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Company name: Moonpay Ltd.
Year established: 2019
Registered office: 801 Brickell Ave Suite 800, Miami, Florida, 33131, U.S.
Management: Ivan Soto-Wright, Victor Faramond
Available: In over 160 countries
Email: [email protected]
Best Moonpay Casino: Bitstarz
Best Moonpay Bonus: 5 BTC at Cloudbet

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, yet many shy away from using them when making Zpayments on the Internet from real money to the digital coins to the digital coins. Casino players are generally a bit more open-minded in this regard. However, the final impetus to explore the world of crypto gaming could come from the payment service provider Moonpay could provide the final push.

As interface between fiat currencies and cryptos the company enables the quick and easy purchase of common coins. However, the service cannot be compared with a classic crypto wallet like Bitpanda. Instead, the company, which was founded in 2019, is increasingly being referred to as the "PayPal of the crypto world" referred to.

In fact, Moonpay's service has clear parallels to that of the prominent payment provider. The reason for this is that the processing of all crypto payments through Moonpay is done either via the bank account or credit card. credit card. Accordingly, payments are made with real money, but at the destination – the player account – the amount appears in the equivalent value in coins. in coins.

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The success behind the Moonpay concept is already evident, as: Large companies such as Tiger Global, Blossom Capital or even NEA have invested a total of 555 million US dollars invested in Moonpay.. The groups are the payment provider's largest customers, and the total investment alone has increased the value of the company considerably. value investment alone. In November 2021, this was increased to approx. 3.4 billion US dollars estimated [1].

Table of Contents

  • Top Moonpay Casinos 2024
  • Buy cryptos with Moonpay – step by step
  • Moonpay the PayPal of the crypto world?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Moonpay
  • Buy cryptos on the go with Moonpay
  • Tips & tricks for payment with Moonpay
  • What Moonpay alternatives are there in the crypto casino?
  • These cryptos can be bought via Moonpay
  • Interesting facts about the Moonpay payment service
  • Moonpay Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about Moonpay Casinos

The top Moonpay casinos 2024

The casinos mentioned offer Moonpay as an independent service and thus enable customers, buy cryptos conveniently as well as super fast. There is no need for a crypto wallet, nor is it necessary to generate a special BTC address – as well as recipient addresses for other digital currencies.

Moonpay offers with its simple functions the perfect entry into the world of modern crypto casinos because there are only low fees which makes the deposit even more attractive. However, if crypto profits are to be paid out, it makes sense to get a personal wallet with companies like Binance, Exodus or other exchanges.

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Important note: The operators of the aforementioned crypto casinos clearly state that through the third-party provider Moonpay only the entry should be facilitated. However, the casinos themselves have no influence on the conditions specified by Moonpay, especially with regard to processing and network transaction fees. It is also important to observe the terms and conditions communicated by the payment service provider, as these also apply independently of the casino offer.

Buying cryptos with Moonpay – step by step

Even though there are some things that need to be taken into account when buying cryptos with Moonpay must be observed and various steps must be carried out, the process of such a purchase can be considered to be overall simple describe. The advantage is that the service provider guides its users clearly and quickly through the necessary processes. This makes the payment process comprehensible even for customers who are sometimes not yet familiar with Moonpay.

Using the example of the popular cryptocasino Bistarz we would like to explain the 15 simple steps of a coin purchase the example of the popular cryptocasino Bistarz:

  1. Select casino with Moonpay purchase option
  2. Log in to the customer account
  3. Open the cashier
  4. "Click on "Buy crypto
  5. Select preferred coin in the upper field
  6. Enter equivalent value in EUR currency
  7. Moonpay page will open
  8. Displayed wallet address
  9. Create customer account – just enter your email address
  10. Enter verification code from mailbox into field
  11. Agree to terms of use
  12. Enter additional master data into the form
  13. Enter billing address
  14. Select payment method (SEPA direct debit or credit card)
  15. Confirm payment

Before each purchase there is always the Registration at the preferred Moonpay Casino. Without a customer account, the selected deposit amount, which is immediately exchanged into the desired currency via Moonpay, cannot be allocated.

