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How the Plinko Game works

As soon as the stake, the risk level and the number of pins, the are set, players receive a virtual flat disk. This is called a Plinko Chip after the original from "The Price is Hot". The game automatically throws it into the field from the top.

The chip moves slowly downwards, guided by the pins. Once there, it lands on one of the displayed multipliers. As already indicated, they also vary depending on the variables set.

Special feature: In Plinko, the player can decide for himself which risk profile he wants to use. Sometimes these are marked with different colors (green to red), or simply with Low, Medium or High.

The higher the risk profile, the more risk the player takes per round. But the higher the winnings can be.

Play Plinko for free

The versions of BGaming and Spribe can be played for free and partly even without registration. With Stake, registration is necessary for this. However, the demo version is still open to players and is ultimately ideal to get a feel for the get a feeling for the settings and the resulting chances of winning. to get.

Those who are interested in payouts up to $2,500,000 or correspondingly high winnings in cryptos, are free to play with real stakes right away. Further below, we show exactly what options are available and thus where the limits lie in terms of readiness for use.

Differences between the various Plinko versions

Before we look at the unique Plinko version at Stake Casino, let's take a look at those from BGaming, Hacksaw and Spribe. All three developers have given their Plinko variant its own character.

It is noticeable that Spribe has three different field colors are available. If you bet on red, you have the chance to win especially high multipliers. BGaming, on the other hand, provides only only one single multiplier row available.

The values adjust to the settings in all versions. While in Spribe changes are made by the variable of the pins can be changed, with the BGaming version a risk level can be set. There, too, there is the possibility to choose between different pin numbers. In the version from Hacksaw Gaming there are also three risk levels and the choice of 8 to a maximum of 16 pin rows.

Here are the most important factors in direct comparison

Min. stake Max. Bet Max. Multiplier Min. pins Max. pins Pins


0,10$ 100,00$ 555x 12 16


1,00$ 100,00$ 1.000x 8 16


No minimum* 200.000.000$ 1.000x 8 16


0,10$ 100,00$ 3843,3x 8 16

*Due to the different cryptocurrencies, even less than 1 cent per spin can theoretically be wagered at Stake Casino.

Stake Originals Plinko

This Plinko version at Stake Casino is truly unique, although also very confusing in parts. It is particularly well known due to the streamer Trainwrecks has made it famous. He has already won there won several million dollars.

What makes the Stake Originals game stand out are the Extremely high and low stakes. It can be played in various crypto currencies and thus sometimes even bet less than 1 cent. At the same time the upper limit of 2,500 dollars is correspondingly high and allows you to become a millionaire with just one lucky hit.

Plinko Song (Boob Peep) for TrainswrecksTV

Plinko bonus features and specials

The chance to win free spins or other support does not exist when playing Plinko online, but players can still expect various features here that make the overall gameplay easier and also promise a high level of fairness.

  1. Auto mode
  2. Proven fair technology

1.) Auto mode

The car bot can take over the playing if desired. Here, a few variables can be set first. This applies to the round stake as well as to the number of pins and – in the case of the Spribe variant – just as much to the betting colors. This can be randomly determined for each round, for example.

2.) Proven fair technology

Since Plinko is primarily based primarily on blockchain currenciesthe technology has also been used to nnsuring demonstrably fair rounds of play..

A few clicks are all it takes to have a code generated, as with many other crypto games.

Inserted into the right program, are odds and payout rates are easily comprehensible and can be and can be checked for fairness.

Plinko FAQs

  1. Is Plinko a strategy game?
  2. Can I try Plinko for free?
  3. Which Plinko variant is better?
  4. Is it possible to play Plinko mobile?
  5. Can Plinko only be played with BTC?
  6. Why are no Plinko winnings displayed?

1.) Is Plinko a strategy game?

Strictly speaking, in the arcade game Plinko you have to rely solely on chance. Strategies do not help herebecause nobody can foresee in which field the Plinko chip will end up.

The more pins that are active and the higher the stake, the more attractive the odds of winning in Plinko are.

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But: High odds automatically mean a lower probability of winning. You should consider this in your settings in any case.

Ultimately, Plinko is a pure game of chance, but it can be classified as demonstrably fair. Therefore, it is all the more worthwhile to simply test it for yourself.

2.) Is it allowed to test Plinko for free?

In most crypto casinos you will find a demo version of the arcade game is available provided. This applies to the Stake variant, after registration, as well as to the Spribe and BGaming versions. Fortunately, Plinko is not a game that needs to be painstakingly learned.

Nevertheless, it certainly can't hurt to internalize the basics and see what options are available in detail – and also how changes in the variables affect the winning possibilities. how changes in the variables affect the the winning possibilities.

3.) Which Plinko variant is better?

This cannot be said in general terms, because in the end every customer has his or her own preferences in terms of functions and settings. The advantage of Plinko from Spribe is that you can choose between three colors and correspondingly flexible multipliers. On the other hand, the version from BGaming is all about payouts of up to 100,000 euros. Plinko from Hacksaw Gaming, on the other hand, offers particularly attractive multipliers.

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However, for those who love the extremes, the Stake Originals variant is recommended. Here, both the minimum stakes are extremely low and the maximum stakes are immensely high. And with a bit of luck, there is a lot to be won.

4.) Can Plinko also be played on mobile?

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Provided you have a suitable mobile casino, it is definitely possible to use Plinko on the go. Usually, companies today rely on HTML5 technology and provide a web app. provide a web appwhich no download download is required.

It is worth comparing several providers. On the one hand, there are different bonus offers, on the other hand, the further game selection on mobile devices might also be interesting. As long as Plinko is available on the desktop, nothing should stand in the way of playing on smartphones and tablets.

5.) Can Plinko only be used with BTC?

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In addition to Mines and Dice, Plinko was also initially developed as a Bitcoin game. was developed. However, as the choice of digital currencies continues to grow and there are still casino customers who prefer transactions in real money currency, the game is adapted to these very needs and can thus be played in almost all currencies be played. Here, too, however, it always depends on the general conditions of the chosen casino.

6.) Why are no Plinko winnings displayed?

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You should not compare Plinko with a slot machine game, where the winning amount is usually displayed in large letters. However, if you play the arcade game, you can be sure that a payout will be made – just one that is not advertised. It makes sense to watch the to watch the account balance a little bit. This way you can keep an eye on the successes on the one hand, but also on possible losses on the other hand.

Plinko Casino Game Conclusion

Plinko is a very simple and yet exciting casino game, which is used above all in crypto casinos quickly gained a certain notoriety. Although both Stake and the developers Hacksaw Gaming, Spribe and BGaming did not reinvent the proverbial wheel, but oriented themselves on one of the most popular game shows, Plinko is played in most casinos with pleasure.

The basic principle is not really challenging. The main difficulty is to choose the right stake and risk level for the game. the appropriate stake and the level of risk. to decide. Those who find a good middle ground here will sooner or later record their first profits.

The arcade game is also lucrative, because depending on the variant, up to 2,000 euros can be won with little willingness to bet and the highest risk level. and the highest risk level up to 2.500.000 Dollar can be achieved. Playing is also possible with BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

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