Game offer test and comparison

After we had finished some test areas, the question was which online casino had the best and most extensive offer of games ready for you.

In fact, this topic is particularly important for most players. However, from the editors' point of view, some more relevant criteria had to be examined first.

The breadth and depth of the games on offer were our focus – and not just in the short term, because a snapshot alone does not provide meaningful results.

It was all the more important to observe all the tested providers for several months and see how they developed during this time.

Our results with a view to the best gaming offer:

As you will quickly realize, there is much more choice on offer today than 20 years ago. Gaming halls are now largely obsolete, because of course the local counterparts of the innovative online casinos can't come close to keeping up with the huge product portfolio.

Over the years the demands of the players have also become much greater. No one wants to stay at one and the same game for days on end anymore. Variety is what most casino customers want – and that is offered by reputable casinos in abundance.

It's not just about, for example, many different slots going available. Players love to discover new things. Accordingly, the operators of online casinos are now more challenged than ever to meet the high demands of their customers.

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The fact is: the more the casino offers, the more likely it is to win over new customers – and to retain regular players in the long term. Boredom must not be allowed to arise, because that would lead to a loss of members. Accordingly, a growing portfolio also has a positive effect on our scoring.

For you as a classic player, it is difficult to get a clear insight in this day and age. Comparing all casinos would cost you days, if not weeks. How good that our editorial team takes over this task for you. We have not only tested the providers for their versatility, but also subjected them to a detailed evaluation.

All gaming categories were scrutinized, categorized and tested in detail.

Our evaluation is based on these criteria:

As already mentioned, the test of the range of games is about both breadth and depth. The aim was to find out what options are available to you in the various online casinos – and how all providers ultimately fare in a direct comparison.

By "breadth" we mean the selection of gaming categories available to you in the online casino. Often, the companies specialize in one category, for example roulette or slot machines. Others offer a bit of everything – which is not necessarily worse.

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The more game types are offered, the better the provider performs in our test. However, the points are of course not awarded according to this criterion alone. We will explain why in more detail below.

Some of the really big online casinos provide you with several main categories and up to 10 subcategories to choose from. starting with slot machines, up to table games (partly divided again) and last but not least jackpots. In addition, there are special areas such as a live casino, dedicated poker sites, sports betting and much more.

Betamo game categories

Image above: Shows the gaming sections of the Betamo Casino

As a rule, players immediately get their money's worth in these casinos – regardless of their own tastes, which are usually met. Especially the providers that rely on several software partners are very versatile in terms of game breadth and thus absolutely appealing.

In the next step, we turn our attention to the said depth of the offer; which means we look at the number of games that are available in the individual sections.

One can assume with multi-brand casinos that several hundred slot machines from different manufacturers are offered. However, when it comes to other categories, the differences between the providers are clearly visible.

Slots section particularly versatile

Whether classic or modern: No one can get past slot machines in an online casino. Here, the operators and especially developers simply have the most possibilities to vary themes as well as functions. This means that every taste – from the animal lover to the action fan – can be effortlessly covered.

Also in terms of betting options are Slots Casinos are particularly flexible. High rollers are welcome to invest a few hundred euros and more. At the same time, the focus is on beginners, who often get by with one cent per payline.

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The challenge of every online casino is to to offer as many betting options as possible – to cover and satisfy players with any budget. On the other hand, there are of course the win and payout ratios, which we have looked at in detail in a separate section. They also ultimately have an influence on how good or bad the gaming offer is rated overall.

The fact is: The more an operator goes into depth with its game selection, the more pleasant it is to visit the casino. After all, gaming should not become monotonous.

This was also the reason for us to observe the development of all casinos over a long period of time. It quickly becomes clear which company is attentive to the demands of its customers – and which likes to take a little more time with the introduction of new games.

blackjack cards
Especially in the classic categories, such as for example Roulette and Blackjack exotics" are extremely popular. At this point, not only the creativity of the software forges is in demand, but it also counts which gaming options the casino ultimately includes in order to entertain its players well.

