Windows Online Casinos for PC & Window Phones in the test June 2024

Windows Information


Developer Microsoft
Release date November 20, 1985
Based on MS-DOS
Market share Windows 80 to 90%
Market share Window Phones 2,8 % (4th quarter 2014)
0,4 % (2nd quarter 2016)

Windows is the most widespread operating system of all – especially on local PCs. Meanwhile, the trend is moving towards mobile gaming.

The question is whether you can use this option with the Windows Phone just like with iPhones, iPads or Android devices.

We can already answer with a clear yes, because it is actually easy to start your favorite games directly on the Windows Phone. The only prerequisite is the right provider. Meanwhile, it should be easy to find a suitable mobile casino.

At we already present a huge selection of companies, all of which not only specialize in desktop slots and classics, but are also very well positioned when it comes to Windows Mobile gaming.

Overview of extensively tested Windows casinos for PC & Window Phones June 2024.

Since most of the companies in the industry focus primarily on Windows users, this question is not so easy to answer. We have decided to limit ourselves to a few of the many top providers that open the gates for Windows Phones just as they do on the computer – and without the need to download any software:

Our top selection June 2024

Are there any special Windows casinos?

Most providers that you can use on the PC without downloading software will also have thought about the Windows Mobile sector. These companies are not necessarily specialized in just one operating system. Nevertheless, you will experience a portfolio that is perfectly adapted to your device – regardless of whether you play on the computer without a download or on the Windows Phone.

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More and more mobile casinos are now offering games directly in the browser. This means that you, as a user of a Windows device, get your money's worth, because native casino apps are still available almost exclusively for iOS and Android software. You can completely forget about downloads at this point.

If you want to play at the Windows Casino or mobile casino you always play via the browser that is already installed. There's no easier way to be entertained away from your four walls – and with a bit of luck, maybe even win some hefty winnings. On the PC, there are actually some download casinos that specialize in Windows.

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A good example is certainly Casino Club. If you want to install the software here, you must not have chosen a Mac computer. In fact, this software will only run on Windows systems.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Window Casinos

  1. Advantages of Windows Online Casinos
  2. What are the disadvantages with Windows casinos?

1.) Advantages of Windows Online Casinos

If you do not have to download, you save a lot of disk space. But this is only one of several advantages that Windows casinos offer you.

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The biggest plus point is that you have a huge game selection at your disposal – one that surpasses that of native apps by far.

If you play directly in the Windows browser, you can access almost all slots, classics and live games that are also offered by the respective casino on the PC. By the way, this is the biggest difference to special download apps, which usually have to be limited to significantly fewer games. In terms of quality, Windows Mobile is in no way inferior to its competitors. The games are adapted to the mobile devices and can be operated via touch without any effort. Deposits and withdrawals are also made easy for you in Windows casinos. Provided you focus on licensed companies, transactions are absolutely secure and usually work in real time.

2.) What are the disadvantages with Windows Casinos?

As many advantages as we have now discovered, it is also clear to us that there are some disadvantages with Windows casinos. As already explained, mobile offers for Windows Phone users are only available as browser versions. Special apps have not been developed yet.

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This is exactly where the proverbial catch in the matter can be found, because anyone who wants to play mobile games with a Windows device is dependent on a very stable Internet connection, so that there are no interruptions or loading inhibitions. This would be especially important in the live casino a disaster.

Therefore, it seems all the more sensible to log into a WLAN network. Otherwise, you are always dependent on keeping an eye on the Internet performance and reception. This can be exhausting at times, especially since loading errors are simply very annoying. We have looked at various providers in the recent past and can see that there are basically only iOS and Android apps. As a Windows user, you are therefore dependent on doing a lot to ensure that everything runs stably in the game. Areas without a well-developed network can therefore become a problem.

Frequently asked questions about Windows casinos in Australia

  1. What are the differences between Windows & other operating systems?
  2. Can I use all games as a Windows owner?
  3. Can one also play with players who use a different operating system?
  4. Do I have to download any software at the Windows casino?
  5. Can you play for real money?
  6. Are there any free Windows casinos?

1.) What are the differences between Windows & other operating systems?

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Windows is one of the few operating systems that offer mobile no download at all. Mostly, you play directly in the browser. And even the Windows offers on the PC get by without prior installation in many cases today. However, if a software download is offered, it really only works with Windows. Mac users only have the option of playing in the browser or downloading the iOS app for the iPhone or iPad. Accordingly, Windows casinos usually work much less complicated, as you can get started right away – regardless of the Windows version installed on your computer or Windows Phone.

2.) Can you use all games as a Windows owner?

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Yes, you can! As noted, most online casinos are optimized for Windows computers. Now, if you want to use a Windows Phone to play, you will be spared an app download. Almost all games that can also be found on the PC are available in the mobile version – sometimes there are only a few exceptions. In terms of versatility, Windows users are well advised. The slots and classics are adapted to the smaller display in the mobile version and can be operated via touch. Qualitatively, they are in no way inferior to their "big" models.

3.) Is it possible to play with players who use a different operating system?

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This is also possible as a rule. Mobile casinos rarely make themselves dependent on the operating system. In the end, all devices run on the same server, so you can arrange to play together with friends and relatives at any time – regardless of whether they use a Windows Phone, the classic PC, Android or iOS. It is important to register, because only then will you have full access to all games. And: If you want to take a seat together at the live table, you should first make a deposit and then specifically agree on a version. Meanwhile, especially the mobile live casinos are very versatile.

4.) Do I have to download software in the Windows Casino?

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Not necessarily. Most Windows devices allow you to play directly in the browser. Only rarely are PC casino software downloads still required. These are usually recommended if you really want to use all the games. However, a large part of the portfolio is now offered as a non-download variant. This works smoothly with Windows software. Sometimes there are actually no apps for mobile Windows Phones, so your only option is to open the mobile browser, enter the URL and then play to your heart's content. This not only saves time, but also a lot of storage space. In addition, mobile websites are generally filled with more games than native iOS and Android apps.

5.) Can you play for real money?

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Sure! There is always the option in Windows Casinos to opt for registration and a subsequent deposit. This is usually necessary to be able to play with real money mobile and at home. Those who specifically compare providers for Windows devices benefit from special bonus offers. Every now and then, Windows casinos even provide free spins without a deposit. This way, you not only save a lot of money, but also open up the chance to make real winnings.

6.) Are there free Windows Casinos?

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If you play at Windows Casino, you basically do not have to invest any money. Most providers rely on free play options, although there are some exceptions. Live casinos require at least a small stake from you. Otherwise, the whole world of gambling is open to you with the Windows Phone and also on the PC, without you having to take a risk. However, the excitement increases with a certain level of commitment, so you should definitely think about making a deposit. The best thing is to compare several providers beforehand and then decide which is the best for you and your personal taste.

Conclusion about Windows Casinos

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in Europe. Accordingly, the providers of the gambling industry are well prepared for customers who own such a device – be it computer or smartphone.

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The fact that no software download is required clearly speaks in favor of the software. But casinos with Windows download certainly have their advantages as well. If you want to play in the mobile casino with Windows Phone, you should definitely pay attention to a stable Internet connection and, if possible, not start playing where the reception is very poor. If you pay attention to a few things, then playing with the Windows mobile casino website is also very pleasant. Especially the larger game selection is an aspect that speaks for Windows App Casinos.

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