Deposits betting account test and comparison

Online casino deposits – our test procedure

Of course, the number of payment methods alone does not say too much about the quality of the services that the casino offers in terms of deposits. Many other factors resonate in this area, and it is precisely these that our editorial team got to the bottom of.

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Of course, it has advantages when you are provided with many different payment methods. This way, you alone have the power of decision and can choose the option that suits you best.

In doing so, it is important that the Casinos offer only secure methods. We have specialized in the evaluation specialized in service providers that are active in Australia. Depending on the country, there are countless variations on this point, but they are irrelevant for Australian players.

Our main focus: Which deposit methods are offered?

Individuality is the keyword when it comes to visiting an online casino. This individuality should by no means end with the payment methods, because this is exactly where it is decided whether you deposit money at all or prefer to look for another provider. The most popular options, apart from bank transfers, are the so-called online wallets – electronic purses with which transactions can be carried out in seconds.

Here is an overview of the best-known and most popular payment providers:




Bank transfer









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Classic bank transfers existed long before the first online casinos – and even before the internet. This option is still available with all providers. In recent years, however, virtual wallets, called virtual wallets, called e-walletshave been gaining ground on the gambling market. The frontrunners of this division are Skrill and Neteller when it comes to fast, secure and unlimited payments.

The popular Sofortüberweisung and Giropay systems can be can be classified in the transfers section, as both methods are directly related to the classic account.

Online wallets such as Skrill, Ecopayz, MuchBetter and Neteller are another option for making payments to the casino. The only thing missing are the prepaid systems, which include both EntroPay and Paysafecard.

Relevant criterion: the payment methods in the casino

Each online casino has itself in hand, which framework it sets for deposits. There are sometimes significant differences between the various companies. If a casino asks too much from you right at the beginning, this will result in a point deduction.

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As a rule, gambling providers set the lower limit for deposits at 5 to 10 euros. Upwards, there are all imaginable variations – starting at 2,500 euros, up to unlimited transactions.

The payment service providers, such as online wallets or Giropay, only have a limited influence on what happens in the casino, because: Theoretically, all these payment methods do not know any limits. For example, if you order an item worth $3.99 somewhere, you can easily pay this amount with all wallets, by bank transfer or even with a Paysafecard. The same is true for large sums. Accordingly, the decision as to where the limits lie is primarily made by the casinos.

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With all the basic conditions, we must of course not ignore the possible fees. Some payment methods are, as far as this issue is concerned, rather "suboptimal" to rate, because additional costs you can actually save – if you read the specifications of the casino carefully!

Account management fees are costs over which online casinos have no influence. Which charges are incurred, that ultimately depends on your account model and the terms and conditions of your house bank or savings bank. If you want to save the costs when making a deposit, you can use online wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and MuchBetter.

Further possible fees can be assessed by the casino itself. Most reputable providers allow you to make free deposits, but ultimately this is just not true for all. You should read the terms and conditions of the provider and make sure that the selected payment method does not actually entail any fees.

Of course, our experts are aware that all the transactions that are carried out in a casino on a daily basis involve an enormous amount of work. In the end, the operator has to finance itself in some way. Despite all this, it seems that this is possible without charging fees. Many companies are already doing it.

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The information provided by the casinos is first of all commendable. As a rule, you will receive all payment information concerning deposits before you even register. The Transparency is a basic requirement for us anyway. But: Only with a real practical test can the numbers, data and facts be checked. Exactly this was carried out by our editors in all casinos.

To get a meaningful result, we made several transactions in each casino – and always with different payment methods. The requirement for the company was not only to provide the main options, but also to save customers the long wait for the credit.

Top rating of casino deposits – this is what counts

  • Versatile and secure payment methods
  • All known systems available
  • Sensibly set up deposit limits
  • Fast processing of transactions
  • Free deposits if possible

Once you have decided on one of the most popular casinos and registered your own betting account, then of course you do not want days to pass until the first possible real money bet. The direct availability is what makes a good company in this industry.

First of all, the registration as such must work quickly. As a rule, you will be only a few relevant data aret. In less than five minutes, your account should be ready for use in the casino – provided you have confirmed the email and thus properly completed the registration. The next step is to make sure that you can start playing right away. While this is also possible for free, new customers usually have the firm goal of playing for real money and thus for real winnings in mind.

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In order for an online casino to do well, it must provide you with payment methods that allow real-time transactions. This means that the crediting of the amount you want will, in the best case, take place immediately after the deposit confirmation.

At least the electronic wallets are perfect for instant deposit. And even with the "traditional" methods, you should be able to complete the transaction quickly.

We can only suggest that you take your time when choosing a deposit method. Is the option really well suited and does it meet your needs? In this context, a look at fees makes sense, of course. Each provider handles deposit fees in their own way. We recommend a casino that handles all transactions for free.

A casino withdrawal Is directly related to the choice you make in the area of deposits, because: Only the option you have previously claimed can be chosen for a winnings withdrawal. All methods that do not allow withdrawal are basically replaced by the bank transfer.

Deposits to the casino – this is what you have to pay attention to

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The deposit method chosen first forms the basis for all further transactions carried out in the casino. Online casinos process deposits and withdrawals using the same payment method because they are subject to the Money Laundering Prevention Act.

With some payment methods, there is no way to withdraw winnings – including Giropay or even Sofortüberweisung. In these cases, the online casino will transfer the amount to you in the classic way.

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Our recommendation: Take a look at our test section "Payouts "before you make a decision. This way you can familiarize yourself with all the options offered as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

The comparison – which payment method is the best for your needs?