Some operators come up with all sorts of highlights to keep their customers happy in the long run. For example, social games are introduced that don't have much to do with classic casino operations. Of course, the classic games are still very popular. And the more variants are offered, the more points our editorial team can award.

The best online casinos licensed in Malta

MGA Malta Gaming Authority
All it takes to offer good games is obviously the Maltese license.

Without them, it would be difficult for the operators to make the portfolio available to Australian players. Incidentally, most software companies also secure their concession there – as well as in Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or the UK.

After all, what good is an extensive game portfolio if you don't have access to it? The requirements of the Maltese MGA are very strict. This means that you will not only be offered many games, but also extremely attractive ones.

The safety has the highest priority when playing. Above all, the regulation of casinos and software groups is therefore enormously important, because it decides whether you as a customer can play legally and thus also claim real winnings.

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First and foremost, you should have fun playing at the online casino. This is also the aim of the developers, who make their machines and sometimes even classic tables very entertaining. Funny themes, appealing side bets and Co. are the secret of popular casinos.

Despite everything, the seriousness and especially the seriousness must of course not suffer from the humor that many online casinos incorporate. After all, the fun is over at the latest when supposedly attractive games end up paying nothing.

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The trend of the last few years clearly shows that live games are particularly sought after. Just a short time ago, such an extensive selection would have been unthinkable. This is exactly the reason why we stay tuned permanently instead of relying on a snapshot.

Live games have the advantage that you compete in real time against real croupiers and dealers. This provides a realistic atmosphere that is otherwise only offered to you in local casinos.

But of course, virtual table games also have their appeal. Part of the good gaming offer is the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all games free of charge. In most reputable casinos, this is the case – although there are differences in whether you have to register beforehand or not.

The technology continues to develop rapidly. Standstill you will thus not experience in the best casinos. At the end of the day, companies handle their own progress in their own way. Some providers could happily step on the gas a little more, while at others you can't keep up with testing new games at all.

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The most popular live classic is, of course, roulette. If you love this game, you should compare providers directly with each other. How extensive the game offer is also depends on the cooperation of the software. Particularly experienced in the field is, for example Evolution Gaming.

Just a few years ago, it was hard to imagine that live gaming would eventually mean more than roulette and blackjack. Today you can find various other table games – including Baccarat, Poker and sometimes even exotics like Sic Bo.

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In recent months, we have not only tested huge online casinos with extremely deep and broad game offerings. Specialists that focus on Novoline or Merkur games, for example, also receive a high score from us.

The reason: Such "special" providers are still not available on every corner. The fact that they were able to achieve a cooperation with the big brands like Merkur, clearly speaks for their seriousness. And of course, this must not be neglected in all the game options.

At this point, we would like to point out once again that the range of games does not have to be just right in terms of breadth and depth. The quality as well as the odds are in the foreground for us. After all, even the funniest slot is of no use to you if it doesn't yield any winnings.

In the following we show the most important game categories

  1. Slots
  2. Roulette
  3. Blackjack
  4. Poker
  5. Video poker
  6. Keno
  7. Sports betting
  8. Bingo
  9. Lotto
  10. Jackpot Games
  11. Other table games

1.) Slots

slot machine icon
In online casinos the game offer often consists of more than 50% of the Slots . This section should really not be missing from any provider.

There are of course good reasons why slots are more popular than almost any other type of game. Software developers can use all their creativity in this area. Both thematically and in terms of functionality, most slots go far apart. And that is exactly what appeals to a very broad target group.

Online casinos that score high points with us convince with a wide range of slots – originating from the best developers that Europe currently has to offer.

No matter if Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Merkur or any other manufacturer : each of them gives its slot machines its own characteristic and thus a special a special recognition value. The test of individual casinos showed which companies are very quick to expand the range of games and in the best case even increase the quality.

oculus rift icon
Although the technology today is far advanced, classic slot machines with simple mechanics as well as three reels still enjoy great popularity. What makes a good online casino is that it offers a balanced range of slot machines instead of rejecting "old" games directly.

In terms of depth, clearly no section comes close to the slot machines. There are simply no limits to creativity here.

Even non-specialized casinos usually always aim to surprise their guests with new slots on a regular basis.

