Payment providers – the best casino payment options

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Anyone who is interested in playing at online casinos is most likely pursuing the goal of picking up a win or two. All the more important to choose from the outset for providers who take it very carefully with the security as well as the player protection. This is especially true for the area of transactions, because after all, you don't have any money to give away.

The choice of payment methods is a good indicator of whether a casino is reliable or not. Of course, not every company necessarily has all methods in its program. However, the more versatile the cashier is set up, the easier it is for you to deposit money and, of course, withdraw winnings later on.

These payment methods can be found in online casinos

Questions about payment methods should ideally be answered by the support of your preferred casino. Basically, the methods can be methods can be divided into several main categories – for example, credit cards, the current account, prepaid systems and, last but not least, the now very popular online wallets.

SSL encryption is essential for all options, as this is the only way to protect your money in the best possible way. Especially when it is necessary to provide sensitive data, you should exercise caution when making payments. If credit card information or your bank details fall into the wrong hands, massive problems can quickly arise.

Therefore you should choose only providers with an EU license. They are monitored very strictly with regard to the means of payment, so that you can literally lean back and relax as a customer. Let's take a quick look at the common payment methods:


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At EcoPayz it is quite a popular payment method. You open a free online wallet and can fill it up with funds in various ways. Provided that the casino accepts EcoPayz, you select the option, enter an amount and log into your account with the credentials. There you confirm the amount to be immediately redirected back. The advantage is that the credit is received in real time on your player account. You are therefore spared waiting times. Fees are usually only incurred if you want to transfer paid winnings from EcoPayz to a credit card or account.


muchbetter kostenfreie Prepaid MasterCard
If you prefer mobile gambling, you should check out MuchBetter definitely know. The payment method is comparatively new, but offers users all the more advantages for it. In fact, it was developed specifically for online gaming. Winnings paid out, for example, do not have to be transferred at great expense. With the prepaid credit card, as well as a key fob, it is possible to to pay locally at any time. The website shows you exactly how to set up your personal MuchBetter account and use it for depositing as well as withdrawing in the casino.


Skrill, Neteller and PayPal fall into this category. An online wallet is basically nothing more than a digitally managed wallet. Once you have set it up and filled it, you can easily make deposits in most casinos using the methods mentioned – and of course withdraw winnings in the same way. However, PayPal has since withdrawn from the online gaming sector. Transactions are usually only allowed if the provider is a bookkeeper.


You prefer to remain anonymous and do not want to reveal your bank details to the casino right away? Then we can offer you the Paysafecard recommended. Such a card can be purchased locally in various denominations – starting at 10 euros. You do not have to provide any data there either, but simply pay for the card in cash. The amount printed on the Paysafecard printed code is entered in the course of the casino deposit, whereby you decide for yourself whether you invest the amount in full or in part. The only disadvantage: a payout is not possible on the Paysafecard.

So funktioniert die Zahlung mit Paysafecard

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INFO: As of October 15, all paysafecard customers must register with paysafecard. Of course, you can still pick up your paysafecard at one of the more than 70,000 sales outlets in Australia and enjoy all the benefits of this payment method, but you now need a free paysafecard account to do so.

Payments via bank account

A standard bank transfer can take several days. Many casinos therefore rely on alternatives such as Instant bank transfer, Giropay or also Trustly. All three options do not require registration. The service providers therefore work together with banks and savings banks without being tied to them. The advantage is speed. A deposit with Sofortüberweisung & Co. works in real time.. Fees are usually not incurred. However, it must also be said here that the payout is made by standard transfer. If you can be patient for a week, it's worth considering these methods as well.

Credit cards

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Visa and MasterCard are traditional means of payment, nevertheless they are only available to Australian customers in online casinos to a limited extent. The reason for this is stricter gambling regulations on the part of the legislator. In addition, you must be aware that with that with every deposit you will also incur fees. After all, you are taking a loan that must be repaid within one month. Moreover, a withdrawal is only possible on Visa. If you choose MasterCard, you will receive winnings classically to your checking account.

Which payment method is the best choice?

The decision is yours. Think carefully about the way you want to receive winnings, whether signing up with wallet providers really makes sense, and also take a look at what payment limits apply in the chosen casino. Once you have answered all the questions, nothing should stand in the way of the transaction.

Author: Jake Erving