PayPal Casinos in Australia

Important note for players from Australia: PayPal is no longer available as a casino payment method since October 21, 2019.

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Information about Paypal


Company name: PayPal Inc.
Year founded: 1998
Headquarters: San José, California, USA
Available in Australia: Since February 2004
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 72 34 500
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PayPal is a so called online wallet that allows payments on the internet in real time and is comparable to an online bank account. In Australia alone, over 20 million users already have an account with PayPal. The provider is considered extremely secure & reputablenot least because of the buyer protection for certain transactions.

The company has changed the user conditions since 21.10.19 for several reasons at once, which we will be happy to explain in a little more detail in a moment. First, let's take a look at what exactly is new:

"Use of PayPal services in connection with offers that are not legal in your respective location, including some online gambling offers. If you are unsure whether a specific offer is legal or not in your location, you must make sure of its legality before using PayPal services in connection with the offer."

The group has already been under massive pressure for quite some time. In particular, the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport has taken aim at the payment provider and banned it from cooperating with all online casinos. Payments to and from companies that are in any way connected with gambling are consequently prohibited with immediate effect. PayPal itself has reacted quickly and adapted the terms and conditions as listed.

However, players now have no reason to despair. After all, there are quite some very attractive alternatives. One of the younger and consistently secure ways to make casino payments is MuchBetter.

The best PayPal casino alternatives in the test:

Other popular payment methods

The best Australian casinos with PayPal alternatives 2024

Since PayPal has completely withdrawn from the Australian gambling market with immediate effect, we are all the more pleased to be able to present you here with some of the companies that offer you perfect alternatives to PayPal – and by that we don't just mean MuchBetter, but also e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, to name just a few examples. We focus exclusively on reputable online casinos – and those that also convince in other aspects.

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Why is PayPal so popular?

There are few online payment providers that have been as successful as PayPal. As an Ebay subsidiary, the payment method became known years ago – until it decided at some point to go its own and, above all, independent way. Since then, players around the globe are specifically looking for PayPal casinos.

Even here in Australia, there were many a gambling company that relies on the digital wallet PayPal until the end of October 2019. We have looked around a bit and would like to offer you here dhe best PayPal casinos alternatives in Australia as well as their other advantages.

Why are there no more PayPal casinos today?

Back in July 2019, the site reported that a lawsuit against PayPal was filed at the Cologne court. The law firm explains that some of its clients have lost a lot of money through gambling or sports betting on the net, although the payment provider violated the gambling law in force in Australia by allowing the transactions. Lawyer Istvan Cocron said about this in an interview:

"PayPal should not have been allowed to accept the payment orders in the first place, as the providers of the sports bets did not have a valid license in the first place. We now want to recover the money for our client and have filed a lawsuit against PayPal."
Apparently it is about losses in the amount of about 100,000 euros, which one demands now. Initially, the judges had apparently determined that the business was conducted solely between the players and the respective online casino or bookmakers. Now, however, it may happen that PayPal has to make refunds after all. Gambling is only permitted in Schleswig-Holstein, where transactions are only legal if the casino operator has a corresponding license.

Other countries also have difficulties with PayPal

It is not only Australia's government that prevents transactions between players and online gambling operators. In the USA as well as in numerous other countries, the payment provider PayPal is currently having a hard time. Generally, it is a secure payment methodIn general, it is a secure payment method that is still used for online shopping – if only because hardly any other service provider offers buyer protection apart from PayPal.

However, gambling is a delicate matter worldwide. Not only the Wallet is affected by the more difficult payment conditions in online casinos and online bookmakers. Apparently, the Apple credit card has also been blocked for transactions in the industry.

More Australian PayPal casino alternatives in the test

As it turns out, there are many providers who want to offer that want to offer alternatives to PayPal, and they are even quite successful with it. So as a player, no one has to miss out on good entertainment. Switching to options like MuchBetter, Skrill and the like is also super easy. All service providers focus on making it as easy as possible for you to use.

For a long time, the service provider had completely withdrawn from the gambling industry. Until recently, it was then mainly bookmakers who found themselves in the comfortable position of providing PayPal as a payment method. This has now come to an end, as PayPal is facing massive pressure, not least from consumer advocates.

And the courts are also increasingly of the opinion that gamblers do have a right to recover their losses – on the grounds that gambling in this country knows clear limits. How things will develop remains to be seen. As a casino customer, you should not expect a second comeback for PayPal, at least not in the next few years. Whereas: of course, you don't know what will happen after gambling licenses are granted in the country. If everything goes according to plan, there could be officially licensed online casinos in Australia as early as 2021. in Australia.

