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Information about Tether


Developer: Tether Limited / Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins and Craig Sellars
Publication Year: 2014
Abbreviation: USDT
Support: Tether Limited
Domicile: Hong Kong
Website: tether.to
Best Tether Casino: Lucky Dreams

Not all casino players have surely heard of the USDT cryptocurrency, also known as Tether. What is meant is a a stable coin pegged to the U.S. dollarfor which no large price fluctuations are and is becoming increasingly popular for this very reason – not least in the gambling industry. In the meantime, there are only a few crypto casinos that do not accept Tether as a payment method, as the coin is already quite widespread.

Within a very short period of time, Tether (USDT) has managed to position itself in the crypto top charts as a stable coin. Still at the foundation in 2014 the digital currency was called Real Coin, but a short time later, founders Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins and Craig Sellars changed the name to Tether.

The goal of the development is to achieve a lower volatility and in return a higher stability than with other digital currencies, such as the prime example of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the usual case.

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The tether is often referred to as a "digital" U.S. dollar because of its as a "digital" US dollar. Both rates are always identical, so the USDT has established itself as a reliable currency for investors who are not interested in growth "spectacles" and to whom it is consequently more important to be able to rely on the stability of the coin.

While the Tether can only be used as an investment to a limited extent the Stable Coin can be used in the in the field of online gaming are all the more suitable. Even the conversion of the credit balance and the stakes is much easier than with other tokens thanks to the identical value to the US dollar.

Interesting: Translated, "to tether" means nothing else but "to tether". This explains how the coin got its name after the renaming. After all, USDT was one of the first stable coins pegged to the US dollar.

Table of Contents

  • The best Tether Casinos
  • What's behind the USDT Coin
  • Tether as a stable coin very popular
  • This is how playing at Tether Casino works
  • Buying Tether: Easiest on crypto wallets
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Tether Casinos
  • Is USDT different from other coins?
  • Secure Tether casinos – this is what matters
  • Deposit limits in USDT casinos
  • What games work with Tether Coins?
  • Tips & Tricks for payment with USDT
  • Tether USDT Alternatives
  • Tether Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about Tether Casinos in Australia

The best Tether Casinos 2024 in the test

The "digital US dollar" is currently on the rise. More and more companies that generally accept cryptocurrencies are focusing on offering Tether alongside well-known other tokens. We have tested the casinos mentioned above in detail. They are consistently recommendable and a safe, licensed alternative to real-money casinos.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, Tether can be quickly, safely and easily on popular crypto exchanges – the deposit on the game page is even available in real time possible.

What's behind the USDT Coin

Founded in 2014, when Tether was still called Real Coin, the development was based on the blockchain technology known from Bitcoin. This builds on strings of continuous records. With the renaming to USDT, the founders of the coin changed their strategy and have since strategy and have since relied on the likewise proven blockchain of Litecoin.. The advantage here is a significantly higher transaction speed.

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Exciting background information: For every Tether (USDT token) held. 1 US dollar in reserve is provided. This was most recently confirmed by the FSS law firm, which was tasked with verifying the developers' statement. In fact, this makes the Tether one of the most secure cryptocurrencies. The congruence is a great advantage for investors, but they should still not be careless with their USDT balance. If this is held on a cold wallet, for example, the company Tether Ltd. will not pay for a loss.

To buy Tether, all you need is a Customer account with known crypto wallets, such as Bitpanda or Coinbase. The token, which is traded at a ratio of 1:1 with the dollar, is now available everywhere and can be exchanged without much effort against US dollars, but of course also against exchanged for euros and other real money currencies. currencies.

Tether very popular as a stable coin

Today, the Tether, which is stably pegged to the US dollar, is used in many areas – and by no means only in online gambling. Many investors prefer to use their USDT to buy other digital currencies – be it Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or even Litecoin.

The popularity stems in particular from the fact that there are no massive fluctuations are to be expected. It is precisely these that make it difficult for Bitcoin investors to assess risks correctly. The BTC price can rise or fall massively within hours. This is exactly what is not the case with stable coins like Tether.

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Interesting: Today, experts are even working on another another stable coin currency, the EURTwhich is supposed to be a Tether variant based on the Euro. Likewise, in many a crypto casino there is the option, payments with USDG, Tether Gold, to make payments. This currency is, as the name suggests, tied to the price of gold. Here, 1 token has the same value as one troy ounce of gold.

