Sunmaker is the intrusion of self-determination through deposit limits and cuts in the casino portfolio. The forced pauses in play between spins and the limit of the round stake to 1 euro also prove to be a nuisance. The popular new customer bonus from Sunmaker has also fallen victim to the new regulations. new customer bonus from Sunmaker. Until the changes were made, players were rewarded immediately after registration with 5 Euro starting credit equipped.

The background for this redesign and the rigorous cutbacks is the New regulation of the gambling industry in Australia and the associated licensing requirements. As an applicant Sunmaker is bound by the requirements and must implement them. Thus, it comes to the curious situation that there are more and more online casinos with a wide range of games of all kinds, with which the traditional house Sunmaker can only keep up with can.

The following aspects speak for the Sunmaker alternatives:

  • Better betting options: Limit of 1 euro per round no longer applies
  • Larger product range: Many competitors offer slots, table games, live gaming and even sports betting, provided by dozens of reputable providers
  • Gambling Supervision & License: Seriousness is ensured by licenses from Curacao
  • Attractive payment methods: In many cases, deposits and withdrawals are possible with cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum
  • High bonus amounts: Thanks to strong competition, there is a wide selection of attractive new and existing customer bonuses with fair terms and conditions

license icon
Providers that are not subject to the same regulations as Sunmaker include. licensed in Curacao. There, too, fairness as well as security are in the foreground, but there is for users considerably more leewayHowever, users have much more leeway when it comes to betting and thus ultimately also the profit opportunities. In addition, the gambling licenses from Curacao allow users to gamble not only in the local currency, but also with cryptocurrencies. to play with cryptocurrencies.

Thus, players are offered the opportunity to play at the crypto casino a completely new perspective to experience casino games. The deposit and withdrawal can be made with these providers either exclusively or as an alternative to the real money currency in various tokens can be made. This means the greatest possible flexibility especially for those customers who are already familiar with the crypto world.

What to look for when looking for Sunmaker replacements

The decisive factor for casino alternatives is that they operate at a similarly high level as Sunmaker in all areas that are relevant for a good overall package. operate at a similarly high level as Sunmaker. This applies not only to the Welcome Bonus but also for turnover conditions, payment methods, gaming options as well as the offer of live gaming and last but not least the availability of Merkur slots.

Similar providers to Sunmaker – The most important criteria:

Sunmaker … best alternative Justification

Lucky Dreams Logo

Up to $1,000 for new customers plus 100 free spins – thus significantly higher than the $100 Sunmaker bonus

to Lucky Dreams

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Payment transactions


Instant bank transfer, credit card payment possible, but also crypto coins accepted

to Let's Lucky

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Game offer

1bet logo

Huge portfolio with over 2,000 games, also Merkur games available

to 1Bet

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Live Casino


Own Live Casino with Drops & Wins Pool worth 500.000 Euro

to Winny

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Sports betting


Attractive betting odds, solid betting opportunities, large selection of events

to Hot.Bet

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VIP Program

stake logo

Extensive VIP Club, growing RTP, flexible as well as exclusive promotions for loyal customers

to Stake

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bizzo logo

Solid RTP values in all categories thanks to cooperation with reputable, fair studios

to Bizzo Casino

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Customer service

Lucky Dreams Logo

Fast and clearly understandable answers via mail and live chat

to Lucky Dreams

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The decision for a Sunmaker competitor that fits your personal needs can be made based on the criteria listed in the table. Ultimately, the preferred online casino as an alternative to Sunmaker should be equally convincing in all aspects, with each company bringing its own strengths.

Is a Sunmaker account deletion necessary when switching to another provider?

The account created at Sunmaker Casino account can remain in existence, even if you decide to go to an alternative. The customer account therefore does not exclude registration with the competition. In all online casinos inadmissible, however, are multiple registrations. This means that per household, customer and IP address only one player account may exist in the respective casino.

information icon
Note: Holding accounts with multiple Australian gaming sites is explicitly excluded under the new Australian Gaming Act. Casinos licensed elsewhere are not affected by this regulation.

When does it make sense to delete the Sunmaker player account?

The gambling market has grown extremely in recent years, with dozens of online casinos now vying for the favor of players. Once you have decided on a Sunmaker alternative, it can make perfect sense to completely delete your account at the website once celebrated as a Merkur casino. Examples that justify account closure, are:

  • Self-exclusion
  • Long-term inactivity
  • No interest in games and offers
  • Dissatisfaction with restrictions and regulations

All of these factors do not necessarily force players to cancel their account, but in cases where the account is no longer needed anyway, it helps to draw a line under the membership. to draw a line under the membership and and terminate it for good. Also: The more accounts online casinos are available, the more likely you are to lose risk of losing the overview.

