Payouts online casino test and comparison

Which online casino is particularly reliable and speedy when it comes to fast payouts of winnings? This question is our FindCasinoBonus editors went to the bottom. In addition, we have dealt with the payout options that are offered in online casinos.

As a player, you certainly have a certain expectation of the Payout speed. After all, you play to make winnings. And of course, these only bring you something if they are paid out to you quickly and reliably.

Sometimes it can take a few days for the desired amount to reach you. This is exactly the criterion we have focused on. In the following sections, we would like to look at payment methods for withdrawal, but also the speed of these transactions.

Below we will show you the ranking of the most fastest paying online casinos. It may well happen that new casinos are included. In this case, we will of course adapt the table below to the circumstances.

The test results in the area of payouts:

These criteria are important when testing casino payouts

For casino customers, the deposit plays a major role in the first step, of course. At the same time, our editorial team looked into the topic of payouts. After all, the waiting times and possible "hurdles" allow us to draw some conclusions about the seriousness of the companies.

Some aspects must be fulfilled by reputable casinos so that they can be recommended by us. We will describe these criteria in more detail below.

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A payout of winnings is a transfer of money. Sometimes it even involves several tens of thousands of euros. And not infrequently, even high jackpot sums are paid out to players. It is therefore all the more important that these payments function both safely and reliably. Those who are looking forward to their freshly won money also don't want to have to wait too long for it. These factors therefore play a particularly important role – and should be taken into account by all online casinos.

Another aspect that is taken into account when evaluating fast payouts is the payment options. The more options are offered, the more individually the casino responds to the needs of its customers.

At least as important is the question of whether and in what amount fees are assessed for a withdrawal. As a player, you should always keep an eye on these costs to save yourself from nasty surprises. It is true that most casinos nowadays make all payments free of charge. However, there are also exceptions, and there the fees sometimes hit the bill with several hundred euros – depending on the amount of the desired withdrawal amount.

General information about online casino payouts:

The good news is that all of the providers we tested go to great lengths to make a winnings payout as fast as possible. In order to avoid delays, the casinos specify that the withdrawal must be made in the same way as the deposit – of course, only if the selected payment method works in both ways.

At least in terms of reliability, we could not find any deficits with any of the tested companies. You do not have to worry about flimsy excuses or unfounded waiting times. If you have "earned" money in the traditional way, it will of course be paid out to you promptly on request.

Our editorial team evaluated the following test criteria:

  1. Security & reliability
  2. Choice of payment methods
  3. Payment speed
  4. Fees and other costs
  5. Withdrawal limits

In order to find out whether the statements of the individual casinos are actually true, FindCasinoBonus carried out various deposits and withdrawals. This test phase took a while due to the many providers tested. However, in all cases we can report very fast casino payouts speak. There are certainly always minor variations between the companies, but they are all almost on the same level when it comes to payment speed.

The right choice shortens the wait

In fact, as a player, you have the opportunity to influence the duration of a winnings payout yourself, at least to some extent? Each payment method has its own "guidelines", and it is precisely these that you need to know.

There are payment methods thanks to which you can save yourself any waiting time. Online wallets in particular are extremely fast, and some even post the balance in real time – even when making a withdrawal. If you opt for a classic bank transfer, depending on the casino, it can take up to a week until the money is finally available.

On the other hand, there is of course the processing time of the selected casino. If the company works quickly, then a transfer is also completed within three banking days. A few providers even manage to undercut this time. However, they are rather the exception.

We can only advise every player to verify his customer account in the casino in good time. The data reconciliation by means of a copy of the identification document takes place at the latest when the first payout is planned. In the best online casinos in our test, the payout only a few minutesuntil the transactions were released.

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Our recommendation is therefore: Submit the required documents directly after registration. This will save you the long processing time when the first withdrawal is due.

The good news is, that more and more casinos are refraining from charging fees. You can therefore receive the full amount that you have entered. Especially when it comes to the topic of additional costs, your attention is required, because hidden costs are not that rare.

In the sections below, we will gladly provide you with more detailed information on the topic of fees and charges, as misunderstandings often arise here – which in turn quickly lead to fust. When choosing an online casino, you should take into account the costs that may be incurred, as these can sometimes really go into the money. Ultimately, there are more than enough alternative providers where you do not have to pay any fees, regardless of the payment method you choose.

