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Details about Pachinko


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Japanese people love the arcade game Pachinko. What has long become a tradition in this country, also seems an interesting option for Europeans, excitement and entertainment not to mention the winning opportunities that Pachinko offers.

Basically, Pachinko is nothing more than a vertically structured slot machine, but it doesn't use symbols, but metal pins and lots of steel balls. If the latter hit the payout pocket in the lower area, a prize beckons. The special thing is that in Japan no real money is played out, but it is about special bonuses, which are offered by the respective Pachinko Salon paid out by the respective salon.

The original version of this classic game cannot be played in any of the online casinos known to us. Today, many iGaming studios focus instead on Slots with Pachinko add-on gameor alternatively on a Pachinko Bingo variantwhich promises a good mood.

Particularly high on the list is the crypto mini game Plinko whose concept is most similar to Pachinko and where for some time it has actually been possible to compete for real winnings in the form of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, to name just the best-known ones.

Play Pachinko online – the best casinos 2024

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In the original version, Pachinko is offered by numerous providers as an arcade game, but not in online casinos. The Neko Gaming Alternativea new form of video bingo with the name Pachinko, can be found in numerous Microgaming partner casinos.

Top Pachinko Casinos June 2024:

How Pachinko works in the original

pachinko original slot
Pachinko is originally a very old mechanical slot machine.very old mechanical slot machinewhich can be wonderfully described as a vertical pinball machine. However, the casual game does not have much to do with the pinball type as we know it in Europe. Players have the opportunity to borrow from the provider any number of steel marbles – usually several hundred to several thousand. These have a diameter of approx. 11 mm, so already differ in size significantly from the European pinball machine.

A special feature is that the Pachinko balls are not secured under a glass pane like the pinball ball, for one thing. Moreover, they are not only necessary to play Pachinko at all. They are at the same time as a stake in the game and at the same time they determine the amount of winnings. Mostly the release is played in special Pachinko parlors in Japan where one machine is lined up next to the other.

When a new round begins, players have the option of inserting one or more Pachinko steel balls from above into the vertical machine. Then, in the mechanical version, a lever must be operated to move the balls into the field. Now the balls move around between the brass pins in the machine until they finally reach the bottom. Since the 1960s there have been so-called tulip catchers in the game. These randomly change the arrangement of the pins and thus provide special excitement.

Modern Pachinko machines today offer thematic highlights, based on the history of superheroes, for example. In addition, they are able to influence the movement of the steel balls through various mechanics, and in some cases the obstacles in the game can also be moved. This new form of the classic game provides captivating entertainment, and especially in cases where the basic game with slot elements and made visually more attractive.

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Interesting fact: The new way of using pachinko in the form of thematically exciting slot machines has its own name. Namely, these machines are called Pachislots.

The winnings are calculated according to the number of balls that fall into the designated compartment at the front of the machine. The challenge is to catch as many balls as possible. These can then be exchanged for prizes, which is also done in the salons by the operator or the staff specially trained in Pachinko.

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Important detail
: In Japanese pachinko parlors, there are no no cash winnings and also the carrying of steel balls is not allowed. Means, it is always about non-cash rewards in pachinko local, which vary depending on the provider.

Play Pachislots at the online casino

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The original Pachinko is very rarely offered in this country, because it is basically not a slot machine, but just a kind of pinball machine. However, resourceful developers came up with the idea long ago to transform the elements of the popular Japanese game into slots to integrate. These are also called pachislots. Especially prominent: Pachin Girl from Evoplay Entertainment.

If you already have some experience with slot machines, it is very easy to make the most important settings and play a few rounds. Basically, it is a simple matter of collecting identical slot symbolsjust like any other slot machine. Pachin Girl is one of many slot machines that use pachinko in bonus rounds, giving players the opportunity to experience Japanese culture firsthand.

In the center there are three reels, which display identical symbols and can trigger wins. Around the slot, Pachinko is played in parallel. So there are double chances in every roundbecause catching steel balls also leads to a payout in Pachin Girl.

