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Alternative providers that provide mini roulette for entertaining are:

How crypto roulette works

The differences to the original become clear relatively quickly in the roulette arcade game. However, there are also different betting options here. Thus, betting on different colors or combinations is possible from a few cents bet. Obviously, every crypto casino developed its own basic concept in the "Originals". How the games differ, we will now take a closer look.

Stake Originals Roulette Features

A mini roulette wheel spins above the betting field. There in turn both single numbers as well as combinations can be selected. The amount can be set as desired. The first step is to click on a chip. This can now be placed on even and odd numbers, 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 or even on dozens and columns.

The concept is similar to that of classic European Roulette. The difference is that variables can be set in the Autobot. can be set. The is made to take over the game rounds for the customer, where the customer in turn sets all the framework conditions.


Roobet Roulette – the game with kangaroos

The concept that this provider has chosen for its Roobet Originals clearly stands out. Here you don't bet on numbers and well-known European Roulette constellations, but on kangaroo coins. These are available in the colors gold, bronze and silver in different frequency and accordingly with variable odds available.

Once a round starts, there are only a few seconds to choose a color. Any amount can be placed on these within the limits set by Roobet. The odds for golden kangaroos are very high, as the coin only exists once in the game. Those who choose bronze and silver can expect a higher probability of winning, but will only receive only double the value of the bet if they win. of the stake value.


Play Bitcoin Roulette for free – is that possible?

Like most arcade games, roulette can also be tested for free in the listed crypto casinos. test for free. This applies to all variants. Especially because Roobet and Stake Roulette, for example, differ significantly, it makes sense to first play a few non-binding test rounds test rounds. However, the arcade games do not require too much practice to play directly with real money or cryptos.

The crypto Roulette Features

There is no possibility to win roulette free spins or to benefit from other in-game special features. Nevertheless, the developers have come up with a few things to make the gameplay not only safe, but also as simple as possible. We will now take a detailed look at the two most important extras.

  1. Autoplay mode
  2. Demonstrably fair

1.) Autoplay Mode

In the variant of Stake there is the possibility of automated rounds to play. For this purpose, some factors have to be preset. Besides the chip value and the total stake it is necessary to determine the number of bets. In addition, stakes can optionally be increased when a set profit or loss has been reached. It is also feasible to end the game completely when total losses and profits are reached. If you invest a few minutes of time here, you can make profits without any further effort in case of luck.

2.) Proven to be fair

Typical of crypto games is that on the provably fair blockchain technology based. This means that players always have access to concrete figures, data and facts – especially with regard to the RTP and a profit and loss statement.

If you want to take a closer look at these, simply copy the generated, one-time valid code and enter it into the verification program.

? The image shows the fairness info at Stake Casino.

Crypto Roulette FAQs

  1. Which crypto roulette version is the best?
  2. Is a roulette download required?
  3. Who is the crypto roulette autoplay feature useful for?
  4. How does Roulette Mobile work?
  5. Do I need experience to play crypto roulette?
  6. Which roulette bets are worthwhile?

1.) Which Crypto Roulette version is the best?

There is no general answer to this question, because each casino has added unique features to its arcade roulette game. In the end it is the personal taste decides which version is most worthwhile for oneself. All games are profitable, if chance has its way.

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As already noted, Roobet Roulette in particular stands out clearly, as it is the only game without typical roulette numbers and colors. colors. Trying it out can certainly be worthwhile. Of course, Stake's alternatives are also interesting, especially since they go more in the direction of the original and are thus especially easy to follow for European Roulette players.

2.) Is a Roulette download necessary?

Played is usually without a special download, since almost all providers – and especially crypto casinos – have a website in the browser provide. The entire portfolio can be accessed effortlessly via this. Users ultimately save a lot of time and, of course, storage space on the PC.

Online casinos are now compatible with most browsers, the graphics are automatically graphics are automatically adapted to the screen. Since no download is required, Mini or Crypto Roulette is suitable for both Windows users and those who prefer Apple devices.

3.) For whom is the Krypto Roulette autoplay function useful?

Players who want or need to devote themselves to things other than gaming in between are not forced to end it right away thanks to Autobot. With the function, you have your hands free and can still collect winnings – if chance has its way.

Overall, setting the game mode is very simple. You enter a few details in the Stake Originals section of Roulette, for example, before you can move on to other tasks.

4.) How does crypto roulette mobile work?

It is not necessary to download the preferred Mini Roulette variant or the offering casino for mobile devices. Apps still exist from time to time, but most providers have long relied on HTML5 technology and an associated web app that is 100% mobile compatible compatible.

So if you fancy roulette on the go, all you have to do is choose a suitable crypto casino and can then play on smartphones as well as tablets to their heart's content.

5.) Do I need experience to play crypto roulette?

Special knowledge is not required, as it is a game with very simple rules are involved. Once you understand which betting options are available and find out when playing roulette starts to pay off, you will surely see your first successes soon. Since crypto roulette is a game of chance, just like the mini version, no strategies are required. no strategies are necessary.

6.) Which roulette bets are worthwhile in the crypto casino?

As in the original European Roulette, betting on single numbers on single numbers means a higher win rateprovided that exactly this number is spun. On the other hand, the chance of guessing correctly is correspondingly lower than when betting on combinations. In Roobet Roulette, silver and bronze kangaroos are preferable to the golden one for reasons of higher winning probability.

Our conclusion on crypto roulette casinos


Roobet Roulette Coin

Mini and crypto roulette are entertaining games that are wonderfully suitable for free minutes in between. Excitement arises above all through the high speed of the gamewhich can hardly be compared to European Roulette.

Interestingly, almost all known crypto casinos have published their own variant, so there is noso that there is no lack of variety. Which one is the most exciting now probably remains a question of personal preference.

It is worth exploring different versions, which as explained is possible for free. Over time, a personal crypto roulette favorite will most likely emerge, although playing for real money or crypto stakes is of course also possible. real money or crypto stakes nothing stands in the way.

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