This is how playing at Tether Casino works

  1. Compare popular crypto casinos and choose favorites
  2. Registration takes a few minutes
  3. After logging in, the cashier can be opened
  4. Choose Tether (USDT) currency or set it up in the account
  5. Scan QR code with your smartphone
    • Alternatively: Copy one-time wallet address and paste it in your account
  6. Set amount, complete transaction

Longer than a few minutes it usually does not take longer than a few minutes until the credit is made to the set up customer account. Only in a few exceptional cases can players be faced with waiting times of a few hours, although experience has shown that this happens extremely rarely. In this respect, players who decide to deposit with USDT will not suffer any disadvantages compared to other cryptocurrencies.

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If the transaction is carried out with Tether, the preferred casino writes the amount in USDT credited. This way, funds can usually be separated without any problems, because further deposits can be made before as well as after in other digital currencies, which are listed individually in the account. Also game stakes are settled in the currency. There are sometimes exceptions, so that the display of the balance is in euros, but later payouts of winnings are also carried out in Tether.

Whether all games are really available and usable when the balance is loaded as USDT depends somewhat on the company. In most cases, the portfolio is open without any restrictions, so there is nothing to stop you from using the stable coin to play at the crypto casino.

Buy Tether: Easiest on crypto wallets

There are now many proven exchangeson which Tether (USDT) can be exchanged for real money. We can especially recommend the following wallets:

The registration is necessaryThis only takes a few minutes, according to our experience. Deposits are problem-free with common real money currencies possible. Alternatively, other coinssuch as Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin, can be exchanged for USDT on the wallet.

Advantages & disadvantages of Tether casinos.

  1. What are the advantages of using Tether as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages with Tether casinos?

1.) What advantages does Tether offer as a casino payment method?

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One of the main reasons that speak in favor of USDT is. the value stability. One is not exposed to large price fluctuations with the coin. In addition, players in crypto casinos enjoy the same high level of security with Tether as with all alternative tokens.

If USDT funds are available on the preferred wallet, they can be deposited without complications. Ideally, the casino offers a 2 factor authorization via Google Authenticator is offered. This ensures even better protection for transactions. Withdrawals can also be made from the crypto casino within a short time. Here, it is important to fulfill bonus conditions in advance, should a starting balance have been claimed.

All advantages at a glance:

  • High acceptance in crypto casinos
  • Stable coin – 1:1 identical to the US dollar
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Easy transition from real money to USDT
  • Low network transaction fees
  • Payout within hours

2.) What are the disadvantages with Tether Casinos?

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The USDT Coin is still not accepted as a means of payment in all crypto casinos. Thus, Tether is missing as a payment method at the well-known crypto casinos Stake and Roobet.

The topic of investment has little to do with casinos, but should still be considered at this point. The clear rateswhich orientate themselves at the US dollar, can be curse and blessing at the same time be. If you not only want to play in crypto casinos, but also want to invest tokens in the long term, the USDT is ultimately hardly suitable for you.

These are the main USDT disadvantages:

  • Less widespread than Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Only conditionally suitable for investors, as the price is limited

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Important to know: Although it has been confirmed that $1 is retained per USDT, each coin owner is is responsible for protecting his or her own funds.. The easiest way for investors and casino players to protect themselves from a hacker attack is to use a cold wallet. Of course, this should be stored securely, because this is the only way to easily avoid third-party access.

Is USDT different from other coins?

As a so-called stable coin, Tether actually brings with it a crucial difference from Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Litecoin. The token was one of very few digital coins to date to be pegged to a real equivalent value, viz. to the US dollar.. This gives it the highest possible value stability and for investors therefore a significantly greater security. Moreover, this is what makes the coin:

  • Stable Coin – no high price fluctuations.
  • Low volatility
  • High security standards
  • Low network transaction fees

Secure Tether casinos – that's what matters

Even though Crypto Casinos which, among other things, accept USDT payments, are not licensed in Australia, you can usually rely on their rely on their security. This applies to transactions as well as to the registration carried out according to current standards. The latter is of course essential before a planned deposit.

Tether Casinos are usually online casinos without limitswhich are mostly operated with a Curacao license are equipped. These now also stand for high standards, but offer players much more flexibility.

Deposit limits in USDT casinos

Limitless entertainment is one of the features of crypto casinos. Regardless of whether the deposit is made with Tether or other digital currencies, there usually do not have to be any upper limits. This is because the companies behind them do not comply with regulations set in Australia and thus refrain from limiting deposits to 1,000 euros per month. Even if a limit is specified, this only applies only per transactionand at least theoretically, players can refill their customer account there as often as they like.

The lower limit is often at 10 USDT per booking. However, there can be small deviations here, because each crypto casino has its own specifications regarding the minimum deposit amount. However, players are generally not asked to pay too much.

