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Developer: Justin Sun
Release Year: 2017
Abbreviation: TRX
Support: Tron Foundation Ltd.
Headquarters: Singapore
Email: [email protected]
Best Tron Casino: Bitstarz Casino

That cryptocurrencies are only something for tech-savvy gamblers, this assessment is long outdated. More and more casinos and providers of virtual gambling in this country prefer to use Coins like the Tron (TRX), as these are digital currencies that are not tied to the traditional financial market.

Although the currency we are talking about here is often referred to as Tron, it is actually called actually called Tronix and is denoted by TRX abbreviated. Tron itself is a blockchainon which TRX are generated. However, unlike Bitcoin, for example, there is no way to earn TRX by mining. Instead, these are fully developed and are available for purchase on well-known crypto exchanges for ready for purchase.

Speciality of the Tron protocol, which focuses them on, to achieve the fastest possible transfer speeds is actually the entertainment industry. In particular, the digital currency has established itself in the social media sector. Like all blockchain, Tronix relies on a high degree of transparency towards its users.

However, the concept can only be applied to a limited extent to the game in the online crypto casino to a certain extent. There, it is more a matter of casino operators wanting to make themselves more independent, as they are especially are confronted with restrictions in the in classic payment transactions, especially in Australia.

Unlike real money casinos, crypto alternatives are also significantly more flexible, as far as payment limits are concerned. The TRX is therefore a real, if not yet too widely used alternative to the Euro or US Dollar as a payment option in online casinos.

Table of Contents

  • The best Tron casinos in the test
  • How Tronix works in the online casino
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Tron casinos
  • Tips & tricks for payment with Tron (TXR)
  • Tron FAQ
  • Conclusion about Tron Casinos in Australia

The best Tron Casinos 2024 in the test

In Australia there are so far comparatively few crypto casinos that accept TRX as a means of payment.. Significantly more often Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are offered. Presumably, it will still take a while until also alternative digital assets will be included. However, our editors were able to find at least a few options:

How Tronix works in the online casino

As with all payment methods – regardless of whether real money or cryptos – the registration is the first step. Users can register within just a few minutes. In addition, a wallet is requiredwhich can be used to buy TRX. It is important to note that these are not so-called smart contracts as these are excluded by most providers.

These steps enable a Transaction via TXR:

  1. Log in to the preferred crypto casino and confirm registration
  2. Open cashier after login
  3. If available, select TRX as the payment method
  4. Open crypto wallet and enter TRX deposit address
  5. Alternatively: scan QR code
  6. Enter amount and confirm payment

The credit should usually be within a few minutes be completed. If necessary, the casino's website may need to be updated after some time. There are generally no long waiting times, and that is just one of many advantages that cryptocurrencies like Tron bring with them.

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To explain: The so-called smart contract is called an intelligent contract, which in turn is based on a computer protocol. This is more commonly used in the blockchain space, but is obviously not wanted by all crypto casinos – including, for example.

We recommend the setting up a wallet at Binance, Coinbase or even Bitpanda to use TRX for casino deposits to acquire. The minimum deposit amount may vary depending on the provider, as well as possibly Exchange fees incurred. Some casino operators now provide own purchase optionsfor example via Moonpay for Tronix (TRX).

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TRON has also developed its own wallet, the TronLink Wallet. However, this wallet only supports TRX, TRC-10, TRC-20 and TRC-721 tokens and is therefore only intended for Tron users. The video below shows how to set up such a Tron wallet.

Advantages & disadvantages of Tron casinos

  1. What advantages does Tronix offer as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages of Tron casinos?

What advantages does Tronix offer as a payment method in the casino?

Since Australia with the new gambling legislation introduced sharp limits introduced, cryptocurrencies like Tron have been shaking up the market properly. The most important advantage of such digital coins is their Decentralization, because TRX is independent of banks and transactions are mostly carried out in unlimited amount possible. Crypto casinos also rely on a fair basis – including realistic odds as well as the possibility to make deposits within the shortest possible time.

The purchase of TXR works on the known exchanges with various real currencies and payment methods – from bank transfers to credit cards. So, in that point, there is a high level of flexibility for the customer this time as well.

Tron Sicherheit
The most important advantages of TRX at a glance:

  • Security is constantly optimized
  • Anonymity outside the casino very high
  • Registration in just a few minutes
  • Experienced developers behind Tron
  • Up to 2,000 transactions possible in seconds

Just from the transaction speed both investors and players in crypto casinos benefit. In this respect, TRX is ahead of the better known and established Bitcoin is clearly ahead of it. This is true at least at the current time, as it remains to be seen how the Tron will develop in the coming years and whether a price increase will actually cause transactions to slow down. Overall, the security comes first – and that is regardless of the extent to which Tron is played with in the online casino.

What are the disadvantages of Tron casinos?

Private investment in Tronix has been significantly limited by the frequently named centralization. Currently only about 15% of all TRX are in circulation for private customers. In contrast, a large part of the coins are collected by the company itself as well as by individual large buyers.

This fact does not seem to have a major impact on crypto casino play. not much influence. However, it is important to keep in mind that sooner or later the limit may be reached and there will simply be no more TRX available for deposits or withdrawals.

This may also explain why there are only a few companies in the gaming industry that use Tronix as a real alternative to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Ethereum consider. Recently, however, an upward upward trend is noticeable: more and more crypto casinos are allowing TRX for deposit or withdrawal.