How does the PayPal alternative MuchBetter work?

The inventors of the still fairly young payment method put it in a nutshell:

"With your MuchBetter account, you can conveniently and quickly deposit and withdraw to your favorite sites. With no pesky passwords, redirects or security questions, MuchBetter gives you the most convenient, affordable and secure online account for your gaming fun!"
When it comes to security, MuchBetter is definitely in no way inferior to the certainly better known PayPal. Since most casino customers play on their smartphones these days anyway, this method offers even more advantages. A simple app can be installed free of charge on Android and Apple devices. If you like, you can additionally order a prepaid credit card, which can also be used to make payments locally at any time.

The fees, which hold themselves with the now very popular PayPal alternative MuchBetter within limits. Above all, transfers from the wallet to credit cards and accounts can cost you a few euros. However, with the prepaid card, you can easily avoid these costs and reduce them to a minimum.

Are player chargebacks the reason for the PayPal end in casinos?

Yes and no. The site reports: "Lower Saxony issued the first nationwide blocking order for a payment service provider in June. While no company was named in the process, legal circles generally assumed it was PayPal…. These are the first signs of the new State Treaty on Gambling, which is currently on the agenda once again. The new version has already been approved by the 16 prime ministers of the individual Australian states, but it still has to be ratified before the end of the year so that it comes into force on January 1, 2020."

The fact is that currently a comparatively large number of players are trying to claim lost money from PayPal. The courts currently have their work cut out for them and must ultimately decide to what extent PayPal is actually responsible for the loss. The fact that there are no licenses is definitely one aspect that led PayPal to decide to leave the market. However, this does not only apply to Australia, but also to various other countries that also see no reason to liberalize online gaming.

Depositing and withdrawing seems to become more difficult overall. Lower Saxony is putting a stop to what is probably the most popular of all e-wallets. If the players all get through with their lawsuits, this would break the payment service provider's neck in the long run. After all, we're not talking about a few hundred euros, but several hundred thousand euros that have been claimed.

The legal situation in Australia has been vague for years. However, we can agree with the report from hochgepokert, because the current situation could well have something positive. What is certain is that at least esome casinos and bookmakers are to receive licenses in Australia in the future. Slowly but surely, the federal states are getting closer to each other. Whether this also means a comeback for PayPal remains to be seen. We don't want to give up hope so quickly.

Either way: For all those who not only like to gamble, but also prefer to shop online, a PayPal account is still worthwhile. Payments on gambling sites are illegal, but the method still offers users numerous advantages in everyday life. advantages for users in everyday lifewhich we do not want to ignore at this point.

Here are all the steps at a glance:

  1. Register: Registering with PayPal is free and only takes a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions in the registration form
  2. Enter data: You need to deposit a bank account or but a credit card. From this / this later payments will be debited a few days after the PayPal use.
  3. Get started: If the verification is done, you can deposit at any time in the online casino with PayPal – and of course winnings can also be paid out to your virtual account

How can you top up the PayPal balance?

You always have the option of replenishing your PayPal account early. However, the wallet has a very clear advantage over similar systems. You are not bound to have any credit on the account. If you make a payment with PayPal in the online casino, the selected amount is subsequently deducted from the specified checking account or credit card.

arrow icon
Important here: You can only use checking accounts and cards that are issued in your own name. The data must therefore exactly match the data you have entered at PayPal. If not, the payment method will not be approved, if only for reasons of money laundering protection law.

Let's take a look at what options PayPal offers you for balancing your customer account:

  1. Deposit money to PayPal account with bank transfer and IBAN.
  2. Link PayPal account with credit card
  3. Deposit bank account to PayPal
  4. Receive PayPal funds from other wallets

1.) Deposit money to PayPal account with bank transfer and IBAN

bank transfer icon
To make a deposit by bank transfer, click on E-exchange at PayPal. Here you can now enter your bank account from which you want to make the booking. By means of IBAN, Pin and Tan the deposit is secured. Finally, PayPal always pays attention to the highest protection.

You can also make the payment at the ATM and counter. Online banking is not mandatory for this – although it is certainly the most convenient option offered in this day and age. A Sepa transfer with IBAN usually takes up to three banking days. The deposited balance can be used without restrictions for all PayPal transfers. Meanwhile, it is even a little faster, because transactions via Giropay are also accepted by PayPal.

2.) Connect PayPal account with credit card

credit cards icon
In the said PayPal e-wallet you can easily deposit a credit card. Accepted are almost all cards commonly used in Europe, including Visa and MasterCard. To complete this step, simply click on Add Credit Card. Now you just have to enter the relevant data, save the process and you're done!

