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Information about Dogecoin


Developers: Jackson Palmer, Billy Markus
Publication year: 2013
Abbreviation: DOGE
Support: Dogecoin Foundation
Available: Worldwide
Best DOGE Casino: Bizzo Casino

Den Dogecoin, DOGE for short.Interestingly, not even the developers Billy Markus aka Shibetoshi Nakamoto and Jackson Palmer believed that their coin would establish itself as a decentralized currency.

The trademark of Dogecoin is the Japanese Shiba Inuwhich can also be found on the company's website. As Meme he made a name for himself at the time – namely as the one on which the former "joke" Dogecoin is based.

Already about two weeks after the official launch, DOGE reached a comparatively high price. For every 1 USD, buyers were credited with 1,050 Dogecoin. At the same time, mining was growing, because barely four weeks later 25% of the available coins had been generated.

The peculiarity here, however, is that there is there is no DOGE limit – unlike what crypto investors know from Bitcoin. Theoretically, an infinite number of coins can be mined.

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The biggest plus point is the high speed when creating new DOGE blocks. While a Litecoin block takes about 2.5 minutes it takes just one minute to create a Dogecoin takes just one minute. This was probably another reason why the digital and decentralized currency was able to quickly establish itself against better-known coins.

Table of Contents

  • The best Dogecoin casinos in the test
  • How DOGE works in the online casino
  • Interesting facts about Dogecoin
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Dogecoin casinos
  • Tips & Tricks for paying with Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Dogecoin FAQ
  • Conclusion about Doge Coin in Australia

The best Dogecoin Casinos in the test

The selection of crypto casinos that accept DOGEhas in the meantime grown strongly. The former "Bitcoin Casinos" have long been carrying other digital currencies as well. One of the biggest competitors is actually Dogecoin. This is gaining more and more importance, not least in the online gaming industry.

The following, crypto casinos active in Australia accept DOGE:

How DOGE works in the online casino

First of all, a registration at the crypto casino is required. Only then can a transaction with Dogecoin – and of course just as with any other currency – be correctly assigned. In addition, there is the need to create a crypto wallet set up, deposit deposit money and exchange it exchange it for DOGE. The purchase as such should be completed within minutes. Likewise last Deposits to the casino usually not long, often the booking is even possible in real time.

Dogecoin Wallet Multi
This is how to deposit with DOGE in the casino:

  1. Log in and open the cashier for deposits (Deposit).
  2. Select DOGE as the method
  3. Open your own cryptowallet account – for example, MultiDoge.
  4. Enter your own DOGE address and amount.
  5. Confirm payment
  6. Go back to the casino – the balance should already be displayed

Provided the provider is a crypto casino that accepts Coins before the start of the game in real money (for example, euros or US dollars), the booking can sometimes take up to 10 minutes. In general, however, one is spared long waiting times are spared. This usually applies to all cryptocurrencies accepted by the provider.

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Tip: Those who do not want to enter the address for transactions manually can conveniently use the displayed QR code with a smartphone or tablet.. In this case, the sending address is automatically taken over and the entire process is once again significantly accelerated.

Interesting facts about the Dogecoin

Initially, the Dogecoin was nothing more than a joke, a meme token. At that time, no one would have thought that the cryptocurrency would develop in such a way and would be on the fast track soon after its official launch. Here we have some Fun Facts about the DOGE summarized:

Shibu Inu

Thanks to Doge Coin, the Shibu Inu is now one of the best-known dog breeds around the world.

  • The name Doge is based on the Japanese Shiba Inu, a popular dog breed in Asia, which is now also based as the mascot of the cryptocurrency.
  • Actually, the Dogecoin should be nothing more than a parody of the Bitcoinin whose boom no one really believed at the time
  • Against all expectations the market value of the of the decentralized cryptocurrency exploded within just a few weeks.
  • The price increase at the beginning of 2021 is primarily due to prominent investors. Well-known faces such as, for example. Elon Musk drove the price by a whopping 900 percent within a matter of hours.
  • This was followed by a sharp drop in the share price, which was around 50 percent. The downward slide continued, with the share price finally leveling off in mid-2022. Experts believe that the price will remain stable in will

Advantages & disadvantages of Dogecoin casinos

  1. What are the advantages of Dogecoin as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages of Dogecoin casinos?

1.) What are the advantages of Dogecoin as a payment method in the casino?

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A special feature of this currency is that to the Doge a own digital wallet, MultiDoge was developed. If you like, you can download it conveniently from and install it on common devices and all classic operating systems. It is important to note that MultiDoge is not a wallet in the true sense. There are actually only Dogecoins and no alternative cryptocurrencies are available there.

Users whose budget is generally tight have the possibility to mine Dogecoin.. The speed depends primarily on the processing power and, of course, you won't get rich on this "task" right away. However, in the long run, there is a chance to build up one's DOGE balance without direct purchase. Dogecoin is also similarly secure as the role model Bitcoin, so that you can be sure of transactions to the casino you don't have to worry about your cryptos.

The main advantages of DOGE at a glance:

  • Low transaction costs
  • DOGE unlimited available
  • Fast generation of new blocks
  • Real time deposit possible
  • Own Doge exchange available

The speed is only beneficial in the short term for now. Experts assume that the size of the blockchain could also become a problem in the long problem in the long term as possibly growing transaction fees. However, all of this will only come into effect provided that the price of DOGE takes on similar dimensions to those experienced with Bitcoin.

