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Details about Playtech


Company Name: Playtech PLC
Registered Office: Ground Floor, St. Georges Court, Upper Church Street Douglas ISLE OF MAN
Incorporation: 1999
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 1624645999
Portfolio: +600
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile
Best Casino: 1Bet Casino
Best Game Age of the Gods

If you are specifically looking for a flawless and reputable online casino, you should definitely pay attention to the software that is integrated there. Playtech was already founded in 1999 and now looks back on a success story of almost 20 years.

The almost biblical age for the industry is proof enough that we are dealing with a very solid and reputable provider here. It is therefore all the less surprising how many companies in the gambling industry have chosen have chosen Playtech as their number 1 software.

The operators of the software group rely on high quality graphicspaired with a simple operation – and not to forget on a lot of variety. All relevant game categories of Playtech are included. In Australia, the brand became known primarily for the Marvel slots that were still available at the time.

They no longer exist, but Playtech quickly provided alternatives. Thus, the ladder of success could be climbed further. Today Playtech is partner of more than 150 online casinos worldwide. There are also Playtech poker rooms and Sports betting offers.

The best Australian Playtech online casinos

The software company, which was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2004, can also be found in many English-speaking online casinos. Playtech has the advantage that almost every player has known the brand for years. So when a partnership is formed, casino operators can be almost certain that they are in for a successful future.

The trust that millions of players place in Playtech does not come by chance, of course. Responsible for this, besides the rich game offer, are above all the fair winning opportunitiesthanks to which even beginners have quite good prospects.

The history of Playtech


Teddy Sagi

The Playtech software company was founded in 1999 in Estonia, more precisely in Tartu. Today, we can be very grateful to its founder, Teddy Sagi, for putting his idea into practice and getting Playtech off the ground back then. Round two years later, in 2001, success has come. The first online casino with Playtech games was born. Today, you can hardly get around Playtech games – no matter where you look. Accordingly, it should be clear that the brand occupies one of the top places in the rankings when it comes to first-class software software.

The company is also doing quite well on the London Stock Exchange. Another aspect that speaks for Playtech is transparency. If you want to know more about the business figures, they are presented to you openly. This is certainly not a matter of course – especially not in the online gambling sector. The UK Gambling Commission ensures fairness in the game itself.

It always keeps an eye on the hustle and bustle and makes sure that everything is done properly. The headquarters have been located on the Isle of Man for many years, but Playtech has also established itself in 19 other countries around the world. The legendary Teddy Sagi could never have imagined that this crazy idea would become something so big.

Play the best Playtech games for free

Of course, you can try to elicit a few euros directly from Playtech games. However, there is no obligation to do so. At least a large part of all slot machines and table games that Playtech has released so far can be try out for free – and that in almost all renowned online casinos with which the provider cooperates.

There are a few exceptions, but if this is the case, you will be notified in time. Only Playtech Live Casino games cannot be tested for free. A deposit is always required here. In this respect, the brand is no different from the many competitors that the market now offers.

As a pioneer of gambling, Playtech is naturally expected to do a lot. Accordingly, free games quickly became a matter of course for the label. Under real conditions you can find out whether a game you have chosen suits your taste. If not, you can switch to the next title for free, without having to put up with long waiting times.

Generally, switching to real money mode requires a deposit. This must be preceded by the registration in the casino. You can then log in as often as you like, regardless of whether you are currently active on your PC or smartphone. Let's take a look at the most popular Playtech games that are currently offered to you for free.

The best Playtech slot games are:

  1. Age of the Gods
  2. Great Blue
  3. Gladiator
  4. Beach Life
  5. Mr. Cashback
  6. Funky Fruits
  7. Irish Luck

1.) Age of the Gods

playtech age of the gods
Age of the Gods is an entire slot machine series developed by Playtech some time ago. All games run on five reels and 20 paylines. Already from 20 cents bet you can dive into the Age of the Gods and team up with them for huge payouts.

