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Developer: Block.one / Daniel Larimer, Brendan Blumer
Publication Year: 2017
Abbreviation: EOS
Support: Block.one
Domicile: Cayman Islands
Website: eos.io
Best EOS Casino: Cloudbet

EOS casinos will probably not have come across too many players in Australia yet. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, the blockchain-based as well as decentralized platform is still at the very beginning when it comes to the gambling industry.

The EOS ICO ran from mid-2017 to early 2018, and today, the EOS token has established itself in a number of countries and is even considered to be the fiercest Ethereum competitor referred to. One of the big features is that the token is specialized in DApps – i.e. decentralized applications. This makes it interesting for other industries besides online gambling and not least for crypto trading.

The blockchain is therefore very versatile and also absolutely secure. By way of explanation, smart contracts are automatic contracts that come into effect in predefined situations. They are all equally based on blockchain technology, just like EOS itself in this case.

We are all the more curious to see to what extent the EOS token will establish itself as a means of payment in online crypto casinos.


However, smart contracts are not used in casinos, but rather the EOS Coin proves to be a secure means of payment. EOS Coin proves to be a secure means of payment.which can be purchased on common crypto exchanges and in wallets, for example.

Currently, pure trading with EOS Coins does not seem very interesting, since the price last went up shortly after the start, but then settled quite far down. It is all the more suitable for payment in the casino sector.

Table of contents

  • The Top EOS Casinos
  • This is how playing in the EOS Casino works
  • Buy EOS – possible on all crypto exchanges
  • Advantages & disadvantages of EOS casinos
  • Is EOS different from other coins?
  • Secure EOS casinos – important aspects
  • Deposit limits in EOS casinos
  • Which games work with EOS tokens?
  • Tips & tricks for paying with EOS
  • What actually is EOS?
    • Video: What is EOS coin? (English)
    • Particularly successful in China
  • The best EOS alternatives
  • EOS Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about EOS Casinos in Australia

The top EOS casinos:

Other reputable EOS Casinos in the test 2024

To date, there are only a few providers among the crypto casinos known to us that accept EOS tokens for deposits and withdrawals. Among others, the one we tested Stake Casino, which, however, is only accessible via VPN.

The future could be quite interesting for the EOS ecosystem, because players in particular benefit from various advantages with the cryptocurrency. This refers in particular to the fact that coins can be created in the EOS blockchain super fast and easily. blockchain super fast and easy to create coins. in the EOS blockchain. Casino customers thus have the advantage that they have credit immediately available. At the same time, a wide range of gaming options can be used with EOS in crypto casinos.

This is how playing at EOS Casino works

  1. Register at the EOS Casino
  2. Confirm registration and log in
  3. Select EOS Token as payment method
  4. Copy generated code or scan QR code
  5. In the crypto wallet select amount to code and confirm
  6. The credit will be issued within 10 minutes

Stake Casino Einzahlung

Basically, the EOS deposit is similar in simplicity to replenishing funds with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital assets. The first prerequisite is that the corresponding coins are available. These can be bought for real money, as described below. The exchange on common crypto wallets is simple and uncomplicated, just like the deposit into the crypto casino.

If the EOS token is accepted as a means of payment, players benefit from versatile gaming options in the corresponding casino. Both the both the account balance and the stakes are displayed in EOS currency.whereby exceptions prove the rule. Sometimes it can happen that the display is in euros. The advantage is the easier overview of the stakes and winnings.

Buy EOS – possible on all crypto exchanges

In the meantime, the EOS token has arrived on wallets and exchanges of all kinds. Those who want to invest in EOS can do so at the following companies, among others:

What's special about the cryptocurrency is that EOS transactions are, unlike those with Bitcoin and Ethereum, completely free of charge. This would also make one of the main advantages of this coin clear, because in the long run EOS brings a significant cost savings – not only for those who use the token to play in the crypto casino.

Advantages & disadvantages of EOS casinos

  1. What advantages does EOS offer as a payment method in the casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages with EOS casinos?

1.) What advantages does EOS offer as a payment method in the casino?

Essentially, EOS buyers benefit from the constant further development of the blockchain. This is not only becoming increasingly secure, but at the same time also offers a significantly more attractive performance as well as a better scalabilitythan is known from the better-known cryptocurrency Ethereum – although the technologies were essentially adopted from ETH.

Transactions with EOS are free of chargewhich is also convenient for casino customers. This eliminates the additional costs that are common with alternative coins. Despite this concession of block.one's blockchain platform, buyers enjoy a very high transaction speed..