However, there are other aspects where our experts see room for improvement.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Smart contracts are often not supported
  • Comparatively small selection of TRX casinos
  • Tron is often classified as centralized
  • Sometimes there are some minor technical weaknesses

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A clear plus point is that the Tron Blockchain as such is relatively relatively simple works. As a casino player, you do not have to have a lot of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the TRX price of just under $0.07072 (as of 31.05.2024) is manageable. Thus, the currency should also be affordable for casual gamblers and ultimately represent a good alternative to Bitcoin.

Overall, the technology can be described as well thought-out. Although there are still one or two technical weaknesses, the developers are working on them at full speed and are doing everything to bring the TRX to a high technological level. high technological level. technological level.

Tips & Tricks for Paying with Tron (TXR)

The Tron website is very informative and makes it much easier for investors to enter the world of digital assets. For those who have little experience with cryptocurrencies so far, this is an opportunity in advance, to obtain useful information – that even before a registration in the crypto casino is considered.

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Interesting Fun Fact: TRX payments are not only accepted by casinos. The video portal Pornhub also supports the currency in the meantime. At least, that's what the Tronix developers announce very impressively on their website. We would like to leave this fact uncommented, but we still find it interesting how openly Tron deals with the topic of eroticism.

When depositing money into the casino, we recommend the so-called 2 factor authentications. The system is automatically applied at providers like Other companies in the industry, on the other hand, offer the possibility of manually switching on such an option. Thus, payments are doubly secured, which is certainly not only recommended for Tron transactions.

Tron FAQ

In 2021, the transaction volume of Tron increased by more than 100%, showing the currency's great potential for the first time. Casino customers should therefore be aware of the key frameworks related to TRX transactions know. Therefore, below we answer some of the most common questions related to the cryptocurrency.

  1. Is there a fee for making a Tronix deposit?
  2. Is there a TRX bonus available at the casino?
  3. Is it worth buying Tron for casino games?
  4. Is it safe to pay with TRX?
  5. Can I cash out with Tron?
  6. What Tron alternatives are there in the online casino?

1.) Is there a fee for making a Tronix deposit?

In principle, Tron payments at gambling sites are almost free of charge. In the crypto casinos we tested, there are actually only minimal transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals.

As a rule, the amount is deducted directly from the available balance. The operators generally provide transparent information about the costs incurred, although these are very low anyway and hardly matter in the case of crypto payments.

2.) Is there a TRX bonus at the casino?

There are no special Tronix bonus promotions – at least in the casinos that accept bookings with cryptocurrencies in this country. The good news is that, in general, with campaigns. TRX is not an exclusion criterion is.

So, if the basic conditions for participating in the promotion are met, it usually doesn't matter in crypto casinos which of the offered coins you choose. This high degree of flexibility is an absolute advantage for casino customers.

3.) Is it worth buying Tron for casino games?

In principle, TRX is said to have potential and, in the event of an increase in value, there are of course price gains to be made. In the short term, however, we recommend playing with Tronix in the online casino is primarily recommended for occasional players – and initially only for those who already use a good TRX casino.

The look into the near future is promising for cryptocurrencies overall, because especially Australian online casinos see in the coins a real alternative to real-money currencies, which are now only restricted can be deposited into the casino.

4.) Is paying with TRX secure?

Overall, Tron has at times been more vulnerable to attacks than other digital currencies. However, it can be stated that the developers close potential – mostly even small – security gaps very quickly. Accordingly, the TRX can be considered a secure means of payment in the gaming industry. in the gaming industry.

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A optional 2-factor authentication should definitely be used if it is available. The process of a transaction is extended by only a few seconds, which, however, ensure a significantly higher protection of the coins. Thus, payment in both directions is similarly secure as with Bitcoin.

5.) Can I cash out with Tron?

Of course, this possibility exists. However, withdrawals can only be made with TRX if the coin has already been used for the deposit. Here, regardless of the country in which the cryptocasino is located, a very well thought-out money laundering protection. The fact that this is applied to digital assets as well as real money currencies speaks for the seriousness of the provider.

Sometimes the Tronix deposit is converted into US Dollars or Euro to be able to play in real money currency. If a payout of winnings is requested in the course, a new conversion occurs and the corresponding amount of TRX lands on the specified wallet.

6.) What Tron alternatives are there in the online casino?

The options are now quite extensive. Anyone who plays in crypto casinos can by far more coins than just the TRX for transactions. Some currently rely more on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, while others are constantly expanding their options. Here are a few examples:

The Tron (TRX) Coin is as said not yet not too widespread in the casino industry. All the better to know the alternatives offered and to familiarize yourself with them.

Conclusion on Tron Casinos in Australia

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Although Tronix Coins are still in their infancy, they have a high potential and could become more and more important with the introduction of the first Australian gambling licenses. A timely purchase of the digital currency is not only worthwhile in the online gaming sector. Other industries are also expected to increasingly turn to cryptocurrencies – especially the social media sector.

It is worth keeping an eye on the prices in the coming weeks and making a move while the TRX value is still well below $1. Whether and when there will be a rise in value is something that even industry experts not answer 100%.

As for the security of casino payments the Tron is on a similarly solid level as other coins – even if smaller technical gaps have to be closed bit by bit. The developers are working on this challenge and will make sure that the level is no longer inferior to that of BTC, ETH and Co. in the future.

As far as the costs, i.e. transaction fees, are concerned, there is no need to worry about huge sums. Also alternative coins cannot be booked to the player account free of charge to date, so that customers who prefer the TRX will ultimately not suffer any disadvantages.

Author: Kevin LansonRated: TronAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐96%