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Details about Keno


Min. bet: 0,01$
Max. Bet: No limit
Max. Win per round: 1.000x
Payout Ratio: 99%
Free spins:
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The most Keno will be no foreign word, because the game of drawing numbers has a long tradition. On blockchain basis, crypto casinos now offer the opportunity, Keno as a Mini Game with any digital currencies currencies and enjoy winnings of up to 1,000 times the stake with a house edge of just 1%.

Keno is so appealing for in-between games because you don't have to wait for special bonus features like jokers and free spins, nor do you have to follow a certain game strategy. Despite all this, players can expect a mental challenge with keno, because: Depending on the choice of the general betting setting, the winning odds vary more or less.

If you don't just want to set the reels in motion, but also want to give your mind a bit of a workout, keno is the perfect alternative to slots. After all, balancing costs and benefits can be a real challenge.

Play keno online – best keno casinos May 2024

Apparently, crypto keno is a real classic among blockchain-based mini games, because the release is provided by numerous providers in the industry.


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Casinos that offer other Keno variants

The history of Keno

keno 1955 Bavaria first draws
The origins or at least a kind of precursor of the game can be found as early as ancient China. It is said that the game was introduced as early as 2200 years ago for the purpose of to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China.

But the game at that time was about 120 Chinese characters, which were pulled out by pigeons one by one. Therefore, the game is also called White Pigeon Game and is still played in a similar form in China.

Keno found its way into the world around the 20th century, when it came from China to the USA, where it was also played in casinos. However, the characters and numbers were replaced and also minimized. The name Keno is often mistakenly interpreted as being of Chinese origin, but actually only suffers from "Quine" or "Quinterne", which in French means 5 out of 90 correct numbers in the lottery.

How Keno works

The game principle of the classic Keno as a crypto game can be quickly internalized. Between one and ten numbers can be clicked on the playing field, which contains a total of 40 numbers. More numbers lead to a higher win rate, provided that in the subsequent draw all match.

After the choice is made, risk management can be performed. Players have the option with crypto keno, classic, low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk, which basically which basically has an impact on the winning odds. The probability of winning does not depend on this, but it changes depending on the number of activated numbers that participate in the draw.

Once this step is also done, the round stake can be adjusted again if necessary. After that it is enough to click on "Bet"to start the draw. If you want to make it easy for yourself, you have the option to make a Quicktip with random numbers with random numbers.

Like all crypto games, Keno is also demonstrably fair. In the Auto Play feature, there is also the option to make settings and simply run multiple draws without manual confirmation.

Overview Keno winning odds and chances with 10 numbers

Risk level Classic Low Medium High
Odds / Probability 2 hits / 1,10x / 31,07% / /
Odds / probability 3 hits 1,4x / 28,82% 1,20x / 28,82% 1,60x / 28,82% /
Odds / probability 4 hits 2,25x / 14,71% 1,30x / 14,71% 2,00x / 14,71% 3,50x / 14,71%
Odds / probability 5 hits 4,50x / 4,24% 1,80x / 4,24% 4,00x / 4,24% 8,00x / 4,24%
Odds / probability 6 hits 8,00x / 0,68% 3,50x / 0,68% 7,00x / 0,68% 13,00x / 0,68%
Odds / probability 7 hits 17,00x / 0,06% 13,00x / 0,06% 26,00x / 0,06% 63,00x / 0,06%
Odds / probability 8 hits 50,00x / 0,002% 50,00x / 0,002% 100,00x / 0,002% 500,00x / 0,002%
Odds / Probability 9 hits 80,00 x / 0,000035% 250x / 0,000035% 500x / 0,000035% 800x / 0,000035%
Odds / Probability 10 hits 100x / 0,00000012% 1.000x / 0,00000012% 1.000x / 0,00000012% 1.000x / 0,00000012%

Keno free test – simply without risk

If you thought keno was a game for "old people", you will be surprised at the options and winning possibilities may surprise you a little. There is actually more to consider than with many other blockchain-based mini games.

To find out how many numbers are best to play and what the impact is when changes are made to numbers or even risk levels, there is a free variant in selected crypto casinos. Officially, you remain in real money mode, but the bet can be reduced to 0 – regardless of which cryptocurrency has been set.

Most crypto casinos require that a customer account is created. However, no further obligations go hand in hand with this. Also, the demo version of Keno has not been restricted – so it is ideal to look at all options and contingencies in detail.

Growing winnings with fewer numbers

Not only as a crypto variant Keno – so also in the original – is based on the principle of chance.

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Means in plain language: The more numbers you include in the bet from the 40 available, the lower is logically the probability that exactly these numbers will be drawn.

