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Information about Sofortüberweisung

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Company name: Sofort AG
Year established: 2005

Gauting near Munich

Management: Marc Berg
Available in Australia: Since 2006
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 (0)89 20 20 88 90
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For those who prefer fast transactions and still do not want to register with providers like PayPal, Sofortüberweisung is a really successful alternative. Sofortüberweisung is increasingly offered in online casinos – simply because the payment method is not only fast, but also works extremely secure.

Meanwhile, the service provider is part of the also renowned Klarna ABwhich, among other things, enables installment payments when shopping online. With Sofortüberweisung you have the clear advantage that it lives up to its name. Once completed, the transaction is completed immediately and you can play directly in the selected casino with real money.

We have dealt with the question of how the instant transfer is done, what conditions must be met and whether there may be fees coming your way.

Obviously, the payment method offers so many advantages that more and more casinos are switching to providing you with Sofortüberweisung alongside other solid options.

It is important to inform yourself in advance in detail about the modalities. While Sofortüberweisung casinos are no longer a rarity, the payment method as such requires certain prerequisites – including online banking access. The system is not offered by banks and savings banks, but it works specifically with them.

If you have never done your banking online before, you should think about it now at the latest. online banking set up.

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As a rule, banks do not need more than a few days to do this. The best thing to do is to simply ask them and find out what conditions your checking account must meet. Since nowadays almost every casino player uses online banking anyway, instant bank transfer is a really convenient way to deposit money into the casino. We will show you how it works in our test.

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Information about instant bank transfer

This is how instant bank transfer works in online casinos

In principle, the process is identical to that in online stores. You can use the instant transfer up to the framework, which gives you the bank. Also, the online casino itself usually sets certain limits for payments via instant transfer. There is a minimum amount and a maximum amount that can be deposited. This is the framework you need to follow when making transactions with Sofortüberweisung in online casinos.

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The clear advantage is that you are spared a registration. Sofort AG, which is now part of Klarna AB, works with banks without being bound to them. Provided you use online banking, you can perform an instant bank transfer in accepting casinos at any time. The crediting of the selected amount takes place, as the name suggests, in real time.

In the meantime, there are hardly any savings banks and banks with which an instant bank transfer is not possible. Online banking is also used by most casino customers in this day and age. Once you have selected the payment method in the casino, you will automatically be redirected to the online banking login via Sofortüberweisung. Here you can choose any amount within the given limits. You do not have to enter the bank code and account number separately. After you have logged in, you confirm the amount by entering a transaction number. For mobile casino fans there is the SMS Tan, which you can have set up at your bank.

Alternatively, there is the use of a so-called TAN generator. Into this, the current account card is inserted to generate a number. Simply type in, confirm and the instant transfer is done! The credit to the casino is immediate, you will be redirected directly to the website.

Advantages & disadvantages of Sofortüberweisung in the online casino

  1. What are the advantages of instant bank transfer as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Sofortüberweisung casinos?

1.) What are the advantages of instant bank transfer as a payment method in the casino?

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There are definitely some reasons that speak for the instant bank transfer in online casinos. The biggest plus point is that you not have to register need, as is the case with PayPal, Skrill and Co. is the case. All that is required is online banking access, which at least every second to third household uses today. Transactions are processed directly via your checking account. Of course, this also provides the possible framework, since Sofort AG is not a company that pays for you in advance. In the end, you only need to know your login data to the account and have a TAN generator.

Only a few years ago, bank customers received a TAN list. However, this was too insecure. With the random generation of transaction numbers, bank transfers and not least Sofortüberweisung have once again become much more secure. The concept is becoming more and more popular and there are now many EU casinos where you can conveniently pay by Sofortüberweisung at any time. Once the desired amount is confirmed via TAN, it is directly available to you. Unlike traditional bank transfers, there are no waiting times here no waiting time.

The most important advantages of instant bank transfer at a glance:

  • Recognized by most banks
  • Available in many casinos
  • Credit in real time
  • Free of charge
  • No registration necessary

A big advantage in addition: the recipient, in this case the online casino, does not get an insight into your bank details with instant bank transfer. The transaction is anonymousso that an even better protection can be guaranteed. The service of Sofort AG is for you completely free. So you don't have to pay any fees for your deposits. If you want to fill your account with an amount, it is completely available for playing. This makes Sofortüberweisung casinos in Australia particularly attractive – and the payment method as such much more attractive than, for example, the use of credit cards.

