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Sales start in USA April 3rd, 2010
Australia and Switzerland May 28, 2010
Austria July 23, 2010

Best Ipad Casino:

For many friends of mobile casinos, the iPad has become a loyal companion in recent years. All the more will possibly also burn you the question on the soul whether there are special iPad casinos in Australia and how they differ from mobile websites.

In fact, there are some special features of iPad apps. However, it must be said clearly that most companies in the gambling industry only develop an iOS app, which can then be installed on both the iPad and the iPhone.

But do you even have to opt for a download?

Not necessarily, because more and more often you are provided with mobile casinos that work directly in the browser. Here you clearly have the advantage that there are significantly more games to choose from than with the native iPad app.

iPad online casinos in the test 2024

It depends a bit on whether you use native casino apps install, or want to play directly in the browser. We recommend the following mobile casinos for you as an iPad user:

Are there special iPad casinos?

There is no question that mobile casinos are becoming more popular every year. Today, more than 50% of all customers deliberately choose the mobile version of their preferred provider. The Apple iPad in particular is predestined for gaming away from home due to its display size.

Some top companies in the gaming industry are also aware of this, and are now increasingly providing you with special apps for the iPad. There are rarely any major differences to the iPhone app. Mostly, these relate to the resolution, because of course the iPad screen is significantly larger than that of a smartphone.

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The games and their technology are specifically adapted to the device in iPad apps. You also benefit from top-notch performance as well as faster loading times than is the case with mobile websites.

As a rule, PC games are not simply brought to the iPad, because that would not work at all in terms of resolution. Developers and designers are working flat out to adapt all the details of the iPad game specifically to the device. For this reason alone, many iPad users prefer the native app to the mobile website – although the latter can now also be opened more and more frequently on iPads.

Other operating systems tested in detail

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But: There are still some mobile casinos, whose website can only be launched on Android smartphones and tablets. The browsers of both systems differ in some respects. That is exactly why it actually makes more sense to look around specifically for iPad casinos.

Be sure to look for valid EU licenses. Only in reputable casinos can you be sure to actually receive your winnings.

Advantages & disadvantages of iPad casinos

  1. Advantages of iPad online casinos
  2. What are the disadvantages with iPad casinos?

1.) Advantages of iPad online casinos

In particular, the high level of security speaks in favor of installing an iPad casino with a license. Those who play on the go should pay all the more attention to the protection of personal data. Also, of course, the money plays a big role. This is in good hands in reputable iPad mobile casinos.

Let's move on to the graphical aspect and performance. A mobile casino website usually offers you significantly more games than an iPad casino app ever could. In return, you benefit from significantly faster loading times with the download. The game flow works smoothly even if you do not have a stable internet connection. This in turn has a positive effect on the performance.

If you specifically look for iPad casinos, you will enjoy high-resolution games that are perfectly adapted to the device in terms of size. By the way, you yourself can do a lot to ensure that everything works smoothly. Make sure that your operating system receives regular updates. The more up-to-date the software, the more pleasant it is to play at the iPad casino.

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Another aspect that speaks for iPad casinos are free gaming options. At no point will you be forced to play mobile with real money. This way, you get a feel for what the app is all about, how it is handled and whether slots or classic table games are actually worthwhile. These are all good reasons to look for specific providers that offer special iPad apps.

2.) What are the disadvantages of iPad casinos?

From a technological point of view, it is quite difficult to name any disadvantages when it comes to iPad casinos. What you have to be prepared for is a more manageable game selection. Mobile websites and of course desktop casinos are usually much more versatile when it comes to the portfolio.

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The native iPad casino app simply cannot offer you more than 1,000 slots and tables. This would simply cost too much storage space.

Nevertheless: If you take a little time, you will certainly soon come across successful iPad apps from online casinos that provide at least a few hundred games. However, you will then have to watch out for updates, because new slots and classics are not automatically added to the iPad app, unlike on the mobile website. As soon as there are innovations, the chosen provider will of course inform you immediately. With just a few minutes of "effort", you will stay up to date in the long run. Thus, one can only speak of a disadvantage to a limited extent.

Frequently asked questions about iPad casinos in Australia

  1. What are the differences between iPad & other operating systems?
  2. Can you use the same games as an iPad owner?
  3. Can you play with players who use a different operating system?
  4. Does the iPad casino require a software download?
  5. Can you play for real money?
  6. Are there any free iPad casinos?

1.) What are the differences between iPad & other operating systems?

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An iPad casino app is specifically designed for the device and its particular display size. In fact, there are some providers that deliberately separate iPad and iPhone to ensure an optimal gaming environment. The portfolio is aligned in such a way that it can be used flawlessly.

Thanks to the app download, you also benefit from the best possible performance as well as loading times that immediately convince even impatient casino customers. Accordingly, it basically makes sense to look around specifically for iPad casinos – especially if you are struggling with a poor internet connection.

2.) Can iPad owners use the same games?

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In fact, the game selection in the native iPad app turns out to be much more manageable than on the PC. Most apps are limited to a few hundred games at most, while there are often more than 1,000 slots and classics for every taste on mobile websites.

So you should definitely find out beforehand which games the chosen iPad app really offers you and whether enough slots or tables for your personal taste are included. A comparison of several apps and mobile casinos can therefore be worthwhile. This way, you don't have to miss out on anything even when you're far away from your own four walls.

3.) Can you also play with players who use a different operating system?

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This should usually not be a problem – provided, of course, that you and your fellow player choose the same mobile casino. You will be connected via a server. It doesn't matter whether you install the iPad app or gain access via the website. Playing together at multiplayer tables or in the live casino is actually always possible. Make sure you arrange to meet at a fixed time and clearly record which game you want to try together.

4.) Do I have to download software for the iPad casino?

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Logically, the use of a native iPad casino requires the download. However, today there are more and more online casinos that offer you iPad games completely without installation and app download. Mobile websites are now in vogue because they simply offer more options in terms of gaming technology.

You should therefore calmly weigh up what is more important to you: a large selection of games without a download or better performance and games without loading problems, should the Internet connection not be the best. Many casinos offer you the opportunity to look at both variants so that you can then make a decision. Basically, many mobile providers today decide against the app download to also offer players with other devices all that is in them.

5.) Can you play for real money?

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In modern iPad casinos that have official gambling licenses, you actually always have the choice between real stakes and free demo versions. Of course, real money play requires a deposit, which can be made quite quickly and easily thanks to modern payment methods. It is best to choose an option that also works without any problems on mobile – for example PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or the credit card.

6.) Are there free iPad casinos?

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Of course! You yourself decide when you are ready to bet real amounts. Until then, you can play for free at all reputable iPad casinos for as long as you want. The top companies in the industry will not pressure you at any time, but leave it up to you whether you play with real money or just for free.

Conclusion on iPad casinos

If you own an iPad, many mobile casinos offer you the chance to easily compare apps and mobile websites yourself. There is actually a lot to be said for installing the iPad casinos directly in order to benefit from better loading times and a clean game flow. This is especially true in places where internet reception is not necessarily optimal. The iPad apps of most mobile casinos can be downloaded in seconds and installed with little effort. Updates do have to be carried out manually, but this does not present you with a major challenge.

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The best thing is to simply compare the mobile website and iPad app yourself. All it takes is a single registration for all variants, which can be done very easily and without much effort on your iPad. If you already have an account, you can log in on the mobile device as usual with the access data.
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