Crypto games – the best blockchain games in the test

In the meantime, many arcade games are inspired by cryptocurrencies inspired. They were specifically designed to be played with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Co. but now the use of real money is also permitted in more and more crypto casinos.

As versatile as the still quite young arcade category is among the providers, the commonalities are as great when it comes to a simple handlingsimple adjustable stakes and entertaining game rounds goes.

Playing in between becomes especially attractive with the crypto games category, since neither experience nor much time is needed to achieve winnings. Rather, all games rely on chance, whose Authenticity can even be concretely verified.

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Interesting: In the early days, the now widespread Mini Games were often referred to as Bitcoin games. Today, however, there are significantly more cryptocurrencies in established casinos, so that these are also quite recognized as bets. Bitcoin is still frequently used, but it does not necessarily have to be deposited in order to be allowed to use the arcade section in crypto casinos.

The most popular crypto games

If you look at providers like or even Roobet, you will be surprised with Originals there. Other companies refer to the Crypto Games as arcade or mini games.. Let's take a look at which of the titles are currently particularly popular and what makes them so.

  1. Dice
  2. Mines
  3. Crash
  4. Limbo
  5. Plinko
  6. Crypto Roulette
  7. HiLo
  8. Keno
  9. Pachinko

1.) Dice

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Quite quickly, Dice has become a perennial favorite in the crypto games space, as the game works super simple and brings a lot of excitement with its randomized game outcomes. What sounds like a dice game is, in the end, nothing more than a game about setting certain values and waiting to see if the diced number ends up in the green lands.

If it falls on red, the bet is lost. With green however are winnings of up to several hundred thousand euros are quite possible.. Depending on the set roll over and the multiplier, the probability of winning varies. Dice displays this directly. Transparency is therefore offered here in every respect.

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2.) Mines

With Mines you can, as already through the Windows classic Minesweeper known, different numbers of mines are distributed on the 5×5 grid. The more mines the player sets in advance, the greater the odds of winning – but the higher the risk of hitting a mine and losing.

The challenge now is to open fields that hide multipliers. These are added up and can add up to a solid profit. An advantage of playing crypto game Mines is that players can stop at any time and save their coins collected so far.

With up to 24 possible mines, the desired tension is quickly created on the field. On the other hand, the variables can be adjusted in such a way that even beginners without a great willingness to take risks can benefit from the concept of the classic game.

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3.) Crash

The crypto arcade game Crash is sold by some casinos under the name Aviator offered. The principle behind it is the same. Before the start of each round, the player must select a multiplier. The goal is to watch the spaceship – or airplane – rise afterwards. If the specified multiplier is reached in the steep flight, players can look forward to a payout.

Alternatively, however, according to the title, it can also happen that it comes to a hard crash. This is exactly where participants now have the chance to get out in time at any time. As soon as one clicks the button to end the round, the sum achieved up to that point is paid out instead of a total loss of the stake.

Crash is a bit reminiscent of the crypto stock market, although the risk of loss is certainly not too high depending on the stake value. After all, Crash can be played for as little as a few cents. Whereby: Who has desire, can also here easily bet a few hundred euros and make the whole thing even more exciting.

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4.) Limbo

Limbo is quite similar to the bitcoin game Crash in many ways, as it too is all about chasing the as high multipliers as possible. With the appropriate risk tolerance, the game stake in BTC and other cryptocurrencies can be retrieved up to 1 million times – an argument that clearly speaks in favor of Limbo.

The basic concept is very simple. If the multiplier set by the player is reached or exceeded, winnings are paid out. The higher the factor, the greater the risk, of course. In return, however, the sums that end up in the account are more attractive. Limbo is the perfect game for exciting rounds since neither know-how nor strategies are required.

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5.) Plinko

The idea for Plinko was obviously born on the game show "The Price is Hot" game show. In one of the mini-games of the same name, Plinko chips are thrown into the playing field. The chips are steered downwards by a variable number of pins until they come to rest on a multiplier.

Between 8 and 16 pins can be set. The more there are, the more tension is created until the chip reaches the lower multiplier fields. Some variants only offer one multiplier row, while others are more flexible in that respect. There you can choose whether the chip can land on green, yellow or red. The amount of the crypto coin win is also decided by chance.

Plinko is playable in the Spribe variant from 10 cents per round. If you prefer the alternative of the provider BGaming, you have to invest at least 1 euro, but you can get much higher sums as profit – namely up to 100,000 euros.

