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When it comes to gambling and especially casinos, there is especially next to roulette another game that symbolically stands for these things. We are talking about the card game Blackjack, of course. This is offered in casinos all over the world and is of course also available online in casinos. It is a card game of chance, in which the individual rounds are very short and the game objective is relatively clear.

While Blackjack is mostly found in casinos, there are also numerous variants or relatives of it that are also known in normal households. In Australia, this is mainly Seventeen and Four, which is also about the 21 points that need to be reached. On the one hand, the player aims for this score, on the other hand, it is simply a matter of having more points than the bank.

Thus, each round is always exciting in its own way. Here you will find all the information about this game to get started yourself.

The history of Blackjack

Geschichte von Blackjack
Unlike some other games, some of the predecessors of Blackjack are still played today.

The father of the game is considered to be the French card game "Vingt et un", which means nothing else than twenty-one. And there you can already see the closeness to the Australian variant "Siebzehn und Vier".

The game is said to have emerged in the 18th century in France, where it was played mainly at court.

Over time, the game also found its way across the Atlantic to the USA. There, the step into the casinos was not far, where it finally found its way as blackjack and has lost nothing of its popularity to this day. Interestingly, the game of 21 points is not the original idea. Before that, there was already the "Trente un" in France, where up to 31 points were played.

The spread of Blackjack in the 19th century in the USA was much easier than Roulette, because only a deck of cards is needed for it and no gaming table. It is only in the last ten to twenty years that the game has changed once again in that it can also be played online blackjack is available.

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How to play? The rules of Blackjack

Blackjack Anleitung
Basically, Blackjack is a very simple card game that anyone can learn in a very short time.

But even if it is simple in principle, each round can be completely different, because of the many possible combinations. many combinations are possible due to the many cards are possible, which a player gets uncovered in front of him.

So the goal of 21 points is not so easy.

In addition, it gets its charm from the fact that you play with the bank, which also has cards. The bottom line is that it takes some time for a player to actually develop a feel for blackjack in order to better assess their chances.

How Blackjack is played

  1. The structure of blackjack
  2. The process of Blackjack
  3. Play Blackjack for free – without registration
  4. The cards in Blackjack
  5. House advantage and the dealer's action
  6. Insurance, splitting, busting and doubling down
  7. Payout in Blackjack

1.) The structure of Blackjack

As a rule, Blackjack is played on a semicircular table. On the even side are the dealer, who deals the cards and represents the bank. The round side of the table is reserved for the players, who can sit here evenly facing the dealer. Usually up to seven players can sit at such a table, but sometimes there can bebut sometimes there can be fewer. Especially in online variants, you may also simply play alone in the software.

The table itself is covered with the typical green coating (sometimes blue), on which markings can be seen. On the one hand, there is the area for the respective bet, but also for the cards that the player receives. The dealer's cards are placed in front of him.

In online blackjack it often looks the same, but sometimes the table is not shown, so that simply cards for the player and the banker are displayed.

2.) The process of Blackjack


Tend to sometimes state the objective of blackjack differently. It is to getting as close as possible to 21 points. The best way to do that is with a ten and an ace, which would give you a blackjack. Basically, however, it is also just about having more points than the dealer, so that you can win the round. In any case, it is also the goal to never have more than 21 points, as this would immediately lose the round.

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Important is
The game is not a game of roulette, but it is a game in which several players can sit at the same table, but the players play against the bank and not against each other. Practically, however, there are, unlike in roulette, very well correlations, because all players play with the same decks of cards. Thus, all revealed cards will be important.

There are also Blackjack tables in the casino, where visitors can play passively can play. These then have the opportunity to also place bets with a player, but without playing themselves or having a say. Basically it is a kind of bet on the respective player.

3.) Play Blackjack for free – without registration

Before the round begins, players place their bets. There is a designated space on the table for this purpose. Of course, when playing in the online casino, there is no need to place the bet exactly there, as it happens automatically. After all bets have been placed, cards are dealt.

All players and also the croupier receive one card each. Afterwards, the players can still decide whether they want to have more cards or not. They can also choose decide to split or double. The player can request new card as long as he does not get over 21 points, which can easily happen.

When these actions are also over, the dealer will draw another card. Whether he draws one more beyond that depends entirely on his previous score. If the banker gets above 21 points, all players who are still in the game and have not overbought themselves win. If both dealer and player are still in the game, the higher card value counts. If the points are tied, the bet is returned to the player.

4.) The cards in Blackjack

In Blackjack, it is extremely important that you know exactly all the cards that are in play at any given time, as decisions are based on them. At the beginning, each player has only one card. Then it must be decided whether another card will be drawn. This is of course the case at the beginning. But already after that it can get tight. Two cards can be enough to have a blackjack. But if you already have 14 points in your hand, another 10 would already be the end.

Blackjack Kartenset

The cards in Blackjack all have exact values. It is relatively easy to remember them, as they are counted quite similarly to other card games. The cards from two to ten count according to their imprint – i.e. 2 to 10 points. This is followed by the three face cards Jack, Queen and King, which count 10 points just like the Ten. This is generally very easy to remember.

The Ace takes a special position, because it counts can count both one and eleven points.. The advantage for the player at this point is that this is interpreted to his advantage. If you draw an ace when you have 17 points, it would count as 1 point, bringing you to 18 points. If, for example, you received a Jack at the beginning and then an Ace, it would clearly be 11 points, bringing you to the required 21 points.

5.) House advantage and the dealer's approach

Blackjack Hausvorteil Dealer
One speaks of the house advantage when one means the advantage of the banker or of the casino. It means that there is always an advantage for the host in the casino.

At Roulette for example, this is given by the green zero, so that even simple chances can go in the pants and never a 50/50 chance arises. Blackjack also has this, but it is less fixed and can also vary depending on a good strategy.

