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$Both Casinos without limits as well as those that adhere to the transitional regulations in Australia usually allow both deposits and withdrawals with the Neteller online wallet. The digital wallet offers both sides, players as well as casino operators, a high level of security. Transactions are also reliably carried out in real time.

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"My recommendation: even providers that are not licensed in the EU can be reputable. It is important that in principle a concession to offer casino games is available. From experience, Neteller itself attaches great importance to working with reliable companies in the gambling industry."
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Neteller introduces itself:

Pay even faster with Neteller Geldexpress

Speed is clearly one of Neteller's great strengths. Especially with the Geldexpress option offers the possibility, send funds to any recipient within seconds. recipients. This works super easy thanks to the Rapid Transfer payment method provided by Skrill and thus in-house.

The advantage: Even if the recipient does not have a Neteller customer account, you can send them a payment without any problems. Only the e-mail address is required for this.


Although Rapid Transfer is part of the Paysafe Group and is provided by Skrill, it can also be used as an independent payment method.

Some online casinos now offer their customers the possibility to process transactions via Rapid Transfer, even if they do not have a Neteller or Skrill account. The Geldexpress system is based precisely on this, but is primarily aimed at Neteller customers who only want to friends and acquaintances money to send friends.

In addition to the speed of Neteller Geldexpress, the protection of the funds is of course just as important. protection of the a role. Similar to the partner company Skrill, codes are generated that have to be entered before a transaction. This allows transactions to be transactions can be double-secured with little effort and the money is reliably received by the recipient. Under the Neteller Security page [2] explains which other "industry-leading" security systems are used and what advantages this has for fraud protection, among other things.

Buy cryptos with Neteller – that's what it's all about

Even if it reads like that at first glance: Neteller is actually not a crypto wallet in the true sense. Nevertheless, the company now offers its verified VIP customers the opportunity to buy real money credits in over 100 cryptocurrencies and hold shares in the coins – as a medium-term investment, so to speak. The re-exchange is possible at any time after a successful exchange rate change. Neteller itself explains its service as follows:

"With NETELLER's cryptocurrency service, you can use your fiat balance to buy cryptocurrencies – so you can hold shares in various cryptocurrencies. This gives you the option of instant, conditional or recurring purchases. You can also set up notifications (alerts) for specific price limits." [3]


The number of crypto tokens that can be purchased and the limit for the equivalent value depend on the VIP level reached. Clearly defined and transparent transaction fees should be noted.

Once again for understanding: the option is about a virtual Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other crypto trade. Thus, only a participation in known coins is offered, which can be quite worthwhile in case of an increase in value.

However, the tokens are not suitable as a means of payment. However, if the BTC rate should increase significantly, for example, a exchange back into euros is possible. In that case, you would have made a profit, which in turn could be used to play in the casino after the exchange.

This is how playing at Neteller Casino works

  1. Open the selected Neteller Casino
  2. Create customer account and log in
  3. Open cashier, select Neteller
  4. Enter wallet address (email) and amount
  5. Follow instructions, log in
  6. Confirm payment in Neteller account
  7. Automatic transfer to the casino
  8. Credit should already be visible now

Like all online wallets, Neteller can of course only be used as a casino payment method once a personal customer account has been created and deposited with any amount of credit – within the limits specified by the service provider. Both of these things usually do not take too long. How quickly money is booked on Neteller depends largely on whether a credit card, bank transfer or the in-house Rapid Transfer option is used for the deposit.

Basically, the Verification of the information can be postponed to a later date. However, if you want to use your account without any restrictions, you should upload the required documents directly at best and also send a current picture of yourself to the support. The processing usually takes takes about a week. This should be observed, since before no withdrawals of winnings are allowed that exceed the limit set by Neteller.

Although the amount is regularly credited within seconds, additional security measures sometimes take effect beforehand – including the sending of an individual code via SMS or alternatively via e-mail, which must also be entered to confirm the payment. With this procedure, Neteller provides the best possible protection for frequent and high transactions in particular.

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Please note:
Name, address and other personal data for the Neteller account must match those of the casino account. For reasons of money laundering protection, and ultimately also to guarantee the security of Neteller users, it is not possible to deposit funds from third-party accounts into the player account.

Top up Neteller account – easy and secure

On the fee page, all payment methods accepted by Neteller are listed. However, not all options displayed are available in Australia. Only after logging in does the company show the options that may be used in this country to replenish the Neteller Wallet. And this is how it works:

  1. Create customer account
  2. Only after confirming the email link, the account is active
  3. Enter any amount within the limits
  4. Carry out the transaction via Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, Trustly Rapid Transfer or credit card
  5. The duration of the credit varies depending on the preferred payment method.

