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The direct debit method is one of the oldest payment methods ever. It is also referred to as ELV (electronic direct debit) or direct debit for short. Typically, you use this option mostly when shopping – and whenever you use your debit card instead of cash. However, very few people know that direct debit is often possible in online casinos as well.

In fact, more and more companies are now breaking new ground and offering you payment methods instead of ELV, such as Giropay or instant bank transfer offered. Basically, it does not matter which of the options you choose, because: All systems are processed via the checking account, so you are spared the need to register with e-wallet service providers. As a rule, the Payment in direct debit casinos free of charge. However, you may incur account maintenance fees over which the casino itself has no control.

The biggest difference between the ELV and a bank transfer is that you give the casino the order to collect the selected amount from your account. The method can only be used with a bank account that is issued in the same name as the player's account.

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The biggest plus is that with direct debit you are do not have to log in to the online banking systementer your data and confirm it. It is enough to tell the casino your IBAN. The amount will then be deducted from the account within a few days.

The disadvantage: You sometimes have to be patient before your account is credited. Sometimes it takes up to a week before you can play with real money in direct debit casinos. This is also the reason why ELV is offered by fewer and fewer companies in the industry. Instead, most casinos rely on much faster systems – including Sofortüberweisung, Giropay or even Trustly.

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How the direct debit works in the online casino

Direct debit is a relatively complex payment procedure that can typically only be used where you have the option of scanning your EC card – for example, at the supermarket or gas station. The magnetic strip on the card contains all the customer data required for the electronic direct debit procedure.

By entering this information, you authorize the seller to debit the corresponding amount from your account. You either sign this permission in writing, or you must confirm it by entering your pin. Only then can a direct debit be made. In case of insufficient funds, the booking will be returned. This will result in reminder costs, because most merchants will collect your data within a short time to get their money. That's just by the way.

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Precisely because a direct debit is only possible with the EC card, this payment method is hardly used in online casinos anymore. Instead, there are instant payment methods that are processed via online banking. Here you enter the EC card into the TAN generator to agree to the booking with the transaction number.

How the SEPA Direct Debit Works – Also in the Online Casino

Direct debit procedures – number in Australia by 2018

Published by Statista Research Department, this statistic shows the number of direct debit procedures in Australia in the period from 2010 to 2018. © Statista 2019.

Advantages and disadvantages of direct debit in the online casino

  1. What are the advantages of direct debit as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with direct debit casinos?

1.) What are the advantages of direct debit as a payment method in the casino?

Except for the high security, the ELV in casinos really offers you no advantages. For one thing, you have to place the order so that the casino can make a debit at all. For another, the direct debit takes significantly longer than depositing via Giropay, Trustly and Sofortüberweisung. Even if you look closely, you can't see any advantages in comparison with the mentioned alternatives – except maybe the fact that you don't need online banking and you don't have to register or log in anywhere.

At best, the system is really advantageous for the providers. Conspicuous players are noted in an ELV blocking file. This means that you may not be able to commission a direct debit in the first place due to insufficient funds or other problems. Service providers are protected against fraud in the best possible way by this procedure.

The most important advantages of direct debit at a glance:

  • Recognized by most banks
  • Mostly free of charge
  • No registration necessary

Those who use the electronic direct debit procedure for online shopping actually enjoy an advantage. Within six weeks, you have the option of booking money back. This is especially helpful if the seller does not ship your goods. The buyer protection does not apply in online casinos. Here you should be aware of the risk of losing money in the game. In principle, players do not have a claim for compensation. ELV is therefore no better or worse than Sofortüberweisung and Giropay in online casinos. Of course, the operators know this, too, and almost all of them now do without the provision of the direct debit procedure.

2.) What are the disadvantages with direct debit casinos?

First of all, it should be more than difficult to find an ELV casino in this day and age. For the reasons mentioned, most providers now refrain from making deposits via ELV. Another disadvantage is that – once you have found a casino – you will have to wait several days waiting time have to plan. Unlike Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, Trustly and well-known e-wallets, electronic direct debit does not work in real time.