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However, the most important aspect might be the security aspect. If a hacker attack threatens, the platform is reset. Funds in the form of EOS Coins can thus not be lost.[1]

All advantages at a glance:

  • Fee-free transactions
  • Extremely high scalability
  • Decentralization in all sectors thanks to DApps
  • Experienced developers and operators
  • User-friendly platform block.one
  • Available in all crypto wallets

2.) What are the disadvantages with EOS casinos?

Investors should be aware that some features of the EOS blockchain are not yet mature. In theory, the coin stands for innovation, superior scalability and thus brings many advantages especially for investors.

Practically, however, as with all digital currencies, it will still take a few years to fully establish itself and achieve the many goals that Block.one has set itself since its founding in 2017. Only time will tell whether it can actually succeed in further optimizing the technologies compared to Ethereum and Co. Overall, EOS is basically on a good path.

However, there is another disadvantage for players in crypto casinos. Only very few providers still accept EOS payments. At Bitcasino.io, MBit, Bitstarz, Roobet and Cloudbet, which we tested, the coin is currently not available for selection.

These are the main EOS disadvantages:

  • Available in few crypto casinos so far
  • Some features not yet fully implemented

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Interesting detail:
There is no lower limit for EOS payments. Thus, the developers have not set a minimum amount for transactions. Nevertheless, the specifications of the selected casino must always be observed. Currently, the EOS rate is stable. Nevertheless, investors should expect partly drastic price fluctuations expect. These also ultimately have an influence on the attractiveness of the token in the field of online gaming.

Alternative casinos with cryptocurrencies

Is EOS different from other coins?

It is clear that the EOS token does not come close to Bitcoin. Its price is significantly lower. Moreover, the industry has focused heavily on so-called decentralized finance, and here BTC continues to be in first place. While EOS is less interesting for investors, it does offer some advantages over the better-known alternatives. The comparison with Ethereum is particularly interesting. Here are some important aspects:

  • Significantly higher transaction speed
  • Guided by only 21 validators – with Ethereum 6,700
  • Proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-work algorithm.
  • Transactions are less expensive

Good to know: For inexperienced investors, EOS is definitely an option. However, when it comes to EOS casinos, the currency is sometimes not too interesting yet, as the broad acceptance is simply missing.

Secure EOS casinos – important aspects

Worldwide, crypto casinos are now a growing trend. Digital currencies are decentralized and independent of the country in which the provider is located: The coin is worth the same everywhere. In addition, EOS casinos do not have a monthly deposit limit of 1000 euros and wagers are also not limited to very small amounts.

With all the freedom is but or especially the aspects of security to consider. Basically, crypto casinos are safe especially if they act transparently. In addition, they should grant their customers the possibility, set up limits themselves.

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Last but not least, one should also pay attention to the valid license. This is often issued in Curacao for cryptocasinos. The gambling authority behind it has strict requirements for the companies, especially with regard to player protection.

Deposit limits in EOS casinos.

The following also applies at EOS: The respective casino operator decides on payment limits itself. At Stake, in fact, even in the case of the EOS Token, the deposit in unlimited amount possible. Both the minimum amount and the upper limit can be set by customers themselves in the crypto wallet and choose freely.

It is importantthat the memo generated by the provider and the wallet address are entered correctly. Only if both data are correct, a smooth allocation of the amount is possible.

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To stay with the example of stake.com: Winnings can also be paid out in unlimited amounts. However, there is a minimum amount, because only from 2 EOS it is possible to request the payout of winnings to the wallet. In addition: this must have already been used for the deposit.

Especially with high amounts – regardless of whether deposit or withdrawal – it can also happen in the crypto casino that additional verification steps become necessary. This is nothing unusual and should in any case be taken as a sign of high seriousness of the operator.

Which games work with EOS tokens?

You have to clearly distinguish between pure crypto casinos and those that accept digital assets as well as real money payments. In the case of the latter, bitcoin is usually in the foreground; a deposit with EOS is currently not yet possible there. These companies differ from pure crypto providers in that they only offer a only allow a small selection of games to be played with digital currency..

Providers such as stake.com, on the other hand, offer their customers a sufficient number of currencies of a digital nature as a means of payment. If EOS is offered for use in the casino, all categories are usually open – from classic slots to live roulette. Here are some categories that can be used with EOS without any problems:

  • Slots
  • Live casino
  • Game Shows
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Table Games
  • Sports betting

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Interesting: The sports betting section is also open to Stake customers who choose EOS as their currency. So, in the portfolio of our casino example mentioned above there are no restrictions at all.