2.) What are the disadvantages with Sofortüberweisung casinos?

With Sofortüberweisung it is one of the most secure payment methodswhich are directly linked to your own checking account. However, just that seems to be a problem. Many players are still reluctant to trust the company and give it an insight into the online banking access. The fact that all data is encrypted does not seem to have gotten around completely yet. However, the growing popularity of SOFORT AG clearly indicates that trust is growing so slowly.

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The only disadvantage for casino players is that winnings cannot be paid out via instant bank transfer. Who has chosen the payment method when depositing, the winnings are transferred later in the classical way. Here, significantly longer waiting times are to be considered – sometimes up to a week.

If you have a little patience, then the instant transfer is still a wonderful option. However, we have to say that there are still a few credit institutions that do not accept the payment method. This is especially true for banks outside the EU as well as online-only banks. So you should definitely find out in advance whether your bank is already covered by Klarna.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Not connected with all banks
  • No payout of winnings possible

As quickly becomes clear, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages with Sofortüberweisung. You can make deposits just as easily and conveniently as with online banking. The difference is ultimately that a transaction works much faster than in the traditional way. Nobody has to fear data theft or fraud with Sofort AG. After all, the company has enjoyed a good reputation for many years, and not without reason.

Whether your bank is connected to the service provider, you can find out on the website of SOFORT AG or Klarna. If in doubt, simply ask the support, which will be happy to help you at any time and, if necessary, support you in mastering your first own instant transfer with flying colors. The bottom line is that there is hardly any payment method that can keep up in terms of simplicity.

Tips & tricks for payment with Sofortüberweisung

For those who are skeptical about Sofortüberweisung in casinos and are possibly worried about data protection, we recommend as a valuable tip to first inform yourself about the security features of the provider on the site

The operators of the service write:At Sofort, your security is our top priority. You use your own online banking data and do not have to transmit any personal information or card details to the merchant. Your online banking data is entered on the secure payment page of Sofort GmbH, to which the merchants have no access. The online banking access data, such as PIN and TAN, are never visible for the merchant or third parties, including Klarna, and for employees of SOFORT GmbH. Sofort GmbH has the TÜV seal "Geprüfter Datenschutz" and Sofort has the certificate "Geprüftes Zahlungssystem" from TÜV Saarland.

We also recommend looking at several Sofortüberweisung casinos. Special bonuses are rarely awarded for the payment method, but it is still helpful to find out about payment limits, for example, as well as other advantages and disadvantages of the providers.

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Our tip: Decide exclusively for licensed EU casinos. Especially in Europe, SOFORT AG has made a name for itself in the meantime. Only here can you also be sure that winnings will be reliably paid out to you.

Most banks and savings banks accept Sofortüberweisung as a payment method. So you definitely do not have to register separately and can process your bookings directly via online banking. If you do not have access, it can be set up via the bank. It usually takes a week before all online banking functions can be used without restriction. The sooner you make the request, the better.

Sofortüberweisung FAQ

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If questions arise on the subject of instant bank transfer in online casinos, you can of course contact the support of the chosen provider at any time. There, the employees are very familiar with the topic of payment methods and will help you directly to perform the first instant transfer. We would now like to answer some of the most well-known and important questions:

  1. What fees are incurred with an instant transfer?
  2. Is there an instant bank transfer bonus at the casino?
  3. Why should you use instant bank transfer?
  4. Do casinos allow transactions via Sofortüberweisung?
  5. How secure is the instant bank transfer?
  6. How long does a payout via Sofortüberweisung take?
  7. Are there any Sofortüberweisung alternatives?

1.) What are the fees for an instant bank transfer?

None! The instant transfer is a completely free servicewhere you have neither fees nor other costs to fear. Depending on the chosen bank or savings bank as well as account model, however, there are the well-known account management fees. Of course Klarna, the new owner of SOFORT AG, has no influence on this. Therefore, you should definitely inform yourself about possible "additional costs" at your bank. A look at the current account contract is usually sufficient, provided you have it handy. You can find out all other details in a personal conversation with your bank advisor.

2.) Is there an instant transfer bonus at the casino?

Unfortunately, we have not discovered any bonus offers that are specifically tailored to Sofortüberweisung. However, some companies have been offering you an additional credit of between 5 and 15 percent on certain payment methods. So you should definitely check there if this also applies to Sofortüberweisung.

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Eligible for bonuses are basically new customers who choose this way of depositing. The starting balances of the casinos can vary greatly. It is best to compare several offers and then decide which is the best for you. Basically give away all providers a new customer bonus. However, there are also companies that offer you significantly more – and that is completely independent of the payment method.