In fact, Age of the Gods was developed as an alternative to the previously active Marvel slots, which just don't exist anymore. Here it's not just about solid standard winnings, you can also effortlessly win the one or the other progressive jackpot crack.

Gods in all variations help your luck in the process. Graphically and qualitatively, the slots of the Age of the Gods series are completely convincing. The bonus features are also a highlight. In the blink of an eye, you can collect huge sums without having to make a big effort. By the way, all slots of this series are also suitable for high rollers. The maximum bet is 500 euros per spin.

2.) Great Blue

playtech great blue
When it comes to the most popular Playtech slot machines, Great Blue is rightly among them. Especially the extremely high win multipliers make this release one of the most played slots ever brought to the online casino by Playtech.

But also thematically Great Blue knows how to inspire the masses. With the big whale at your side, you'll set out to explore and get to know the depths of the ocean.

What surprises await you there, you can find out thanks to the free version of the game and without any risk. Of course, you can also play Great Blue with real money. Stakes can be adjusted to your needs.

Once you have won, there is also the option to open the risk function. This way, the payouts can be increased many times over. Despite all the excitement, Great Blue radiates a pleasant calm that is guaranteed to transfer to you immediately.

3.) Gladiator

playtech gladiator
If you are looking for a contrasting program, you will find it at Playtech. Really action-packed is what Gladiator is all about, the license slot for the original movie. Somehow the gladiators were also something like superheroes. That's exactly what you can profit from now, because there really is a lot to win.

A jackpot is of course also in the game. In the base game alone it is already about up to 5,000 coins. If you want more, you have to wait for the progressive win. The highest Gladiator jackpot ever played out was over 2 million euros.

For this, it is worthwhile to move into the arena and face the mean opponents. Whether luck is on your side, you can find out risk-free in the casinos mentioned above. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from directly opting for the deposit and real stakes. Then it will be even more exciting within your four walls.

4.) Beach Life

playtech beach life
You urgently need a vacation – preferably with sun, beach and sea? Playtech has a suitable bonus slot on offer for such cases as well: Beach Life. You will see for yourself how pleasant life on the beach can be after just a few rounds of play.

For a change, no progressive jackpot will let you win this time. Nevertheless, every bet pays off. You pay this per round when playing Beach Life, since the five paylines are fixed. Combinations are evaluated by the release as usual from left to right.

There are no free spins, but there is a very effective frog. He takes over the wild function and helps you complete all potential combos universally. Besides, after a successful round, you always have the option to play the Risk gamel after a successful round. Here Playtech Beach Life grants you a 50% chance to double the base win.

5.) Mr. Cashback

playtech mr. cash back
Money back? What is now commonplace in online shopping has apparently caught on at Playtech – at least when you consider the title Mr. Cashback literally. The protagonist in the suit is something like your new boss.

Once payday comes, you won't have to worry about money anymore. The more you invest, the faster it pays off to work for Mr. Cashback. The game is basically played on five reels and 15 lines.

Unfortunately, you won't win a progressive jackpot here, but there is the possibility of up to 12 free spins to cash in. And also the Joker could not be missing in Mr. Cashback of course.

6.) Funky Fruits

playtech funky fruits
Playtech has of course also thought of the fruit lovers among us. Funky Fruits is the most humorous temptation since slot machines have been around. Each fruit has its own unique character. The game is characterized by animations and will put you in a good mood right from the first look.

The only thing better is the jackpot, which you can win with a little luck and the right combination of symbols. Since it is a progressive slot, the prospects are not bad at all.

Otherwise, Funky Fruits can be called rather plain slot machine. There are 5 reels and 16 paylineswhich, however, can be increased under certain conditions. With a RTP of 93.97% Funky Fruits is one of Playtech's titles that doesn't look very lucrative at first. The main thing here is the jackpot. When it is triggered, you will quickly have a full account.

7.) Irish Luck

playtech irish luck
The luck of the Irish has inspired mankind for centuries. You can find out why the islanders have it so good in Irish Luck. Playtech takes you to an enchanting world full of magic, which of course also includes the legendary Leprechaun.

