The best MiFinity casinos in the test 2024

As explained at the beginning, gradually other established companies in the gaming industry are also using MiFinity are gradually turning to MiFinity, as the method is very secure and offers both providers and customers significant advantages over better-known options. Even Bitstarz, the casino where cryptocurrencies are the main focus, allows players to make a real-money payment with MiFinity as an alternative.

The service provider itself is now in over 170 countries countries worldwide. Since Brexit, the legal framework for payment processing in Europe has been provided by the authorization of MiFinity Malta Ltd. by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Previously, MiFinity was active in the EU through MiFinity UK Limited, which continues to exist and is based in Ireland.

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In the course of our expert review we will look at further reasons casino operators to accept MiFinity – including, for example, the fact that the payment method can even be used to deposit bitcoins. even Bitcoins can be deposited can be deposited, and that even with companies that do not even offer cryptocurrencies as an option as such.

This is how the MiFinity deposit works at the online casino

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The first step to a successful casino deposit is also with MiFinity the Opening a personal customer account. In principle, a registration, following which credit may be deposited, should not take more than five minutes.

If the form has been filled in, it is only necessary to send an confirmed e-mail to be confirmed. As usual, the login data for later registrations are freely selectable. It is important to choose a password that is as secure as possible to protect both the access to the personal account and especially the funds on MiFinity.

Here all steps for MiFinity Casino deposits at a glance:

  1. Open MiFinity website and register
  2. Log in, select preferred payment method
  3. Fill wallet with any amount
  4. Choose your preferred MiFinity Casino, log in and open cashier
  5. Enter amount, complete payment via MiFinity

The whole process does not take long, provided that – provided that the decision for a MiFinity Casino has already been made.

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Our recommendation: The 2-factor authorization should be set in MiFinity in advance. For this purpose, in addition to the personal customer account, the Google Authenticator App which can be downloaded free of charge and installed on the smartphone. With this app, every booking is additionally secured according to the latest standards.

Loading credit onto the MiFinity Wallet

Since the payment does not work like a credit card statement or bookings via PayPal, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the offered options for topping up the MiFinity Wallet. to deal with. The list of methods is long. However, we want to focus on payment methods that are relevant for players from Australia:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • EPS (direct debit)
  • Giropay
  • Immediate bank transfer (Klarna)
  • Trustly
  • Crypto Wallet Bitpay

The fees associated with associated fees can help decide which option to choose. The costs vary from provider to provider, so if you take a closer look and especially in the long term, there is a significant savings potential here.

Advantages & disadvantages of MiFinity

  1. What are the advantages of the MiFinity payment method?
  2. Are there any disadvantages with MiFinity payments?

1.) What are the advantages of the MiFinity payment method?

There are some aspects that speak for dealing with the payment provider to deal with. Probably the most important plus point is that customers are free to create as many MiFinity accounts as accounts. This makes it much easier to manage one's funds. For example, those who need a separate account for each purpose in order to have a better overview can use this option with MiFinity without restrictions. Most alternative wallets, on the other hand, only allow one account per household, person and IP address.

Another point is awarded to the provider because. MiFinity is not exempt from bonus offers like other online wallets. is. So, if you make a deposit this way, you don't have to miss out on a starting balance or participation in promotions of any kind. As should be known by now, the situation is usually different with Skrill and Neteller.

MiFinity clients benefit from these advantages:

  • Quick and easy registration
  • Multiple accounts allowed at the same time
  • Casino deposits free of charge and in real time
  • Client account can be topped up with various methods
  • Send money to friends for free
  • Secure management of funds
  • Available in over 170 countries
  • No exclusion from bonus offers

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With the already mentioned 2-factor authorization MiFinity offers a very high protection of funds and therefore also of personal data. Only a few pieces of information are necessary to correctly allocate payments to the player account. However, MiFinity Casino does not get access to credit card or bank details.

2.) Are there any disadvantages to MiFinity payments?

Currently, the biggest disadvantage of MiFinity is probably the low distribution. Still, the selection of online casinos in Australia, that accept the payment method is not very large. However, in our ranking list you will find a solid selection of MiFinity casinos.

In contrast to alternative payment methods, especially cryptocurrencies, there are usually significantly lower limits not only for deposits but also for withdrawals. In addition, the processing time for withdrawal requests takes some time and is not in real time.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Loading and withdrawing money subject to fees
  • Not accepted by all online casinos
  • Verification can take several days
  • Withdrawals not in real time
  • Upper limits for deposits and withdrawals at almost all providers

What other functions does MiFinity offer?