Tips & tricks for paying with EOS

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Due to the comparatively low exchange rate it can be worthwhile to "stock up" on EOS right now, i.e. to purchase the cryptocurrency on your preferred wallet. There are still only a few ways to use EOS as a means of payment in casinos. However, since the trend is moving more and more in the direction of digital currencies and this one in particular is trying to eradicate the previous shortcomings of Ethereum, Bitcoin and Co, it certainly has a good chance of gaining more and more importance for the gaming industry in the future.

Those who are considering using EOS for payments in the casino should take the following to heart:

  1. Read EOS Casino review, learn about advantages and disadvantages
  2. Buy currency only in reputable wallets
  3. Prefer protection with hard wallet
  4. Set your own payment limits, as EOS Casinos are unlimited
  5. Pay attention to the casino's own fees

As already mentioned at the beginning, EOS is a very very favorable solution for transactions of all kindsas these are free of charge. However, the EOS developer Block.one has no influence on costs that arise in the casino. Therefore, customers should take a closer look at the conditions of the crypto casino. The recommendation basically applies to all tokens.

What actually is EOS?

EOS joins the ranks of digital currencies, also called cryptocurrencies. The blockchain of the same name was developed in June 2017. After less than a year, more precisely in April 2018, the market capitalization of the EOS token was already around 4.5 billion US dollars.

EOS is operated by Block.one, which is now a very experienced very experienced and innovative company. The company primarily develops decentralized, intelligent storage solutions. Block.one focused primarily on B2B. Today, however, the EOS Coin is also traded by private individuals.

A clear advantage of the token is that it attempts to resolve previous deficits known from Bitcoin and Ethereum – especially with regard to scalability. This is higher with EOS than with the better-known tokens. In addition, almost all fees are waived with the cryptocurrency. Here, therefore, is a cost-effective solution for companies and private investors, which ultimately which ultimately also brings advantages in the field of online gaming.

At the beginning, already billion EOS tokens have already been put into circulation. The first 20% were released by block.one in the first week after the official launch, and another 70% were distributed over the course of a year. Only 10% remain permanently on block.one. There is no possibility to purchase or trade them, as they are reserved for the operators.


CEO and founder Brendan Blumer – picture block.one

The main person responsible for the network is CEO and founder Brendan Blumer. The successful serial entrepreneur came up with the idea of selling virtual assets at the age of 15 [2] the idea of selling virtual assets and also got into the gambling market that way. Blumer is also professional in creating avatars for popular games. In the past, he has been able to gain a lot of experience in various companies – including Internet Gaming Entertainment, where he took the lead in Hong Kong at the age of 18. Then in 2017 block.one was founded and EOS was born.

Of course, such a fast-growing company cannot be managed alone. One of the key people on the EOS team is CTO Dan Larimer.. The young man graduated from Virginia Tech in 2003 and after that, similar to CEO Brendan Blumer, he had various jobs. When Dan came to the crypto industry, he focused on Steemit design, one of the first social media platforms specifically for blockchain. At some point, he found his way to EOS and has been contributing all of his expertise to the advancement of cryptocurrency ever since.

Video: EOS Crypto 2021: What is EOS coin? (English)

Particularly successful in China

china flag
Although in China cryptocurrencies are banned cryptocurrencies, the country is a hotspot for bitcoin miners, mainly due to the low energy prices there. After all, mining is considered a power guzzler. Of course, mining is only done in secret. The volume of crypto transactions in the Middle Kingdom is also one of the largest in the world.

Another curiosity in view of the legal situation is the planned tax on crypto planned tax on crypto profits, and: the Crypto Rankingthat is published annually by the IT Ministry of China, the Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID). In it EOS is regularly listed as number 1 listed. One of the ranking criteria is the suitability of a currency for everyday use.

The best EOS alternatives

In this country, the coin is still not very widespread, especially in comparison with China. Players who prefer crypto casinos will correspondingly rarely get the opportunity to use their EOS tokens as credits. All the better when you consider the common alternatives know. For example, these currencies are accepted significantly more often:

BTC is still the undefeated number 1 in the industry, and it is even accepted in online casinos that do not focus exclusively on cryptos, but where payment in real money currency is still possible. In the meantime, however, Ethereum and Litecoin also meet with a high level of acceptance. Significantly less frequently, alternatives such as Tether and Tron are offered.

EOS Casino FAQ

While Bitcoin is the talk of the town in every industry imaginable, you may not have heard of EOS at all. This is indeed the case for many customers in crypto casinos who have experience with the use of certain wallets, but do not even know what the highly ranked token in China is all about. Therefore, we have listed all the important answers to typical questions.

