HiLo game 2024 – Here it goes up and down

How HiLo works

The first step is to set the bet. The HiLo version of Spribe offers a range between 10 Cent and 300 Euro per game round. Equivalently, crypto coins are also accepted, as well as the US dollar. Once the decision has been made, all that remains is to click on the "Bet" button.

To the left of the betting area a card is displayed, below it there are three playing cards face down. You can now bet that the next card drawn, which can be freely chosen from the three, will have a lower or higher value than the card already face up. A win also beckons if the values are identical.

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Significantly more options are offered by the variant at Gamdom Casino, which is listed as the provider's original game. Here it is namely allowed to bet on colors, numbers and on jacks, queens, kings and aces. to bet. These options create a special variety in the area of potential winning odds.

Play HiLo for free – is there a free version?

It is allowed to watch HiLo for free at any time. Fortunately, the rules are not too challenging, so that even without long practice a game start with with real money or crypto would be conceivable. However, if you want to be on the safe side and explore the chances of winning without any risk, you can access the demo version at will.

In most cases, registration is necessary in advance. Once done, players can log in to the test HiLo for free log in with the access data they have chosen themselves – and then, of course, make deposits at will, if desired.

The HiLo Features

Special features in the classic sense are not really offered by HiLo, because ultimately everything is based on a decision for higher or lower cards. Almost at least, since at least one or the other developer has actually come up with some more features. Let's take a look at what those are now.

  1. Proven fair technology
  2. Joker

1.) Demonstrably fair technology

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HiLo also works in crypto casinos with the Blockchain technology, "demonstrably fair" called. It makes it possible to check all game outcomes, odds and payout rates in detail – if you really want to. The control code required for this can be generated with a click.

Of course, this is only an option and not mandatory. Some people will certainly trust in the fairness of HiLo, whether from the Spribe forge or from other providers.

2.) Joker

At least the HiLo variant at Gamdom offers players the possibility to use a use a joker. The odds, should it lead to success, are at 24 times the fixed stake. Versions of Stake or Cloudbet do not offer this feature, but have higher basic but have higher basic odds.


  1. At which casino is HiLo the most rewarding?
  2. Is a HiLo download required?
  3. Is there a HiLo autoplay feature?
  4. Does HiLo have a jackpot?
  5. How much experience is required?
  6. Which HiLo game stake is reasonable?

1.) In which casino is HiLo most worthwhile?

In the end, this is also a question of personal attitude. Each crypto casino is characterized by special offers, VIP promotions and of course by a more or less extensive game selection distinguishes itself. Especially with regard to HiLo, it makes sense to simply compare all available variants. While the Gamdom Casino offers more betting options, the Spribe alternative is much simpler – which can have its advantages.

The betting options also differ, so that the choice can be made depending on the budget and the willingness to bet per round, among other things. Many aspects then lead to a decision that is made individually by the player.

2.) Is a HiLo download necessary?

As a rule, the arcade game can be opened in the browser opened on the preferred casino website. Thus, no special effort is required to be able to play HiLo at your leisure.

Downloads have generally become a rarity in the industry today, because with the web version crypto casinos address both Windows and Apple users, while installations are usually only possible on the former operating system.

3.) Is there a HiLo autoplay function?

With HiLo there is no automatic mode can be set. Here, players thus have to make their decision personally round by round – which seems to make sense due to the game concept. The lack of this function is ultimately not a disadvantage.

If you want to play HiLo, you should simply plan accordingly time and at best concentrate on your intuition.. Entertaining is possible with the release, because every few seconds a new round starts.

4.) Does HiLo have a jackpot?

Not basically, but in casinos like Gamdom there is actually the chance to win a jackpot connected to the arcade game. connected jackpot connected to the arcade game. It is apparently a progressive pot, the contents of which continue to increase until it is paid out.

As of May 2021, there are approx. 1,000 US dollars in the jackpot. Whether and when it is played out is, as expected, also decided by chance in HiLo. So, special requirements do not have to be met in order to have a chance at the special grand prize. It is enough to simply play as usual and wait.

5.) How much experience is required?

Since you only have to choose between high and low – if in doubt, pick a color – HiLo is definitely for everyone. Even players who are registered at a crypto casino for the first time will get their money's worth from this classic game without having to bring along the slightest prior knowledge. It counts as already explained the own intuition and chance.

6.) Which HiLo game use makes sense?

Sometimes it can make sense to small stakes at first to play. If these lead to success, it is always allowed to increase the bet in the respective next round.

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Ultimately, we cannot make a concrete recommendation on the best possible amount, as this should be made dependent on various factors – including your own budget.

HiLo Conclusion

The ups and downs of winning – where better to see it than in the HiLo game? The classic among the arcade games is made for a few rounds in between and is especially suitable for casino customers who love suspense. After all, no one can predict whether the chosen card is actually the one behind which a big win is hidden.

All those who are looking for more options should take a look at all the versions that currently exist in crypto casinos. After all, the more specific the bet, for example, on a certain card number, the more attractive the odds become. In the standard range, on the other hand, there is a 50:50 chance, which can also have advantages.

Interestingly enough cards can be exchanged at the Stake Original HiLoif they are too unsafe for you personally. Also with it the chances can be increased again somewhat. All in all, a game that is fun to play without bringing complicated basics.

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