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Information about Trustly


Company name: Trustly Group AB
Year established: 2005

Stockholm, Sweden

Management: Oscar Berglund (CEO)
Available: In all EU countries and Norway
Available in Australia: Since 2005
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +46 (0) 8 505 211 20
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Trustly is a payment service provider that originated in Sweden. The Stockholm-based company was founded in 2008 and has developed quite quickly and well since then. In the meantime, the payment method has also arrived here in Australia. Many casinos now provide you with the option, which has the advantage that you do not have to register anywhere as a player.

You can use Trustly for deposits and withdrawals at any time, as long as your bank is connected to the system and you have online banking access to your checking account. The highest level of security is provided by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authoritywhich officially licensed Trustly years ago. This ensures that you are fully protected from abuse, fraud and the like. Even in this country, there are only a few payment offers that are as secure as Trustly.

The fact that Trustly is reliable, fast and secure is proven by the fact that it now has around 50 million customers who regularly use the system. The Swedish company is represented far beyond its own national borders. 29 EU countries have already discovered the advantages of the payment system for themselves. The operators of this innovative payment method have specialized in online casinos and online games in particular.

In our Trustly Test we wanted to find out how exactly the system works, which advantages and advantages and disadvantages it offers and what tips & tricks that will make paying in Trustly casinos even easier than it already is.

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How Trustly works in the online casino

How exactly Trustly works is clarified in a few words on the company's website:

By simply signing an agreement, you can accept payments and transfers from bank accounts in 29 European countries, reaching more customers at no extra cost. Your customers can pay from the account of their choice and use their usual banking credentials. To see a list of banks we work with, please select a product and country from the menu below… First, select your bank. Then log in to online banking using your normal login credentials. This is done via a secure, encrypted connection to your bank. Once you are logged in, you can select the account you want to pay with. After that, you only need to authorize the transfer, e.g. by entering the valid PIN and TAN (depending on your online banking). Done! Paying with Trustly is that easy, secure and of course free of charge!

Surely there are some differences between Trustly casinos – especially when it comes to deposit limits. Withdrawals with Trustly work in principle similarly simple, however, not all companies offer this option yet, so that you usually have to deposit via Trustly. deposit via Trustly but the winnings are then paid out via bank transfer. To find out which conditions apply in the casino you have chosen, you should either read the Trustly FAQ or you can simply contact the support. There, the staff usually knows the ropes and will show you what options are available to you with the use of Trustly.

Advantages and disadvantages of Trustly in the online casino

  1. What advantages does Trustly offer as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Trustly casinos?

1.) What are the advantages of Trustly as a payment method in the casino?

Trustly is fast, uncomplicated and 100% secure. You do not have to register first, as is the case with digital wallets. A majority of all casino players are in possession of a normal checking account and use online banking. These are the only requirements that need to be met in order to use Trustly.

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Since more and more banks and savings banks are accepting Trustly, deposits deposits and withdrawals should not be a problem. pose any problem. You enjoy the full protection of the service provider without having to pay any fees. Only the online casinos that provide payment methods like these incur costs.

This means that you get off cheaply and, above all, do not have to be prepared for long waiting times. By the way, this also applies to withdrawals, provided you choose a provider that transfers money to you via Trustly. Such a transfer only takes longer than 48 hours in rare cases. This puts the system right at the top in terms of advantages – especially in comparison with Giropay and the Sofortüberweisung.

The most important advantages of Trustly at a glance:

  • Many participating banks in Europe
  • Instant banking without additional registration
  • Deposit free of charge in real time
  • Payout possible in more and more casinos
  • High payment limits

In total, there are now around 3,000 banks that work with Trustly in Australia alone – including many savings banks, HypoVereinsbank, Commerzbank, ING-DiBa, Deutsche Bank, Comdirect, Postbank, Volksbanken / Raiffeisenbanken and many more. The probability that Trustly is available to you is therefore quite high. Of course, the company does not yet come close to Sofortüberweisung in terms of availability. Therefore, with Trustly even payouts of winnings are possible.

2.) What are the disadvantages with Trustly casinos?