30 fixed paylines are integrated in Irish Luck, which are distributed over five reels. So up to this point, it's a common concept that awaits you. Combinations can be formed from left to right.

If scatter symbols appear, there are up to 33 Irish Luck Free Spins. There is also a wild symbol. However, Irish Luck is not a progressive slot machine. Accordingly, it takes more perseverance until your account balance shines as you might hope. Especially for fans of the Irish culture, this bonus slot is made for you.

How safe are Playtech casinos?

When it comes to Playtech casinos, you can't really say much more than that security is paramount. The company would not have made it without this highest level of reliability hardly managed to exist almost 20 years on the market. Accordingly, they are careful with the selection of partner casinos. Only the top companies have any chance at all of having to include Playtech games in their portfolio. In order to do so, certain conditions have to be met. Without an official EU license, the provider will not even get involved in the cooperation. Thus, they can sit back and relax in any of the mentioned Playtech casinos and concentrate on the essentials.

Varied Playtech game offer – What awaits you

Playtech is one of the most versatile developers since online gambling has existed. It is difficult to identify a focus here, because with its portfolio, the company really covers every category – starting, of course, with slot machines with and without jackpots. Especially in the classic section, the label has made a name for itself. Let's take a quick look at Playtech's most popular gaming options:

  1. Slots
  2. Roulette
  3. Jackpot games
  4. Card games
  5. Video Poker
  6. Skill Games
  7. Scratch cards

1.) Slot machines

fruit slots
Versatility is definitely one of Playtech's strengths – especially when it comes to slot machines. You can expect an incredible variety of themes here, so that really every taste should be addressed.

2.) Roulette

roulette icon
For years Playtech has been a real specialist in the field. Roulette in all imaginable variations is simply part of it. If you feel like playing in a real casino atmosphere, you will definitely find what you are looking for in the Playtech Roulette portfolio.

3.) Jackpot Games

win icon
Even without Marvel the Playtech jackpot games is gigantic.. Many a main prize has already cracked the million mark. Of course, this section in particular is exciting. After all, a single win could change your entire life. To give you an example: Jackpot Giant currently beckons with 10.3 million euros, Gladiator has almost half a million ready for you.

4.) Card games

The selection of typical card games is not outstanding, but of course we don't want to disregard them. Especially fans of of exclusive poker versions feel they are in good hands in Playtech casinos. But there are also other alternatives to choose from in the portfolio.

5.) Video poker

Those who are familiar with classic poker poker, you have the possibility to play different different video poker versions to fall back. Here you have the advantage of not having to compete against other participants. There is only you, the classic winning hands and the random number generator that controls each video poker machine. If everything goes according to plan, you can easily get a few euros out of the casino of your choice.

6.) Skill Games

gambler 3
This part of the Playtech game offer is primarily for entertainment purposes. You will certainly not become a millionaire so quickly with Shoot Out, Rock Paper Scissors and Co. However, you can have a little fun at Playtech at any time without any problems. Here and there a mini-game, so the day can go on relaxed.

7.) Scratch cards

rubbellose icon
Scratch cards do not have much in common with traditional casino games. However, the peculiarity at Playtech is that exactly these tickets are mostly based on certain top slot machines. are. In addition, there is also a lot to win here. It is always worthwhile to take a look. You will be amazed how quickly the cash register rings without any effort.

The Playtech Live Casino

Playtech has recently teamed up with real experts in the field of live gaming. The result is a completely new concept that will surely surprise you in a positive way. For a few weeks now, you can clearly see how rapidly the Playtech Live Casino has been growing – much to the delight of all those who real roulette than any computer-controlled machines.

Whether poker, roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat : If you choose Playtech Live, you will be offered a lot!

What distinguishes Playtech from other providers?

Playtech is one of the few companies that do not focus solely on one game category. They offer something of everything – in a quality that convinces every time. What is striking about the company is that there are far more jackpots to be won than we usually know from gambling companies. On average every second slot machine with progressive winning possibilities.

