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Market share 87.5 percent
Third quarter 2016
Sales since 2008 31 billion U.S. dollars
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First Android device October 22, 2008
HTC Dream under the name T-Mobile G1
Foundation of Google Play July 28, 2008
Google Play Store Apps 2 million apps
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If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, special Android casino apps are of course ideal for you. The great advantage of an app that is adapted to the device is that you neither have problems with loading times nor do you have to do without your favorite games.

Unlike mobile website, the Android casino app is not bound to the fact that the line is always optimal. Some of the game states are saved in the history, and also the performance is ultimately different than when you play directly in the mobile browser. Our team at has dealt with the issue and tested the best Android casinos in detail.

In the following, we want to show you not only the best Android Casinos 2024 but also tell you where there are special mobile bonus promotions or even exclusive Android offers. In addition, we will answer all typical questions about playing with the Android smartphone in the FAQ below.

Let's first take a look at the best Android casinos July 2024 that can currently be found on the Australian gambling market:

The best Android casinos

If you are specifically looking for Android apps, you will of course quickly find them in Australia. For Samsung users and other owners of an Android device, we recommend the following mobile casinos:

Are there special Android casinos?

There are actually no pure Android casinos. However, in recent years, various providers have set out to develop alternative Android apps in addition to desktop play. The site and portfolio are then optimally adapted to the corresponding devices, such as Samsung smartphones or tablets.

Especially in the last few months, various casinos have emerged that actually specialize in the mobile gaming sector.

Although you can also play here on the desktop, the design and website structure are primarily designed for mobile devices. In many cases, you can avoid the app download, as most providers actually rely on web apps without download. Who specifically mobile casinos will certainly find what they are looking for quickly and will sometimes come across casino apps optimized specifically for Android devices.

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It is worth investing a little time in this search. After all, the goal of all players is to enjoy the most perfect performance possible – in conjunction with a large game selection that convinces both qualitatively and technically.

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Once you have found an Android casino, then it is a matter of finding out about the download. Often this is possible on Google Play, however, you may also need to download a QR code from the relevant casino website for the app installation to work smoothly.

The question remains, what actually distinguishes an Android casino from "normal" online casinos. In principle, there is not much difference between the app and the mobile website. However, the games run a bit more stable after the app download – especially when the internet connection is not too good. The games and the menus are a bit different from the desktop concept. All sections can be opened with one touch. This is precisely why many smartphone owners consciously rely on special Android apps.

Advantages and disadvantages of Android casinos

  1. Advantages of Android online casinos
  2. What are the disadvantages with Android casinos?

1.) Advantages of Android online casinos

The bottom line is that you always have the option to play on the desktop or in the mobile browser, provided that you choose a mobile casino. However, it is definitely advantageous to install special Android apps.

They run much more stable and thus ensure an even better performance. This is especially true where the Internet line is weak. The Android app ensures smooth operation without interruptions.

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This is exactly the reason why there are still quite a few companies that develop special apps in the first place. Sound and graphics are then perfectly matched to the device.

As a rule, you will be told exactly what requirements your smartphone or tablet has to meet. As soon as there are updates and new games, you can bring them to your device in a matter of seconds – this way, you also benefit from the best possible foundation in the long run to play carefree away from your own four walls. Just a few years ago, no one would have believed that Android casino apps would become so established. Today, more and more companies are focusing on adapting the game portfolio and also the menus quite specifically to Android devices.

Unlike the mobile website, you are not dependent on a 4G connection or WLAN for Android apps of the selected casino. If there is no connection at all, game states are cached. This way, you can avoid losing money unnecessarily, and of course, any winnings you have won will immediately land on your customer account as soon as you are connected to the network again.

2.) What are the disadvantages with Android casinos?

Basically, it is precisely the quality of the loading times that you benefit from as an Android app user in any casino. However, such apps also have disadvantages.

There are still quite a few reputable gambling providers that deliberately do not provide you with mobile apps at all. Others have focused exclusively on iOS apps.

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The biggest disadvantage, in our opinion, is the fact that you have to do without a large part of the games that are actually offered with the Android casino app.

Let's assume that a company in the industry provides you with over 1,000 slot machines and classics on your home PC. If you are provided with an Android app by the provider, then there are usually only a few hundred games that work on the go. The portfolio is thus significantly reduced. However, if 300+ slots, tables and live games are enough for you, this fact should not bother you. After all, you are rarely on the go for a long time anyway, so it is primarily about entertaining entertainment. You will experience this with Android casinos just as you would if you opted for the mobile website.

Frequently asked questions about Android casinos in Australia

  1. What are the differences between Android & other operating systems?
  2. Can you use the same games as an Android owner?
  3. Can you play with players who use a different operating system?
  4. Do you have to download any software at the Android casino?
  5. Can you play for real money?
  6. Are there any free Android casinos?

1.) What are the differences between Android & other operating systems?

The biggest difference is that Android casinos are specifically designed for the operating system. For example, you can't use an iOS app with a Samsung smartphone because they are not compatible. Most companies ensure identical apps to reach all target groups. However, compared to the mobile web app without download, there are significantly fewer games offered – for technical reasons and because of the required storage space.

2.) Can Android owners use the same games?

The game selection is a bit smaller than on the desktop. However, all mobile Android casino games are of course identical to their desktop version – both in terms of betting options and when it comes to winning odds. If the casino offers Android and iOS apps, they are usually identical in terms of game selection. Differences are most noticeable in the menu navigation.

3.) Can you also play with players who use a different operating system?

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If you are offered multiplayer tables by the mobile casino, then you can of course arrange a match with your friends. Since in the casino all customers come together after logging in, the operating system does not play a major role. It is also possible to play as an Android app user against someone who has opted for the iOS app or the mobile website. Casinos work a bit differently than other multi-player games, such as COD and the like.

4.) Do I have to download software in the Android casino?

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It depends on which casino you ultimately choose. Some providers provide you with QR codes on the website. These are scanned with the corresponding free program, and the download then takes place automatically. Other groups offer the Android app via Google Play for free. The third option is to play at the Android casino entirely without installation. This works classically via the mobile web browser. Google Chrome is common on devices, but other browsers are also usually compatible with Android mobile casinos.

5.) Can you play for real money?

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Of course! All reputable Android casinos offer you the chance not only to play with real money, but of course to win real winnings. It does not matter when and where you are active. Usually, a small bet is enough to achieve your first successes. The Android apps are designed in such a way that winnings automatically land on the player account set up. By the way, payouts are also possible on the go.

6.) Are there free Android casinos?

There are those, too. In order for you to play for free in the Android casino without restrictions, it is extremely important to rely exclusively on reputable providers that have an EU gambling license. As a rule, there is no deposit requirement, so you can also play for free at the Android casino in the long term.

Conclusion on Android casinos

If the opportunity arises, it makes sense to focus on Android casinos and corresponding apps. These simply work much better – especially if you have problems with the Internet connection or play somewhere where the network expansion is not yet optimal.

A direct comparison between the Android casino app and the mobile website of the chosen provider is always possible – as long as the casino offers both options. The game selection may be a bit more manageable with the native app, but you will benefit from faster loading times and a smooth gameplay.

We can especially recommend the Android casinos mentioned above. A look at the extensive test reports reveals why it is worthwhile to play mobile there in particular.

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