Important to know: Only credit cards that have not yet exceeded their expiration date are accepted. Of course, you are free to make regular updates in the PayPal e-wallet, add more cards in your name and then decide later from which card the amount booked via PayPal should be deducted.

3.) Registering a bank account with PayPal

bank icon
Entering a bank account works similarly easy as with the said credit card. In the e-exchange select "Add bank account". In the meantime, PayPal is able to carry out bookings from almost all banks and savings banks in Australia. Once you have made a payment with your e-wallet account, the debit note usually a few days later. You will be notified of the upcoming transfer in good time by e-mail.

The bank account, as well as the chosen credit card, must have been issued in your name. In case of insufficient funds, it can happen that your PayPal account is blocked quite quickly. Therefore, do not pay more money into the casino with PayPal than is freely available in your checking account. The cost control is solely in your hands.

4.) Receive PayPal funds from other wallets

paypal card
Short of cash? That's no problem either – as long as you have friends and relatives who are also registered with PayPal! There is always a possibility to move money between several PayPal Wallets. Perhaps your own partner is just equipped with credit.

In seconds, he then has the opportunity to send you money. The booking between several PayPal accounts is basically free of charge. But above all it is about the significantly higher speed compared to bookings by credit card and bank account.

Are there further reasons for the withdrawal of PayPal?

From the point of view of logically thinking people, the payment provider PayPal has nothing to reproach itself with in the first place. Because when it comes to the security of transactions the provider is at the top of the scale. Nevertheless, two aspects speak for the changed terms and conditions.

On the one hand, consumer protection groups have been exerting pressure for a long time now and demand that online casinos and online bookmakers finally stop. As already mentioned at the beginning, PayPal was issued a general ban on making payments in connection with gambling. The company had to react to this – which has now also been officially declared in the GTCs as of October 21, 2019.

Another reason is certainly that PayPal fears having to make immense repayments. As soon as the first players are successful with their claims, a whole series of other casino customers will possibly join them and also try to get their money. If the company is hit by a wave of lawsuits, it could run into the millions. However, the operators are taking precautions and are currently trying to avoid the threat of trouble.

In fact, this is not the first time that PayPal has withdrawn from the industry. As reported by Neustadt Ticker, PayPal itself has already commented and explained the withdrawal with the fact that the casino licenses in Schleswig-Holstein expire and that gambling is therefore only tolerated, while there is just no clear legalization.

Why is PayPal still so attractive for casino players?

There are many reasons that are conducive to the high popularity of PayPal – especially on the subject of deposits. Main aspects to choose the method are:

  • Direct crediting of the deposit amount.
  • Fee-free transactions in unlimited amounts
  • Even more flexibility with PayPal One Touch
  • Withdrawals also possible at any time
  • Secure and reliable
  • Worldwide usable
  • No disclosure of private banking data

That in the meantime more than 16 million people around the globe use PayPal, speaks clearly for the payment method. In the online casino you benefit above all from the security and the fast crediting. Unlike classic bank transfers, there are no waiting times of several days with PayPal. As soon as you confirm the desired amount, you can start right away. It really couldn't be easier!

Is PayPal a seal of quality for safe casinos?

In fact, we can say that PayPal has worked exclusively with reputable companies – regardless of whether it is a casino or an online store. Accordingly, we can truly claim PayPal as a payment method is at least a kind of seal of approval. Just a few years ago, the service provider decided to turn its back on online casinos completely. Fortunately, the pressure that the operators were under back then has subsided a bit.

Initially, PayPal was gradually made available again by some bookmakers. Nevertheless, as a player, you should not stiffen on the means of payment alone. A casino is only really good if it has an has an EU license and also convinces in other areas. We will tell you what these are in our test reports.

  1. Advantages of PayPal as a payment method
  2. What advantages does PayPal offer?
  3. Disadvantages of PayPal
  4. What are the disadvantages of PayPal?

Advantages of PayPal as a means of payment

1.) What advantages does PayPal offer?

plus icon
PayPal has made a name for itself globally. The company focuses on protecting customer data in the best possible way, while making transactions as quick and easy as possible. The handling is almost child's play.

Once set up, you can use your personal PayPal customer account as often as you like. Countless online casinos and stores now accept PayPal as a payment method. This still puts the company far ahead of its two closest competitors Skrill and Neteller.

