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When it comes to typical gambling games, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is Black Jack, poker or also Roulette in the mind. Lotto perhaps less often, although it is so widespread. However, this is sometimes also due to the fact that there are lottery monopolies and thus lotto can be played quite normally even in the kiosk, which of course does not apply to roulette.

This gives Lotto a completely different reputation, but it is still nothing more than a game of chance. It involves a large amount of numbers, from which a certain amount is drawn at random. If the player has matches on his ticket with these numbers, then he can look forward to a win. Lotto is a game of chance played by millions of people worldwide.

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The history of Lotto

The name "Lotto" should be familiar to everyone. Behind it is a relatively simple word. "Lotto" is Italian and refers to the French "Lot", which can also be translated as lot, but equally as a game of chance. Strictly speaking, games that resemble lotto have been around for thousands of years.

One example is Kenowhich has its origins in ancient China. In Europe, the first lotteries began around the 17th century. Since then, a lot has changed, but the basic idea has always remained the same. Lotto can also be understood as a lottery game. Today there is the state lotto, but also internet lotteries. Also in online casinos you can find more and more different forms of lotto games.

How to play? The rules of Lotto

  1. The structure of Lotto
  2. The course of Lotto
  3. The winning possibilities of Lotto

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Although Lotto is a game of chance, it is by no means witchcraft and very simple to play. The rules are already known to most people anyway, because lotto is also very much anchored in everyday life and there are weekly lotto draws on television. There are the draws and the lottery tickets with whichwith which the players can place their bets. Depending on the amount of numbers and the stake varies in each case the profit. The lower the probability, the higher the possible prize in the end.

1.) The structure of Lotto

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Lotto can come in quite different forms, as they are played differently across countries. In Australia prevails the form of 6 from 49.

This means that there are a total of 49 numbers from which six must be correctly predicted. However, the probability of this is extremely low, which is why winnings are paid out even for less correct tips.

First, there is the betting slip, on which there are several fields with 49 numbers each. In this way, a player can also place several tips, whereby a stake is also due for each one. Six boxes are ticked per field of 49 numbers. In addition, there is also an extra number that can be ticked. This also requires a bet, but can increase the winnings even more.

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The draw is then made once or twice a week. Mostly on Wednesday and Saturday in Australia. The 49 balls are in a drum. Six numbers including the additional number are drawnso that the players can match their picks with them.

2.) The lotto process

Lotto can also be played from home. Lotto acceptance points can also be kiosks, for example. First, a lottery ticket is filled out. How many fields a player wants to play is up to him. Once he has finished his bet, he hands it in at a lottery retailer. He pays the stake and receives a confirmation slip at the same time.

If the player wins, he or she can use the ticket to confirm the win and have the money paid out. In the meantime, however, lotteries can also be played online, so there is no need to go to a lottery retailer.

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The draws are held once or twice a week. These are often broadcast live on television, which also underscores the importance of the lottery. The numbers of the week are drawn at random from a drum. Whoever matches the numbers can look forward to a prize. This starts from 2 correct including the super number. For this, there is the lowest prize.

3.) The winning possibilities of Lotto

As with all other types of games of chance, winnings are calculated according to the respective probabilities. The less likely a win is, the higher it will be. In addition, the stake also determines the winnings. However, this cannot simply be increased, but only determines how many fields can be played on a betting slip.

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From 2 correct numbers and the super number there is a first win. This then goes on and on. 3, 4, 5 and 6 correct. With the bonus number, the prize increases once again. The highest winnings come with 6 correct numbers and the super number.

For each of these winning classes there is a kind of jackpot or minimum winnings. If the jackpot is not cracked, it increases progressively and is higher the next week. Partly it has already jackpot winnings of over 100 million have been won.

Lotto tips, tricks and strategies

The chances of winning the lottery are not necessarily small. The question is rather, in which winning class one will land. 6 correct numbers do not bring the highest profit without reason, because the probability is very low. According to the fields on the ticket, the player can decide for himself what risk he wants to take with his picks.

A One way of increasing the odds is to join a betting syndicate.. In this case, several people join together and buy a larger amount of lots. In this way, the chances increase. If there is a very high profit, it is divided among the players.

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