Gametwist Casino review and rating

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Online since: 2005
New customer bonus: 30,000 twists
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Gametwist is one of the oldest social casinos in Europe. The biggest feature: here you have access to the complete Novoline portfolio!

Popular games like Book of Ra , Sizzling Hot and Co. are available for you to play for free. We have made the test and of course do not want to withhold from you, what special features you can expect at Gametwist.

The fact is that playing is worthwhile even without real money winnings. You don't have to spend anything – unless you want to buy twists. Of course, that is always possible. The provider grants you the first 30,000 game coins already for the first day. You can register easily, because the social casino is connected to Facebook. Just a few seconds and the free gaming fun on Gametwist can begin.

In the big casino test we first looked at what the operators themselves say about themselves: "No matter whether roulette, blackjack, baccarat or classic casino table games: In our casino section, which has been compiled according to strict quality criteria, you will find numerous exciting casino games with terrific chances of winning. Experience virtual casino flair at the highest level – and with enough twists, even for free! Best of all, our online casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is regularly updated with new online casino games. Our development team is also constantly working feverishly on nifty improvements to our homepage to keep optimizing your gaming experience." Whether that's true and what other advantages Gametwist offers you is something we'd best take a look at together.

Particular strengthsNoticeable weaknesses

  • Social Casino App
  • Real Novoline games for free
  • No deposit required
  • Changing coin packages
  • PayPal available
  • No download required
  • Coin winnings only
  • Email support only available

Detailed review of Gametwist

We have known Gametwist for many years, but have so far tended to focus on real online casinos that offer you the chance to win real money. That playing can be fun even without such winnings is something we were able to see for ourselves in person at Gametwist Social Casino. Entertainment is the main focus here, and there is definitely no lack of it. You can choose between slots, classics, poker, bingo and even skill games like rummy, backgammon or billiards. Boredom thus quickly becomes a foreign word. The biggest difference to real casinos is that there are only twists to be won here.

The game coins are used exclusively for free use of the versatile games. However, real payouts can still come your way – in the form of high-quality non-cash prizes. Fittingly, you won't find the corresponding promotions on the Gametwist website itself, but on Facebook. So it makes sense to follow the social casino right from the start. Subscribers will not miss any more offers.

Moreover, the social network gives you the opportunity to share your joys and sorrows, winnings and losses with other Gametwist users. Here, too, the focus is on the community, although the entertainment in the games themselves is anything but neglected.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 96% excellent Gametwist odds
Game offer 97% excellent Gametwist game offer
Live Casino 0% weak Gametwist Live Casino
Deposit 96% excellent Gametwist deposit
Payout 50% weak Gametwist Cash Out
Customer service 92% excellent Gametwist Customer Service
Website 96% excellent Gametwist Website
Casino App 96% excellent Gametwist Casino App
New customer bonus 95% excellent Gametwist Bonus
Security 97% excellent Gametwist Security
Experience 95% excellent Gametwist Experience

1) The odds

greentube logo
The relatively high odds and solid payout rates are not only thanks to Gametwist, but primarily to the top-class provider Greentube, whose games are made available to you around the clock in the social casino.

You can expect particularly high values in the "Jackpot" subcategory. Gametwist presents you with some of the most famous and popular Novoline games as jackpot versions. available. If you are lucky, several billion twists beckon here. So, you can talk about more than solid odds, thanks to which a very special excitement arises in every round. Advantageously, as a user you don't have to risk much. Nevertheless, the profit margin ranges from a few coins to the top payout. As already mentioned, it is basically not about real money here. Nevertheless, the high odds provide extreme thrills. Also in Fairness the Gametwist Social Casino is not lacking in any way. It is therefore not necessary to constantly buy new twists. Thanks to various daily bonuses and other promotions, you can get by here completely without any risk on your part.

Real Novoline games online

To make things clear right away: The winning odds of Gametwist Novoline games are not identical to the ones you can expect in local Novomatic arcades. You certainly won't become a millionaire in real life by using Novoline slots – and certainly not a billionaire.

Especially Gametwist provides with its high winning odds as well as gigantic payout rates for fun and excitement.. Once you hit a jackpot, you won't have to worry about twists anytime soon.

Fairness is clearly a high priority here, even though it's ultimately about nothing more than entertainment. The possible non-cash prizes that are raffled off in the course of special Facebook promotions are difficult to convert into winning rates. Nevertheless, we would like to mention them in a positive light. After all, gifts keep friendship alive. The fact alone that thousands and thousands of players are active at Gametwist today speaks for the solid approach of the social casino. solid approach of the social casino.

Help whenever you need it

Admittedly, Gametwist is "only" a social casino and not a provider where you can play with real money. Nevertheless, the operators with based in Austria do not refrain from providing you with an experienced and competent customer service.

The individual contact options for Gametwist customer service can be found further down on our page. As befits a company in the social gaming sector, Gametwist Casino has of course also set up a Facebook page. To find out about games and offers, as well as share your achievements and get more twists, you should follow Gametwist from day one.

