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Information about Ripple


Developers: Ryan Fugger, Chris Larsen, Jed McCaleb
Publication Year: 2012
Token: XRP
Support: Ripple Labs Inc.
Domicile: USA
Email: [email protected]
Available: In over 100 countries
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The Ripple protocol has been in place since 2012, behind it is the cryptocurrency XRP. Ripple itself is widely referred to as a cryptocurrency, but this is not correct.

XRP, on the other hand, is a coin that, unlike BTC and Ethereum, for example is not based on a blockchain. Due to its scaling alone, the token keeps up with the competition. Not only among casino players are cryptocurrencies like the XRP extremely popular, but Bill Gates as well as Ben Bernanke, the former U.S. banknote chief, are also betting on the coin.

Often the XRP is referred to as a "bank coin", because Ripple builds a network of different banks. This has the advantage that payments made internationally can no longer disappear. The correspondent banking system could therefore, if Ripple achieves its goals in the next few years, become much safer and faster. Already major credit institutions such as Santander Consumer Bank have joined the Ripple network.

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  • The best Ripple casinos in the test
  • How Ripple works in the online casino
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Ripple casinos
  • Tips & tricks for payment with Ripple (XRP)
  • Ripple FAQ
  • Conclusion about Ripple Casinos

The best Ripple casinos in the test

In fact, the coin has not yet been able to establish itself too strongly in the gambling industry – unlike the two pioneers Bitcoin and Ethereum.. However, the chances of a higher acceptance are good especially in Australia, because especially here casino operators are desperately looking for alternatives to classic real money paymentswhich are being increasingly restricted by lawmakers.

How Ripple works in the online casino

A deposit into the crypto casino is possible with Ripple only with appropriate wallets. Users can acquire XRP via Bitpanda, for example, Coinbase and alternative exchanges. Provided that the corresponding credit is available and the selected casino accepts Ripplenothing stands in the way of transactions. However, the way of booking is a bit different from what you are used to with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co.

The most important steps at a glance:

  1. Set up account and click on "deposit".
  2. Select Ripple
  3. If necessary, XRP must first be added as a method
  4. Open destination tag and enter link into wallet
  5. Enter your individual Ripple Coin address
  6. Select amount and confirm transaction
  7. Credit is available in real time

In fact, the XRP Coin is one of the fastest and at the same time one of the most easily scalable are. However, as described in the instructions, some special features have to be taken into account here. The individual Ripple Coin address is generated anew each time by the preferred casino. The destination tag can basically be compared to a unique payment ID. Through this, the transaction is additionally secured.

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Important notice: If the destination tag ID is not entered, the Ripple can be lost. Customers should therefore pay even more attention to the correct entry in the crypto casino.

Another special feature is that XRP payments, regardless of the amount, only work if there are at least 20 Ripple on the selected Wallet at least 20 Ripple are located. This limit serves to avoidance of spam transactions and ultimately serves as another security measure.

Advantages & disadvantages of Ripple casinos

  1. What advantages does Ripple offer as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages of Ripple casinos?

1.) What are the advantages of using Ripple as a casino payment method?

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The developers of the Ripple protocol have set the goal set, to make international payments faster and more secure. Transactions take place, as already noted, via a network of international banks. This completely eliminates the so-called correspondent banks and the long transaction routes that are common in this way. Booking is possible at acceptance points such as the available Ripple online casinos in real time possible.

Commercial for fast payments with Ripple:

As a customer of a crypto wallet such as Coinbase, for example, you now have the the free choice between different currencies. Ripple meets with a high level of acceptance, especially among exchanges, and can be purchased at a comparatively low price.

The most important advantages of Ripple at a glance:

  • Best possible scaling
  • International payment transactions in real time
  • Secure thanks to Destination Tag
  • Close cooperation with renowned banks
  • Low cost per XRP

The high availability of the XRP coin is another advantage when it comes to long-term thinking. Unlike bitcoin or Ethereum, for example, Ripple is not subject to any not subject to a classic mining process. It was the inventor himself who put a whole 100 billion XRP into circulation in the past few years. Participants of the network can for the time being access 55 billion XRP without having to mine them. This also clearly sets Ripple apart from well-known cryptocurrencies.

2.) What are the disadvantages of Ripple casinos?

The purchase of XRP is first of all much cheaper than one would buy a BTC. As mentioned before, the value is currently around $0.50 (as of 31.05.2024) and is therefore absolutely affordable even for small investors. For the time being, it cannot be assumed that Ripple will reach a similarly high price as Bitcoins in the coming months.

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One disadvantage: casino customers, in order to reach the required minimum deposit amount (often 10 to 20 US dollars), have to purchase significantly more XRP than BTC or ETH.

Another aspect that applies to both XRP and alternative cryptocurrencies are the Fees. These vary depending on the crypto casino and are incurred both when depositing and withdrawing winnings.

Last but not least, the reference to the fact that to date, at least here in Australia not too many gambling companies that accept Ripple at all. The response is significantly lower than with other coins. However, that could change in the near future, so it's certainly good to keep a few XRP on your preferred wallet.