The main advantages of PayPal are:

  • High payment speed
  • Free of charge (with a few exceptions)
  • Login with e-mail address and password
  • No disclosure of bank data to payees
  • Credit easily transferable to checking account or credit card
  • Several hundred thousand points of acceptance worldwide

Deposit and withdraw with PayPal – this is how it works

The advantages can be seen in the company video. PayPal brings all the important aspects to the point with it. Simplicity is the goal of the inventors of this payment method. Even without prior knowledge, you will find it easy to carry out transactions – no matter whether you are currently at home or on vacation, at work or anywhere else in the world.

Disadvantages of PayPal

2.) What are the disadvantages with PayPal?

minus icon
PayPal is a service that knows how to score with many advantages. However, there is actually one major disadvantage when you compare it to other e-wallets. While you can spend as much and as often as you want, there are fees whenever you receive money via PayPal.

As an example, let's say you are playing at an online casino and win a 10,000 euro jackpot. As a private user the service fee is 1.9% on this sum – plus 35 cents must be paid. So with 10,000 euros, a measly 190 euros are gone. Of course, you should not forget how great PayPal's services are. Accordingly, this is the only point of criticism that we can overlook. In the end, such high cash receipts are rather the exception and certainly not everyday life.

Are there still PayPal casinos in Australia at all?

important icon
The fact is that PayPal has now put an end to all the pressure and has completely withdrawn from the Australian gaming industry. There are no longer any exceptions, because so far licenses have only been issued in Schleswig-Holstein, but the services – including deposit and withdrawal – have never been separated. So until now, it didn't matter at all in which federal state you played. If you wanted to make a transaction, all methods were open to you. However, since this is no longer tolerated and PayPal has been issued a clear ban, the company will be wary of setting foot in casinos and even cooperating with them.

However, there is good news for mobile gaming fans, because there are still numerous alternative options available – starting with the already mentioned MuchBetter, to Neteller, Skrill or even EcoPayz. Consequently, you do not have to miss out on real money games by any means, even without PayPal.

PayPal Casino FAQ

  1. Why do casinos no longer offer PayPal?
  2. Will there be PayPal alternatives in the future?
  3. How secure is PayPal as a payment method?
  4. Have there ever been legal problems with PayPal?
  5. Does PayPal still offer buyer protection?
  6. What alternatives are there to PayPal?
  7. Are there any costs when depositing with PayPal?
  8. How fast is a deposit with PayPal alternatives in the casino?
  9. Can I withdraw money through PayPal?
  10. How can I make my PayPal account secure?
  11. I received a PayPal email with suspected fraud – what can I do?
  12. Who do I contact if I have problems with PayPal?

1.) Why do casinos no longer offer PayPal?

PayPal is a global corporation that now has around about 20 million satisfied customers registered. The responsible parties had to pull out of the gambling sector for legal reasons. Consumer protection draws a clear line here. In addition, PayPal has to fear high repayments. Lawsuits are already pending at the Regional Court of Cologne, according to which the company may have to pay back around 100,000 euros.

2.) Will there be PayPal alternatives in the future?

Of course, you do not have to do without real money games in online casinos at all. PayPal alternatives like MuchBetter are especially recommended, as they are in no way inferior to the popular payment method in terms of security and speed. As a precaution, we would like to point out that you should first inform yourself about the legal situation. Moreover, as a player, you have to be aware that losses are also possible. Therefore, to sue is not fair to the payment providers, in our opinion.

3.) How secure is PayPal as a means of payment?

The operators write: "Pay online with your PayPal password. Your data is securely encrypted with us and you do not have to re-enter it every time. And if there should be any problems, our buyer protection is there for you."The buyer protection no longer applies to online casinos and other games of chance, but there is still no doubt about the high level of security. Biggest advantage when you pay at the casino with PayPal: The provider does not receive any information about sensitive bank data or credit card information. These are safely under lock and key with PayPal.

4.) Have there ever been legal problems with PayPal?

In the past few years PayPal has actually come under pressure a few times. come under pressure. On the one hand, there are the legislators who are reluctant to see online casinos and gambling in action. On the other hand, PayPal enjoyed a good reputation until the cooperation with these casinos. At some point, account suspensions occurred, which in turn caused great frustration on the part of countless players. PayPal now had no choice but to surrender to the pressure and thus withdraw completely from the gambling market in Australia.

5.) Does PayPal still offer buyer protection?

Yes, although the provider made it clear years ago that this buyer protection does not apply when playing in online casinos. After all, no defective goods are purchased there, but the money is used to take advantage of lotteries. Those who lose should be aware that they cannot hold PayPal responsible for it. As the current lawsuits prove, there are still people who disagree. This was one of the decisive reasons for the PayPal withdrawal.

6.) What alternatives are there to PayPal?