You can even register via your Facebook account – which usually takes no more than 5 minutes. As soon as you have confirmed your email address, you will be credited with the first the first 3,000 Twists credited to your account.

That should be enough to try around a bit and get familiar with some of the best Novoline games. After that, the Gametwist Wheel of Fortune will start, where even several thousand twists can come your way. If you encounter a problem during the registration process, a chat window will open automatically. Here you can get support to make sure everything works smoothly.

2) The game offer

novoline logo
As already noted, you can expect at Gametwist the best and most popular Novoline games. They have not disappeared from the online gaming market at all – which in this particular case is due to the fact that the social casino does not offer any real winnings, but only pays out twists.

To this day, the focus here is solely on Slots and classics from Novomatic. However, this does not mean that there is a lack of choice. In addition to slot machines, you can also find classic casino games, poker and other categories in the successful Gametwist portfolio, which we will discuss in detail below. Meanwhile, several hundred games are waiting to be explored by you – including numerous ones that are equipped with a progressive twists jackpot.

One tried-and-true section is actually missing from Gametwist: Live Casino Games. Novoline has so far only released virtual slots and classics. Whether the company will decide to cooperate with a live provider at some point remains to be seen. But even without real live roulette, blackjack and co. there is certainly no boredom here.

thumb up icon
The range of games offered by Gametwist is, in our opinion, very well structured. The categories are self-explanatory. In addition, you have the option to filter games additionally – for example, by jackpots, new games, top games or those that include fruit as the main theme. You can browse around at your leisure and feel free to try out a few games.

After all, it costs you nothing to with the top slot machines like Book of Ra Lucky Lady's Charm and the like. Should you actually run out of twists, then it's best to check out the store. Different packages are offered, and at least sometimes special offers beckon that will hardly cost you more than a few euros. As already mentioned, you can find the best promotions on Facebook.

All categories at a glance

The Gametwist game offer is significantly more extensive than in many other social casinos – and this despite the fact that the operators focus exclusively on Novoline as a partner. One advantage is that many of the slots and classics offered are also available to you on mobile. On the subject of mobile gaming, we have collected all the details for you further down in the test. If you are logged in, you can see a heart in the preview images. If you click on this, the corresponding game will be saved as your personal favorite. This will save you the long search when you once again feel like playing the best Novoline games at the social casino Gametwist.

Gametwist Kategorien

Here are the available categories:
  • Slots
    • All
    • New
    • Top
    • Jackpot
    • Fruits
  • Casino
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Skill Games
    • All
    • Arcade Games
    • Board Games
    • Card Games

We were especially enthusiastic about the Skill Games. When do you ever get the chance to play a game of Canasta or Mahjong with friends in a real online casino? Only at the Gametwist Social Casino!

3) The Live Casino

thumbs down
For this we can unfortunately no evaluation give, because Gametwist has so far completely renounced live games. The main reason for this is that apart from Novoline, no provider comes into question for the operators. This developer in turn has so far no live games and will most likely not do so in the future.

To make up for the lack of this section, Gametwist provides you with a variety of well-known skill games that are at least as much fun – especially since you can even hope and tremble with several participants here.

We do not have a concrete answer to the question of whether there will be real live games at Gametwist at some point. However, we can promise you that either way, there will be plenty of variety and entertainment in store for you. This is not only true for the said skill games, but also for example in the outstanding Jackpot section. Once you've become a Twists billionaire, you'll know what true joy feels like. And although Gametwist Social Casino is about nothing more than demo coins and company, the company enjoys the full attention of thousands of players across Europe.

The operators reveal why this is so:We have spared no effort to make some of the world's most popular skill games available on GameTwist. Look forward to exciting online games against other users and break one or the other points record! Are you ready?

4) Deposits to the customer account

You do not have to in principle not deposit, but of course you can buy new game coins at Gametwist. You can choose from different packages between 27,000 and 12.54 million twists. You basically do not invest a fortune here, so deposit limits in the classic sense are not of great importance. The most expensive package is 199,99$. On the one hand, this includes the maximum number of twists, on the other hand, a 200% bonus beckons.

vip icon
You will also be credited with 4000 VIP points. We'll get to what the VIP program is all about later.

If you don't want to take a high risk, simply opt for the smallest package, which is just 99 cents. You can buy this as often as you want. Of course, we took a closer look at the payment methods. After all, security plays a crucial role even in a social casino like Gametwist.

You will be shown on the Gametwist website that payment methods such as. PayPal, Neteller and Skrill are available. However, this is not quite true. Players in Australia are not offered these options. If you want to learn more about the alternatives, you can easily open the cashier and take a closer look at both the packages and the deposit methods there. You will notice that there are enough options to make transactions safely and quickly.

information icon
Gametwist relies exclusively on payment methods that allow for a Booking in real time allow. This has the advantage that even if the twist stand is low, you don't have to wait more than a few seconds before the fun can continue.