2.) Roulette

roulette table icon
Most players know roulette only as a simple game table with always identical rules. How versatile this classic can be is proven by the online casinos tested by our editorial team – together with the partner software.

First of all, it is important for good providers that they provide the roulette section in the broad range of games. With this, half the battle is already won. Now, of course, we know that you as a player will at least know American and European (French) Roulette, provided you have already dealt with the table game.

How much an online casino or software company can go into depth with roulette was impressively proven to us in the test. Not only do the tables look graphically flawless, they were also equipped with additional and side bets, a turbo function and many other extras. equipped. Plus points are awarded to casinos that have multiplayer tables on offer – in the best case, those to which you can invite your friends directly.

multiball roulette
Do you already know Multiball Roulette? Here you are given the opportunity to play several rounds of the game in one.

Several balls are thrown in at the same time, so you can win many times in the same time. And this is just one example of the depth that could be achieved in the roulette section today.

3.) Blackjack

Blackjack is still the most popular card game in online casinos – next to poker, of course. It is quite amazing how far developers can go in depth with this simple classic.

Until a few years ago, even we wouldn't have believed the possibilities offered by such a simple game. Today Blackjack in every good online casino mostly as a virtual version, but now also more and more often as a live casino variant, in which you play against a real dealer.

4.) Poker

poker chip icon
Poker is, when you get right down to it, not common to online casinos. Professionals usually meet online on special poker sites, but the card game is also increasingly offered in classic operations. The advantage to the digital version: you have ample opportunity, to get to know the rules of the game and strategies free of charge.

Some of the providers we reviewed actually operate their own poker casinos which are aimed specifically at experienced players. If you are playing for the first time, we recommend that you do not necessarily join the "pros" right away.

It makes the most sense to take a leisurely look at the range of games offered by your preferred casinos. If the company offers a separate section for poker, this clearly speaks for the depth in this area. Plus points are given for a large selection of game versions, minus points if poker is generally not available.

Ultimately, one must not forget that a reputable online casino should at least offer the common games. Although poker can hardly be called a classic online game, today the card game is simply part of it.

5.) Video poker

video poker icon
Last but not least, let's take a look at the video poker section, which is also very popular among many players. Unlike classic poker, this one is not played against the house – which has an incredible number of advantages for beginners.

The aim is to use five cards on the screen to make the most valuable hand possible. valuable hand possible. In a swap round there is a chance to get the best out of the winning hand. Because of the simple basic concept, video poker is very entertaining and should therefore not be missing in any online casino.

Once again, we take a look at the depth of all providers. The more variants are offered, the better.

deuces wild logo
Common in video poker are additional chances. The best example is Deuces Wild, because here you can achieve smaller winnings with just two deuces. Video poker is also popular because no high stakes are required are required.

6.) Keno

Keno is one of the most popular number games – also and especially in Europe. The objective of the game in the classic variant is to is to select between 2 and 10 numbers and mark them on the betting slip, which offers a total of 70 numbers. Each system is rewarded with different odds, whereby it is of course important to guess as many of the marked numbers correctly as possible. Today, the classic Keno is no longer offered only by the state lottery, but can also be found in many online casinos.

The odds of winning when playing keno actually depend on how many numbers you tap. If you go for all 10 and are right with all 10 numbers, you can look forward to gigantic payouts. One advantage of Keno is that playing is also worthwhile for beginnerst who want to start small. If you search a little, you will find numerous variants today as well as numerous online keno casinos which are even more profitable than the standard version thanks to additional betting options.

7.) Sports betting

online sports betting
Bookmakers have been around for decades. Meanwhile, you no longer have to go to the local betting shop to place sports bets. In addition to slots and roulette, many casinos offer you the option to bet on all kinds of games and events. bet on all kinds of games and events. Especially the British bookmakers are up for any fun. With tips on the royal couple, the names of the soon to be born heir to the throne and Co. soccer, tennis and other sports are almost forgotten in a little.

More versatile than in the online betting shops you can hardly place your bets. Not only are there more options here than with local providers, but the odds are also a lot higher. That is why sports betting is now an integral part of numerous gambling providers and vice versa.