DogeCoin explained (in English)

2.) What are the disadvantages of Dogecoin casinos?

While it was originally a challenge to find a casino that accepts DOGE, the picture has long since changed. More and more gambling providers next to the coin in their list of accepted cryptocurrencies on. Rather, we have identified other, smaller disadvantages.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Transaction fees have to be reckoned with
  • A large part of already created coins are off the market

The bottom line is that we will have to wait and see how DOGE continues to develop. The fact is that the cryptocurrency is a wonderful alternative to real-money currencies simply because of its high security standards. a wonderful alternative to real money currencies as well as to more well-known coins.

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On the subject of Dogecoins, which are already off the market: In February 2021, news broke that the largest shareholder at the time allegedly held a full 28 percent of the available DOGE Coins. The wallet address in question (with the no. 3334959) was leaked, and revealed through community work: the alleged Whale-Wallet is actually made up of the funds of countless private individuals, not just one.

Tips & tricks for paying with Dogecoin (DOGE).

Like all cryptocurrencies. DOGE is only available through wallets – most easily securely via the apps created by the company, which allow the exchange in real time enable. So being familiar with MultiDoge certainly can't hurt. If an account has already been created at Coinbase, Binance or other alternatives, the purchase of the coins is also possible there without any problems.

According to experts, a significant high is not expected in the near future, but despite all this, it may make sense to buy at the just quite low price with DOGE. On the one hand, the digital coins are thus affordable, on the other hand, there is the chance to profit from possible to profit from any price increases – even for those who have not yet bought their Dogecoins to the casino want to deposit.

Dogecoin FAQ

What started as a parody quickly became a real success. Since a few years Dogecoin is gaining more and more importance more and more important in the gambling industry – Ultimately, also Australian online casinos for solutions as a substitute for real money payment methods.

  1. Is the Doge Coin deposit subject to a fee?
  2. Is there a DOGE bonus in the casino?
  3. Is it worth buying Dogecoin for casino games?
  4. Is it safe to pay with DOGE?
  5. Can I cash out with Dogecoin?
  6. What are the DOGE alternatives in the online casino?

1.) Is there a fee for making a Doge Coin deposit?

Transaction fees do indeed apply in the crypto casinos we know. However, these are not outstandingly high. An example is provided by Stake. Here, withdrawals are generally charged 1,5 DOGE as a fee from the remaining balance.

Unfortunately, the same fee is also Deposit. Interestingly, the fee in the above example always remains the same – regardless of how much the deposit or withdrawal amount is.

2.) Is there a DOGE bonus at the casino?

Provided that a bonus is awarded to new customers at all, the choice of cryptocurrency does not play a role. Players are entitled to offers such as a cash back, rakeback bonuses and the like even if they have deposited with DOGE.

In fact, the provider does not differentiate between different currenciesunlike in real-money casinos, where players frequently use Skrill and Neteller are excluded from campaigns.

3.) Is it worth buying Dogecoin for casino games?

The purchase might have paid off the most before the 29th. January 2021 was worth it, because for a few hours the price had increased by more than 900 percent. On this day, a terrific price gain – if buyers had been found – would have been possible. Currently, the price is stable and relatively far down, so that the investment could possibly pay off in the future – but ultimately this is speculation. Nobody can predict with certainty how the value of DOGE will develop.

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Due to the current development in Australia however, everything indicates that far more digital assets like BTC will be available in the future. Then Dogecoin will also be quite high on the list, as it will end up being far more than just a Bitcoin parody.

4.) Is paying with DOGE secure?

Dogecoin meets similar security standards as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies. Players do not have to worry about the protection of the coins in reputable casinos like the ones mentioned above.

The transaction is protected by the the creation of an individual addresswhich is only valid once. Foreign access is thus as good as impossible.

5.) Can I cash out with Dogecoin?

Also this possibility is offered to casino but only if the deposit has also been made with DOGE. Here, the Money Laundering Protection Act applies in the same way as for real money transactions. This means: For deposits and withdrawals must always be made the same method must always be selected.

As usual, the payment limits must be observed. These apply to withdrawals just as they do to deposits. Advantageous is that DOGE transactions in principle in unlimited amount work. The minimum amount, on the other hand, is set by the provider and is mandatory.

6.) What DOGE alternatives are there in the online casino?

Deposits and withdrawals via Dogecoin is being made possible by more and more casinos. Nevertheless, the coin is in competition with other digital currencies. Alternatives to mention are:

The times of pure Bitcoin casinos are over., because precisely because the Australian market is becoming more and more tightly regulated, decentralized currencies that are not directly tied to banks offer a real alternative to the euro or dollar. DOGE, Ripple, Tron and EOS have only recently started to appear. Deposits with BTC, Litecoin or even Ethereum, on the other hand, work in more and more online casinos – and not only in those that specialize in crypto.

Conclusion about DogeCoin

The acceptance of DOGE in crypto casinos is increasing. More and more providers include the cryptocurrency in the list of coins that can be used for payments.

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The developers themselves advise beginners in the field to acquire DOGE via the in-house wallet. While the coins can be mined, it is a bit more somewhat more complicated and is therefore only recommended to experienced customers.

To avoid the transaction fees casino players with Dogecoin unfortunately do not get around the transaction fees. Fortunately, the costs are manageable in reputable casinos and are presented to users in a transparent manner. What will happen in the future and whether DOGE in Australia's crypto casinos gets a similar importance as the BTC, that can not be predicted at this time.

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