More Twists with VIP Status

Once you have chosen a Twist package at Gametwist, simply click on it and you will be redirected to the payment methods available in your country. You will now see exactly how many coins and VIP points you will receive and what effect said points will have on your VIP status. For example, as a Bronze VIP you will receive 10% more bonus in the Gametwist store and more exclusive games will be unlocked for you.

In order for the transaction to work immediately, Gametwist has deliberately decided against the standard bank transfer. There is no lack of alternative payment methods. There will certainly be a suitable option for your taste as well. Payment by SMS is particularly easy – although this is only recommended for the smaller packages. If you want to buy the larger packages, you can pay for them, for example, using Instant bank transfer, Paysafecard and even with his Bitcoin wallet.

Details about depositing to the Gametwist player account

  • Deposits with the bank account
    1. Sofortüberweisung
    2. Giropay
  • Deposits with prepaid cards
    1. Paysafecard
  • Other payment methods
    1. SMS
    2. Bitcoin

If you generally do not want to deposit money into free game from Gametwist this is not a problem either. The operators will tell you how to get Bonus Twists without deposit:

You signed up for the GameTwist newsletter: Good decision! Our newsletter subscribers are informed about ongoing GameTwist promotions and receive bonus twists via email at irregular intervals. This is a personalized special credit that can only be redeemed by you on GameTwist. If you have received bonus twists as part of a promotion by e-mail, you can immediately book them to your player account and use them immediately. Simply follow the link in your voucher email and have the voucher code ready. You have participated in a competition on GameTwist: You can also dust off lots of bonus twists this way! Watch out for special teasers that promote the current sweepstakes on GameTwist or simply subscribe to our newsletter – newsletter subscribers will be informed immediately when a sweepstakes starts on GameTwist. You have participated in a player promotion on GameTwist: "Play a lot, win a lot" is the motto here! Normally, we announce current player promotions directly on GameTwist – just watch out for new teasers; newsletter subscribers will of course receive the information about the upcoming promotion in advance via e-mail. In a player promotion, a certain goal is always set (e.g. play the most rounds of a certain game among all participants), which must be fulfilled in order to win. All participants with a winning placement can expect rich bonus twists!

5) Paying out the winnings

Basically, we could have skipped this test. After all, in the Gametwist Social Casino you are generally no real winnings are paid out. However, there is a possibility to win various material prizes in the course of the raffles that are offered to you on the social network Facebook. to win material prizes. To get them, you need to participate in raffles and complete missions, for example.

In order for the shipment by mail to work smoothly, it is important to enter all data correctly during your registration. If any winnings are not adult, the verification of your account will be required at the latest. For this purpose, you will need to provide Gametwist Support with proof of address (for example, a copy of your ID or passport). As a rule, data matching takes place very quickly. You will then have to wait up to two weeks for your winnings. Even though no real money winnings are involved here, you can by no means complain about a lack of thrills.

warning icon
The fact is, however, that we can safely ignore the topic of withdrawal methods at this point. Twists, after all, cannot be exchanged for cash, and the non-cash winnings come to you by mail anyway.

6) Customer service

Should questions arise on topics such as deposits, bonus offers and the like, it's always good to have the feeling that "I'm not alone." Of course, this motto also applies to Gametwist's customer service, which is always ready to help you who will help you at any time with words and assistance at any time.

information icon
The easiest way to do this is to join the Facebook community. Here you will also receive support from other players, should the support staff not be available in person.

In addition, you can keep an eye on all the offers and promotions that Gametwist has put together for you. In addition to the social networks there is the classic customer servicewhich you can contact directly via the provider's website.

How can the Gametwist support be reached?

At this point, we unfortunately have to criticize a little criticism criticism. There are not really many options for you to choose from. There is also no information about the service hours, which would be elementarily important, especially for beginners. As already noted, the social networks will help you out. The community of Gametwist is huge by now. Let's take a look at what contact options you have besides Facebook.