But what does this mean for the player? To illustrate this, it is best to make a simple comparison:

  1. Bet on 4 numbers: Already with two hits, an odds of 1.7 is paid out when setting the medium risk. If you hit all four numbers, you win your bet back 100 times. If the betting risk is set to high, only four correct numbers will result in a win with odds of 10.0. Keno pays out the stake 259 times if all four numbers are correct.
  2. Bet on 10 numbers: Three hits are necessary this time to achieve odds of 1.6. 10 hits lead to 1,000 times the payout for medium and high risk bets.

The example shows that the maximum odds are higher with 10 numbers up to 1,000x – precisely because, according to simple probability calculation, the chance of actually hitting all the numbers is low.

Many players don't think much about the effects of choosing more or less numbers in Keno.

plus icon
A clear plus point is that Krypto Keno displays all odds in a transparent way, which makes it easier to find a happy medium for yourself.

What does the risk setting mean?

In the table above, when comparing the risk levels, it is directly noticeable that the higher the the higher the risk level is set, the higher the odds will be. is set. Basically, this means that a higher risk level automatically has a positive effect on the odds. In return, however, it is less likely to see quick successes.

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To come back to the comparison: At the highest risk level, keno generally pays out only when four numbers match the drawn ones. At the lower level, two matches are already enough for this, and the odds are correspondingly lower.

If you don't have any experience with crypto keno yet, you are welcome to go the classic way bet. This comes the odds and probabilities of the original very close and can be the best setting in the medium term, if you do not want to deal intensively with the subject matter, but just want to have a little fun.

Keno FAQs

  1. Is crypto keno comparable to the original?
  2. What is the minimum number of keno numbers that need to be selected?
  3. Is Keno a multiplayer game?
  4. For which devices is Krypto Keno suitable?
  5. Which Keno risk variant is the best?
  6. Are there any special Keno strategies?

1.) Is Crypto Keno comparable to the original?

The principle of Keno as a crypto variant and the social game, as it is offered for example by lotteries, is quite similar. In both forms of the game, the challenge is to be right with one's to be right with your number tipwhen the 10 out of 40 numbers are drawn.

Also, in lotto keno, a variable number of numbers can be tapped – another parallel that connects the game with blockchain-based crypto keno. However, the winning opportunities are a bit different, and also the fact that keno online is takes place not just once a week, but permanently, makes one of the most important differences.

2.) What is the minimum number of keno numbers that must be selected?

The game remains inactive until at least three of the maximum ten allowed numbers are clicked. The providers mark selected numbers in color, which makes it easier to keep track. If there is a hit, the corresponding number lights up. The number of hits that result in a payout depends on the risk variant. At lowest risk, two matching numbers are sufficient, for the variant, at least four numbers must match. match.

3.) Is Keno a multiplayer game?

The keno version with blockchain technology, which is played for various cryptocurrencies, is not designed for a multiplayer mode. This means in plain language that each participant plays for himself alone and thus ultimately does not have to wait for any bets from other participants. Thus, everyone is allowed to choose their own pace for the settings, and the draws take place at the push of a button.

4.) For which devices is Crypto Keno suitable?

The casinos known to us and tested by our team of experts are the following crypto casinos all have a mobile web app based on HTML5. Thanks to this, it is possible to play keno not only on the desktop, but also on any device – whether PC, smartphone or tablet.

The playing field is scaled down to the corresponding screen size. In addition, players at Keno Mobile benefit from a very simple menu navigation, which does not differ too much from the one offered on the desktop. The wager, numbers, risk level and, if desired, the autoplay function can be set via touch.

5.) Which Keno risk variant is the best?

We can't give a recommendation, because in the end, every user who dedicates himself to keno has different demands on odds and winning probabilities. The classic risk level is certainly a good option for beginners. But the three alternative variants can also be very appealing once you have gained some initial experience.

6.) Are there any special Keno strategies?

Keno demands some decisions from its users. Strategic thinking can be helpful here, because depending on the setting, the profit potential sometimes varies significantly. However, there is no secret recipe for this classic game. In the end, chance always decides whether the chosen numbers are drawn.

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Good to know: There are no higher costs if you choose ten numbers instead of the minimum required three.

Video: The streamer JuicyFruityyy plays in the BC. Game Casino Keno and winning (from 5:20 min)

Conclusion about Keno in the online casino

Once you have familiarized yourself with the special features of the Keno crypto variant, you will quickly realize that the classic game has a very special dynamic has. It is precisely this that ensures that there is no monotony even during longer game phases.

In principle, keno cannot be described as a complicated crypto game, but there are significantly more settings – and thus decisions – to be made than in other crypto games. blockchain mini-games the case.

Due to the fact that the house advantage is only one percent, Keno game rounds can quickly prove to be a profitable pastime profitable pastime. Nevertheless, it should not be disregarded that this is a game whose outcome depends on random generators and where a portion of luck certainly cannot hurt.

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