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Basically everyone knows the card game poker, even if not everyone should have played it yet. The game has developed a popularity all its own, far beyond that of other games of chance. One of the reasons is that poker is not really a game of chance. actually not a game of chance at allsince the own ability is in demand. Through television and movies, poker has become a star among possible leisure activities. But of course, it is predominantly still played in casinos or special poker sites.

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The game is easy to learn and some of the rules are intuitively easy to understand, for example that a pair counts more than a single card of the same symbol. This makes poker interesting for both professionals and beginners as well. But between learning the game and actually being able to play it, there is often a world of difference. Here is often also a lot of experience required, without which ultimately little can be done. Even after years, professionals can always learn something. Every round has its own excitement and of course there are real chances of winning.

The history of poker

The exact origins of the card game are not known or at least, as with many other games, cannot be accurately dated. A possible predecessor is the French game Poque, known in Australia as Poch, which at least also has a etymological connection can be deduced. It is said to have found its way to America in the 19th century via French settlers, where the game of poker then developed in various forms.

For example, there is the Stud Poker or also the Draw Poker. Known, however, especially the Hold'Em variants. The real breakthrough had poker but only from the middle of the 20th century. Previously it was considered rather negative as a game of chance, but since then the image has changed a lot and poker has gained recognition.

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How to play? The poker rules

Poker and the usual variants are not witchcraft. Basically, the rules can be learned quickly, as they often show similarities to other games. For example, the combination of two and three cards of the same rank is also known in other games. However, applying the rules is another matter. The player has basically limited possibilities as far as his cards are concerned.

Poker is a game that is more about what is done with the cards and what stakes are put on the table. That's why it's not a pure game of chance, since players have clear options, for example to play aggressively or passively to play, in order to classify so the own chances better.

The Poker Rules

  1. The structure of poker
  2. The course of poker
  3. The aim of the game

1.) The structure of poker

Basically, poker is played with a normal 52-card hand of French cards cards. There are no jokers. In some variants, more or fewer cards can be used. In addition, there are different value chips that are used for betting and represent amounts of money.

French playing card hand

Picture above: You can see the French playing card hand based on the heart suits six through ace.

Poker is usually played at an oval table. On one long side sits the dealer, who deals the cards and supervises the betting.. Around the table, the players take their seats and can place their bets one after the other.

Poker table at a poker tournament
The number of players is not necessarily fixed. Often, however, up to up to eight or ten players at a table. seat. In principle, of course, poker can be played at any table, since the playing material – in contrast to roulette – is quite clear and portable.

In casinos, however, there are usually the right tables. And even in online casinos, operators and manufacturers attach importance to a well-kept table with the typical green coating.

2.) The course of poker

Poker is played in individual rounds, where in each round the goal is to be the last player left. This can usually happen with the best hand, but is not necessarily necessary, especially in poker. The only important thing is that the other players give up their hands and you are left at the end. This can also be the case with a bad hand with skillful bets.

Procedure of playing poker

Beyond the individual rounds, the entire game is also considered. Thus, a player usually leaves the table as soon as he has no more bets available. The last player at the table then won similar to the individual rounds. This then also means that he took all the credits of the previous owners. Players must play bets in each round, which are then given to the winner.

  1. A round runs so that first the two players to the left of the dealer must make bets. These are the so-called small blind and big blind. These increase over time so that players are forced to play higher stakes and there is a progression in the game. In the next round, the game moves on to the next players by posting the blinds. After the blinds are on the table, the dealer deals two cards face down to each of the participants.
  2. Now it is the turn of the player after the big blind player to place his bet. This continues in the same order.
  3. After that, the dealer three cards face up in front of him. This is the so-called flop. These community cards are valid for all players.
  4. Once again there is a betting round.
  5. After that a fourth community card, the turnis laid out.
  6. Then there is another round of betting and the last community card, the last community card, the Riveris dealt.
  7. Now all remaining players must reveal their cards.

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Each player is now dealt the best hand from his two cards and the five community cards. are dealt. In poker, hands consist of a maximum of five cards.

3.) Goal of the game

The objective of the game is to have the best hand at the end when all cards are down, or to be the last player remaining. In the betting rounds, players also have the possibility of being eliminated from the round because they may not consider their hand to be too good. If all but one player drops out earlier, not all community cards need to be revealed.

The winner receives all bets placed in the round up to that point. A betting round is over when all players have played the same amount or only one player remains because all others have folded.