  1. Email support: At times, contact via email is the only way to talk to Gametwist support in person. We have to praise the employees for their quick response time. The trained staff is also not lacking in competence. Nevertheless, the constant writing of messages can be very tedious – especially when new questions arise from an answer. It can take several hours for your request to be finally resolved. If you need urgent support, then simply direct your e-mail to [email protected]. Usually you will receive your first answer very quickly, so you can continue playing without any worries. We recommend that you always take a look at the extensive FAQ page as well. At least most topics are covered in detail there.
  2. Live Chat: We personally find it a great pity that there is no live chat. After all, this type of communication is particularly popular among casino players. And even if Gametwist is all about fun, support via live chat would be desirable in the future. After all, especially when it comes to topics such as buying new Twist packages, questions can always arise that are best clarified as quickly as possible. For the time being, the only thing you can do is read through the FAQs and, if in doubt, send an email to Gametwist customer support. We hope that the social casino will soon introduce a chat function. This has proven itself in the field of online gaming for years and would certainly be very well received here. That it works, other social casinos have already proven – even if the chat means an additional financial expense, since more employees would have to be hired.
  3. Contact by phone and fax: Unfortunately, this option is also lacking. If you have any questions, the only option is really email, which experience has shown to be lengthy. We recommend that you take a look at the terms and conditions as well as FAQs even before registering. This will make it much easier to get started with Casino Twists.
  4. Social networks: As befits a social casino, Gametwist is of course represented on the most important networks. You can't go far wrong with Facebook. Subscribe to the company's site, you will be regularly informed about promotions. Often, this is the only place where you can find special discounts that will benefit you in the long term. And raffles are also announced to you in good time on the social networks. This way, you can prepare for the upcoming highlights in the best possible way. Of course, communication with those responsible is not excluded. However, the team on Facebook sees itself less as a customer service, but is rather responsible for providing the news.
  5. Verification and contact by mail: If you would like to verify your account, you can easily do so by mail. In this way, the operator is also happy to accept praise and criticism. However, as assistance and support, this option is inconvenient. After all, it sometimes takes several days for the letters to reach the Gametwist operator. Nevertheless, we would like to praise the company for its transparency. So here is the address:

    letter icon
    Funstage Spielewebseitenbetriebsges.m.b.H.
    Wiedner main street 94
    A-1050 Vienna

Our conclusion on Gametwist Casino customer support and service

The customer service of Gametwist is definitely expandable. So far, you are only left with the email address to get answers to all your questions. The social networks have rather little to do with the actual support. There is a lack of live chat, and a free hotline would also be desirable to the players on Whether this will be worked on in the future remains to be seen.

7) The website

Whether real or social casino: Those in charge of reputable gambling sites should always be concerned that players like you experience a simple and self-explanatory entry point. Because we also find this aspect immensely important, we deliberately took a closer look at the Gametwist website. Once logged in, you have all relevant areas at a glance – first and foremost your VIP status as well as your Twist account balance, which tells you if and when a purchase of Twist packages might make sense. Visually, the Gametwist website makes a positive positive impression. You notice right away that the operators have spared no expense and effort to offer you the perfect casino experience. The fact that this is exclusively about social games without real money payouts could almost be forgotten when looking at the concept.

We were also convinced by the website structure of the Gametwist Casino convinced. You will find all the game sections at the very top. One click is enough to get access to hundreds of slots, classics, poker games, bingo and the popular skill games. Some of the main categories are subdivided once again. This makes it all the easier for you to access your favorite games.

search icon
Of course, there is also a search function. This makes sense especially if you already have a favorite and want to get started as quickly as possible.

When we look at a casino website, we are particularly concerned with transparency. If we scroll down at Gametwist, there is a lot of interesting information about the company. You can also see that the social casino is connected to two of the most popular social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter. You can also access information about the company, its email address and other details in just a few clicks. In fact, Gametwist is just as transparent as real online casinos.

Simple menu navigation guaranteed

The entire Gametwist website is basically self-explanatory. All sections and game areas have been labeled in such a way that you know directly what is hidden behind them. It should not take more than a few minutes to get an overview.

Gametwist registrieren
With the short and simple registration you then have full access to all games that do not require a VIP level. Graphically, the site also makes quite a splash.

Here you immediately notice that Gametwist must be a serious social casino. At least those responsible have not saved at the wrong end. That alone speaks for taking a closer look at the concept.

We would particularly like to highlight the large buttons at the very top of the page. They are so clearly set off from the rest of the color concept that it is impossible to miss them. With one click, you can either log in here or – if you don't already have one – create an account. Already on the homepage you get an impression of which gaming options you can expect in the Gametwist Social Casino.

star icon
The big stars of Novoline history present themselves from their best side. The first insights into the game categories follow. Here you can also understand how many games each category offers. There are 350 slots alone waiting to be explored by you.

They are all played directly on the website. A software download is not requiredwhich makes the start a little more pleasant.

Our editors also looked into the performance and loading times at Gametwist. As a rule, the games start within seconds and run smoothly. smoothly. We did not experience any loading problems or interruptions in our tests – even at peak times, when a particularly large number of players are active. Technically, the website is flawless.

It also shows: Gametwist, as a social casino, has opted for powerful servers that can cope with the large influx of visitors even in the toughest times.

8) The Casino App

Of course, even such a renowned social casino cannot do without gaming apps. The best Novoline slots are therefore available on popular smartphones and tablets.

Gametwist Apps

For this, Gametwist explains:The GameTwist app offers you the opportunity to pass the time with selected GameTwist games on your smartphone or tablet at any time, even on the go. The GameTwist app is available as a free download. Included for free are our popular and exciting classics, such as "Lucky Lady's Charm$ Deluxe" or "Sizzling Hot$ Deluxe". You can purchase various twist packages directly within the GameTwist app. The GameTwist app offers a selection of the most popular GameTwist casino games. We are constantly trying to expand our offer. You can find a current list of available games in the app description of the respective store.