8.) Bingo

Bingo was long frowned upon as an "old people" game, but today it has made a name for itself among the younger generation of casino players. The old classic has the advantage that it is literally child's play to learn. can be learned. You buy a bingo card in the online casino. Various numbers are printed on it.

Once all participants have the card in front of them, the bingo draw takes place, with a new ball landing in the grid every few seconds. If the numbers drawn match those on your bingo card, you will mark them. If you get five horizontal, vertical or diagonal hits, you have a B-I-N-G-O and can look forward to a win.

Today, various variations of the classic bingo variant await you in modern online casinos. This is precisely what creates a special tension when playing, which is also the reason why more and more younger players love the classic. Here you will find the best bingo casinos online.

9.) Lotto

lotto 6 out of 49
Lotto really knows everyone – most certainly from the state lottery, which is represented in all federal states. The fact that you can also play lotto online makes things interesting.

Here you not only have the chance to win fabulous prizes twice a week, but several times a day. The virtual lottery tickets can be filled out manually or via Quicktipp. In addition to the well-known 6aus49 concept, there are also more and more variations, thanks to which excitement arises in online casinos. Those who have committed themselves to the classic may, as usual Select 6 numbers and a super number.

If the tips match the draw, a prize beckons. Online Lotto has, to be clear, nothing to do with the state offer. It is also rather rare that you become a millionaire. Solid payouts are nevertheless possible, so it is absolutely worth trying out the alternative to the traditional Lotto 6aus49.

10.) Jackpot Games

win icon
The jackpot category shows how important it is for casinos to go in depth. With only two or three games in this category, it quickly becomes boring – even when it comes to winning millions. So the more jackpot games are offered, the more points the provider has earned. Especially are of course the progressive jackpots, which rise to immeasurablewhich can rise immeasurably. At least they do until they are cracked by a player.

We are interested, firstly, whether jackpots are represented in the game offer at all. The more, the better. Once again, our focus is also on the seriousness and fairness of the casinos, because a top prize held out in prospect is only meaningful if it eventually becomes the property of a player – and then, of course, is paid out directly upon request.

As is already evident, many factors play a role. Game width and depth alone are far from being meaningful. That's exactly why you'll find a final overall evaluation here, which takes all criteria into account.

11.) More table games

gambler 3
At this point, at the latest, we check how much the game offer can really convince in breadth and depth. It is clear that a good casino cannot do without roulette and blackjack, at best Baccarat can do without. However, we have located various providers that offer you much more than just the three "classics". More and more often Asian dice games are offered, for example Sic Bo. And other table games are also gaining more and more popularity.

Which "exotics" a casino offers depends on various factors – including its target group. Some companies are active far beyond European borders and naturally have to offer their players a corresponding selection of classic games.

search icon
Overall, it can be said that there are enough alternatives besides the three main games. For example, those who like craps or other dice games has, it is worthwhile to compare several online casinos. Of course, that is exactly what we have done. Our editors even went one step further and directly checked the quality of all games.

In order to give more expression to the depth and breadth, good providers should always present the latest games directly – on the homepage, or in a separate category. This saves you the long search for interesting and current games.

There are certainly many a casino whose range of games goes far beyond the categories mentioned above. However, our claim is that at least these game options are offered.

win icon
Another important criterion are Betting and winning possibilities. Due to their complexity, the odds are deliberately dealt with in a different test area, while the betting options naturally always resonate in the gaming offer section.

What makes a reputable online casino is that it does not basically demand high stakes from you, but instead adapts to the needs and possibilities of its customers. At the same time, free games should also be available for practicing and having fun.

By the way, we also have to award plus points to casinos that have exclusive games in their portfolio – i.e. slots or classics that have been specially tailored to the provider. Here, Mr. Green is a pioneer, because together with Net Entertainment, they have already added several exclusive games into the portfolio.

The area live games was deliberately given extra consideration by us, as it plays an immensely important role for the popularity of casinos in this day and age. You can find out more on our pages.

Author: Peter McCollin