You can save yourself the long wait by resorting to solid alternatives that are made available to you free of charge at reputable online casinos. The operators themselves also have good reasons to do away with ELV. After all, this would make it possible for any customer to cheat the casino – precisely because the return of the debit note is possible for six weeks without much bureaucracy. is.

The banks and savings banks handle your withdrawal request automatically, without checking whether a return is even legal. This fact has actually already driven some casinos into economic ruin in recent years. All the less companies you will encounter in Australia that still offer direct debit as a payment method today.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Is hardly ever offered anymore
  • Long waiting times
  • No payout of profits possible

To understand the abolition of direct debit in online casinos, you must first take a closer look at the definition of the payment method. On the page we have found the following explanation:

"In this procedure, the debtor signs an authorization to the beneficiary, who in turn submits it to the debtor's bank so that it can execute the credit memo. With the direct debit authorization, the payer gives the payee a so-called direct debit mandate. With the direct debit mandate, the beneficiary is supposed to debit the amount."

As fast as creditors are with direct debiting, they run the risk of being cheated by players. And there are no advantages for you with direct debit either – apart from the fact that you are spared registration as well as the online banking login. In terms of timing, the system is inconvenient. After all, the goal of most players is to be able to play with real money as soon as possible. But exactly this is not possible with ELV.

Tips & tricks for payment by direct debit

If you choose an online casino with direct debit, then you should make sure that your current account is sufficiently covered. Especially in the case of a direct debit return, you will incur enormous additional costs. And: You sometimes even run the risk of being reported for fraud. The casino credits the collected direct debit within a few days and relies on the fact that this money is actually available.

Should you charge back the credit, you make yourself liable to prosecution in this case. After all, you have already received your service in the form of the casino games. Even if you should be frustrated about losing your money, you are not entitled to a refund. That is exactly why it is called gambling. Of course, things are different when it comes to online shopping. If an item is not delivered, you logically do not have to pay for it.

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A comparison of different direct debit casinos can be worthwhile, because each provider has special bonus promotions in the program, from which you benefit especially as a new customer. There are now even companies that credit you the money directly.

Nevertheless, it must be said quite clearly that the search for direct debit providers is becoming more and more tedious – simply because alternatives like Giropay and Co. have prevailed over the classic variant. Those who insist on direct debit can of course contact the casino's support directly and ask there whether this payment method is also possible.

Direct Debit FAQ

In some casinos, the payment by direct debit is still made easy for you today. If questions arise on the subject, a support is available to you at reputable providers, who will be happy to help you with all the important steps. We will go into the most common questions about ELV in a little more detail here:

  1. What are the fees for a direct debit?
  2. Is there a direct debit bonus at the casino?
  3. Why should you use direct debit?
  4. Do casinos allow transactions by direct debit?
  5. How secure is direct debit?
  6. How long does a direct debit withdrawal take?
  7. Are there any direct debit alternatives?

1.) What fees are charged for a direct debit?

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Deposits are free of charge in almost all casinos. However, you pay at most banks and savings banks account maintenance fees – especially if you process transactions by direct debit. The exact conditions depend on several factors. It is best to read through your contract or, if necessary, contact the advisor at your credit institution. We have found a few direct debit casinos that all waive fees completely.

On a savings bank page we found the following notice: "If your account is not sufficiently covered, so that a direct debit cannot be debited, you may have to pay fees to the payee. However, you will not receive a Schufa entry because of a bounced direct debit. That only happens if dunning proceedings are initiated." The account must be considered basically covered to avoid trouble.

2.) Is there a direct debit bonus in the casino?

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As a rule, regardless of the payment method you choose, you can receive a casino new customer bonus apply. And of course, you are also free to participate in promotions. We did not find any special direct debit casino offers in our test. Ultimately, providers such as. Eurogrand decided to offer customers an additional bonus up to 15% when certain options are selected. However, it is currently not possible to make a direct debit deposit there. This makes it all the easier for most players to opt for a much faster and simpler alternative.

3.) Why should I use direct debit?

For those who want to save themselves the trouble of logging into online banking, ELV in online casinos is certainly a good option. Ultimately, the "work" in this case lies with the operator, because you only issue a direct debit mandate by entering your IBAN. The rest is then taken care of the online casino.