  1. Is it possible to play anonymously in EOS casinos?
  2. Is EOS a secure cryptocurrency?
  3. Are EOS casino payments free of charge?
  4. Is EOS as good as Ethereum?
  5. How do I deposit EOS in the casino?

1.) Can I play anonymously in EOS casinos?

That users remain anonymous in the casino when they make their payment with EOS or any other cryptocurrency is a fallacy. In order to sign up with the provider of choice, it is of course always necessary to complete the Complete registration. In the form, data such as the name, address and other information are essential.

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The chosen online casino does not receive any information about income and also has no access to personal banking information. For example, the provider cannot check how much EOS credit is on the crypto wallet used.

Since at least sensitive details in the area of finances remain anonymous, many players feel better off at EOS Casino. Nevertheless, it is a must to carry out one's registration with correct data – if only because otherwise no correct allocation of winnings would be possible.

In any case, what you should keep in mind as a crypto casino player: Companies in the industry rely on customers' personal responsibility. No deposit limits apply and therefore you should also or especially when playing with coins a good bankroll management have.

2.) Is EOS a safe cryptocurrency?

Basically, EOS can be classified as a safe cryptocurrency. As explained at the beginning, the developers of the EOS Blockchain do their utmost to close old known security gaps and work towards the best possible protection. Whenever an attack by hackers threatens, EOS starts a reset and chooses an earlier recovery time to reduce the dangers to a minimum.

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Those who want even more security for their EOS tokens can store them on a so-called hard walletfor example a hard disk or a USB stick, for example. All you have to do is make sure that the hardware is not misplaced or destroyed. If you store it securely, you are protected from attacks in the best possible way.

As a payment method in online casinos, EOS is just as secure as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here, too, the transaction takes place via the wallet, whereby a memo code must be entered in addition to the wallet address in order to successfully complete payments.

3.) Are EOS Casino payments free of charge?

In fact there are no transaction fees for this cryptocurrency at all, unlike the – unlike what is known from more popular coins. This is precisely what speaks in favor of preferring the token over others. Unfortunately, the selection of EOS casinos is sometimes severely limited. Should this change in the next few years, the EOS Blockchain will probably gain more importance, especially for gamblers. After all, thanks to it save a lot of costsespecially if you deposit and withdraw funds more frequently as a casino customer.

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The cost savings are especially worthwhile in the long run. Also from the side of the common crypto casinos are usually no fees required. However, if this is the case in exceptional cases, the costs are listed transparently. In the case of Stake.com, however, you do not have to worry about fees. Another advantage of EOS is that the payments are permitted without limit. payments. So there is no upper limit.

4.) Is EOS as good as Ethereum?

krypto waehrung icon
In terms of scaling and transaction times, EOS is even a lot better than the more than the better-known ETH token. As far as security is concerned, investors and thus ultimately also casino customers benefit from the highest standards. The disadvantage is, of course, that there are only a few providers that offer the coin as a means of payment so far. In this respect Ethereum has the edge, as the acceptance of the established cryptocurrency is much higher. Meanwhile, there are quite a few casinos where you can pay with Ethereum, but not with EOS.

The low availability in the industry says nothing about the reliability of the coin. The fact that EOS is a good alternative to Ethereum – and ultimately to Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash – is supported by the development of the digital currency in Asia. There, EOS has already managed to overtake Ethereum. However, it is impossible to say whether the market in this country will experience a similar development.

5.) How do I deposit EOS in the casino?

For transactions, you need a personal account at the EOS casino, as well as a wallet address. wallet address is needed. Basically, it is possible to deposit both at Coinbase as well as with Bitpanda, Binance or even Exodus, it is super easy to set up an account. First, you have to deposit money in the standard currency, in this case euros. This balance can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies like EOS.

From the online casino a unique address is generated. In addition, there are the memo codes with which bookings are additionally secured. In the own wallet account, both data can be entered. The amount is freely selectable, as long as it is available on the wallet. If the information is correct, the EOS tokens will be booked within minutes to the specified casino account.

Conclusion on EOS Casinos in Australia

EOS may still be less significant than Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The prognosis for the coin, however, is very good – also and especially in view of the many advantages mentioned, from which online casino players could benefit.

It certainly doesn't hurt to get to grips with the currency and its peculiarities early on. Provided that the gambling industry continues to change, the chances are quite good that EOS will eventually establish itself alongside well-known coins.

Those who already have EOS tokens can currently use them at stake.com, for example.

List of sources

[1] https://www.bitcoinmag.de/eos
[2] https://bitcoin-news.one/coins/eos

Author: Kevin LansonRated: EOSAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%