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While there are for deposits very rarely to an accrual of fees, the matter looks usually a little different with the withdrawal of winnings. It's good if these costs are waived – or at least a maximum fee amount is set. Our experience shows that providers who charge fees usually do not deduct more than 10$ from the booked payment.

An important topic is, of course, the payment methods as such. Not every casino offers all the options that Europe has to offer nowadays. However, at least the common payment methods should be represented at a reputable company.

The following options for withdrawals are basically available in this or similar form in good casinos:

  1. Bank transfer
  2. E-wallets
  3. Prepaid cards

1.) Bank transfer

bank transfer icon
You may call the classic bank transfer outdated and obsolete, but it is still considered one of the most secure payment methods on the English-speaking gambling market – especially when it comes to payouts. In recent months, we have even noticed some casinos that only pay out winnings in this way.

The reason: With the bank transfer, a kind of data matching is possible. The verification works in this way particularly simple. The fact that the popularity of the bank transfer is nevertheless limited is due to the sometimes very long waiting times. While you can usually dispose of winnings paid via e-wallet after 48 hours, you have to put up with up to a week if the money is transferred by classic means.

2.) E-Wallets

Since the internet is booming, online wallets are one of the most popular payment methods ever. With a little information, you can set up your own account. This is the most convenient way to transfer money, especially in online casinos. And of course, the payout is also very easy.

e-wallet icon
Today, there is hardly a casino that does without the provision of the popular e-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller, but also PayPal. The electronic wallets allow payments in unlimited amounts. Limits can of course be set by the casino. The payment transaction itself is absolutely too reliable and by far the fastest.

The advantages of e-wallets include:

  • You do not give any bank details to the casino, but use a personal Skrill, Neteller or MuchBetter account.
  • Withdrawals are often possible in under three business days

neteller icon
At Skrill and Neteller are the two systems that are offered in almost all online casinos. PayPal is also very often represented, but for various reasons can not be offered in principle. The payouts of winnings with all systems usually take between 24 and 48 hours. Some casinos prove that it can be done even faster. There, winnings are already available after a few hours.

paypal card
PayPal is by far the best known and most widespread electronic wallet worldwide. Especially Australian players appreciate it when they are offered this payment method in the online casino. Payouts of winnings are made (depending on the provider) in unlimited amounts. The payment speed and security are unsurpassable in this regard. News: Since July 2019, PayPal is no longer available as a payment method in many online casinos for the time being. As an alternative, however, is now fortunately the wallet MuchBetter is increasingly used.

MuchBetter is a young and innovative young and innovative payment methodwhich can be used via its own app. With it, transactions in online casinos work from anywhere – no matter whether you are currently sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's or are also on a business trip. The functionality clearly speaks for MuchBetterand there has been no shortage of innovations either.

3.) Prepaid cards

Until a few years ago, it was impossible to apply for profit payment to a prepaid card. In the end, it was just a kind of "voucher code" that had to be entered to make a deposit. Once the money was used up, the card could be safely destroyed – it was worthless. However, things have changed in recent months.

paysafecard icon
Today, most online casinos only offer the prepaid system of the Paysafecard, which you can even buy in any supermarket. The service provider has decided to expand its service. Similar to Skrill, Neteller and Co. it is possible for you to visit the site today and create a customer account. This will also allow you to make winnings withdrawals to the Paysafecard.

EntroPay is an alternative to Paysafecard, but it is not so widely used. The company works with Master Card as well as Visa, but is ultimately nothing more than a credit card. Winning withdrawals work smoothly here as well, provided that the casino offers this payment method.

It is not that easy to objectively assess the payout modalities in online casinos. To make it easier for you, we have deliberately set up some criteria that we check for all providers and associated payment methods. The most relevant are:

  1. How securely and reliably does the casino pay?
  2. What payment methods are offered?
  3. How fast do withdrawals work?
  4. Are there any fees?
  5. Are there any withdrawal limits?

The aspect of security: How reliably do online casinos pay out winnings?

Of course, security has top priority when it comes to winnings payouts. In addition, the question for us is whether the tested providers are really reliable in their transactions. All casinos tested by us perform very well in this area. We have deliberately listed only those companies that offer convincing security and that act reliably, especially with high sums.

