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If you're in a casino, you'll see more than just the tables for roulette, Black Jack and Poker. Very often baccarat is also played, which is always a little less known than the other games of chance, but basically can not be excluded from the casino.

It is a card gambling game, which at least in parts has similarities to blackjack, but in itself has its own dynamics. The peculiarity of Baccarat is that for the most part the player doesn't have much to do and can make simple betting decisions must make.

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Although there are in Baccarat the parties player and bank, however, are played at by the dealer. Baccarat is easy to learnbut with experience the feeling for the peculiarities of the game increases. Today, Baccarat can also be played in online casinos. For beginners this also offers the advantage that they can practice for free.

The history of Baccarat

Both in terms of the exact origin and the time, it is not known exactly where Baccarat has its origin. One assumption is that it already existed in the 16th century. The name would then derive from Baccara for "zero".

Another theory is that the origins lie in the city of "Baccarat". One can really trace the path of Baccarat since the beginning of the 19th century. Bit by bit, the game has made its triumphant march across the world and is played mainly in casinos.

How to play? The rules of Baccarat

  1. The structure of Baccarat
  2. The process of Baccarat
  3. How does the dealer play the two hands?

1.) The structure of Baccarat

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Baccarat is classically played on a semi-circular table, similar to Blackjack. On the round side, the respective players sit with their fields in front of them.

In the middle of the long side the dealer takes a seat and controls the game and the bets from there. The space in front of the dealer is divided into the Fields for players and banker.

However, player does not mean one of the players at the table, but a betting option. The actual players have accordingly three fields in front of them, on which they can bet. Once the field for the player bet, then still for the bank bet and also for draw, which can also occur. Six packs of French playing cards with 52 hands each are usually used.

2.) The process of Baccarat

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The objective of the players is to predict the outcome of the hands that will be played by the dealer for the player and the banker. The winning hand is the one that comes closer to 9 points. Ties are also possible.

A round of Baccarat always proceeds in the same way. First, players bet on whether the hand played by the banker or player will win, both of which are played by the dealer. Likewise, the draw option is also possible if both hands will reach the same score.

After betting, the dealer places two cards two cards in the player and banker boxes. Now the dealer adds more cards or leaves the hands as they are. This depends on the specific rules of Baccarat, which specify exactly when more cards are added. At the end, the dealer announces which hand has won. This also lets the players at the table know if their bet was correct.

3.) How does the dealer play the two hands?

An important aspect of Baccarat is the question of how the two hands are actually played. As with Blackjack, this is not left to the pure goodwill of the dealer. According to the rules, the dealer has very precise instructions to which he must adhere. After both player and banker cards are dealt, the player's hand is evaluated. Then the banker's hand.

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All cards have certain values. The Ace counts for one point, the 2 through 9 each count for 2 through 9 points, and the 10, Jack, Queen, and King cards count for nothing. The 9 points are basically the goal. For example, if a hand consists of 4 and 9, the actual score is 3. The points are first added and then if the 9 is exceeded, another 10 is subtracted. (4 + 9 = 13; 13 – 10 = 3).

A straight eight in the hand is a Le Petit, while a straight nine is called a Le Grande. If one of these two values occurs immediately at the beginning, the game is won immediately for the respective side.

After the first two cards are dealt, the round is not automatically over. First the dealer evaluates the player's hand. If the values here are 8 or 9, the hand wins immediately, unless the banker has more or the same number of points. If the hand has 6-7 points, no additional card is added. At 0-5 points, another card is drawn. For example, there are cards 7 and 5 for the player, then another card is drawn.

The banker's hand is valued a little differently again. This remains at 7, 8 or 9. If there is a 6, another is drawn if the player's third hand was 6-7. This relationship continues for other values as well. For a 5, another card is drawn if the third player's card was a 4 through 7. Or on a 4 from 2-7 or on a 3 from 0-7. If the banker's hand is 0-2 points, another is drawn regardless of the player's hand.

If you bet on the player hand and win, you get the regular winnings. If the the banker's hand, there is a 5% commission for the bank and the casino.

Baccarat tips, tricks and strategies

  1. No bet on a draw
  2. Play Baccarat for free

1.) No bet on a draw

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A very important tip for baccarat beginners is that the bet on a draw tends to be avoided. is to be avoided. Of course, it can happen, but the chances are very small. The payout is 8:1 or sometimes 9:1, although the chances are less than 10%.

? Accordingly, the draw is not a real alternative to the two hands.

2.) Play Baccarat for free

Today, everyone can also play baccarat in the online casino from the comfort of their home. This has several advantages. Above all, however, most casinos also offer that you can play Baccarat for free there. So if it's purely for fun, this is of course a great alternative.

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For beginners, however, this also offers the chance to play in peace and quiet, because practice makes perfect!

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