777 Slots
To install the corresponding app, go to either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and enter Gametwist in the search bar. The app will then be displayed immediately, so you can download it within seconds with the help of the step-by-step instructions.

The company points out that an Internet connection is always required for security reasons. So without it, you won't stand a chance even with the native app, access your favorite games. Today's modern devices almost all work with 4G technology. Accordingly, performance and loading times should also convince you with Gametwist Mobile.

Review of the mobile games from Gametwist

Gametwist Casino App Spiele
Qualitatively the mobile Novoline slots in the Gametwist app are just as good as on the PC. Loading times and performance also fit. As a player, you can definitely have a little influence on this. After all, you always have the option to update the software on your mobile device.

This does not only apply to the operating system as such, but also to Java, Flash, the browser and all other programs that might be important. You only have to do without games to a limited extent. At least the most popular Novoline slots from Sizzling Hot to Book of Ra are available in the Gametwist Mobile App on both operating systems. Only the skill games section has been reduced, because the focus here is on the well-known Novoline slots anyway.

Availability of Gametwist Mobile

The Gametwist Social mobile games are available on all devices. Special Casino Apps are in the foreground here, although as usual these are only aimed at Apple and Android users. Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet to play, it doesn't matter at all.

Gametwist has adapted the apps to both devices, so that the graphics as well as the loading times and performance are consistent. As already noted, availability is only given when you are connected to the Internet. In this point, the Gametwist mobile app differs from some real online casinos that offer the possibility to continue playing even if the connection is lost. Winnings would then be posted in the aftermath. However, that is exactly what does not work in this social casino. It is best to rely on a WLAN network or else a region where you can be sure of a stable 4G connection.

Gametwist Mobile for Apple customers

apple icon
If you have an iPhone or iPad then simply go to the App Store. Here you will immediately find what you are looking for when searching for Gametwist Mobile. The installation itself hardly takes more than a few seconds. Already registered users can log in via the iOS app and get started right away. If you don't have a Gametwist Social Casino account yet, you can set it up within minutes and then enjoy the best Novoline slots on the go. The app and the games are and will remain free of charge. Buying twists, however, is of course also possible on mobile. The store will immediately catch your eye at Gametwist Mobile. Just look around and decide for yourself whether you need Twists supplies. You can pay for them conveniently via SMS, for example.

Android App from Gametwist

android icon
Gametwist has also thought of users of Android devices, for example the Samsung Galaxy. The Android App can be found at Google Play. One click and the installation starts. As on all other smartphones and tablets, an Internet connection is a must. However, this should not be a hurdle in principle. The concept is almost identical to that of the Gametwist iOS app. Of course, it has been optimized for Android smartphones and tabletsso that nothing stands in the way of carefree gaming hours away from your own four walls here, too. Twists payment is also possible at any time.

Gametwist mobile website with HTML5

sizzling hot smartphone mobile
As a social casino, Gametwist pursues the goal of reaching as broad a target group as possible with its renowned games. Accordingly, in addition to the two native apps, a mobile website has been set up. This is specifically designed for users of Blackberrys, Windows Phones and other devices. You can save yourself the app download with Gametwist Mobile. However, you will need an even more stable Internet connection. The functionality is the same as for the apps. Whether you want to play, buy twists or earn VIP status: At Gametwist, this is just as just as easily as at home!

Advantages of the Gametwist Casino website

Even though it's usually not noticeable, apps cost you a bit of storage space. However, this is limited even on the best smartphones. If you want to save this space, you have the option of using Gametwist's mobile website.

plus icon
Another plus point is that the game selection is significantly larger here. You can comfortably play almost all slots, classics and skill games of the desktop version on the go without having to do without anything.

Qualitatively there are no big differences between the mobile site and the Gametwist apps. Both variants promise you top-notch graphics as well as fast loading times and flawless performance. The menu navigation is also child's play, because you are basically dealing with the "shrunken" original website, which has of course been adapted to the operation of modern smartphones.

The range of games offered by Gametwist Mobile

As a Novoline provider, Gametwist focuses on providing you with the most popular slots of the renowned manufacturer, especially on mobile. Book of Ra and Co. are available in both apps, and you will also get plenty of opportunity to get involved with ancient Egypt on the mobile website. The portfolio of the mobile Gametwist site is a bit more extensive.

plus icon
The biggest plus point: With both native apps, you can already see the list of all games that you can choose from on the go in the corresponding store. According to Gametwist itself, it is trying to expand its portfolio on a regular basis.

Conclusion on Gametwist Mobile

Mobile entertainment is apparently also written in capital letters at the social casino Gametwist. Although it is not much more than demo twists and good humor, the apps and also the mobile website are very well received. Qualitatively, the social casino is in no way inferior to its real counterparts. There is also no lack of gaming options. Gametwist can also be praised for the simplicity of transactions. You can buy twists on the go just as quickly and securely as at home.

