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How Giropay works in the online casino

The operators of the payment system sum up the functionality of Giropay quite simply: "With Giropay you can pay easily, quickly and securely in many online stores: in the secure online banking of your bank or savings bank participating in Giropay. Without any additional registration, you simply use the PIN and TAN from your online banking. For small amounts up to EUR 30, payment without TAN is now possible."

As already noted, you can find out on the website whether your bank already participates in the simplified payment procedure. This can be checked just as quickly in the casino itself. Simply enter your bank code or the BIC. Based on this information, the provider will immediately find the bank for you, should it be recorded in the system.

The first step is, of course, to find a Giropay casino that is suitable for you. Especially providers that specialize in Australian customers are increasingly including the payment method in the cashier system. If Giropay is actually available, it is enough to select the method. You will then be redirected directly to online banking as soon as you have entered your bank code. Here log in as usual with your user name and a PIN of your choice. you have selected.

Of course, you must not pass this on to anyone else in order to protect your account as best as possible. You will also need your bank card and a TAN generator – alternatively, Giropay also works with SMS TANs. Only after entering the correct transaction number will the booking be carried out. Your casino account will be credited within seconds.. You will be automatically redirected back to the provider, where you can now play with the deposited money play for real winnings can.

Advantages & disadvantages of Giropay in online casinos

  1. What advantages does Giropay offer as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Giropay?

1.) What advantages does Giropay offer as a payment method in the casino?

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The most important decision criterion with Giropay is the convenient handling .you do not have to laboriously choose between the three most popular e-wallets. Basically there is no registration required. For those who use online banking anyway, it is of course a good idea to carry out transactions via Giropay. You can't make your payment any faster, especially since the desired amount is credited to you immediately in Giropay casinos. Such a booking will not cost you more than two minutes of your valuable time.

On the part of online casinos, no fees are usually charged. Today's account models are also becoming more and more affordable, and some are even completely free of account management fees. Giropay also offers a great advantage in terms of cost overview. After all, you can only carry out transactions with this payment method if there are sufficient funds in your account. The service provider does not make any advance payments, so the risk of overindebtedness is virtually ruled out – unless you actually exhaust an overdraft facility to the limit.

Since Giropay is a Australian service, the quality specifications are extremely strict. You can therefore rely on a maximum security for all bookings. Your money is already protected by the TAN. But even small amounts that do not require TAN entry arrive safely at the recipient.

The most important advantages of Giropay at a glance:

  • Small deposit amounts possible
  • Secure cooperation with banks and savings banks located in Australia
  • TAN reliably protects the transaction
  • Deposit in real time
  • No fees from the casino

Giropay is very easy to use and is not only a wonderful solution for fast transactions in online casinos. More and more acceptance points can now be found in Australia. Reason enough to take a close look at the advantages of Giropay. By the way, the support is also first-class. You can find out more directly on the company's website. If you have any questions, employees are personally available to answer any concerns you may have and will be happy to help you make your first successful Giropay booking.

2.) What are the disadvantages with Giropay?

Giropay is actually not suitable for every player. The reason: The payment method is only available to Australian customers. There are still some banks where the otherwise popular option unfortunately does not work. Another aspect is that payout via Giropay is not possible. is possible. If you have opted for this method and deposited money into the casino, the provider can only transfer your winnings to you in the classic way. As a rule, you will then have to deal with significantly longer waiting times – usually up to a week – expect. This must be taken into account.

For impatient people, the bank transfer is certainly suboptimal. Nevertheless, you must not forget that Giropay is one of the most safest payment methods in Australian online casinos. Fees do not arise on the part of the provider. However, there are the account maintenance fees. The more often your checking account is used, the more expensive it sometimes becomes. We cannot give you exact conditions at this point.

Every bank and savings bank has different terms and conditions, and there is ultimately more than one account model that you can choose from. To get off as cheaply as possible, you should therefore pay close attention to the fees when choosing a bank or savings bank. The casinos themselves perform Giropay transactions free of charge.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • No payout of winnings possible
  • Bank transfer takes quite a long time
  • Only available in Australia & partly in Austria

The deposit limit can vary depending on the casino. Whether Giropay makes sense, you should also depend on how much money you want to deposit and whether Giropay can do this. Overall, however, the advantages of this payment method outweigh the disadvantages – especially with regard to security, which should always be the top priority for transactions.

Tips & tricks for paying with Giropay

There is no question that Giropay is a secure payment method. We recommend that you remember a few things before depositing with Giropay for the first time at the casino. The method can be used as often as you like. The limit is set by the selected casino and, of course, must be adhered to. Regardless of this, you should of course check whether you have sufficient funds in the account. Do not put more than is freely available.

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For example, if you have an account balance of 500 euros plus, but you still need 300 euros for other things, then the obligations always come before the fun in the online casino. Giropay performs transactions in any amount. Ultimately, it's up to you to look after and manage your money – even if it sounds tempting to quickly deposit 500 euros in the casino.

Since online banking access is required, you should set it up as soon as possible – if you can't already make payments online anyway. Most Australian banks and savings banks set up online banking within a few days. To find out which special conditions apply, ask your advisor, who will certainly be able to answer one or two questions about Giropay.

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A note at this point: Giropay is an independent service provider. Accordingly, there is no claim that the payment method will be made available by every bank in Australia. If your bank is not yet in the system, please contact the Giropay staff.

In recent years, the choice of banks and savings banks has been increased considerably. The operators are doing everything they can to ensure that really every bank customer resident in Australia can use Giropay without restriction.