Wallets, and thus also MiFinity, can be used in be used in many ways – and not only in selected online casinos. On the one hand, there are numerous features for the simple and secure management of the loaded funds. On the other hand, it offers the possibility, Credit at will to friends and acquaintances to send. All that is needed is the individual customer wallet address. This can be entered with little effort, so that the booking is completed within seconds.

Video tutorial: How to send money with MiFinity.

Also credit card transactions are also possible via the payment service provider. A clear distinction is made here between inexpensive private accounts and more expensive business accounts. The latter cannot be set up for free and come with certain fees, but of course offer users all the more functions and flexibility in return.

MiFinity app for mobile devices

Mifinity App
The MiFinity financial app is not tied to the desktop. Clients who are frequently on the go and would like to carry out mobile transactions can download download the free MiFinity app. This is offered for both Android as well as for Apple iOS systems, i.e. iPhone or iPad.

Both mobile apps can be obtained directly via the MiFinity website or alternatively in the respective store.. The download is simple and takes hardly more than a few minutes. Once the installation is complete, it is sufficient to log in with already created access data.

If necessary, for mobile payments a separate account can be set up for mobile payments. Just Mobile casino Here, too, customers benefit from the highest security standards as well as a high degree of flexibility.

Tips & tricks for paying with MiFinity

The advantage is that customers can easily track each of their transactions with the payment provider in their account – be it topping up credit or payments in stores and casinos. The cost control is therefore relatively simple. If you want to pay with MiFinity in the casino, you should choose a provider that accepts the payment method. On the other hand, a comparison regarding possible transaction always makes sense.

Further recommendations for payment with MiFinity:

  • Licensed casino that accepts MiFinity
  • Set up an account and fill up your balance
  • Ideally monthly limit for MiFinity payments
  • Compare fees compare the fees of the different casinos
  • 2-factor authorization activate
  • Regularly Payment history keep in view

The functionality of Bitpay should be familiar to players in particular, because those who use this provider always have the option of depositing cryptocurrencies instead of real money in online casinos. In general, however, possible fees should of course be considered and included here as well.

Alternatives to MiFinity

MiFinity is basically nothing more than a digital wallet. Many casino customers have certainly already gained experience with these. Alternatives to MiFinity with significantly higher awareness are among others:

Deposit BTC funds into the casino with MiFinity

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Meanwhile, more and more casino players prefer to use digital currencies – first and foremost the Bitcoin. The good news is that the payment provider MiFinity offers the possibility to deposit with BTC into the casino.. Companies in the industry that do not have crypto wallets themselves, and thus no cryptocurrencies in the actual sense, can thus be used thanks to the payment service provider even if credit is available in the form of BTC.

The crypto service Bitpay is currently supported by MiFinity. Via this service, it is possible to deposit Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies to the e-wallet. In the course of this, a conversion into euros takes place automatically. In addition, MiFinity accepts alternative real money currencies, including.

  • British Pounds
  • New Zealand dollars
  • Norwegian Kroner
  • Swiss Francs
  • Canadian dollars
  • Or US Dollar

just to name a few.

MiFinity Casino FAQ

From experience, casino customers like to use wallet providers for payment transactions. Especially in Australia, proven methods such as Skrill or Neteller are increasingly being dropped as an option. MiFinity offers a safe and easy alternative in modern online casinos. secure and simple alternative.

Before setting up a customer account with the payment service provider, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the following questions and answers to deal with:

  1. What are the fees at MiFinity?
  2. Are there any MiFinity bonus offers at the casino?
  3. What does 2FA mean at MiFinity?
  4. How long does a MiFinity withdrawal take?
  5. Is MiFinity really reputable?
  6. How fast do deposits with MiFinity work?

1.) What are the fees at MiFinity?

In fact Deposits and withdrawals via MiFinity are not free of charge. However, the costs can be described as manageable. For example, if a withdrawal to a bank account the payment provider charges a a flat fee of 1 euro The same applies to the classic Visa Card. The alternative Visa Interregional and MasterCard EEA are charged 1.75 euros.

The The amount of the deposit fee varies significantly more – depending on which bank or credit card is used for this purpose. Deposits via Giropay cost 1.8% of the deposit amount plus a flat rate of 25 cents at MiFinity. Advantageous: The complete list of fees is transparently on the website of the payment provider.