9) The new customer bonus

  • Bonus: Bonus without deposit
  • Bonus amount: Up to 30,000 twists

Gametwist Bonus Terms:

  • Daily additional twists without risk
  • Twist bonus packages cheap in the store
  • No turnover requirements

Gametwist Bonus Rating:

From a classic casino bonus can only be called a classic casino bonus. After all, there is no cash given for the first day, but only the Twists, with which all social games can be used for free. Gametwist promises you up to 30.000 after your registration. This free bonus is something to be proud of, because you can easily get by for a few days with the "starting balance". If not, the Gametwist Social Casino offers more than just another opportunity to pick up bonuses.

The operators reveal:So that you never run out of twists, we award bonus twists as part of various promotions or sweepstakes.

Spendable is definitely the provider. Just don't forget to log in at least once a day. Every few hours there are additional bonus twistswhose amount can vary again and again. So, more than enough chances to fill up your social casino account are definitely here. Sweepstakes will be announced to you in time. To really not miss any offer, be sure to subscribe to Gametwist on social networks.

Especially on Facebook, the company will surprise you again and again – with bonus offers for new players, perks on twist purchases and, last but not least, promotions involving attractive non-cash prizes and other winnings. Alternatively, you are welcome to follow Gametwist, the most popular of all social casinos, on Twitter. If you use both social networks right away, you will definitely never miss out on a bonus again.

Our conclusion about the Gametwist bonus

We rate the bonus offers of Gametwist positive – even though there is no real money involved at any point. You will quickly be able to convince yourself that the fun of playing is far more important than every cent you can win in real online casinos. The bonuses in the form of twists will help you save a lot. After all, with good financial management, no investment of your own is required.

Another plus point: The higher your VIP level, the faster you get new twists.

The provider explains the concept as follows: "The amount of your time bonus depends on your currently achieved level, here applies: higher level, higher bonus!". Set yourself a reminder not to miss any time bonus. You can find the reminder button directly in the settings."

10th) Security: how serious is Gametwist?

Of course, this question was of particular concern to us as test editors. Already on the home page you get the following information: "Playing should be fun and entertaining – nothing else! For this reason you can only play with us for the virtual game currency "Twists". Also for you, the fun of playing should always be in the foreground. No matter if you play online or in a casino: Please never play to make a quick buck or if you can't afford it financially! If you are concerned about another person's gambling habits, please contact: GamCare or GamblersAnonymous.

We must admit that we were a bit surprised by this notice. After all, Gametwist Social Casino is all about having fun – or is it? When you get right down to it, real games of chance await you here. And even if you use them without wagering, there is of course always the risk of venturing into a real-money game sooner or later after all. While this doesn't work at Gametwist itself, it is known to work at numerous other online casinos. The danger of gambling addiction and has therefore taken precautions. As a social casino, Gametwist is in no way inferior to real-money providers.

On the subpage "Responsible Gaming"you can turn to at any time should problems arise. The self-test helps you to better assess yourself. You can easily find out if you are already addicted. Of course, we are talking about a few euros at most for twist packs. But even buying such demo coins can quickly become an addiction. That's why Gametwist offers you the option to set yourself a set yourself a limit.

11) Our experience with Gametwist

Over the past few weeks, we have of course many of our own experiences which we do not want to withhold from you. Our team has found Gametwist to be reliable and reputable provider that owes its good reputation not least to its cooperation with Novomatic. More about that later.

The fact is that we always felt in good hands and we realized how much fun playing in a social casino can be – if it offers you such a successful concept as Gametwist has been doing for well over 10 years now.

The realization that it doesn't always have to be about money will come to you very soon. Once you get the hang of it, the main goal is to compete with like-minded people on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. If this results in a non-cash prize every now and then, all the better! You'll be amazed at how quickly real winnings become a secondary matter once you've earned fame and recognition at this social casino – and successfully climbed the VIP ladder along the way.

Summary of Gametwist's strengths and weaknesses

Gametwist is a social casinoas it is written in the book. The biggest strength is and remains the cooperation with Novomatic, because such a cooperation only exists here, at least currently. After Stargames had to close its doors as a real casino, disappointment set in. Thanks to Gametwist, however, you at least don't have to completely forgo online Novoline games, because they are open to you here around the clock.

It goes without saying that no real money winnings are waiting for you. However, the concept of the social casino seems to be well received – especially by users who generally do not have a high budget and for whom entertainment is more important than wagering large sums. You are guaranteed to get recognition on the social networks, and the VIP membership can also be worthwhile for you. We have taken a closer look at some areas and, of course, do not want to completely disregard the weaknesses.

Whereby: Gametwist definitely doesn't offer much room for criticism.