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To ensure safety and reliability, we only present casinos that are based and licensed in Europe. These have to fulfill strict requirements in order to receive your license. Those who show dubious methods will not only lose the permission to operate the casino, but also the attention of their previous customers.

In order for you to deposit money with a clear conscience, you have to trust "your" provider. With every transaction to the casino, you give the company a kind of advance of trust. Our job is to make sure that this advance does not have a negative impact on your gaming experience. Accordingly, the following applies to us: anyone who is not reliable will not even be introduced to you on FindCasinoBonus.

The topic of money laundering laws always resonates especially in online casinos. To avert all dangers, the operators are required to pay out winnings only in the same way as the deposit was made. The only alternative is the bank transfer, if a payment method has been chosen that does not allow a withdrawal.

Some players may be annoyed by the "hassle" of identity verification. After all, online casinos are only allowed to pay out winnings once you have verified the customer account by means of a copy of the ID. Do not forget that this procedure is on the one hand the duty of the company, on the other hand it serves your own protection. Data misuse is specifically counteracted by the comparison.

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Some providers require more than just a copy of your ID – for example, a bill from your electricity provider, a telephone bill or other information that contains your correct address. The sooner you meet the casino's requirements, the less will stand in your way when it comes to your first payout of winnings. Of course, you always have the option to contact the support and ask for the reasons why you should send this or that bill to the casino.

It is advisable to think about the planned deposit and especially the payment method already during the registration process. For example, if you choose the checking account, you can send the associated information (account statement, copy of the card) directly to the support. By the time the first payout is made, all data and information should then have been processed so that nothing stands in the way of a quick transaction.

The good news: Verification is only required once.

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Tip: It is best to ask directly which documents are required. You will usually receive an answer promptly and will, of course, also be informed when the verification is complete.

Certainly, there are more pleasant things than dealing with verification. However, the identity verification is ultimately a good sign. It proves that the casino is serious and that data protection plays a particularly important role here. Your security should be a top priority for the provider.

In the end, it does not matter which withdrawal method you choose: Identification will usually always be required. If you use Skrill or Neteller for the deposit, then only these systems are available when it comes to the withdrawal.

What payment methods are offered?

How fast payouts work is of course only one side of the coin. On the other is the question of which payout options are offered at all in online casinos. It is precisely at this point that the differences between the providers are clearly visible. Some options can be found almost everywhere, while others are only very rarely offered as an alternative to the common standard.

Basically, the following applies: There are always significantly fewer withdrawal methods than deposit methods – and that in every online casino!

Which options are available to you depends on various factors. Your location is particularly important, because each country has its own unique systems. Naturally, our focus is on Australia. To check all of Europe, that would really go beyond the scope.

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It is common that online casinos always allow a payout via bank transfer. Exceptions confirm this rule, but ultimately we want to focus on the general public at this point. In the individual reviews of the best casinos, we will of course go into more detail about the respective available withdrawal methods.

The more options the casino offers, the better the score we award in this test section. Online wallets are particularly high on the list, because you definitely can't get a payout any faster.

The individual providers themselves can influence which paths lead to the payout of winnings. Accordingly, there are big differences between the casinos. In the vast majority of cases, it is possible to request a withdrawal via bank transfer.

Of course, withdrawals to electronic wallets always work – provided you have chosen one for the deposit.

The second largest e-wallet that is perfect for winnings withdrawals is Skrill. Some time ago, the name was changed, because until then the electronic wallet was still called "Moneybookers". The provider has established itself in the UK, but the service and security of Skrill is also appreciated in Australia. Since 2015, Skrill has been a permanent part of the Paysafe Group, but still offers its services independently.

The Paysafe Group is the inventor of the popular Paysafecard, which we would like to discuss in more detail below.

The Paysafecard is a credit card that is available in various denominations. For deposits to the casino, these cards are simply ideal, as the provider does not get access to personal banking information. The anonymous payment method is one of the safest around. To deposit funds, all you have to do is type in the 16-digit number on the card.

