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When it comes to gambling in movies, for example, to create a lot of suspense, then in the fewest cases bingo is used for this. Poker is used more often, Blackjack and roulette are used. Bingo doesn't quite have the coolness factor that comes with the other games, at least pop-culturally, but is actually a very popular game worldwide.

It is played in many places. This can sometimes be the retirement home, but also in the casino bingo always has a fixed place safe. The relationship with the lottery is obvious and and the game has been around for almost 100 years.

Today, moreover, it is not only played on site in casinos, but also on the Internet. Online casinos offer bingo, which can usually also be played on a smartphone. So in between times a round is always possible.

The history of bingo

Unlike some other games of chance, bingo is still relatively young and also relatively well documented. Although the origins are already a little further back, but the name Bingo is said to have been officially called in 1929 have been.

The US American Edwin Lowe is responsible for this, who observed a group playing a similar game with beans at a market in Georgia, calling out the term "Beano". Lowe wanted to use this for his rounds of the game as well, but one participant is said to have called out "Bingo," which Lowe thought was the better call and name. Since then, bingo has spread rapidly, eventually through casinos.

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How to play? The bingo rules

Bingo is not exactly rocket science and the rules are very easy to learn. Therefore, it is often played by older players, as the game is not particularly complex at any time or requires major decisions. Of course, it can theoretically be played anywhere, but without the balls it doesn't make much sense. The situation is different in the online casino.

The structure of Bingo

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Bingo is a related game to the lottery and therefore and therefore quite similar in structure. There are 75 balls, which are all numbered with the continuous numbers 1 to 75. are. These balls are taken care of by the caller. They are placed in a container where they can be mixed up properly. Naturally, this is best done in a drum, which can be rotated. The numbers are then drawn from this drum one by one and read out.

Besides the balls in the container, there are also the playing cards, which are there for the players. On such a there are usually 25 squares, which are evenly divided 5×5.t. In each field there is a number that can potentially be drawn. The 75 numbers are divided into five number fields, each of which stands for a letter in the word "bingo". Once the cards and balls are in place, the game of Bingo can begin.

The course of Bingo

A round of bingo can take some time. The goal is to mark certain patterns on the playing cards. A number can be marked (ticked or circled) when that number has been read out by the caller. Once the required pattern has been reached, you call out loud "Bingo" and you win.. In each round there are new cards and also patterns.

A round thus begins with the player receiving a card on which various numbers are depicted. Now the caller starts drawing numbers and reading them out loud. This happens approximately every fifteen seconds. After a number is drawn, it does not return to the drum for that round.

The players have to be quick to catch all the numbers and also mark them quickly. In the end, the first player to call "bingo" is the one who decides in case of doubt. This can be a bit unusual, especially in the beginning, because each ticket also has the numbers arranged differently.


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Bingo tips, tricks and strategies

Bingo is clearly a game of chance. It seems as if the players do not have much in their own hands. However, this is not entirely true. At least to some extent, there is something you can do to become a better bingo player. Or at least there are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Choose cards yourself
  2. The amount of bingo cards
  3. Experience playing bingo
  4. Bingo online or offline

1.) Choose cards yourself

The balls in bingo are drawn completely randomly. It seems as if the player could not have any influence here at all. While it is possible to hope, this has never proven to be an effective means in gambling. In fact, the possibilities here are also limited. But that doesn't apply to the game tickets, i.e. the second factor in playing bingo.

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"There are casinos where you can choose these game tickets yourself. Here it is recommended that one choose cards with the largest possible number differences. In theory, it is said that this way you take advantage of chance as much as possible. In fact, however, you can't improve your chances with this, because the balls basically don't care what was drawn before." Peter McCollin – Casino Expert and Author

2.) The set of bingo cards

Depending on where you play, it might be important to pay attention to the bingo cards that are already in circulation. So, if there are a lot of players in a round or a lot of tickets are already gone, of course, the chances of winning decrease accordingly. After all, bingo is also played against other players, who in turn tick the numbers. Fewer cards mean more chances.

3.) Experience in playing bingo

What you can definitely do in bingo is train your experience. This is basically done by playing very often. This basically involves the game tickets, which after all must be filled out yourself, unless an automatic online version is played. Speed is of the essence here.

So from the beginning you should learn to to have a good overview of the numbers on the cards. It helps more if you do it calmly and try from the beginning to have every number in view and not frantically chasing through the rows.

4.) Bingo online or offline

Nowadays, the question arises again and again whether you dress up and go directly to the casino or play comfortably online, for example from the computer or even the smartphone. Both are possible without any problems. Online has many advantages. There is a large selection and you can play at any time.

However, it is also interesting in the casino and of course a completely different gaming experience. In addition, bingo is also not quite as nerve-wracking as, for example, roulette or blackjack, which is why even beginners can dare to try.

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