At this point, we have to state that the search for disadvantages in Trustly Casinos has kept us busy for quite a long time. Really many deficits can not be found namely. Although there are still some banks that do not yet accept Trustly, these are now manageable.

Also, it can be considered a disadvantage that a few casinos only allow deposits with this payment method, while the withdrawal is still done classically by bank transfer. We must also point out possible fees. Various providers pass on the costs they pay for provision to their customers. And banks also charge for transactions – although there is now the option of setting up a fee-free checking account.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Not all banks available
  • Account management fees possible
  • Winnings payout is only offered by some casinos

There really can be no talk of major disadvantages in Trustly casinos in Australia. Provided that your bank or savings bank offers the procedure, you basically benefit exclusively from advantages – especially in terms of security. Even the payout takes hardly longer than two days days. Thus, Trustly is also available to modern e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller in no way inferior. Unlike these, however, direct banking does not require you to register.

Tips & tricks for paying with Trustly

Paying in and out via Trustly is very easy. The system is self-explanatory, so we can't really give you many tips at this point. If you have not heard of the payment method that has been successful for 10 years you should definitely have a look at to find out about the special features and advantages. The company has set up a special support service for private customers.

You can contact this at any time if you have questions about using Trustly or even if your bank does not yet support the system. The operators are doing everything they can to open up as many banks and savings banks in Europe as possible. This is the only way to ensure that soon really every bank customer will be able to use Trustly – whether shopping or in an online casino.

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Our tip also: Take a look around at your leisure. You will be surprised how many casinos have have implemented in the meantime. A comparison is worthwhile in any case, because you will not only benefit from the secure payment method, but also from various bonus offers, a huge variety of games and various other advantages.

By the way, Trustly is an official partner of PayPal and Skrill. That alone should be enough proof that you are dealing with a solid and, above all, reputable payment method. We were also able to fully convince ourselves of this in our detailed Trustly test 2018.

Trustly FAQ

Trustly translates to nothing more than confidential. And indeed, all your payments are treated with the highest level of security with this service provider. Nevertheless, questions about Trustly can naturally arise. We would like to take a closer look at some common topics here. This makes it even easier for you to choose the secure payment system.

  1. What are the fees with Trustly?
  2. Is there a Trustly bonus at the casino?
  3. Why should you use Trustly?
  4. Do casinos allow transactions via Trustly?
  5. How secure is Trustly?
  6. How long does a withdrawal via Trustly take?
  7. Are there Trustly alternatives?

1.) What are the fees for Trustly?

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None! Trustly is processed through common checking accounts – the company's service is completely free of charge for you. For this reason alone, Trustly is becoming an increasingly popular payment method in Australian online casinos, which is now accessed by thousands of players. The big plus is that the service provider has even specialized in the online gaming sector.

It has to be said quite clearly that there is of course no influence on possible account maintenance fees of your bank or savings bank. The possible additional costs depend on the account model. Your advisor will be happy to inform you. The situation is a bit different on the side of casinos and merchants. They have to make certain contributions in order to be allowed to make Trustly available to you without restrictions. Apparently, however, the fees are also within limits here, because there are hardly any casinos today that do not offer you Trustly free of charge.

2.) Is there a Trustly bonus at the casino?

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Unfortunately, no. Of course, you will not be excluded from the Casino bonus with starting credit or other promotions if you choose Trustly as your payment method. However, special offers that only Trustly customers receive do not exist – at least in Europe. In the end, you will still benefit from numerous advantages. These should be reason enough to take a closer look at the Trustly payment method. Of course, the bonus should not be the main focus. After all, the main goal is to provide you with secure and fast transactions transactions. Trustly is the right choice for exactly that.

3.) Why should you use Trustly?

The operators have had a suitable answer to that for 10 years: "Trustly is a payment institution licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority licensed payment institution and is supervised by it. We are licensed as a European Payment Service Provider (PSP) under the EU Payment Service Directive, 2007/64/EC. You do not need to register to use Trustly and we do not store any information that can be used to access your bank account. In addition to your bank's security mechanisms, Trustly uses the highest encryption standards available."

Trustly thus offers you similar advantages as Sofortüberweisung and Giropay. In more and more online casinos, it is now even possible to have your winnings paid out via the service provider. This saves you long waiting times, which are common with bank transfers.