The pluses of Gametwist Casino:The cons of Gametwist:

  • Original Novoline slots online for free
  • Exclusive mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Skill games for entertainment in between
  • Twists bonuses every day
  • No deposit required
  • Strong community on Facebook and Twitter
  • Rare raffles for non-cash prizes
  • Confusing information about payment methods

On the Gametwist website, PayPal is displayed as a payment method. However, depending on where you are located, this option may not be available at all. The same applies to the popular online wallets Skrill and Neteller. In our test purchase, we could only choose between SMS, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay and Paysafecard. There was no trace of the aforementioned methods. Not tragic in itself, and yet the information that the Gametwist Social Casino page displays to you is, misleading.

Gametwist Zahlungsmethoden

With that, we are almost through with disadvantages, which of course cannot remain completely unmentioned. Another aspect that we consider to be in need of improvement is the raffles. You can only very rarely win non-cash prizes in the course of special promotions. Otherwise, it remains with twists, with which you unfortunately cannot do much more than invest them in the Novoline slots and skill games. A little more excitement would definitely be desirable in the field.

Gametwist FAQ

  1. Why is Gametwist so successful?
  2. What are the strengths of Gametwist?
  3. VIP program and bonus promotions – our personal experience
  4. How secure is Gametwist?
  5. Why choose the Gametwist social casino?

1.) Why is Gametwist so successful?

novomatic logo
When the operators of the Funstage gaming website operating company decided to set up Gametwist, they of course had a direct leap of faith. This had to be used, and that is exactly what the company has more than succeeded in doing. It doesn't seem to be that important to the customers that there are no real winnings to be had in the social casino. The fun stands here in the first placeAnd because Gametwist has raised it to a new level, the enormous success of the provider goes without saying.

Gametwists Twists kaufen

If you like, you can easily do something good for your Twist account with affordable packages. Basically, however, you can get by here without any investment. This is also the case in real online casinos, but there you are logically quickly tempted to use real money – not least because sometimes you can win huge winnings beckon.

Gametwist is one of the first social casinos to offer not only exclusive games games, but also make it possible to connect with other players via Facebook or Twitter. The community is the real guarantee for success of such a casino concept – we are now firmly convinced of this. You also enjoy the advantage that you cannot lose anything. If anything, Gametwist offers you the chance to win VIP benefits, some non-cash prizes and a lot of excitement. The portfolio can also be described as a strength. Quite apart from the fact that the operators have teamed up with Novomatic, it is simply huge fun to devote yourself to several hundred slots, classics and even board games. We can't name many providers that provide you with backgammon, skat and the like.

2.) What are the strengths of Gametwist?

We have already told you the most important strengths and advantages. Therefore, here we come back to one – albeit minimal – shortcoming.

support icon
The support of Gametwist is sometimes only available by e-mail. The operators should definitely work on this point, because there is nothing like a stable and fast communication with the players.

This brings us back to the strengths. The community is certainly a fundamental part of the Gametwist Social Casino concept. The company now has almost one million subscribers on Facebook alone.

If you compare this number with real online casinos, it becomes clear that only very few gambling companies have been able to achieve this level of success. Gametwist is fun, easy to use and provides entertainment at the highest level even without any money. Obviously, that's all it takes to keep players all over Europe happy. The bonus twists put the icing on the cake.. If you log in at least once a day and collect your bonus, you can save yourself investments completely.

The fact that Gametwist takes its responsibility towards all players very seriously can also be called a strength.

The operators explain: “Everything cool and so? Remember: rash and ill-considered bets can not only limit your gaming fun – they also do not guarantee success, even if you play for free and have enough twists at your disposal. So if you really want to enjoy your time at the online casino, you should pace yourself. Thanks to our special "Reality Check" feature, you can set your own time intervals that show you your gaming time so far, as well as a game overview. This way you'll always have an overview….

Tip: On our homepage, there are regular special promotions with specific durations and content – and excellent prizes. For example, our users can compete in slot battles, in which the players of the winning slots win a lot of twists. We also come up with a theme every month, which is then the subject of numerous special games…."

In fact, there is only hidden talk of non-cash prizes. To find out more, logging on to Facebook or Twitter is a must.

3.) VIP program and bonus promotions – our personal experience

There is clearly no lack of Twists bonuses at the social casino. Move up a level, you automatically benefit from the level bonus and receive all the more game coins every day, which you can use in any slots and classics as well as in the skill games. A big plus is that there are no bonus conditions at Gametwist Online. You don't have to use your twists countless times before you can keep them or the twist winnings you have earned. The giftsthat Gametwist gives you are therefore genuine and completely altruistic. Let's take a look at what the level ups are all about.

The bar and the percentage show you your current level progress. Whenever you play on GameTwist, you collect valuable XP points. When you reach a certain score, a new level will be unlocked for you. And then it gets extra good: look forward to rich bonus twists and/or special rewards for the next game rounds. Every level jump holds a personal surprise for you!

So you play, earn experience points with every twist bet and can use them to work your way up step by step. With each level, either the Twist bonuses per day increase, or you can play with a higher Max Bet. The advancement works almost by itself, as each bet earns you points.

vip icon
Also the VIP program of Gametwist we have taken a closer look at. First of all, you are just a No VIP member, so you don't have any special status that would bring you anything.