The disadvantages At a glance:

  • Exchange fees apply
  • Very few XRP casinos available to date
  • Many Ripple required to reach minimum amount
  • Centralized currency, strongly tied to Ripple

Independent of the small number of Ripple casinos the XRP often comes under criticism. The reason for this is the fact that the currency is centralized and tied to the group is. To date, the company Ripple itself retains the largest share of the created 100 billion XRP, about 80 billion.

The fact that the developer itself has 20% of the XRP for themselves does not have a negative effect on the casinos, but is nevertheless another aspect that experts see critically. Overall, it remains to be seen how availability will develop in the coming years.

Tips & Tricks for Payment with Ripple (XRP)

Ripple Santander mobile

The cooperation with Santander offers some advantages.

Basically, the XRP cannot be purchased in the chosen casino itself, so the registration of a crypto wallet is indispensable. Especially recommended are Coinbase and Bitpanda. With Binance, on the other hand, casino customers should inform themselves more precisely, because not all providers accept the transaction with this wallet.

It is also advisable to check the possible exchange fees to know. Questions may of course be directed at any time to the support of the preferred casino should something actually be unclear here.

According to experience, the trained staff provides quick and easily comprehensible answers to all cryptocurrencies and special features.

Since the potential of the XRP is relatively high it may be worthwhile to "buy in" generously. A potential increase in value is, of course, advantageous, because this way investors benefit in the long run – and not only those who want to play with Ripple in online casinos.

Ripple FAQ

The Ripple protocol, behind which the cryptocurrency XRP stands, is just about to find more and more application for payments in the gambling industry as well. With crypto coins offers a good alternative to classic real money payment methods. All the more important to know the basics of Ripple to know exactly.

  1. Is there a fee for making a Ripple deposit?
  2. Is there an XRP bonus at the casino?
  3. Is it worth buying Ripple for casino games?
  4. Is it safe to pay with XRP?
  5. Can I cash out with Ripple?
  6. What Ripple alternatives are there in the online casino?

1.) Is there a fee for making a Ripple deposit?

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Unfortunately Deposit costs into the crypto casino until now not completely avoid. Players should therefore plan for small additional costs even if the transaction takes place via XRP. Overall, one can expect manageable fees speak.

All in all, Ripple is still one of the most favorable solutions for those who prefer to play in crypto casinos. However, fees still need to be taken into account, because if the wallet does not have sufficient funds, a transaction would not be able to be carried out without them.

2.) Is there an XRP bonus in the casino?

More and more crypto casinos follow the example of traditional providers and award a Bonus to new customers. If such a bonus is available, it will – as in the case of rakebacks, for example – be also granted for transactions with XRP granted. Provided, of course, that the coin is accepted as a currency in the corresponding casino.

Players are therefore free in the decisionwith which method or currency the deposit is made. There is no general bonus exclusion for payments with Ripple XRP Coins.

The general development, the legal situation on the one hand and the interest of customers on the other, rather indicates that the trend will continue. Advantageous is also that a XRP costs a few cents and is therefore significantly cheaper than ETH and other currencies.

4.) Is paying with XRP safe?

It certainly is. For one thing, an individual wallet address for the deposit is generated for each booking. For another, the transaction does not work without an additional destination tag – a special ID that is Transactions with Ripple once again additional is supposed to.

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But: Anyone who forgets to enter the destination tag has to reckon with the fact that in the worst case Ripple will be lost. The inventors of the cryptocurrency therefore rely on the sense of responsibility and conscientiousness of those who use the coin for payments – of whatever kind.

5.) Can I cash out with Ripple?

If the currency was selected players in Krypto Casino have no other choice but to also request winnings earned via Ripple. There are no alternatives, which is not a disadvantage. ultimately not a disadvantage is.

Providers sometimes convert the XRP automatically into euros or dollars – depending on availability – so that at least in many cases you can play with real money without any problems. The payout then leads again via a conversion according to daily rates.

6.) What Ripple alternatives are there in the online casino?

Ripple respectively XRP is not yet as widespread as other cryptos. All the more important to deal with offered alternatives at an early stage. Some are significantly better known than others. Major crypto casinos today accept the following coins, among others:

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The former options are now available in some casinosbut also options such as DOGE and Tron are apparently becoming more and more important for the industry. Especially the fact that there are more and more safe and good alternatives to BTC is definitely an advantage for those who prefer to play in crypto casinos.

Conclusion about Ripple Casinos

Technologically, the XRP is certainly one of the most advanced cryptocurrencies on the market – and even more so one that is close on the heels of alternatives such as Ethereum or even Bitcoin. Even renowned online casinos are increasingly seeing this coin as an opportunity for themselves and their customers.

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Good to know: The purchase of XRP is currently still absolutely affordable. No one knows where the journey will lead. However, BTC has proven that there is a lot of potential in cryptocurrencies.

As payment method in online or crypto casinos, respectively. Ripple is absolutely reliable, which is especially due to the additional Destination Tag protection. Unfortunately, there are only a few possibilities to deposit your coins in casinos at all.

Inevitable are the Fees for transactionswhich, however, are a little lower for XRP than for other Coins. This is certainly also a point that clearly speaks in favor of specifically for acceptance points like or In any case, it is worth studying the currency more closely and looking into the possibilities that Ripple could offer in the future.

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