However, the electronic direct debit procedure is not more secure than other similar methods. Nevertheless, it is perfect for customers who like it convenient. If you have found a direct debit casino, you can usually store your bank details there for later transactions and do not have to enter the data every time. This saves time and in the end is very easy.

4.) Do casinos allow direct debit transactions?

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There are actually not too many companies in the gambling industry that process deposits by direct debit anymore. In principle, however, the payment method is of course allowed – at least by those providers who clearly state this in their cashier. So there's nothing to stop you from taking your time to go over the pros and cons once again, and then look for a casino with an ELV option if necessary.

It is importantthat the respective providers also in other areas, for example, with the game selection as well as bonus offers, convince. You should not insist too much on the fact that the casino must offer ELV. After all, there are more than enough other payment methods that work just as easily and usually even much faster than direct debit.

5.) How secure is the direct debit?

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Since 2014, direct debits have only been executed as SEPA mandates. This makes this system one of the most secure of all. By entering your account details or inserting your EC card into the appropriate reader, you authorize the recipient to make the direct debit. The posting is encrypted and so fast that access by third parties is virtually impossible.

The new IBAN replaces the previously required bank data consisting of account number and bank code. Both numbers are included in this number, with an additional key consisting of two digits and the country code. Each IBAN is thus unique and can only be decoded with an extremely large amount of effort. Also, the casino can of course only debit the amount from your account that you yourself have specified. Should fraud occur on the part of dubious providers, then you have whole 6 weeks time to get your money back. This is precisely what makes ELV very secure.

6.) How long does a payout by direct debit take?

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Since a payout by direct debit is generally not possible, the question is superfluous. If you have opted for direct debit in the online casino, then subsequent winnings will be transferred to you. The waiting times in this case are up to a week, although the providers have become increasingly faster in recent years.

Basically, you have to allow up to 24 hours for the processing of your winnings. A SEPA transfer within Europe should not take longer than one banking day today. However, we have also experienced casinos that take a few days just to process. Calculate with about a week until the credit, then you are on the safe side in terms of patience.

7.) Are there direct debit alternatives?

Yes, there are indeed. Both Giropay as well as Sofortüberweisung are two very good and fast alternatives to electronic direct debit. Although you have to log in to online banking to make a deposit, entering your pin and a transaction number protects the money even better – and it is credited to you in credited in real time. Also, you don't run the risk of a direct debit failing due to an unfunded account.

Sofortüberweisung and Giropay can only be used if you have sufficient funds. You therefore have full cost control. Trustly has also proven itself in the meantime. The system works similarly to Giropay, because for this you also do not have to register anywhere separately. You can find out which casinos offer Trustly on our pages.

Name Giropay GmbH Immediately AG Trustly Group AB

Frankfurt on the Main

Gauting near Munich

Stockholm, Sweden

Year established 2005 2005 2008
Supported countries as of 2018 Australia
Meanwhile also available in Austria via a connected system
Australia, Austria, Netherlands,
Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain
All EU countries plus Norway
Security TAN TAN Preferred authentication method
Costs for customers free of charge free of charge free of charge
Duration immediately immediately immediately
Can I make a deposit at the casino?
Can I cash out at the casino?

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer
Giropay Sofortüberweisung Trustly

Conclusion about direct debit casinos in Australia

Payment by direct debit is fast, secure and convenient. Nevertheless, more and more casinos are moving away from offering this payment method. Unlike you, the operators are namely not protected. If a debit return is requested by the player, the casino is left to bear the costs. In the case of non-existent creditworthiness, complaining won't help either, because most companies never see their money again, for which you offer players a certain service in the form of various games of chance.

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This is exactly why you will have a hard time finding direct debit casinos in Australia today at all. If you still prefer to deposit with your bank account, we recommend Giropay as a sWe recommend Giropay, Sofortüberweisung and Trustly as faster and more convenient alternatives..

All three options are provided in almost every casino. They are free of charge methodswhich allow you to start playing immediately. Direct debit is at best suitable for shopping in online stores or locally. As far as the gambling industry is concerned, we'll probably have to say goodbye to the system altogether soon – simply because it puts casinos at too high a risk.

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