If it is around 5%, you can even push this house edge to less than 1% with the right approach. These values express how much money on average remains in the bank at the end of the day. If $10,000 is played at the table on an evening, around $500 will remain in the bank at a 5% house advantage.

As a player you have an advantage in the sense that the dealer's action is completely fixed and there is no room for discretion. So, although you are playing against the bank, which also has cards, it is not in the form of an opponent who is free to decide whether or not to draw more cards. This is precisely determined in advance and is quite easy to remember.

As soon as the croupier has 17 points or more, he does not draw another card. If the croupier has 16 points or less, he will draw one more card. This is fixed and may not be changed by the croupier. For the player, it is of course a great advantage if the dealer lands on exactly 17 points, because then the chances are good that you yourself will be above that. The dealer always counts an ace as eleven points, unless he would break the 21 points with it.

6.) Insurance, Splitting, Busting and Doubling Down

A round of Blackjack is always the same, except for the cards drawn, of course. After the players and also the dealer have each received a card, there is the possibility of insurance. With two cards for the player, the options of splitting and doubling can possibly be used. In addition, the player can also bet that the dealer will overbust, which is known as a bust.

Insurance in Blackjack

Insurance is when the dealer reveals an ace for himself as the first card, giving him a chance to win a blackjack. In such a case, players can place bets on the insurance line. If a ten or a face card is actually drawn by the dealer, this insurance takes effect, which is then paid out 2:1.

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However, if no blackjack occurs, the amount bet for it is retained by the bank. In online casinos or at blackjack machines, this option is sometimes not available.

Splitting in Blackjack (Split)

Once the player has received his second card, he may be able to use the split option. This is the case if his first two cards are of equal value. This can be, for example, the nine twice or two different face cards. If he uses this option, he continues to play with two bets and each hand counts for itself. Accordingly, however, the same bet must be made again for the split hand.

Two aces can also be split, but then only one card can be drawn at a time. If one of them is an ace again, you can split again.

Double Down

Double down means that the player doubles his bet after receiving the second card. This is also possible after a split. If the bet is doubled, only one more card may be drawn. A betting player (who only plays bets, but does not play cards himself) can only double if the actual player also doubles.


Bust or dealer bust is a bet that happens before the cards are dealt. It is a player's bet that the dealer will bust, that is, get over 21 points. For this side bet there is a payout of 5/2. If the dealer does not overbust, the bet is retained.

7.) Payout in Blackjack

There are different main and side betsthat lead to different payouts. The successful bust brings odds of 5/2. The insurance is 2/1. If a normal win is achieved, 1/1 is paid out. This means for 10$ bet there is 20$ back. However, if the player wins with a blackjack, i.e. ace and ten/picture card, the payout is 3/2. With a 20$ bet, that would be 50$ that the player receives. In the event of a draw, the stake is simply returned.

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Blackjack tips, tricks and strategies

  1. Blackjack strategy of counting
  2. Blackjack in online casino or offline?

If you play blackjack, then certainly not to lose at the table. A good strategy should lead to increase the chances. This is also possible in principle in blackjack, but there is always a residual chance that you will overbuy and lose the round. So the house advantage cannot be reduced to zero.

It is also important to note that strategies are quite demanding and should never be played on gut instinct. It is not about having a good feeling, but being aware of the odds and probabilities.

1.) Blackjack strategy of counting

blackjack card counting
The most common strategy in blackjack is called counting along. This actually basically means that you, as the player, remember which cards have already been played or turned face up.

This is important because it allows you to calculate the probabilitiesof the cards that have not yet been turned over. A simple example: If an 8 has been drawn, the probability of another 8 has decreased.

However, counting does not mean that players really remember all the cards that have been played. The system is rather based in the distribution of high to low cards. These boundaries are roughly drawn between 9 and 10.

Anything 9 or below is a low card. Everything above that is a high card. However, the cards 7 to 9 are often considered neutral card values. Now you as a player have a kind of counter in your head. If a high card is revealed, the counter is -1.

If a low card is drawn, the counter goes up (+1). This way you get a feel for the ratio of cards played. If the counter is very high, many low cards have been played and the chance is higher that a high card will be drawn next.

Peter McCollin
"With this system, many successes have actually been achieved and the house advantage has been massively reduced. However, counting is only useful in certain circumstances, as many casinos now play with multiple decks. This means that a large number of cards are in play, which is difficult to keep track of." Peter McCollin – Casino Expert and Author

With this system, many successes could indeed be achieved and the house advantage massively reduced. However, counting is only useful under certain circumstances, as many casinos now play with multiple decks. This means that there is a large number of cards in play, which is difficult to keep track of.

Incidentally, most casinos also do not tolerate working with such means. Who at Black Jack card counting could be banned from the casino. And it is quite easy to get caught if you are not skilled at it. And you can't sit at the table with a piece of paper and a pen either. Nevertheless, the idea is basically good to get an overview of the cards already played. cards already played.

2.) Blackjack in the online casino or offline?

One question comes up again and again and that is whether Blackjack should rather be played in the online casino or in the real casino at the table? For the real casino speaks of course clearly the atmosphere, which wants to arise at home computer only conditionally.

However, it can be a great advantage, especially for beginners, to start with online blackjack. On the one hand, it is convenient, on the other hand, you can calmly think about how you want to play your bets and whether you still want to draw cards. Also, you can play in peace, even with a pen and paper, try out Blackjack strategies.

Another big advantage of the online casino is that you can often play blackjack for free. play Blackjack for free and therefore do not have to fear losses. So if it's just for fun, you can of course go directly to the real casino nicely dressed. To practice and gain experience, however, the online Blackjack is a good choice.

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