Providers like 7Bit or also the Woo Casino have already discovered the new trend of Pachislots for themselves. The selection of slots with pachinko bonus games is still manageable and is currently limited almost exclusively to the named example of Pachingirl, but the popularity seems to slowly but surely spill over more and more into Europe.

Pachinko history – the story behind the casino game

When our readers think of Japan, a wide variety of things surely come to mind. Many associate the country with anime movies and manga comics, while others immediately think of sushi or even the particularly pretty folding art of origami. Cultural goods are strictly cultivated in the country, and pachinko has been one of them for many decades. The pastime is popular with young and old alike, as its inventors have combined elements of the pinball machine typical in this country with those of modern slots.

Antique Corinth game
Pachinko machines first appeared in their original form as a game for children, and that already in the 1920s. The actual name at that time was "Corinth", and even today this original version enjoys great popularity among all age groups. Some believe that the Pachinko inventors may have been inspired by Japanese billiards, which came to Japan from Western Europe as early as the 18th century.

In the 1980s, Pachinko was a purely mechanical purely mechanical game. In the devices were bells and one can therefore roughly imagine how loud the background noise must have been – especially in the first pachinko halls that were opened at that time. Such halls still exist in Japan today, but in the meantime, primarily technical machines are lined up next to each other by the hundreds. What remains is a volume that equals the noise of jets taking off.

That's why pachinko is allowed in Japan

Particularly exciting: According to estimates, the Japanese invest around 225 billion US dollars every year in the game of pachinko. This fact is astonishing because Japan has actually banned gambling – with the except for the traditional game of pachinko game, which still enjoys great popularity in the country today.

The population of the Asian country loves the arcade slot machine, which – as already revealed – includes elements of the pinball machine better known in this country and involves stakes and winnings in the form of small metal balls. These have to be bought before the game starts and, in turn, can be exchanged for money again.

The fact that pachinko enjoys extremely high popularity in Japan, even though the country has always been conservative and strictly against gambling, might come as a surprise. To date, however, the classic game is still allowed, or rather, it is a game that is played in the legal gray area. legal gray area and is therefore still available in many pubs today.

As already explained, the Pachinko machine itself does not offer no real money winnings are paid out. This explains why the classic game is not a typical and thus forbidden gambling in the country that is so strict. Nevertheless, real money has to be invested in order to be able to borrow balls.

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Interesting fact: The equivalent value of the non-cash prizes that beckon in Japan may not exceed 80 euros, according to the law.

Features of the Neko Gaming Pachinko variant

A resourceful iGaming studio has now made Pachinko suitable for online or casino use. Pachinko is increasingly offered online by Neko Gaming. However, this version has nothing to do with the original nothing to do with the originalas it is offered by the parlors in the country.

Rather, Microgaming subsidiary Neko relies on the basics of video bingo and has merely given them an Asian style. This means that numbers are drawn in a similar way to European bingo. The ones chosen on the board must match those in the draw in order to win.

  1. Jackpot
  2. Bonus
  3. Free Balls
  4. Wild Balls

1.) Jackpot

pachinko jackpot
Since Neko Pachinko is a kind of video bingo, the game concept works differently from the Japanese variant. If all 20 numbers are hit during the draw, Neko Gaming Pachinko pays out a a jackpot of up to 50,000 euros, depending on the – depending on the stakes.

2.) Bonus

pachinko cats
If the bonus field is illuminated while playing online Pachinko, users will get a new chance and can play in the through five levels in the bonus game levels in the bonus game. These are represented by lucky cats in different colors.

As long as there are prizes in the clicked cats, the bonus round continues. Only when "Exit" is displayed, the game leads back to the next standard round.

3.) Free balls

pachinko freeball
Like many modern video bingo versions, Pachinko also allows you to win bonus balls. These in turn provide an additional and free chance to win.

If not all numbers were hit in the standard draw, the Free Balls can be used to create another combination, or to expand an existing one, so that higher odds are possible.

4.) Wild Balls

pachinko wildball
The golden ball with the jester acts at Pachinko Bingo as a universal wild card.