2.) Are there MiFinity bonus offers at the casino?

First of all, it can be stated that in connection with the payment provider MiFinity no special bonuses are are offered. Nevertheless, as a rule there is always the possibility to benefit from starting bonuses and other casino campaigns. Unlike the better-known e-wallets Skrill and Neteller, MiFinity is not excluded from such promotions. not excluded from such campaigns. Consequently, one is entitled to a bonus credit even if the deposit is made with this method.

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Our recommendation: Before choosing a payment method, casino customers should always take a detailed look at the bonus conditions. In transparent online casinos, it is explained in detail whether and which methods may result in no bonus entitlement.

3.) What does 2FA mean at MiFinity?

MiFinity complies with the current European security guidelines for payment transactions – also called PSD2. Behind this benchmark is the goal of reducing online fraud to a minimum and ensuring the highest level of security. To achieve this, since 2019 MiFinity, similar to many online casinos, relies on the particularly reliable 2-factor authorization, or 2FA for short.

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The type of authorization can be set here in just a few steps. First of all, the download of Google Authenticator is required. This app generates a new, unique security code every few seconds based on the payment provider. Only after entering this code during the MiFinity payment process can the booking be successfully completed. Since no access by third parties is possible, transactions are even more secure thanks to 2FA.

4.) How long does a MiFinity withdrawal take?

With waiting times of two to three business days should be expected by casino customers, because MiFinity is actually not quite as fast as cryptowallets have become known for. It is also important here that any bonus credited is fully wagered before the withdrawal request is made via MiFinity.

In addition to this challenge, the verification of the wallet is mandatory. The data is comprehensively checked by the payment provider's employees to ensure even more security here and to make sure that no errors occur during transactions that would sometimes cost customers a lot of money.

In general, the processing times can be compared with those of other online wallets, including Skrill or Neteller, for example. Thus MiFinity is still significantly faster than a classic bank transfer.

5.) Is MiFinity really reputable?

MiFinity is not only officially licensed by the FCA in Great Britain officially licensed but also by the Malta Financial Services Authority. This means that the payment system meets the highest European standards – also and especially with regard to money laundering protection and the best possible protection against fraud.

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For customers from Australia, the Regulation in Malta crucial. In this country, the company operates as MiFinity Malta Ltd, which is a 100% subsidiary of the original company NXSystems Ltd. NXSystems has been around much longer than the payment system. The operators therefore bring many years of expertise and experience.

6.) How fast do deposits work with MiFinity?

Important to know: MiFinity only allows payments if there are corresponding funds on the wallet. The provider therefore, unlike PayPal, not in advance.

Once the personal account has been topped up, transactions can be made in transactions in real time can be carried out. The 2-factor authorization process only takes a few minutes, because the booking is doubly secured, which ultimately benefits the customers.

If a credit is not visible on the casino account within 10 minutes, a credit note will help. Contact via form. The company has also set up hotlines for Ireland, Great Britain and Malta. In general, however, nothing should stand in the way of a smooth payment process with the reliable provider.

Attention: Payouts can take several hours, sometimes even days!

Other possible uses for MiFinity

Interesting fact: MiFinity covers significantly more industries today. The provider came to gambling later, because initially it had focused on completely different areas. Those who have set up a MiFinity account thus benefit from a high degree of flexibility and can use the account in many ways, as long as credit is available. Among other things more and more companies of the following industries accept MiFinity as a reliable payment method:

  • Travel agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Online stores of all kind
  • Banks
  • Online educational offers

Conclusion about MiFinity Casinos in Australia

Due to the current development on the gambling market MiFinity has the potentialMiFinity has the potential to gradually replace well-known online wallets – first and foremost Skrill and Neteller. The company, which until a few years ago was called NXSystems Ltd. experience in the field of digital payments and focuses on high standards, which are of great importance for the security of transactions.

So far, there are a manageable number of MiFinity casinos, but the transfer method is growing steadily, both among providers and users.

A big advantage compared to Neteller and Skrill: MiFinity payments are usually not affected by bonus promotions excluded from bonus promotions.

Those who are looking for secure solutions for deposits and withdrawals and on top of that with low fees MiFinity is definitely an alternative to the aforementioned providers!

Author: Jake ErvingRated was: MiFinityAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%