4.) Do casinos allow transactions via Trustly?

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A large part of all casinos listed on reviewed online casinos have implemented the payment method in the meantime. We can therefore answer this question with a resounding yes. The operators are very keen to give players a sense of security. The protection that Trustly offers can hardly be surpassed. All transactions are carried out promptly, free of charge and encrypted, so you enjoy the highest level of security.

In addition, more and more customers prefer payment methods that do not require any additional registration. Because online banking is a common standard for most Australians anyway, it is a matter of course for casinos to provide you with Trustly in addition to other classic payment methods. After all, trust between provider and player is what leads casinos to success in the long run.

5.) How secure is Trustly?

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Trustly is a payment method with the highest security standardsthat are possible at all today. As already cited above, the service provider is subject to permanent control by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Sweden. Various licenses have been issued, so to speak, confirming that the company meets all security criteria. Neither Trustly itself nor the selected online casino store your bank details.

You deposit your money anonymously, receive a confirmation of receipt and can start playing immediately. start playing immediately. Traditional online banking, through which Trustly transactions are processed, is already extremely secure today. Through the service provider, the protection of your money as well as personal data is improved even more. So you don't have to worry about unauthorized third parties accessing information.

6.) How long does a withdrawal via Trustly take?

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We must point out at this point that Trustly payouts are not yet possible in all online casinos. However, if the payout is actually made in this way, the crediting of the bank account will take a maximum of two to three business days – depending on how long the selected casino needs to process the booking. Trustly is significantly faster than a normal bank transfer when it comes to withdrawals.

Nevertheless, you are of course bound to follow the processing times of the online casino. Most of the time, transactions are nowadays processed automatically in a period of 24 hours, so that you can already see an inflow of funds the following day. This is at least with reputable gambling providers the common practice.

7.) Are there Trustly alternatives?

In addition to Trustly, Giropay and Sofortüberweisung are also offered by most online casinos. All three payment methods are very similarThe booking is always processed via the current account and online banking access. However, there are also differences. While Trustly can be used more and more often for payouts of winnings, only deposits are possible with Sofortüberweisung and Giropay.

Another common feature: the payments are usually always made free of charge. Today, you benefit from this free service in almost all casinos that the European licensed gambling market gives. There is one fact that you absolutely have to keep in mind: Giropay is only available to players in Australia, whereas Trustly has now reached a whole 29 countries in Europe. Thus, this payment method in particular offers you significantly more flexibility – regardless of whether you are active as a casino customer in Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Australia or somewhere else.

Name Trustly Group AB Giropay GmbH Immediately AG

Stockholm, Sweden

Frankfurt near Main

Gauting near Munich

Year founded 2008 2005 2005
Supported countries as of 2018 All EU countries plus Norway Australia
Meanwhile also available in Austria via a connected system
Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom
Security Preferred authentication method TAN TAN
Costs for customers free of charge free of charge free of charge
Duration immediately immediately immediately
Can I make a deposit at the casino?
Can I cash out at the casino?

depending on availability

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer

Withdrawal via classic bank transfer
Trustly Giropay Instant bank transfer

Conclusion about Trustly Casinos in Australia

If we had to choose between Trustly and the alternatives mentioned, we would clearly prefer Trustly. You are probably also one of the players for whom simplicity plays a major role in deposits and withdrawals. If you deposit money into the casino with Trustly, you can also use this option more and more often to withdraw your winnings.

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This is exactly where the system clearly differs from the two "crap contenders" Sofortüberweisung and Giropay. In addition, it is a big plus that you do not have to register with the company first in order to use Trustly. All you need is a checking account and access to the online banking feature. This can be set up at your bank or savings bank within a few days.

Trustly is also a pioneer when it comes to security. The payment method is in no way inferior to modern e-wallets. This is certainly one of the reasons why more and more providers are incorporating Trustly into their POS systems. You can hardly protect yourself from fraud and other problems in the industry better than with this payment method. Unfortunately, not all banks accept Trustly yet. However, the company is developing rapidly and will surely outshine its competitors soon.

Author: Peter McCollinRated: TrustlyAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%