In the meantime, more and more casinos also allow withdrawals via Paysafecard – respectively to the "my paysafecard" account, which you can easily set up online, similar to Skrill and Neteller.

entropay logo
Entropay also belongs to the category of prepaid cards. However, this system is more like a credit card. The service provider is in close cooperation with the major credit providers MasterCard and VISA.

How fast do withdrawals work?

clock icon
Patience may be a virtue, but let's face it: nobody likes to wait when it comes to money. Both reputable online casinos and the popular payment providers know about this fact. You will always experience a few differences between the providers, and yet it was important for us to make a direct comparison. After all, if one casino manages to pay out money within a few hours, then this should also be possible in all other casinos.

You have to put up with particularly long waiting times if your choice is either wire transfer itself or Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, MasterCard and a few other options when depositing. All of these systems only allow for classic bank transfers when paying out winnings. And this is exactly the crux of the matter. While the EU stipulates that a booking may not take longer than one banking day today, we wonder why casinos sometimes specify up to 8 business days. The generous measurement is justified by the fact that the operators themselves cannot exert much influence on the way the banks work. As a rule, however, such a transaction should not take longer than three business days.

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Between the statements made by the casinos and the actual payout speed are often worlds apart. Our many different test transactions have shown that you usually have to wait a maximum of three days – usually even just a few hours.

The simple bank transfer takes the longest. Here, depending on the provider, up to five business days are mentioned, and even this time span is undercut by the banks. If you're a little lucky, the money will be on your card after just 24 hours.

internet wallet
If you have no patience at all, it is always best to use e-wallets at online casinos. Skrill, MuchBetter and Neteller all offer the same payment speed. Winnings are paid out within 24 hours; in our test, some payments were received after just a few hours.

The fast service has advantages, of course. While your anticipation is rising, the paid out funds have already reached you. If you would also like to use your money locally, then we give Neteller the preference. With the Net+ credit card that can be booked with it, you can pay directly at thousands of acceptance points and don't have to laboriously transfer the money to your own checking account first. After all, that also costs valuable time.

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The duration of a withdrawal can vary a bit depending on the online wallet. The casinos in particular have a great influence on this. The faster you process the payment, the sooner you can do whatever you want with your money. By the way, in our test, we noticed a few casinos that also process the withdrawal in real time.

All wallet providers manage to post money within four to five business days according to our test payments. The processing time of the transaction by the casino is included here, because the payment itself should take not take longer than one day.

cheque icon
They are rather a rarity, but alternative payment methods are also simply a part of many a casino. If you look around a bit in the world of gambling providers, you will sometimes even find the option of having a crossed check issued for the desired amount. This is certainly not a good option, because sending it by mail alone can take up to a month.

Winnings can also be paid out relatively quickly with the paysafecard. However, it is a prerequisite that you have set up an account with "my paysafecard", because the credit card itself is not suitable for receiving payouts from the casino. As a rule, the crediting takes no longer than 24 hours.

Are there any fees?

It is precisely on this point that caution is required, especially for withdrawals of winnings. There are definitely online casinos that charge you fees – sometimes even in frightening amounts. To save you frustration, we have deliberately refrained from companies that literally go overboard with the demands. Nevertheless, even among the reputable providers, there are some that charge at least small fees.

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Our score in the test area Fees is based on how high the additional costs incurred in the form of expenses are. In the best case, you will not be charged any fees at all – which means the casino gets full points from us. At least most providers are well positioned in this area, although exceptions prove the rule.

Some casinos allow one withdrawal per week free of charge. Only from the second booking fees are incurred, but they are limited. Common practice is to charge players a 1% payment fee, with the limit on charges being 10 euros. We have seen this concept several times in the past few months. Other companies assess fees, if at all, only on the third withdrawal per week or month.

Provided you can withdraw for free at least once, don't continue to charge the fees requested beyond that. Just wait a few days until you are allowed to post again for free.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

In fact, limits are set. Most online casinos specify a minimum withdrawal amount, and the upper limit must also be observed. Unlimited payments are only possible in very few cases, and the limits can vary significantly depending on the chosen payment method.

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As a rule, the only thing that helps is to get an overview of the providers and their specifications. There are sometimes worlds between the individual casinos, and ultimately a company should operate in such a way that it meets your needs.