It is no wonder that Playtech has an incredible appeal to many players. The company is very modest despite and all that. Transparency is just as much a part of the operator's business as support solutions, which are made available to partner casinos with all the amenities. Only a few providers have so many locations around the world. So Playtech is definitely not lacking in size.


  • Plenty of licensed slots
  • Outstanding jackpots
  • Games in all categories
  • Strong live offer
  • Competent support
  • Exclusive solutions for casinos and players
  • Marvel Slots no longer available
  • Relatively few casinos in Australia

Playtech FAQ

Playtech is one of the largest developers of its kind today. All the more we are pleased to be able to provide you with exciting answers to typical questions. This is also to show you that we do not stop at any company details, but deal with each provider very intensively.

  1. On which devices can you play Playtech games?
  2. Are there any Playtech downloads?
  3. Can I play Playtech games for free?
  4. Is there a Playtech bonus?
  5. Are there any Playtech no deposit casinos?
  6. What is the payout percentage of Playtech games?

1.) On which devices can you play Playtech games?

Thanks to apps, Playtech slots and classics are available today on available on almost all devices. It doesn't matter at all whether you prefer the PC, your smartphone or tablet. The casinos are increasingly moving to the mobile website, although there are still many a Playtech game that requires an app download.

2.) Are there Playtech downloads?

download icon
Yes – and not only in the mobile sector, but also on the desktop. Playtech itself publishes almost all games as Flash versions. However, most partner casinos are real traditional houses, where the software download is still relatively often necessary. This is true at least if you do not want to give up part of the portfolio.

3.) Is it possible to play Playtech games for free?

Of course, this is always possible as well. In principle, you never have to be obliged to make a deposit. Reputable Playtech casinos even leave it up to you whether you merely want to a non-binding look at the games or register directly as a customer. There are some slots and also table games (including live games ) that actually only work with real bets. However, there is no shortage of alternatives, and these in turn are offered to you free of charge without any restrictions.

4.) Is there a Playtech bonus?

bonus icon
Playtech itself is merely a developer and not an online casino. However, the partnerships between the label and the casinos run so well that quite a few bonuses for you as a player are in it. However, one cannot speak of an exclusive Playtech bonus here, but only of a bonus, which every new customer can secure for himself – regardless of the software that is offered there.

5.) Are there Playtech casinos without deposit?

There are also. Actually, a logical answer, because otherwise there would be no free games. Of course, you yourself always and only decide whether you are willing to make a deposit or not.

6.) What is the payout percentage of Playtech games?

money icon
It depends on what kind of games you decide to play. With classics like Roulette and Blackjack there are basically fixed odds, which of course no one can influence. However, if slot machines are preferred, then the odds diverge significantly.

All in all, Playtech offers you a solid base, on which big wins are quite possible. The payout rates here are also rarely below 96% – and if they do, then mostly on jackpot slots, which pay out higher odds. The provider has managed to mix the games in a balanced way, so that everyone should get their money's worth in terms of odds.

Conclusion about Playtech

star icon
Playtech is rightly one of the top brands in the online gaming sector. No one can take away the many years of experience from the company. Despite all the previous successes, the operators are still striving to develop new and, above all, even more innovative ideas, so that monotony doesn't stand a chance.

We are especially convinced by the fact that Playtech does not just have one focus, but publishes games of all categories – starting with Slots with and without jackpots, to table games, live games and skill games that are perfect for a game in between.

In fact, the long-established Playtech casinos clearly more traditional than you know it from younger companies. However, this certainly does not only have disadvantages. After all, the goal of a renowned Playtech casino is to bring you as close as possible to the atmosphere of real casinos. Exactly that seems to work well until today. The high visitor numbers recorded by all Playtech partners alone speak for this. There is no doubt about the seriousness, and the one or the other win the one or other profit will certainly not be long in coming.

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: PlaytechAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%