3.) Why should you use instant bank transfer?

A question that is really easy to answer: The Sofortüberweisung requires no separate registration prerequisite, as is the case with online wallets. Also, you do not have to apply for cards or the like. It is sufficient to have an online banking access set up. This is possible at all banks, savings banks and of course online banks with little effort. The settlement of the deposit amount is thus made directly via your current account.

In addition, the instant transfer is free of charge and is carried out in real time. Thus, the service has significant advantages over a classic bank transfer, which usually takes up to three days. Who is not chances of winning in the casino who does not want to miss any chances of winning in the casino, is of course interested in being able to enter the game as directly as possible. This is possible with instant bank transfer around the clock – and completely independent of the opening hours of your savings bank or bank.

4.) Do casinos allow transactions via instant bank transfer?

Yes – at least most of them that are located in Europe. Within the past few years, SOFORT AG has managed to make a name for itself. Of course, this is not only true for the casino industry, but also for online shopping. Players love the simplicity and not least the fact that just no additional registration is required. is required. This is exactly what prompted most Sofortüberweisung casinos in Australia to implement the service in their own checkout system.

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Even beyond the borders, the service is now quite well known. However, there are not yet too many companies outside of Europe that offer Sofortüberweisung. You should anyway only focus on Casinos with EU license that you can play and win here without restrictions.

5.) How secure is the instant bank transfer?

In fact, the service of SOFORT AG is much safer than a classic bank transfer. Here you do not have to accept several days of waiting time, in which, unfortunately, even with high security standards, something can always go wrong. The instant transfer is additionally secured by the service provider additionally secured – in such a way that access by third parties is impossible. Last but not least, you can ensure your own security.

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Sofortüberweisung to pay. The operators of Klarna AB rely on not passing on bank data to the recipient in the first place. This is the biggest difference to the classic bank transfer.Do not give your login information from online banking in any case. The better you protect this information, the safer it is to bank online with the current account and

6.) How long does it take to make a withdrawal by instant bank transfer?

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As yet, such a withdrawal is not possible, at least in the casinos we reviewed in Australia. Although online banking users can make deposits via Sofortüberweisung at any time, but should it be processed for winnings payout, this is traditionally by bank transfer carried out. Waiting times of up to a week are common in this case. In the meantime, some providers have managed to significantly speed up such transactions as well. Within three working days the money should usually reach you if you choose a fast and reputable Sofortüberweisung casino.

7.) Are there any Sofortüberweisung alternatives?

As should now be clear, Sofortüberweisung is ultimately nothing more than a kind of "accelerator" for online banking transfers. An alternative would now be to opt for the classic option and to transfer his deposits or withdrawals in principle. However, this does not work nearly as fast as the SOFORT AG system.

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A really successful Sofortüberweisung alternative is Giropay. This service works almost exactly the same, however, it is not offered throughout Europe, but exclusively in Australia. Provided that you have your bank account in this country, nothing stands in the way of Giropay payments. This service is also is free of charge.

Name Immediately AG Giropay GmbH Trustly Group AB

Gauting near Munich

Frankfurt, Australia

Stockholm, Sweden

Year founded 2005 2005 2008
Supported countries as of 2018 Australia, Austria, Netherlands,
Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom
Meanwhile also available in Austria via a connected system
All EU countries plus Norway
Security TAN TAN preferred authentication method
Costs for customers free of charge free of charge free of charge
Duration immediately immediately immediately
Can I make a deposit at the casino?
Can I cash out at the casino?

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer
Sofortüberweisung Giropay Trustly

Conclusion about Sofortüberweisung Casinos in Australia

As good online wallets as PayPal may be, the previously required registration is annoying to many. Who wants to do without it and also uses online banking anyway, for which the Sofortüberweisung is an ideal solution. Deposit money into the casino works in real time, there are no fees and you can ultimately invest any amount, provided that your checking account has sufficient funds. Especially in terms of cost control, the instant transfer is hard to beat. Finally, the debit takes place directly and not just once a month, as is the case with credit cards. For our part, we can only recommend the KLARNA service to you, because it really couldn't be easier.

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The only disadvantage: You have to wait a few days longer for winnings payouts, as these are only made by bank transfer. However, you can live with this well, because even such now work much faster than a few years ago.

Author: Jake ErvingEvaluated: SofortüberweisungAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐97%