Basically, Neteller customers can credit each other. Thus, there is the possibility to ask friends for money. This is simply and securely sent to the specified email address. Those who prefer the classic variant will benefit from checking the Check the fees carefully and compare. More favorable conditions come with Neteller especially to VIP customers.

Advantages & disadvantages of Neteller casinos

  1. What advantages does Neteller offer as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Neteller casinos?

1.) What advantages does Neteller offer as a payment method in the casino?

Both private individuals as well as businessmen can use Neteller versatile, since the acceptance is very high, especially in Europe. An account is suitable for playing in the online casino, but also for shopping and – thanks to the prepaid credit card – to Local payment for goods or services.

Receiving funds, such as a casino win, is free of chargewhereas sending and paying with Neteller funds incurs more or less high additional costs. Profitable here is especially the VIP program, because the more active customers are, the faster they enjoy more favorable conditions for all transfers.

Initially, payments may be severely limited. However, if verification is completed, Neteller offers one the greatest possible flexibility.

Good to know: The online casino is informed about the payment, but does not receive access to personal data – as well as the account balance available at Neteller.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Versatile and simple
  • Accepted by many gambling sites
  • High payments possible with verified accounts
  • New, high-quality security standards
  • Personal data remains anonymous
  • Withdrawal faster than with bank transfer


Especially when higher deposits to the casino are planned, Neteller offers the best possible protection through its authorization in two steps. First, the service provider recommends its customers to make their own password as complex as possible, so that it can not be guessed and cracked by anyone. Secondly, there is the six-digit verification code on smartphoneswithout which a transaction – especially for larger sums – cannot be completed.

Valuable tips are named on the page on the subject of security. For example, Neteller clearly advises against logging in from public computers. It also makes sense to press the logout button as soon as no further transactions are carried out. If you follow all the tips, Neteller offers you a really safe basis for playing in online casinos, but also for many other purposes.

2.) What are the disadvantages with Neteller casinos?

The advantages already outweigh the disadvantages at first glance. Neteller has established itself early as a established itself as a payment method in the gambling industry and is still available to customers from Europe despite Brexit – due to the merger with Skrill, the Paysafe Group as well as the fact that the company now also operates from Ireland.

One of the major disadvantages is the long list of fees. Many of the features offered at Neteller are fee-based, and you really have to look very carefully if you want to save as much money as possible. The deposit of funds alone hits most methods with 2.5% of the of the selected amount. If money is withdrawn, there is even a flat fee of up to USD 10 for bank transfers. It is significantly cheaper to apply for a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard as a physical or digital card.

These disadvantages must be taken into account:

  • Many functions subject to fees
  • Unlimited payments only after verification
  • Bonus offers often exclude Neteller
  • Support not optimal

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Especially important for questions: Customer service can be reached via a ticket system – in English and also only for already registered customers. Further contact details are not available on the website, which seems rather suboptimal for interested parties without an account. At least numerous topics are answered comprehensively in the FAQ section section, so that in general there are rarely any unanswered questions.

Is there a Neteller mobile app?

Neteller provides the mobile app for both Android and Apple devices in their respective stores. The download is free of charge Registration works the same way as on the desktop – with a valid e-mail, a few personal details and, of course, the choice of a password. [4]

The Neteller app offers these advantages:

  • Easy overview of income and expenses
  • Functions with desktop version
  • Available for all iOS and Android devices
  • Free download available
  • Account can be verified on the go

Neteller Mobile is a bit more compact, as the menu navigation adapts to the smaller smartphone or tablet screen. However, there is no lack of features here at all. Also mobile can be used via the personal wallet send funds to friends, make payments in the online casino and receive receive credit be received. Likewise, the exchange into cryptocurrencies mobile ready.

These fees apply with Neteller

The good news first: Both registering a Neteller account and sending money to friends is free with the provider. Casino players, on the other hand, should take a close look at the fees that Neteller charges for the following services, for example:

  1. The deposit of funds to the Neteller account
  2. Withdrawing money from or transferring money to current accounts and credit cards
  3. The use of the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

Interestingly, there is the possibility to switch from Neteller Standard to Neteller True to switch to Neteller True. With this status, customers save a lot of additional costs and can benefit from favorable conditions even without VIP level. For Neteller True customers, transfers are free of charge, and the Prepaid MasterCard Net+ is also provided free of charge in this case.

Switching is super easy. According to the company, all you need to do is download the Neteller app and verify your customer account. That's all it takes to save money in the long run.

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Tip about the Geldexpress feature: The fee for Geldexpress items is 1.45%. As early as June 2021, the price is set to increase significantly again, to 2.99% per booking.

Use Neteller with higher limits – only after verification.