  • How quickly do you want the money to be available in the casino account?
  • Do you want direct posting, or do a few days of waiting not matter?
  • Are free payments important to you?
  • What fees does the casino charge per deposit?
  • Are the later planned payouts of winnings also possible free of charge, or does the chosen payment method bring disadvantages exactly then?
  • Are you already a customer of an online payment service provider such as Skrill, Neteller or MuchBetter; is it possibly necessary to set up such an account first?
  • In what amount do you want to deposit money? Are there any limits upwards and downwards?

You should ask yourself the aforementioned questions promptly, as the easier it will be to make a choice that is good for you. After all, the payment models offered on the Internet are very different in some respects.

The most important online casino payment methods

  1. Bank transfer: standard bank transfer, Sofortüberweisung and Giropay
  2. Electronic wallet (e-wallet): Neteller, Skrill, MuchBetter, Ecopayz
  3. Prepaid cards: PaysafeCard and EntroPay
  4. Other: e.g. check, Western Union, other casino payment systems

1.) Bank transfer

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Almost every citizen in Australia has his or her own checking account and uses the classic bank transfer to pay his or her bills – including everyday liabilities such as rent, electricity and the like. Bank transfers are carried out by people around the clock. Why then not also use this proven and well-known option in the online casino?

The advantage is, of course, that you can dispose of your money both in cash and online. The transfer is made in any amount you specify. Of course, house banks and savings banks have taken care of the security.

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If you have a current account, then you can easily set up online banking can be set up. This makes sense, because a voucher-based transfer to the casino account would not only be tedious, but would also take much longer.

With online banking access, you can make the deposit directly on your PC. You will receive the necessary access data from the bank – as well as a TAN generator or the option to use the SMS TAN function.

Provided you don't fancy third-party providers and prefer the traditional option, all you have to do is find a provider that allows you to make the transfer. Today, however, the trend is more towards Giropay and Sofortüberweisung. Both systems work through your bank account, but are processed in real time, unlike the simple bank transfer.

The most popular payment providers on the Internet

At the latest on the subject of bank transfers, we must point out how important it is to opt exclusively for casinos located in Europe. After all, within the EU, a bank transfer may not take longer than one day today. But: The casinos sometimes need a few more days until they actually credit the booked money to your player account.

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Depositing via bank transfer is quite complex compared to systems like Skrill and Neteller. First of all, you need to enter all the recipient's (casino's) information correctly. Without the endlessly long IBAN and a BIC, it is not possible for you to make the payment. This is followed by the Verification by TAN. Overall, a tedious way to get a few euros on the casino account.

It is much easier to choose the Sofortüberweisung or for Giropay to decide. Both providers do not require you to register separately, but guide you directly through the payment process via the online banking access. At the end, you also have to enter the TAN. Overall, however, both methods work much easier and more convenient than their classic "role model".

Advantage of bank transfersDisadvantage of bank transfer

  • You don't have to register with a third-party provider. Almost everyone has a checking account these days.
  • A classic bank transfer to the online casino simply takes too much time. If you want to play for real money, then finally immediately and not in a few days.

2.) Electronic wallet (e-Wallet)

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With an online wallet, you have a wallet that is available to you on the web and from which you can draw whenever you want. The virtual way has the advantage that you do not have to take out cash first and deposit it. Because then we would have the time problem again, which online wallets fortunately spare you. Each wallet is loaded with any amount, the money there can be easily posted to the casino.

Online wallets are still the most popular deposit methods when it comes to making deposits at the online casino.

Particularly noteworthy is that online wallets are designed to be very are very user-friendly. The process works in real time, while the use of the system is possible almost free of charge. However, you should be attentive here, because winnings withdrawals are sometimes subject to fees on the part of the service provider.

By the way, the buyer protection that the service provider has built in has been taken out again in the online casinos section. It is important to know this before you decide on these variants.

Advantage of e-WalletsDisadvantage of e-Wallets

  • Risk-free use without cash and in real time.
  • In addition to registration, it is with Skrill and Neteller necessary to fill the "purse" first.

3.) Prepaid cards

Even a prepaid card only works if there is credit on it. As a user, you are therefore required to top up the credit first. In local sales outlets you can get the Paysafecard to give you an example, in different values starting from 10$..

Once you have opened the cashier area of the online casino, you can enter the code located on the prepaid card and immediately book the desired amount. From experience, the crediting takes place in real time.

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Among the "physical" prepaid cards, the Paysafecard is by far the most sold in Europe. Alternatively, you can also use cards of a virtual nature. Of course, there are ways to buy the Paysafecard online. In that case, the amount is simply transferred or settled by direct debit.

In the meantime, prepaid cards are hardly distinguishable from e-wallets, because even providers such as EntroPay and AstroPay a separate user account is set up. Of course, withdrawals can also be made to this account.

The innovative payment methods are all considered secure. Most online casinos prefer to offer Paysafecard payments. Entropay and Co. move a little into the background – at least in this country they are not necessarily the most popular of all prepaid cards.

Advantage of prepaid cardsDisadvantage of prepaid cards

  • Arbitrarily low amounts can be booked without the casino receiving private banking data.
  • For high rollers, the cards are unsuitable, because not unlimited cards per payment can be redeemed.

4.) Other payment methods

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There are definitely some other alternatives to the aforementioned payment methods. Checks and Co. are rather secondary, however, and are offered by online casinos less and less often. Ultimately, the operators cater to the needs of their customers, and they obviously prefer options that work quickly, securely and, above all, simply.

Internal payment systems are also represented, but belong to the category of "rare exceptions".

Players should most likely rely on bank transfers, e-wallets or prepaid cards – in whatever preferred form.

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