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6.) Crypto Roulette

Roulette is now also available as a crypto game, which – with the exception of the Roobet original – has been largely adapted from European Roulette. Depending on the provider, individual numbers, combinations or even colors can be can be tipped.

Either a mini roulette wheel rotates after the bet, or a bar above the betting field is moved. If the tip was correct, crypto roulette throws away winnings depending on the bet.

In Roobet Roulette, on the other hand, a bar with kangaroo coins in silver, gold and bronze is shown. The gold coin comes only once, so it is especially valuable if you hit it. Tips on the remaining two colors are rewarded with 2:1 odds. Entertaining entertainment is guaranteed with Krypto Roulette. The arcade game can be tested for freeBut thanks to the simple basics, there is nothing to stop you from playing for real money right away.

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7.) HiLo

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HiLo means nothing else than high or low. This decision is exactly what the crypto game is all about, which is played with cards. Once the bet is placed, a card is displayed in the field.

Below that, three more can be seen, whereby these are placed face down. Now, as a player, you have to decide whether the card is higher or lower than the one than the one shown. As a third option, you can bet on an identical counter value.

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Good to know:
In classic HiLo crypto variants, the king is the card with the highest value, and the ace is the lowest valued. If you are looking for special variety, you will find it in Gamdom will find what you are looking for. There you can bet not only on higher or lower, but also on specific card values as well as suits.

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8.) Keno

Blockchain has now also turned the classic Keno into a successful crypto game. Three to ten of the total 40 displayed numbers can be selected on the playing field. In addition, there are four risk levels which can be used to influence at least a little how profitable the game rounds will be in the end.

Once a decision has been made, the draw takes place directly, with fewer clicked numbers having a lower probability of hitting, but correspondingly higher odds bring with them. In principle, crypto keno is hardly different from the original. The main difference is that here unbelievable winnings depending on which betting strategy the customer chooses.

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9.) Pachinko

Pinball the Japanese way – this is how you could sum up the basic concept behind Pachinko. The game is literally celebrated in Japan, as it combines the game idea of the arcade game pinball, which is widespread in Europe, with elements of traditional slot machine games. However, since no real money winnings can be won, only non-cash prizes, the classic game is legal to play in Japan – while any other type of gambling has been generally banned.

The goal of playing Pachinko is to get steel balls into the vertical machine. Pins are used to guide them down, with rewards beckoning only for the balls that land in the payout pocket under the Pachinko machine. Meanwhile, the game comes with technical features that, for example, randomize the randomly change the course of the change the course of the obstacles.

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Detailed information about the crypto games

Are crypto games reputable?

Almost all available arcade games based on cryptos offer the proven fair technology. With the built-in cryptographic algorithm that crypto games rely on, the correct operation of the random number generators can be verified by the player at any time. The key generated key, also called client seedThe number of the game can be entered into the free program, which decodes it and shows exactly how random winnings or losses actually are.

The demonstrably fair technology is not yet common practice in all crypto casinos, but the providers we know have been using it for some time – especially for mini-games like Dice, Roulette, Crash and Mines.

Fun Fact: First crypto game Satoshi Dice online since 2012

Satoshi Nakamoto is commonly called the inventor of Bitcoin. Who is really behind it, could not be clarified beyond doubt until today. In addition to the cryptocurrency, however, he is also said to be responsible for the development of SatoshiDICE, the first crypto minigame.was responsible.

The special Dice variant, which can still be found in some casinos today, was published back in 2012. At the time, however, the whole thing didn't seem as interesting to gamers as the mini-games offered today – including the simple arcade classic Dice.

Interestingly, Satoshi Dice not only as a pure game of chance game of chance. Rather, it was meant to offer Bitcoin buyers the opportunity to earn more Satoshis. After all, this is much more appealing and varied than simply "mining" digital coins..

Our conclusion on crypto games

Crypto games are entertaining, simple in principle, and thus can be ideally used for in-between games. Although no special knowledge or skills are required are required, there is also a sometimes high profit margin. Especially this seems to have a positive effect on players, because meanwhile the trend in crypto casinos goes more and more in this direction.

Almost all companies rely on a Mini Games section or – as can be seen from the example of Stake – on "Originals". These are intended to make the classic casino offer more versatile. The advantage is that in addition to Bitcoin and other digital currencies real-money bets are sometimes also allowed.

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As far as that is concerned, the industry has adapted strongly to the needs of the customers. If you only have a little time to play, for example during your lunch break, you can play crypto games like Dice, Mines or Crash. fast rounds and a lot of excitement. enjoy.

Author: Jake Erving