There is no time bonus and also the daily bonus multiplier is set to 0%. If you want to become a VIP member of Gametwist, all you need to do is to buy your first Twist package. Which one you choose, it doesn't matter for the promotion. Depending on the VIP level, you will enjoy higher multipliers and ultimately get more for your money in the store as well. 7 levels can be reached through Twist purchases. The best way to find out the exact conditions is to ask customer service. He can explain to you how many points you need to reach the next VIP level at Gametwist.

4.) How safe is Gametwist?

secure icon
In reputable online casinos, security is always an important factor. It does not matter whether you play for real money or just for fun.

The operators provide you with the entire privacy policy on their website and transparently show what measures are taken to protect you. Of course, this also includes the control of players who are must be at least 18 years old to be allowed to use the offer of the social casino Gametwist. If the operator has doubts about the age of majority, verification is carried out here in the same way as in real casinos.

credit cards icon
The situation is similar when it comes to payments. You can only buy Twist's packages with a payment method that is issued to you – be it accounts, cards or even the mobile phone number that is required for the transaction via SMS. This way Gametwist ensures misuse of sensitive personal data.

key icon
As we have already explained in detail, player protection is of course also a top priority. Although the social casino is not about high stakes and real winnings, people are aware of the dangers. Gambling addiction can ultimately affect anyone. Appropriate protective measures are taken by the provider according to current standards.

5.) Why choose Gametwist Social Casino?

More than 10 years of experience are definitely something special for a casino of this kind. During this time, Gametwist has managed to establish itself as a Novoline provider that doesn't require much more from its players than the desire to explore new slots and classics.

plus icon
A clear advantage is that you don't have to invest anything, but you can if you wish. VIP players who purchase Twists packages always benefit here from attractive bonuses. As for the chances of winning as such, on the other hand, there is not much difference between paying customers and those who decide not to buy Twists. Fairness is guaranteed to all users here.

social netzwerke
As a social casino, Gametwist is also connected to networks like Facebook and Twitter. So you are allowed to share your successes with a gigantic community, which now consists of almost one million Gametwist players. The community is not that big in other social casinos. This alone proves that this company must be a popular and at the same time reputable one.

Australia flag icon
Why you should choose Gametwist in particular, can be answered quite simply: Only here do players with based in Australia still have the chance to play real Novoline games online. At Stargames, these have long since been removed from the program, and the provider has even closed its doors completely. Certainly, even today many players are primarily concerned with winning. However, the fact that you get recognition by playing at Gametwist Social Casino instead of real money is worth even more than all the money in the world at the end of the day.

Fairness is also written in capital letters here. This is already evident in the VIP status, which you will keep permanently under certain conditions. For this, Gametwist explains:

Your VIP points do not expire as long as you make at least one purchase per calendar month. If you have not made a purchase within a month, you will be set to the next lower VIP status on the first day of the next month. However, you only need a single new purchase to restore your old VIP status, as your VIP points will be reset to the highest possible number of points of the lower VIP level. For example: you are a Gold VIP and have 650 VIP points. If you do not purchase any twists for a calendar month, you will be set to Silver status with 599 VIP points.

At Gametwist Online there are always new games to discoverfor which your registration is worthwhile in any case. And the operators also prove creativity when it comes to promotions. For everything you do here, you will be generously rewarded. For example, if you win new players and inspire them to play at Gametwist, then you will be rewarded with up to 100.00 Twists as a gift.

This is just one of many offers that we can mention at this point. As far as the information content is concerned, Gametwist is also in no way inferior to real online casinos. You will find a detailed FAQ page that answers all your questions about games, twists, bonuses, the technology and co. This saves the personal contact with the customer service, which you can of course still reach by email at any time.

Conclusion about the Gametwist Social Casino

thumb up icon
It is possible that you feel like us at first. At first, we too had a hard time imagining that playing for twists, i.e. virtual game coins, would create real thrills. However, Gametwist Casino very quickly managed to convince the entire editorial team otherwise.

One forgets within minutes that here actually only is only played here out of desire and whim – and not to invest your hard-earned money in slot machines or to spend it at the roulette table. The high entertainment valueThe social gaming experience that the Gametwist Social Casino offers through its great community alone is simply gigantic. We therefore recommend that you follow the provider directly on Facebook and Twitter. This has the advantageThis has the advantage that you won't miss out on any special offers – especially promotions that sometimes involve real prizes.

Carefree gambling is possible at Gametwist at any time – and even more so on Original Novoline Slots. As far as the portfolio is concerned, even many real online casinos can hardly keep up. Novoline games are still extremely popular among players all over Europe. All the more reason to pay Gametwist a visit right away. Registration is necessary, but you don't necessarily have to spend money. Just start with the bonus twists, collect more coins regularly and enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the social casino, which is in no way inferior to its real counterparts!

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Gametwist CasinoAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐95%Try Gametwist Casino now