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What is behind the Limbo Cat alternative?

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If you search for the original Limbo in crypto casinos, you will come across Limbo Cat at some providers. This alternative game was developed by the iGaming studio Onlyplay, which is still quite unknown in this country. This one has taken the crypto game Crash crypto game, on which Limbo is also largely based.

The golden lucky cat is the trademark. Whether it will actually bring players luck in the end is something everyone can find out for themselves. The special feature of the game is that, according to developer Onlyplay, there is a progressive jackpot. progressive jackpot that can be won. Limbo Cat does not differ from Limbo in this respect either, because the amount of winnings depends on how much the player is willing to bet.

The RTP is RTP with 95%. The company website also states that Limbo Cat is a crash game with multiplier wins. Although the concept is kept very simple, users benefit from a special dynamic in both Limbo versions. special dynamicswhich makes for entertainment entertainment and thanks to which there is no no monotony in the gameplay. arises.

Limbo bonus features and special features

Since Limbo is a crypto mini-game and not a slot machine, the selection of special features is accordingly manageable. While there is no possibility to win free game rounds, there are a few setting options as well as the demonstrably fair technology, from which players definitely benefit.

Customizable automatic betting

For those who like to keep their hands free and don't want to incessantly start game rounds manually, Limbo also allows you to switch to autopilot. The following settings are possible in this mode:

  • Bet amount
  • Number of rounds to play
  • Weather increase in case of win x
  • Increase of bet in case of loss x
  • Game stop when reaching a specified profit level
  • Stop play when a specified amount of loss is incurred

Of course, the multiplier to be played or alternatively the chance of winning for the set rounds can also be determined. The whole process takes, if you have some experience with the crypto game Limbo, it only takes a few seconds. After that, there is plenty of time to either move on to other things or simply watch how the account balance develops.

Provably fair blockchain technology

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Like all crypto games, Limbo is also 100% provably fair. In the casino you have chosen, you can see the game progress can be concretely tracked. To explain this briefly, the blockchain enables the proof of fair gaming results. This transparency is very convenient for players.

Both the client seed and the server seedtwo algorithms associated with the blockchain and related to the game, can be generated with one click. With the help of certain programs, seeds and hashes can be calculated, and ultimately the real-time of the payout rate declared by the company.

Limbo FAQs

  1. Is Limbo the same as Crash?
  2. Does Limbo have a jackpot?
  3. Is Limbo Cat as rewarding as Limbo?
  4. Is Limbo available on mobile devices?
  5. What cryptocurrencies does Limbo Online accept?
  6. How much does it cost to play Limbo?

1.) Is Limbo the same as Crash?

Basically, both games are about hitting the chosen win multiplier. In this respect, one can already speak of a clear parallel. However, players also notice some differences between Limbo and Crash – which explains why various customers in the Stake Forum clearly advocate Limbo.

  1. On the one hand Limbo can independently from other players played. In Crash, there are delays of a few seconds, since all players have to place their bets before the round starts.
  2. So everyone plays for himself and is not dependent on the "luck" of the others. On the other hand the payouts are higherbecause if things go well, stakes can be stakes up to 1 million times be recovered. Crash doesn't quite come close to these sums.

2.) Does Limbo have a jackpot?

Onlyplay talks about Limbo Cat as having a progressive jackpot is provided. The winnings are progressive here as well as in Limbo, because they are clearly related to the bet amount and the selected odds that have to be reached in the game rounds.

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Since, as already noted, there is a 1 million maximum odds, one can definitely speak of Limbo being a jackpot game – even if this win in the crypto game was not officially declared as a jackpot.

3.) Is Limbo Cat as worthwhile as Limbo?

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The concept of both crypto games is basically identical. In Limbo as well as in Limbo Cat the autoplay function is available. However, if you look at the visuals alone, Limbo Cat clearly has the edge. Not only are there simple multipliers on a dark background, but the cat mentioned by name drives up with the tank and shoots around with winning factors. This puts you in a good mood even faster.

4.) Is Limbo available on mobile devices?

The casinos tested by our editorial team crypto casinos make their entire portfolio available for smartphones and tablets, so they are 100% mobile compatible. Thanks to innovative HTML5 technology there is no need for an app download or other complicated requirements to play Limbo on the go. What is essential is a secure and stable internet connection.

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If you want to try out Limbo Mobile, you should create an account either on your desktop or on your preferred device. The deposit required afterwards takes little time, and this too can be completed at will on the aforementioned devices.

5.) Which cryptocurrencies does Limbo Online accept?

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Limbo and also Limbo Cat can be played with any cryptocurrency available in the chosen casino. cryptocurrency available can be played. At Stake, the coin that the customer already has is automatically set as the stake. If you now select a different currency at the top of the wallet, the game will automatically adjust to it.

6.) What does it cost to play Limbo?

If the free option is not chosen, Limbo still does not require high wagers. Playing with Bitcoin is possible with providers already from 0.00000001 BTC and the conversion into alternative cryptocurrencies is possible based on this value. So you don't spend a lot of money and have from the equivalent of around one cent the opportunity to make your first real profits.

Our conclusion

Although Limbo doesn't seem like a hit game at first glance, the crypto game surprises with its special dynamics. For those who also want to get their money's worth visually, the Limbo Cat version might be an even more more attractive variant. After all, it's not every day that you get to see cats in a tank – and even more so those that can winnings of up to 1,000,000 times the stake. winnings.

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Due to the simple basics, Limbo is suitable for beginners. For high rollers, the release offers a solid betting range. There are basically no limits to the player's upside. Moreover, Limbo and Limbo Cat can be can be played in any cryptocurrency can be played.

As many similarities as Limbo may have with Crash, the odds of winning are unique are the odds. In addition, there is no need to wait for teammates. So everyone can play at their own pace and focus on their own betting and winning opportunities.and concentrate on their own betting and winning opportunities..

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