The situation is similar with the payout of winnings. Provided that optionally claimed bonuses have been wagered, an unlimited unlimited amount of credit can be paid out can be paid out. However, above a certain amount must first verification must be completed before must be completed. This involves submitting personal documents – including ID, a recent energy bill and the like.

Which games work with Tether Coins?

Usually, crypto casinos do not differentiate between different coins and the availability of offered game rubrics. Basically almost all game types and variants can be usedHowever, it may well be that at least with various companies, playing is only possible with euros or bitcoin. In addition, there are one or two providers that automatically convert crypto credit automatically converted into real money currency, or the currentor displays the current credit value and the bet amount in euros.

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If there are any questions about the availability of certain categories, they can usually be answered quickly by the support team. clarified with the support. However, if USDT payments are allowed, there generally shouldn't be too many restrictions on the portfolio.

Here are some headings to choose from:

  • Slots
  • Jackpot Games
  • Live Casino Games
  • Roulette
  • Gameshows
  • Lotteries

Tips & Tricks for paying with USDT

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The Tether is a token, which you can buy for comparatively low conditions. comparatively low conditions. It is important not to rely on the first wallet that comes along, but rather to plan a little time to compare all the to compare all proven providers. Although the exchange rate per USDT is always identical, the fees can vary a little vary. The goal should not only be to save money for casino customers. This works by choosing a wallet with fair and especially transparent network transaction fees.

In addition, Tether buyers should Keep the following in mind:

  • Choose crypto casinos with USDT bonus
  • Provider comparison with a view to games, promotions & seriousness
  • Use wallets that charge low fees
  • Pay attention to possible deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Keep an eye on the dollar exchange rate in order to buy USDT cheaply
  • Set loss and stake limits in the casino

Tether USDT Alternatives

Meanwhile, more and more cryptocurrencies are being implemented in the gaming industry in this country as well. Tether, as a stable coin, is popular especially among investors who want to keep a safe value. Significantly more scope and thus also interesting for other areas, such as trading, are these USDT alternatives for casino customers:

At least Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are actually accepted by all reputable crypto casinos today. As far as the other tokens are concerned, acceptance is not yet acceptance, however, is not yet widespread.. Some online casinos that specialize in crypto are very broad, while others limit themselves to a few proven coins. Tether itself is not yet available at Stake.com and Roobet Casino, whereas many alternative coins may be chosen as payment methods.

Tether Casino FAQ

Precisely because USDT is still little known in the gambling industry, it makes sense to look into the most important aspects of the cryptocurrency. It will probably still take a while until the Tether achieves a similar level of awareness as, for example, Bitcoin, which is considered the forerunner of cryptos. However, as its acceptance in online casinos is growing, we have summarized some of the most important questions and answers about the USDT Coin at this point.

  1. What does stable coin mean?
  2. Are Tether payments subject to a fee?
  3. How can I buy USDT?
  4. Is it safe to pay with Tether at online casinos?
  5. How can I recognize reputable Tether USDT casinos?
  6. Is there a Tether Casino bonus?

1.) What does Stable Coin mean?

The background of so-called stable coins, among which Tether is one of the most important, is to minimization of massive price fluctuations – so no comparison to what we experience with Bitcoin. Stable Coins are, in order to achieve exactly this, are linked to fixed values. This can be seen well in the example of the USDT, because its price is basically identical to that of the US dollar. The newer USDC works similarly, with its price also based on the dollar.

Strictly speaking, there are three different forms of the stable coin. This is because it can be linked to not only the base value of a real money currency. It is also possible to link it to

  • other cryptocurrencies
  • or certain algorithms

possible. As with the USDT, also called Tether, is Variant 1 most common can be found.

As already explained, Tether generally incurs significantly significantly lower fees than for other digital assets. This alone is an aspect that speaks for the choice of the still comparatively unknown token in the gaming industry. Despite many advantages offered by Stable Coins, it must be clearly stated that they are also not better protected than blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum or Litecoin, to name just a few.

2.) Are Tether payments subject to fees?

Costs are incurred due to the so-called Network transaction fees. For example, if you deposit 100 euros into the wallet and buy USDT with it, you have to expect a deduction, albeit a small one. The same applies to deposits into the crypto casino, whereby the costs for a booking usually remain relatively manageable. remain. The casino operators actually have no casino operators actually have no influenceThese costs are incurred during the transfer from the wallet to the player's account. Reputable companies in the gambling industry do not charge their customers with any other costs.

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As far as it is possible for the operators, they disclose all network transaction fees in the cashier area in a transparent at the checkout. However, it is often not possible to name a specific amount, as it depends heavily on which crypto wallet the customer has chosen. While the differences do not turn out to be too high, at least in the long run it can definitely make a difference which wallet one uses for USDT and other cryptocurrencies.