When it comes to restrictions, Neteller acts similarly to its partner company Skrill. After all, Neteller became the payment provider's trademark a few years ago and has adapted in many ways since then. The limits apply until the provider has the opportunity to match the personal data.

Once all the information has been verified, the the limits can be increased with each VIP level. Which level you reach depends on your annual turnover and thus on your personal activity as a Neteller customer. It is important to send one of the following documents to the support via upload:

  • Passport (photo page)
  • Identity card
  • Or driver's license


Submitting a recent photo, which is also required, works easiest via the smartphone camera after downloading the Neteller app. Sometimes it may happen that further documents have to be submitted. Especially suspected cases of fraud are investigated very conscientiously by Neteller.

The verification is valuable even without VIP status, because with this standard customers automatically rise to Neteller True status.

As already explained, this status already eliminates the first fees or at least reduces them significantly. Especially for high winnings payouts from the chosen Neteller casino, a verified account is very valuable.

How secure is payment with Neteller?

In the course of our test, we have already pointed out the strict precautions of the service provider and found that Neteller supports its customers in the best possible way in complying with security precautions. In addition, the Paysafe Payment Solutions Ltd. platform, on which the payment method is built, is a regulated by the Irish Central Bank. Security is therefore a top priority here.

Funds cannot be reclaimedif it is a private recipient or an online casino. Customers should therefore check the transaction data and in particular the amount entered all the more closely. The payment is completed only after entering the login data and sometimes a six-digit code sent by SMS.

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And this is what Neteller users can do to protect themselves:

  1. Do not select passwords that are easy to solve
  2. Contact support immediately if fraud is suspected
  3. Never pass on personal data to third parties
  4. Check all payments before confirmation
  5. Change passwords regularly if possible

Tips & tricks for payment with Neteller

If you want to use your credit flexibly even locally, you should simply apply for a personal Net+ prepaid credit card. MasterCard is now accepted throughout Europe and even accepted by thousands and thousands of stores worldwide. Although there is a fee for providing the Net+ card, it is not too high and is especially far below the fees that are charged for individual transactions to the bank account or a classic credit card.


Especially with regard to the possible bonus exclusion, it makes sense to first look around in several Neteller casinos online and specifically deal with the bonus conditions there. Whether Neteller payments result in no welcome bonus being credited can either be found in the general terms and conditions directly, or asked specifically at the support of the preferred provider.

In the long run, customers benefit from the VIP programHowever, it makes all the more sense to verify as soon as possible. This should ideally happen long before a planned casino payout – not only because Neteller awards attractive bonuses, but also because credits are only possible to a limited extent as long as no data matching has taken place. Customers can find out which exclusive offers Neteller has in store by e-mail. For example, local sporting events can be attended at the house's expense upon personal invitation, just to name one reward.

The best Neteller alternatives

In the meantime, there are several wallets that have established themselves in the online casino industry. Neteller is still considered a pioneer, as the company is proudly two years older than its partner Skrill. In addition, various other providers have been launched on the market in recent years. Here is an overview of the most important ones:

If you think of Neteller alternatives, PayPal will probably come to mind first. However, for legal reasons, this pioneer of digital payments has largely withdrawn from the industry – especially in the European market.

Neteller FAQ

The Neteller website provides extensive information on limits, fees, functions and of course how to use the wallet in relation to online casinos. Our experts clarify any unanswered questions.

  1. Are there Neteller casino deposit limits?
  2. Is Neteller the same as Skrill?
  3. Why do I need to verify the Neteller account?
  4. Is Neteller available in all casinos?
  5. Can I save as a VIP customer?
  6. At which casino do I receive a Neteller bonus?

1.) Are there Neteller casino deposit limits?

bonus icon
After successful verification, the Neteller account can be used up to 600,000 USD per quarter – in the Exclusive Level. Deposits are therefore also possible with large sums, although many Neteller casinos set their own limits. In online casinos without a license, these are relatively high, as can be seen in the examples below. Providers operating under clear transitional rules, on the other hand, limit transactions to 1,000 euros per month. Here are some examples:

  • NYSpins: 20$ – 10.000$
  • VoodooDreams: 20$ – 10.000$
  • NetBet: 10$ – 1.000$

Basically, it is recommended for customers to verify their wallet account in a timely manner, because until this is completed, the limits are very sharply regulated and high deposits can then not be made as well as unlimited withdrawals of winnings.

Casinos that set high limits are not necessarily less reputable than those that limit payments to 1,000 euros. Here, whether the deposit is made via Neteller, Skrill or alternative methods, there is always the option to set your own limits in the account for self-protection.

2.) Is Neteller the same as Skrill?