Giropay FAQ

The company, which has been active since 2005, has almost become a matter of course for most Australian casino players today. Therefore, it makes all the more sense to deal with some common questions about the Giropay payment method as a new customer. Our FAQ will certainly help you with this:

  1. What are the fees for Giropay?
  2. Is there a Giropay bonus at the casino?
  3. Why should I use Giropay?
  4. Do casinos allow transactions with Giropay?
  5. How secure is Giropay?
  6. How long does it take to cash out with Giropay?
  7. Are there any Giropay alternatives?

1.) What are the fees for Giropay?

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Giropay payments are generally free of charge and without carried out. Depending on the bank and account model you choose, you will of course still have to pay account maintenance fees. The exact amount depends on various factors. It is therefore best to ask the bank personally and keep these possible additional costs in mind. On the part of renowned online casinos in Australia, no fees will continue to be charged. So you can make each of your Giropay transactions secure, fast and free of charge free of charge.

2.) Is there a Giropay bonus at the casino?

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No. At least, such bonuses are not the common practice – not even in the best online casinos. Exceptions confirm this rule, because companies like the Eurogrand Casino or also William Hill actually give their players up to 15% extra bonus on some payment methods. This bonus has nothing in common with the classic welcome bonus This has nothing to do with the extra cash you get in any casino today. Extra cash from the aforementioned providers is available every time you make a deposit this way. However, the Giropay casino bonus cannot be called standard. In most casinos, it does not matter at all which payment method you choose. You have no financial advantages or disadvantages as a result.

3.) Why should you use Giropay?

Quite simply: Because you can save yourself any further registration, as you would do, for example, with PayPal and Neteller the case is, can be spared. Everyone who has a checking account in Australia and uses online banking has the option of accessing Giropay as a payment method. It really can't be made any easier for you. You save time, money and most importantly, you can start playing right away. Giropay leads transactions in real time so that you do not have to wait in the online casino no waiting times arise in the online casino.

4.) Do casinos allow transactions with Giropay?

Yes, as long as they are providers that are based and licensed in other EU countries. Ultimately, the payment method is only available in Australia. We have been able to find quite a few companies that offer you the option for deposits. However, there is just one catch: Unfortunately, you cannot make withdrawals via Giropay. Winnings are therefore transferred to the current account in the traditional way.

5.) How secure is Giropay?

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The company itself provides you with a suitable answer: "When you transfer with Giropay, you do so in the secure online banking environment of your bank or savings bank. Your personal banking data thus remains protected to the maximum. The Giropay transfer is automatically pre-filled with all the invoice data of the online store – it couldn't be easier or more convenient. By the way: The recognized high security and data protection standards of online banking apply to Giropay just as they do to your banking transactions."

In fact, you can trust Giropay. If you use online banking regularly anyway, the accelerated alternative offers you nothing but advantages. The processing is done by your bank or savings bank. Today, the security standards are several better than a few years ago. You can virtually blindly rely on the fact that the money in your casino account into your casino account within seconds. Misuse by third parties is only possible if you pass on your PIN yourself. Of course, you should avoid this.

6.) How long does a withdrawal with Giropay take?

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Since withdrawals cannot be made with Giropay at all so far, you have to look at the waiting times of the bank transfer, which are specified by the respective casino. As a rule, the processing alone processing by the provider takes two to three business days. Another 24 to 48 hours are added until the credit to your checking account can actually take place. Although bank transfers have been accelerated in recent years, they are still only booked on working days – i.e. from Monday to Friday. If you expect an average waiting time of one week, you will not experience any disappointment when making a transfer. Unfortunately, bookings cannot be made any faster at present.

7.) Are there Giropay alternatives?

The best known alternative to Giropay is instant bank transfer. Both systems work according to a similar concept. Sofortüberweisung also requires online banking. The advantage over Giropay is that SOFORT AG is not limited exclusively to Australian institutions. With this method payments are also possible in Austria and other countries at any time. Those who prefer the classic variant can still make a bank transfer. However, most casinos have long since replaced this with Giropay and Sofortüberweisung to speed up the transaction processes.

Name Giropay GmbH Sofort AG Trustly Group AB
Registered office

Frankfurt on the Main

Gauting near Munich

Stockholm, Sweden

Year founded 2005 2005 2008
Supported countries as of 2018 Australia
Meanwhile also available in Austria via a connected system
Australia, Austria, Netherlands,
Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain
All EU countries plus Norway
Security TAN TAN Preferred authentication method
Cost for customers free of charge free of charge free of charge
Duration immediately immediately immediately
Can I make a deposit at the casino?
Can I cash out at the casino?

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer
Giropay Sofortüberweisung Trustly

Conclusion about Giropay Casinos in Australia

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Giropay clearly stands out from other payment methods – if only because this system is only available in Australia. Many online casinos that are active in this country have long recognized the advantages of Giropay and offer you the opportunity to select the payment method for a deposit.

The fact that no withdrawals are possible does not detract from the seriousness. After all, even classic bank transfers are getting faster and faster, so you hardly have to wait longer than a few days for your winnings. Giropay works reliable, meets the highest security standards and, above all, is toll-free. These are three good reasons to opt for this payment method.

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The fourth plus point: You don't have to register anywhere. Provided that your bank is connected to the system, you can deposit money into the casino with Giropay at any time. We have had exclusively positive experiences with Giropay in our practical test and can therefore recommend the method without reservation to every player in Australia.

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