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Developer Apple Inc.
Release date January 9, 2007
(Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco)
iPhone sales start in Australia November 9, 2007
Operating system iOS
App Store 1.96 million apps
(as of 2nd quarter 2021)
Models sold worldwide approx. 237 million devices
(in 2021)
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If you own an iPhone, you are well equipped for mobile gaming. The Apple devices are perfectly suited for a few carefree rounds in well-known mobile casinos. In this casino test we want to address the question of whether there are special iPhone casinos and whether they are actually better than the instant play that more and more companies in the mobile gambling industry are relying on these days.

If you choose the iPhone app of a casino, you can be sure of high quality. The version of the iOS system usually only plays a minor role here, because innovative apps from experienced gambling providers actually run on almost all iPhones today.

As a rule, you will be told exactly what other requirements the device must fulfill for smooth gaming.

Fact is: The native iPhone casino app will always run more stable than instant play or web apps. Especially if you have a poor internet connection, for example in a rural area, you should prefer iPhone apps, as long as they are offered to you by the selected mobile casino provided by the selected mobile casino.

These are the top iPhone casinos

The companies listed below either offer you a special iPhone casino app, or you can play there with your device carefree in the browser. We can recommend all the providers mentioned, because they not only stand for first-class mobile entertainment, but also for fairness and transparency:

Are there special iPhone casinos?

Basically, there are plenty of mobile casinos that offer you a special iPhone app. However, Android apps or at least a mobile website are usually also on offer. Accordingly, you can't really speak of special iPhone casinos that exclusively cater to customers with such a device.

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Despite everything, the iOS app of well-known casinos is of course specially adapted to the conditions of your device. This makes them particularly appealing. As most players know, there are significant differences between the iPhone and Android device when it comes to menu navigation.

This is exactly what the operators of iPhone casinos are prepared for and bring in professional developers who specifically take care of your needs. However, native apps do not only have advantages, as we will explain below. In fact, most mobile casinos today are compatible with the iPhone. Some apps are more suitable for new devices, but other providers rely just as much on customers equipped with an older model. You can read the exact requirements on the website of the preferred casino. This makes it easier to decide for or against the respective iPhone casino.

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The iPhone casino that is ideal for you can be scanned and downloaded via the website using a QR code if required. More and more gambling providers also rely on offering the iPhone app directly through the App Store.

Which option is the better one is hard to answer. Generally, it rarely takes more than five minutes to download the selected iPhone casino before you can start playing. In the following, we will go into a little more detail about the advantages and disadvantages of specific iPhone apps from online casinos. In fact, there are a few things you should consider when making your decision.

The extensively tested advantages and disadvantages of iPhone casinos.

  1. Advantages of iPhone online casinos
  2. What are the disadvantages with iPhone casinos?

1.) Advantages of iPhone online casinos

Basically, you can play at the iPhone casino at any time. The advantage over mobile websites is, above all, that the performance is significantly better. Developers are now focused on making the handling of mobile casinos as easy as possible.

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Technically, iPhone apps run a little more stable than mobile sites – precisely because part of the software is stored on your device. Those who struggle with poor internet reception and are not exactly connected to a WLAN network will do better with an iPhone casino app than with the browser version.

Some casinos are generally only suitable for Android browsers, so you are forced to access the optimized iPhone app there.

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With the iPhone and apps specifically designed for the device, you enjoy the highest level of security above all else. Especially when it comes to real money transactions, you will be protected in the best possible way by reputable mobile casinos. The casino app installation as such does not take long.

Accordingly, nothing stands in the way of a timely game entry. As far as the quality of the games as such is concerned, there are no longer any major differences between iPhone casinos and instant play offers.

All top iPhone casino app providers can be found on our portal. This way, you can specifically search for iPhone apps that have been rated as safe and reputable. All in all, there is a lot to be said for consciously choosing an iPhone casino app – especially if no alternatives are offered or the quality of the internet is not the best.

2.) What are the disadvantages with iPhone casinos?

In fact, iPhone casino apps do not exclusively have advantages either. One major problem is the rather small game selection. While instant play casinos now have up to several hundred mobile slots and table games in their program, the iPhone casino is much more manageable. 100 to 200 games can be considered a lot here.

Video Poker
Players who are looking for as much variety as possible will only be satisfied by such apps to a limited extent. So you should take your time to check out the portfolio – and whether there are games integrated into the app that you personally particularly like to use.

Moreover, you have to install an iPhone mobile casino or the corresponding app. So, basically, a certain amount of storage space is required. If you play in several casinos, you will eventually lose a bit of an overview on your own iPhone screen. This can be circumvented relatively easily with mobile websites. Basically, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. At least with some restrictions, iPhone casinos apps allow you to try out enough games and even gamble with real stakes on the go. The winnings are usually set up the same way as on the PC or mobile website.

Frequently asked questions about iPhone casinos in Australia

  1. What are the differences between iPhone & other operating systems?
  2. Can iPhone owners use the same games?
  3. Can you play with players who use a different operating system?
  4. Does one have to download software at the iPhone casino?
  5. Can you play for real money?
  6. Are there any free iPhone casinos?

1.) What are the differences between iPhone & other operating systems?

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Unfortunately, many native apps do not work on the iPhone. iPhone casinos, however, are specifically designed for the peculiarities of the operating system and can therefore not be used on other devices. Using the App Store or the desktop, you can install the app. As a rule, iPhone apps are made available to you free of charge. There are actually no major differences to Android in terms of user-friendliness and handling.

2.) Can iPhone owners use the same games?

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At least some of the games offered on the PC are also available on the iPhone. With corresponding apps, the selection is more manageable, but boredom does not arise despite everything. Today's iPhone casinos are quite well equipped – and not only with many slots and classics, but also with secure payment methods as well as bonus offers and other benefits.

3.) Is it possible to play with players who use a different operating system?

William Hill Mobile Gaming
Of course! Your fellow players are connected to the selected casino just as you are. Via the login, it is then possible to arrange to play together at multi-player tables or, for example, to play a previously discussed live table together. Networking between iPhone and other devices is not necessary in the end, as everything takes place on the chosen casino platform.

4.) Do I have to download software in the iPhone casino?

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If you have decided against instant play, i.e. playing in the browser, then a software download is indeed necessary. Strictly speaking, you need to download and install the iPhone app via the App Store or the casino website. The process hardly takes more than a few minutes these days. You may then log in to iPhone Casino with credentials you have already set up, or you may complete the registration process as a new customer to have unrestricted access to games, bonuses and more.

5.) Can I play for real money?

This is also no problem at the iPhone Casino. Real money casino apps have become a matter of course. In most companies, you have the free choice between real money play and free version. Both, of course, have advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed up. Thanks to modern technology, you should have no trouble making a deposit after downloading the iPhone app. Common payment methods are offered to you by all licensed iPhone casinos.

6.) Are there free iPhone casinos?

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There are, too. You basically do not have to invest any money to use an iPhone casino app. At least most games can be played on the device for free. Live tables are the exception. However, this has nothing to do with the choice of smartphone, but is not otherwise solvable due to the high financial outlay that a live casino entails.

Conclusion on iPhone Casinos

If you like, you can decide against Instant Play and for the iPhone Casino App decide. What the loading times as well as the performance iPhone casinos are at least a little more stable. Also, there are still some companies where you have no choice but to download the app – if you want to play on the go.

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However, iPhone-only casinos are the exception. Mostly, an alternative app for Android devices is offered. It also does not matter whether you have an iPhone or an iPad use. The requirements are the same for both devices.

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