The betting rounds in poker

  1. Check
  2. Bet
  3. Call
  4. Raise
  5. Fold
  6. All-in

While a round is being played, you can bet up to four times. This increases the pot bit by bit, which will be cleared by the winner at the end. If a player wants to stay in the game, he must call the previous bets. If he does not, he is eliminated for that hand. There are several ways players can do this.

1.) Check

If no player has called the bet in online poker you can check. This keeps you in the game, but does not raise the bet itself. Check cannot be played if a previous player has bet or raised. Then you must call or be eliminated. Theoretically, all players can check in a betting round, so that the pot does not increase further.

2.) Bet

Bet means that a player has played a bet, which must then be called by the following players. The poker player bets a certain amount, so that no one can check afterwards. The amount can be as high as the player has credit.

3.) Call

When a player has played a bet, the following players must at least call to stay in the game. A call means that you play the required bet, but do not raise it.but not raise, and continue with it.

4.) Raise

The Raise is basically self-explanatory. If a raise was announced, the player increases the required bet, but must but must at least double the bet amount. Several raises in a row are also possible. The following players must then bet this new amount.

5.) Fold

Who fold means that you fold from the current hand. This means that you do not want to pay the required bet or even check. The player's own cards then come out of the hand. However, the player's previous bet remains in the pot.

6.) All-in

A All-In means that a player bets his entire balance as a wager to play a bet or raise with it. In No-Limit Texas Hold'em, it can also happen that a player can no longer call, but then has the opportunity to at least participate in this round with an all-in.

The card options in poker

The question of how players actually size their bets is related to the cards they have. Those who have strong cards can basically play more risky and play poker more aggressivelywhile a weak hand has to be careful. Of course, you can also bluff by betting a lot on weak cards even though you don't have much. However, if in the end it comes down to the fact that several players are still active in the hand when the last community card is revealed, the strength of the available cards decides. This is made up of each player's own two cards and the five table cards. There are the following card options:

The poker card options

  1. High Card
  2. One Pair
  3. Two Pair
  4. Three of a Kind
  5. Straight
  6. Flush
  7. Full House
  8. Four of a Kind
  9. Straight Flush
  10. Royal Flush

1.) High Card

Poker Highcard

Strictly speaking, the High Card is not a combination at all, because it is simply a single card. So if a player doesn't have at least a pair or some other winning combination, he will still have a High Card. If two players have a high card in the showdown, the higher card decides. For example, the king beats the nine. If both players have the same high card, the second highest card decides.

2.) One Pair

Poker One Pair

One Pair is when the online poker player has a pair of two cards. One Pair is stronger than any High Card. So two fives beat an ace. If both players have One Pair, the higher cards decide.

3.) Two Pair

Poker Two Pair

At Two Pair the player has two pairs at his disposal. Two Pair is stronger than One Pair. If both players have two pairs, the player with the highest pair decides. If they are identical (for example, both players have two queens), then the low pair decides. After that, the high card would decide.

4.) Three of a Kind

Poker Three of a Kind

If a player has three cards of the same rank, then one speaks of a Three of a Kind. This means that the player also beats Two Pair. A Three of a Kind can be, for example, three Jacks.

5.) Straight

Poker Straight

Straight basically means a straight. It consists of five consecutive cards. This can be three, four, five, six and seven, but also eight, nine, ten, jack and queen. The suits do not matter. Clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts can be present in the straight. Straight beats Three of a Kind.

6.) Flush

Poker Flush

The suit of the cards becomes very important in the flush. The flush describes five cards of the same suit (that is, clubs, spades, diamonds or hearts.). The individual values do not matter. So it can be 4, 7, 9, Queen and King. If all cards are hearts, for example, it is a flush. The flush is stronger than straight.

7.) Full House

Poker Fullhouse

The full house is known, similar to the straight, from many other games. It is basically a mixture of Three of a Kind and One Pair. So three of a kind and two of a kind cards. It doesn't matter what values and suits these cards have. A full house of three aces and two kings beats the flush, as does one of three fours and two fives. The value of the triple only becomes important in a direct comparison of the full house.

8.) Four of a Kind

Poker Four of a Kind

Also Four of a Kind is basically self-explanatory. This means four cards of the same value, one more than the three of a kind. Such a quad can consist of any values, as long as they are four of a kind. So four of a kind is the seven or four of a kind is the queen. The Four of a Kind always beats the Full House. Only if two players have Quads, the direct comparison decides.