Once all the numbers of the round are drawn, the game puts him where he is needed – thus replacing a missing number and not only increases the odds, but brings one to the big Pachinko Jackpot jackpot a whole lot closer.

Pachinko FAQs

  1. Is Pachinko Online identical to the original from Japan?
  2. How long has Pachinko been around?
  3. Is the Pachinko machine available for home use?
  4. Where can I play Pachinko online?
  5. Is there a free version of Pachinko?
  6. What kind of winnings are possible with Pachinko?

1.) Is Pachinko online identical to the original from Japan?

There is a real Pachinko game form, but as an arcade game it is intended solely for entertainment and not for making real winnings. If you want to play for real money or crypto coins can alternatively play the Crypto Arcade Game Plinko which has an almost identical basic concept but with even more settings options than Pachinko.

A second option is Pachinko bonus rounds on slot machines. Meanwhile, online casinos also offer the option to play games like Pachin Girl which is a traditional slot with three reels on the one hand and a Pachinko machine on the other.

2.) How long has Pachinko been around?

Pachinko first appeared in Japan as early as the 1920s – at that time as a game marketed under the name Corinth. It was only later, at the end of the 1930s, that the Japanese discovered that the game could also entertain adults in a modified form – especially when real winnings were involved.

Since the first official pachinko parlor opened in the Japanese city of Nagoya in 1948, the simple yet exciting game has become a real hype in Asia. hype in the Asian region. developed.

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Fun Fact:
Most pachinko parlors are not run by Japanese, but by native Koreans.

3.) Is there a Pachinko machine for home use?

If you use common search engines, you will not only see pictures of the first Pachinko machines, but you will also have the opportunity to buy the game for your home. However, then the attraction of winning is missing, because "prizes" would logically have to be organized by oneself in one's own four walls.

For those who want more excitement, the arcade version on online game sites is certainly a good alternative to the mechanical version. In addition, it is worth taking a look at online casinos with Pachinko slot machines.

4.) Where can I play Pachinko online?

In one or the other online casino currently waiting Pachin Girl is waiting to introduce players from Europe to the basics of the Japanese classic. For those who already have experience with slot machines, the release won't present much of a challenge. The elements of Pachinkowhich have been integrated here, give the whole thing a special charm.

5.) Is there a free version of Pachinko?

The original version is available for free testing. Generally, only variations of the Pachinko classic are provided in online casinos. Mostly, these are slot games, which contain the basic elements and in which it is possible to win through the bonus game Pachinko bonus game, it is possible to win additional additional winnings in real money mode.

Pachinko itself is usually always available to players for free on typical gaming sites. free of charge.

6.) What kind of winnings are possible with Pachinko?

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The original from Japan is made available online, but usually only as a free arcade game on various gaming sites. If you want to make real profits, you can go for the Neko Pachinko version which, however, is a bingo game has not much in common with the Japanese gambling classic. Here are for it nevertheless up to 50,000 euros in the jackpot possible.

All those who are able to combine the original with slot elements may opt for Pachin Girl by Evoplay. According to iGaming Studio, winnings of up to 25,920 euros can be achieved with the corresponding winnings of up to 25,920 euros per round. can be achieved.

Conclusion of the Pachinko Online Game

If you play Pachinko yourself, you will quickly understand why this arcade game is the biggest hit in Japan. For lovers of this slot machine in the land of the rising sun, the fact that Pachinko – unlike other games of chance – can be played legally to this day is particularly pleasing. In online casinos, the pinball-like game is not yet too widespread, but can be found primarily on free game sites.

Thanks to creative game developers, the opportunity to play pachinko online is becoming more and more common, to play Pachinko alternatives online – Whether it is the crypto game Plinko, where real winnings are at stake, or Pachinko machines like Endorphina's Pachin Girl. Our experts have encountered this one in numerous casinos as well.

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Advantage of Pachinko: Since simple rules and it is similar to European pinball, at least in terms of the principle of luck, the Japanese classic game is suitable both for brave gamblers and for those who have no experience at all with casino games.

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