Exclamation Mark icon
Important: Balances must be cleared before deletion. Residual balances must therefore be settled in advance with the preferred as well as already with deposits method already used for deposits.

Delete Sunmaker account – instructions

email icon
For those who want to keep track in the long run and are sure that they will not need their Sunmaker account in the future, the operator offers the possibility to request a deletion. This is exclusively by e-mail an alternative is currently not offered. Here are the individual steps for the cancellation of the Sunmaker customer account:

  1. Payout of still available credit Request
  2. Wait until the withdrawal has been carried out and the amount at the destination (bank account, credit card etc) is shown
  3. E-mail to [email protected] send
  4. Explicitly ask for deletion of the account
  5. Complete Name, address and date of birth
  6. Request confirmation of cancellation
  7. The registration attempt shows whether the process was successful

The reason does not necessarily have to be detailed. It is enough to inform the customer service that there is no further interest in the offer of the online casino. The deletion of the data usually takes place not immediatelybut can take some time. Sunmaker checks the request carefully. If necessary, further data will be requested to ensure that the author of the cancellation email is indeed the account holder.

The best sports betting alternatives to Sunmaker

Since its founding, Sunmaker Casino has been known primarily for Merkur slots. After the Takeover by the Cherry Group in 2015, which successfully markets betting providers, Sunmaker was also launched with an extensive sports betting portfolio including live betting.. However, customers from Australia are also confronted with restrictions of the portfolio here (no society bets, reduced live betting offer, etc.), so that it also makes sense for sports tipsters to deal with optional offers to Sunmaker.

Here is our top ranking for Sunmaker sports betting alternatives.:

What the in-house Sportsbook regarding the in-house sportsbook 1Bet clearly has the lead, whereby also Hot.Bet also offers a competitive range of sports and betting options. Stake is mainly known as a crypto casinobut also has live betting and a good live streaming good live streaming offer in the program.

Sunmaker alternative casinos with Merkur slots

The first thing that most players most players associate with Sunmaker with Sunmaker are Merkur slots – of Eye of Horus via El Torero to Magic Mirror Deluxe. Although these will continue to be offered, the the restrictions for Australian licensees apply. (pause between spins, betting limit) of course also the Merkur Slots. All the better that after a rather long Gauselmann break in online casinos there is now again the possibility to play Merkur Slots at various providers.

The best Merkur Slots alternatives to Sunmaker are:

It must be clearly stated that Merkur slots are available at the aforementioned competitors, however, certain limits apply there as well certain limits, which concerns the stake per game round. The good news is that now some studios have switched to this, Merkur Slot alternatives to develop.

slot-machine icon
So if you miss your beloved Eye of Horus slot machine, you will find it with Eye of Gold from Boongo or also Eye of the Amulet from the from iSoftBet good options, which thematically go in a similar direction, and on top of that have a more more attractive profit potential bring with them. Both bonus slot machines can be found, among others, at the Stake Casino.

This is how reputable casinos like Sunmaker are

The fact that Sunmaker alternatives lure their customers with higher bonuses, a larger game selection and more attractive betting limits makes them by no means less reputable than the prominent Merkur Casino. There too strict quality guidelinesguidelines, which are set by the local gambling laws and whose observance is compliance with which is checked by independent authorities.

checked icon
Advantage of the Curacao license is that it gives the casinos the freedom toplayers to make larger deposits and even to accept cryptos alongside classic means of payment. accept. The payout rates of all slot and table games are similar to Sunmaker Casino, as they are basically set by the respective provider.

The payment transactions is another aspect to take a closer look at, in addition to licenses. Even at Sunmaker alternative casinos, players can usually choose between various secure options – be it online wallets, credit cards, bank transfers via Klarna or the said Cryptocurrencies. The processing is fast and secure.

FAQ about Sunmaker alternatives

  1. In which points can the Sunmaker alternatives convince the most?
  2. Do the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages with Sunmaker?
  3. When should I not choose a Sunmaker alternative?
  4. Are all Sunmaker alternatives reputable?
  5. Why are there no betting limits with many Sunmaker alternatives?