9.) Straight Flush

Poker Straight Flush

The straight flush is the same as a flush, except that there must be consecutive cards. All cards must be of the same suit (hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs) and must also form a straight. So Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven or Eight, Nine, Ten, Jack and Queen – but both in only one suit. The Straight Flush beats Four of a Kind. In a head-to-head comparison of two straight flushes, the one with the higher final card wins.

10.) Royal Flush

Poker Royal Flush

The straight flush is made with the Royal Flush The Royal Flush is extended to include both the same suit and consecutive cards. But not just any, but the highest of the game – so Zehn to Ace. The royal flush beats the straight flush. If there is a Royal Flush on the board, i.e. the five community cards, there will be a split pot for the remaining players.

Poker tips, tricks and strategies

Since you play poker with many other players, it is all the more interesting and the less you want to lose yourself. Since poker is not a pure game of chance, it makes even more sense to ask if there are certain poker tips or poker strategies exist. For this everyone can read up himself or gets advice from the Poker Alliance Viadrina e.V. (the The global poker strategic thinking society – gpsts – teaches people how to apply poker strategies every day; see more at In fact, there are such. Basically, some of them are presented here.

  1. The game with probabilities
  2. Playing poker offline or online
  3. Playing poker for free
  4. Bankroll management in poker
  5. Gaining poker experience

1.) The game with the probabilities

The question is, when do you actually play poker online well? Whenever you win? In fact, this is not the case and it tends not to be seen that way. Anyone can lose at poker, because even though it is not purely a game of chance nobody can influence the cards or his fellow players. If you have bad cards and it comes to a showdown, then you lose.

Poker hand Probability
Royal Flush

icon information small

Highest suited straight 0,000154%






Straight Flush

icon information small

Straight suit 0,00139%






Four of a Kind

icon information small

Four of a Kind 0,024%






Full House

icon information small

Three of a kind & a pair 0,1441%







icon information small

5 cards of the same suit 0,1965%







icon information small

Straight 0,3925%






Three of a Kind

icon information small

Drilling 2,1128%






Two Pair

icon information small

Two Pairs 4,7539%






One Pair

icon information small

One Pair 42,2569%






High Card

icon information small

Highest card 50,1177%






So the question is not necessarily whether you have good cards, but what the player does with his cards. For example, if you have a flush and bet big, you're still playing well even if your opponent has a full house in that hand. There are cards that you just don't throw away, while others you shouldn't bet. So winning a hand is not the main factor in whether you played well.

This is because poker is a matter of probabilities. The better your cards, the more likely you are to win. So if you try to get through a good hand, you tend to play well. But, of course, it has to be seen in context and how the other players act.

2.) Playing poker offline or online

An important question is also whether you should play online or offline. This is basically also a matter of taste, but especially for beginners it can be useful to first try on the computer or even with friends at the table, before it gets down to business in the real casino. Online has the advantage that the clothes do not matter and you can also stop at any time.

Online poker vs offline poker

But if you sit at the table directly in the casino, you have to be neatly dressed and of course you are also more exposed to the pressure of the situation. A very essential factor in this question, however, is also the bluffing. Poker lives from the fact that you try to read your fellow players. This falls in the online poker variant almost completely. You have to learn from previous games, but you can't see your opponent.

3.) Play poker for free

If you just want to play for fun, you can of course just start playing poker and don't even need to worry about the right stakes. There are enough possibilities to play poker for free. This is also offered in many online casinos with machines. For fun, this is sometimes enough, but especially for beginners it can be useful to try only with play money. The possibilities are given for this in any case. In the real casino, however, not.

4.) Bankroll Management at Poker

Especially beginners tend to be rather flippant with their bankroll. This can be very cautious, because you do not want to lose your balance, or very aggressive, because you want to push the other players out. Neither of these is sensible if you are not careful. You have to learn good bankroll management in poker. First and foremost, this means that you always know exactly how many chips you have left. Beginners in particular can often only estimate this to a limited extent.

5.) Gaining poker experience

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The most important tip: If you want to get better at poker, you simply have to practice practice practice! And a lot of it, whether offline or online, whether for money or not. The experience is a very important asset to be able to assess which cards can be used how sensibly and how it behaves with the stakes.

Above all, you should also learn from your fellow players and opponents. You can also look over the shoulders of poker professionals, for example at tournaments that are also broadcast on the Internet, in order to learn something from them or to develop a better feel for the game.

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