In fact, PayPal is no longer the only online wallet that meets with a positive response in Europe. In addition to the service provider, the systems Skrill and Neteller are particularly popular among players. The differences between the three e-wallets can be seen quite well in the table shown here:

Costs of sending money 1,9% + 0,35$ when using a credit card free of charge 1%, max 10$
Cost of receiving money 1,9% + 0,35$ free of charge free of charge
Recharge account credit card 3,9% + 0,35$ 1,9% to 4,95% 1.90%
Top up credit card account 1,9% + 0,35$ free of charge 0.00%
Top up account other 1,9% + 0,35$ 0% up to 9% 1,5% up to 5,5%
Cost prepaid card not available 10$ when sending the card 10$ per year
ATM withdrawal not available 4.00 $ 1.80 $
Conversion fee 3,0% to 4,0% 2.95% 2,49% to 4,99
Inactivity fee none, account closure after 3 years after 14 months $30/year after 12 months $1/month
PayPal Neteller Skrill

When you get right down to it, Skrill and Neteller are hardly inferior to their big role model PayPal in anything – apart from the fact that neither Neteller nor Skrill are prepaid. You can only use both wallets if you have loaded credit beforehand.

7.) Are there any costs when depositing with PayPal?

No – the transfer to an online store – to give an example – is free of charge at any time. The only exceptions are when you have your deposit settled via credit card. However, the fees are kept within limits, so that you cannot speak of a high financial contribution here. Otherwise, PayPal provides you with various services free of charge. Even the account opening is free of charge. There is also no inactivity fee.

8.) How fast is a deposit with PayPal alternatives in the casino?

In fact, methods like. EcoPayz, Neteller and also Skrill are preferred are preferred as a payment method in online casinos precisely because of the high speed. From the confirmation of the deposit amount to the crediting of your account usually does not take more than a few seconds. Since the booking is done in real time, you can get started right away and play with real money at your favorite casino.

9.) Can I also withdraw money with via PayPal?

Until the provider decided to leave the industry, this was actually possible at any time and without much effort. If you have made a deposit via PayPal before the cut-off date of 21.10.2019, you can now continue to have your winnings paid out – however, no longer to the wallet but via standard bank transfer or else Trustly. Questions about this will of course be answered by the chosen online casino.

10.) How can I make my PayPal account secure?

A high level of security is already given with PayPal because you do not have to pass on any bank data to the recipient. Once you have selected the payment method, log in with your username and a password of your choice. The latter should not be too obvious, because the more complex it is, the more difficult it is for unauthorized third parties to access your account. PayPal also points out the following detail on its security page:

You already have a password that not everyone can guess and don't give anyone access to your PayPal account. If you want it to be even more secure, we recommend PayPal's security key: a six-digit numeric code that is generated each time you log in and that you receive via SMS. Because it is only valid once, it is virtually impossible for someone else to log into your account.

11.) I have received a PayPal email with suspected fraud – what can I do?

There is also valuable information about phishing on the PayPal website. First of all, you can remember: PayPal will never contact you via email to ask for your password or other sensitive data. At the same time, the company takes care to intercept phishing mails and pass them on to the security department. The security department makes sure that as few fraud attempts as possible reach the customer.

Also important: As a matter of principle, do not follow any links in forged e-mails – even if they look deceptively genuine. Always use a new browser window to log in. In case of an alleged fraud, you can always contact PayPal support, which will immediately deal with the case and take legal action.

12.) Who do I contact if I have problems with PayPal?

As a PayPal customer, you always have the option to contact the support of the service provider. The employees are also and especially trained in payment methods. You can reach the company at any time without any problems. Here are the most important contact options at a glance:

  • By phone: Free of charge at the phone number 0800 – 723 -45 00
  • By e-mail: [email protected]

Postal contact is also possible, but is of little help to you in an acute case. After all, the goal of support is to help you as quickly as possible.

Our conclusion on PayPal casinos in Australia

Even after so many years, the e-wallet PayPal is still one of the most most innovative and, above all, most secure payment methods in Australia in Australia – and of course in the rest of the world. Certainly, the fees that arise from incoming money are not necessarily pleasant. Skrill and Neteller are the strongest competitors here, proving that it is also possible without costs.

All the more the fan community is currently mourning the loss of the reputable payment method. One consolation: with options like MuchBetter, EcoPayz & Co. you can now find really solid alternativesthat make transactions just as easy as PayPal has done so far. We can at least hope that it won't hit the ever-popular corporation too hard – especially with regard to the lawsuits that have yet to be concluded.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: PaypalAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐98%