1.) In which points can the Sunmaker alternatives convince the most?

casino-house icon
Neither stakes nor deposits are so strictly regulated at the casino alternatives as strictly regulatedas is the case with Sunmaker. This is due to the license from Curacaowhich gives the companies greater freedom. In addition to this, the overseas licensed competitors offer a wider range of slot machines, live gaming and virtual classics. Most sections can be explored for free, so wagering is not necessarily required.

And also in bonus promotions the alternatives are in no way inferior to the Sunmaker Casino. Several hundred euros starting credit as well as free spins with and without deposit are offered. Security and fairness are nevertheless at the top of the agenda for reputable providers. This is guaranteed not least by the gambling license and the financial service providers with whom the casinos cooperate to process payments.

2.) Do the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages at Sunmaker?

Sunmaker is, despite the restrictions to which the offer is subject due to the new regulations, still a solid casino. After all, it is not for nothing that it is so popular among players. Nevertheless, there is no denying that the balance of power is now in favor of the in favor of the smaller providers from Curacao. Curacao. The advantages for customers speak for themselves: no legal limits, no forced breaks between spins, and access to the full casino portfolio, to name just the most important ones. Such are the disadvantages resulting from the new situation, not least also competitive disadvantages for Sunmaker.

thumb-up icon
Who nevertheless wants to keep the casino loyalty to the casino, of course, still benefits from the range of Merkur Slots and the the certainty of playing at the "Australian original": the casino: that casino which paved the way for the traditional slot games of the Gauselmann Group to the Internet.

3.) When should I not choose a Sunmaker alternative?

smiling icon
As long as the betting limit (1 Euro) and the deposit limit (1000 Euro/month)but also the 5-second pause after each spin are not is not perceived as restrictive nothing speaks against remaining loyal to Sunmaker. The provider is still the number 1 among the Merkur casinos, but of course also offers its customers other gaming options including sports and live betting – albeit not to the usual extent.

Otherwise, the developments can also be seen as an opportunity and impetus to explore new possibilities. After all, the casino landscape is now very large, diverse and varied.

4.) Are all Sunmaker alternatives reputable?

license icon
Online casinos like Sunmaker, which offer their customers many gaming options, are plentiful. However, the variety alone, and also high bonus offers say nothing about the seriousness of the company. To check this, it is usually enough to look at the license information and optionally seals of approval and awards. The means of payment also provide information about how closely the provider takes factors such as security and fairness. Further important clues on what you should definitely look for when deciding on a provider are provided by our Article about dubious casinos.

5.) Why are there no betting limits at many Sunmaker alternatives?

Curacao Gaming Control Board
Gambling is regulated differently from country to country. In accordance with Australian law, there is a 1 euro limit per game round and a monthly cap on deposits, which is set by the legislator at 1,000 euros per customer. Sunmaker alternatives that are licensed in Curacao have not have these limits – even if they provide their offers in Australia. Such a casino is therefore just suitable for customers who want more freedom and for whom the limits that apply to Australian licensees seem too strict.

Sunmaker Alternatives – Our Conclusion

Still offers Sunmaker offers its customers a secure basis for good entertainment. Due to the legal framework in Australia, the enjoyment of the game a little bit cloudedso that many customers are looking for alternatives. The field of competition is now large, but especially for players who feel limited in their freedoms by the new rules, the Look to Curacao.

The licenses from overseas set the framework for safe gaming in the casino for safe gambling in the casino, but leave the providers and their customers more room for self-determination. There are no fixed, legally prescribed, gaming limits, nor are there any enforced gaming breaks. In addition, the gambling permits allow the offering of table games and deposits with cryptocurrencies.

Our top Sunmaker alternative and recommendation in 2024 is:


Visit Lucky Dreams
  • Bonus: 1.000$
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Establishment:
  • Online since: 2021
  • Customers: N/A
  • License:
    • Curacao Gaming

  • Software:
    • Amatic
    • BigTimeGaming
    • Booming Games
    • Betsoft Gaming
    • EGT
    • Elk Studios
    • Ezugi
    • Gameart
    • Gamevy
    • Habanero
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • High5Games
    • iSoftBet
    • Leander
    • NetEnt
    • Nolimit City
    • Playson
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Push Gaming
    • Rabcat Gambling
    • Red Tiger
    • Relax Gaming
    • Thunderkick
    • Wazdan
    • Yggdrasil Gaming
    • Evolution Gaming
    • Playtech
    • Authentic Gaming

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