Skrill App
In fact, there are many similarities between the two payment service providers, which now operate on the Paysafe Solutions platform and are therefore allowed to continue operating in Europe. For example, they offer an almost identical loyalty program is offeredNeteller states clear VIP levels, while Skrill primarily talks about the possible rewards without going into more detail about benefits for loyal customers.

Both companies have a VIP concept, but it is here that various differences become apparent. Neteller VIP levels are calculated according to the annual turnover, while Skrill carries out quarterly settlements. Neteller is much simpler in this respect, as 800 euros is already enough to reach the bronze level. Skrill, on the other hand, requires a turnover of 2000 Euros in 3 months. In the essential points, however, the two methods are now identical.

3.) Why do I have to verify the Neteller account?

The fact that the payment provider requires a data match is for its own security. Customers must always provide correct information. As long as these are not verified, both transfers and the receipt of funds as well as withdrawals with the Net+ prepaid credit card are significantly restricted. Anyone wishing to remove limits or at least have them increased should submit all the necessary documents via upload directly after the first wallet top-up, including

  • A copy of your ID
  • A recent photo taken by cell phone or web camera

The verification process can take several days, as the current address must also be the current address must also be verified. Provided that all data is correct, Neteller releases the customer account for higher transactions and withdrawals. Although the account can be used to a certain extent without data verification, the verification process has another advantage:

Only verified Neteller customers have the opportunity to participate in profitable VIP program of the payment participate. In this program, you benefit from more favorable conditions as well as from various rewards that can vary depending on the points balance and promotion.

4.) Is Neteller available in all casinos?

neteller icon
Despite the Brexit, Neteller – although it has its headquarters in Cambridge – can still operate in Europe and is therefore also available in Australia's online casinos. Why this is so can be answered relatively easily: Paysafe Payment Solution has moved its headquarters to Ireland and holds a banking license there. This means that transactions in Europe can continue to take place without any problems.

Players who have been using the payment method for years benefit from this decision in particular. As before, the selection of Neteller casinos in Australia is quite large, although there are some restrictions to consider for future licensees – including the monthly deposit limit in the amount of 1,000 euros..

Despite the high security standards and the numerous features as well as benefits, there are also operators that completely refrain from providing the payment method. One example are Crypto casinos, which generally do not offer classic methods – including Mbit or also Cloudbet.

More reputable Neteller casinos in the test

5.) Can I save as a VIP customer?

Neteller VIP
Neteller offers customers a versatile VIP program in four levels. Thus, the more frequently deposits and withdrawals are made via the wallet, the more benefits users can take advantage of. Among other things, this includes the increasing transfer limit per quarter, which is initially set at $15,000 or currency equivalent, but can be extended up to $600,000. This sum is possible in the Exclusive Level. In addition, loyal Neteller users benefit from VIP Manager and from lower transaction, withdrawal and exchange fees..

While 1.75% of the selected withdrawal amount is usual at the ATM in the Silver level, from the next level, Gold, only a flat fee of 6 US dollars is charged – regardless of how much money the customer withdraws. The exchange rate fee can also gradually drop from an initial 3.19% to just 1.29%. The savings potential with Neteller is therefore enormously high, especially in the long term.

6.) In which casino do I receive a Neteller bonus?

Unfortunately, both Neteller and Skrill, which is also part of the Paysafe Financial Group, are not available. excluded from bonus offers in most online casinos. So if one of the two payment methods is selected and a first deposit is made, it may well be that no bonus credit occurs. Similarly, ongoing campaigns for regular players, including reload bonuses.

Surprisingly, 20Bet is one of the few online casinos that are an exception when it comes to welcome bonuses. Namely, here also Neteller deposits are also rewarded with a starting balance – provided, of course, that the minimum requirements are met by the player. Depending on the campaign, the minimum required deposit amount can vary. Unlike many competitors, however, a bonus credit is always possible here with Neteller as well.

Conclusion on Neteller casinos in Australia

At least players who can do without a welcome bonus are well advised to use the Neteller payment system. The company offers customers numerous functions and even various optionsto reduce the usual transaction fees to a minimum.

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And: There is definitely one or the other online casino that also grants starting credits for Neteller deposits – including for example VoodooDreams.

For a high degree of flexibility is provided by the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. is taken care of. The annual fee can be described as manageable, and there is also further savings potential in this area for Neteller VIP customers. The only thing that needs improvement is the customer service, which should be available in Australian after so many years, but unfortunately is not yet.

Neteller has specialized in online gaming as a payment method, so that users benefit from their casino deposits and withdrawals in the long run. Time and again, the payment provider launches campaigns and awards both rewards as well as other rewards for loyal customers.. Neteller is in no way inferior to its partner company Skrill – regardless of whether it's about security or the versatility of the online wallet.






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