Too high minimum payouts as well as too low upper payout limits inevitably lead to a point deduction in our opinion. For example, if a casino allows payouts starting at 10 euros and does not set an upper limit, then this naturally has a positive effect on the rating. When it comes to limits, casino operators have a free hand. The payment providers, on the other hand, usually do not specify any limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How secure are withdrawals at the casino?
  2. Which payment methods are recommended?
  3. What requirements do I have to meet?
  4. Is there a minimum amount?
  5. Are there any fees for casino withdrawals?

1.) How secure are withdrawals at the casino?

It is important that you choose a reputable provider with an EU license decide. The payout as such works super securely, as long as reliable methods are used. The operators usually attach great importance to this. Especially options like the nowadays modern online wallets, but also Trustly are wonderful methods for a secure transfer.

In order to avert dangers, limits are also set by most casinos. If you want to withdraw higher amounts than the specified ones, you will have to make several bookings. In terms of security, all online casinos known to us work with the latest standards, so you definitely don't have to worry about your money.

2.) Which payment methods are recommended?

Basically all of them that are offered to you in proven online casinos. You should definitely think about the preferred withdrawal method early on, because a deposit must have been made with it in advance. This is how the money laundering regulations in force in the EU Money Laundering Protection Act provides.

Those who do not want to wait longer than absolutely necessary for their money are well advised to use e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and also EcoPayz. If the payment was processed, the profit lands directly on your customer account. The standard bank transfer, on the other hand, takes considerably more time. The advantage here, however, is that you can dispose of your winnings in cash right away. However, waiting times of up to a week are not to everyone's liking.

3.) What requirements do I have to fulfill?

As a rule, winnings are only paid out once you have fulfilled the bonus conditions at the casino. If you do not want to meet any requirements, you can of course waive the promised starting balance. It is also important that your player account must be must be verified. Usually, this requires documents such as your ID, a current electricity or gas bill, as well as an extract from your preferred method.

More details on verification will be provided by the casino you have chosen. The sooner you complete the data reconciliation, the sooner you can look forward to your first payout. The good news is that the account is only verified once – unless you move or change your name, for example due to marriage.

4.) Is there a minimum amount?

There is also. However, we cannot give you a general value at this point. Typical minimum payout amounts are at most online casinos 10 to 20 euros. Exceptions confirm the rule, as usual. The upper limit can also vary greatly. So it is best to inform yourself in advance about the general conditionsso that there are no misunderstandings later on.

Only a few companies in the industry allow their customers to withdraw winnings as low as one euro. The reason for the lower limit, which often starts at 10 euros, is the transaction costs, which would be difficult to cover for small amounts.

5.) Are there any fees for casino withdrawals?

It depends for which online casino you choose. More and more providers are now making deposits and withdrawals free of charge carry out. However, we always experience exceptions that confirm the rule. So you should also inform yourself on the subject.

Renowned providers provide you with all the general conditions transparently and show you whether fees are incurred – and if so, how much they are.

Conclusion on casino payouts:

When testing online casinos, many factors play an important role. In the area of payouts, there is fortunately hardly anything to complain about. It is clear that the differences between the providers are sometimes immensely high. Nevertheless, as a customer you can usually be satisfied with what is offered – and especially with the short waiting times.

Both the chosen payment method and the processing by the casino determine how quickly winnings can be paid out. Usually, online wallets like MuchBetter, Skrill and Neteller are the best option. Wire transfers are less recommended, as such a transaction can sometimes take up to a week.

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All of the aforementioned criteria – from speed to the selection of payment methods – influences our scoring for each provider. We have deliberately dedicated a separate test area to this topic, because it is precisely when it comes to paying out money that misunderstandings often arise.

Fees are an annoying evil that you cannot avoid, depending on the payment method. It may be precisely these additional costs that determine which method you end up choosing. The good news is that many reputable providers now cover the costs incurred for you.

edit table icon
All the previous tables are subject to change, because there are always new providers that we include. In addition, many long-established companies have already undergone changes. For example, if a new payment method is included, you will of course find it in the listings.

Finally, payouts are a very important criterion that can strongly influence your decision for or against a casino. If you want to save yourself a long wait, you should take a little time to read the reviews of the individual providers.

Author: Peter McCollinRated: PayoutsAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%