3.) How can I buy USDT?

The Choice of crypto exchanges and wallets, such as Binance, Exodus and the like, is now also relatively large in this country. In order to purchase Tether, it is sufficient to to choose one of these exchangesto set up a personal account and then to deposit deposit funds in real money currency. Once the credit is made, the money can be exchanged for any digital assets, also called tokens or crypto coins, can be exchanged. The process usually takes only a few minutes of time.

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USDT buyers are hardly hardly any limits setand also the Tether deposit in the casino can usually be unlimited. Unlike casinos with an Australian license, the providers regulated by the authority in Curacao rely on giving their customers the choice of personal limits, instead of limiting payments to 1,000 euros (or equivalent) per month. The USDT in particular shows an advantage, as the value of a token is always identical to the current dollar exchange rate. Of course, this makes the conversion a lot easier than with alternatives like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

4.) Is it safe to pay with Tether at online casinos?

Basically, the USDT token is no less secure than other cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, it always depends on which provider you choose as a player. Ideally, the option is offered, transactions in the 2 factor procedure in order to protect them as best as possible from unauthorized access. In addition to a suitable wallet, the Google Authenticator app is required in this case. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Play Store.

However, even without this option, the protection of the coins is in the foreground at renowned casinos. For each booking, an individual individual wallet address is generated for eachFor each booking, an individual wallet address is generated, to which the payment can be made via the user's own wallet, for example Coinbase or Bitpanda. Those who do not want to type in this address manually have the option to simply use the also displayed QR code to be scanned with the smartphone and tablet.

5.) How can I recognize reputable Tether USDT casinos?

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Basically, USDT casinos offer the same general conditions as Bitcoin casinos, for example. Here, too, it is therefore advisable to take a look at the existing licensesIt is also advisable to take a closer look at the available licenses, bonus promotions and associated conditions and, of course, to check the gaming options in Tether currency.

Reputable providers of the gambling industry, which are preferably referred to as crypto casinos, do not have to be not necessarily be licensed by the MGA Malta to be considered in order to be classified as safe. Also licenses from Curacao are only granted by the corresponding authority under very strict conditions. Another aspect that speaks in favor of secure entertainment is the mostly optionally adjustable 2-factor authorization. This allows USDT transactions to be doubly secured. And: A reliable provider carries out deposits and withdrawals as quickly as possible.

6.) Is there a Tether Casino bonus?

In fact, some crypto casinos are also generous to customers who reward their first – sometimes even further – deposit with USDT. The bonus is then paid out in currency equivalent.

Lucky Dreams logo

For example, there are bonuses at Lucky Dreams up to 1000 Tether Coins + 100 free spins as starting balancedistributed over the first three qualifying deposits. So the welcome package is by no means only for customers who deposit with Bitcoin or Euros.

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Also Bizzo converts bonuses into USDT if necessary. Consequently, instead of the stated 100 euros + 100 free spins in the bonus package, players can just as easily get up to 100 Tether Tokens plus the specified free spins. to claim. The prerequisite is a deposit of 50 USDT or more, whereby new customers are of course free to invest more directly – in order to take advantage of the entire bonus.

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Whole 500 USDT are waiting for new customerswho register with Stake register. The 100% welcome bonus up to a maximum of $500 is only available with the bonus code "FindCasinoBonus" is available. The first deposit must be be at least $50, or an equivalent amount in any other available (digital) currency, and within 24 hours from the time of registration.

The most providers are very generous and by no means leave out customers who prefer Tether to other cryptocurrencies. Despite all the anticipation of solid starting credits, it is important to intensively deal with the bonus conditions. These can vary greatly depending on the casino and are therefore sometimes more and sometimes less simple to realize.

Conclusion about Tether Casinos in Australia

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While gambling enthusiasts benefit from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, pure casino players are offered the stable Tether offers. Due to its high security standards and low volatility, the USDT USDT has quickly made it to the top of the crypto rankings. In the meantime, it is also becoming more and more popular in the field of crypto gaming – as shown by the majority of the providers we have reviewed.

Advantageously, players can play all slots and classics with USDT are available as well as with other digital and real money currencies. In addition, the purchase of Tether on well-known exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase is super easy. Here, both euros and any other currencies can be exchanged for the USDT. The exchange rate always remains identical to the US dollar.

Tether is secure and reputable. It is therefore all the less surprising that acceptance has increased significantly in recent years. As far as the accruing network transaction fees are concerned, a comparison of several crypto exchanges is also generally recommended for USDT buyers.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: TetherAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%