At first glance, it seems like a lot of effort is required to purchase cryptos with the help of Moonpay. However, the steps shown do not take more than a few minutes of time time. Moreover, the master data is saved, so the next purchase can be completed in a fraction of that time.

Moonpay the PayPal of the crypto world?

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A significant parallel between PayPal and Moonpay is that the latter of the two service providers, which launched in 2019 with its founders Ivan Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond, is, like PayPal, cash in advance. goes. The exchange of real money into cryptos takes place directly, and the real money amount is usually withdrawn one to two days later.

Which brings us to another commonality, as Moonpay also does not does not require a crypto walletin order to purchase Bitcoin and other coins, but the desired amount of real money that is to be exchanged for a cryptocurrency will also be debited from the current account. The only alternative to date is the use of credit cardsVisa or MasterCard, for example. In terms of simplicity, Moonpay comes very close to the better-known PayPal in any case. This also applies to the high payment speed.

Advantages and disadvantages of Moonpay

  1. What are the advantages of the Moonpay crypto purchase feature?
  2. Are there any disadvantages with Moonpay payments?

What are the advantages of the Moonpay crypto purchase function?

In Moonpay casinos from now on, players do not necessarily have to decide to set up a crypto wallet. Between digital and physical currencies, Moonpay offers itself as a ideal interface and, what's more, one that works in a particularly ecological way. Those who are concerned about the environment in addition to the fast entertainment in the casino benefit precisely from the fact that the operators do everything they can to keep the CO² footprint as small as possible. possible.

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Our experts also rate positively the high speed of exchange. Only a first crypto purchase can take some time, since personal data has to be entered into the form. These are saved for further transactions, so that a subsequent booking only takes a few seconds.

Why Moonpay? In the video, the company answers the question about the advantages of the payment offer.

These aspects speak for Moonpay:

  • Fast purchase of different crypto currencies
  • No own crypto wallet required
  • Low network transaction fees
  • Payment processing at fair prices
  • CO² conscious and therefore sustainable company
  • Charge Back Fraud is almost completely excluded
  • Transaction of crypto purchase in Real-time

As a third-party provider, Moonpay is also completely independent of the conditions of casinos as well as fees charged to players by popular crypto wallets have to expect. For the payment usually fall 3.99 as a flat processing fee as well as few cents network transaction fee (see figure below) – a significant cost saving that pays off in the long run.

Important Detail: While the fees are transparent overall, one should always keep in mind when using credit cards that additional costs may be incurred. Moonpay has no influence on these and ultimately cannot give any concrete figures.

Are there any disadvantages with Moonpay payments?

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At the moment, the interface is only there to enable a quick as well as straightforward purchase of cryptos at Moonpay Casino. Withdrawals on the other hand not feasiblesince the provider is not a wallet like Binance or Bitpanda.

In addition, the availability in crypto casinos is not always given. We are currently not many casinos that allow their customers to buy various currencies with Moonpay. Moonpay would like to make it easier for their customers. One provider, namely Gamdom, is officially no longer active in Australia – but can theoretically be via VPN can be visited.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • To date only available in a few crypto casinos
  • Winnings payouts are only to the crypto wallet possible

We can clearly say that the advantages of the payment service provider clearly outweigh the disadvantages. It remains to be seen whether this fact will be recognized by more established crypto casinos sooner or later. Especially new customers, who have or had little contact with digital currencies, will find it much easier to make their first bets thanks to Moonpay.

Buy cryptos on the go with Moonpay

moonpay mobile
The Moonpay crypto casinos that we know of are all adapted to mobile devices, so they can be used on the go. The same applies to the payment provider. Anyone who needs gaming credit far from home can conveniently exchange it via the service and continue playing without waiting.

A special Moonpay app is not necessary for transactions of real money in cryptocurrencies, as the processing here simply takes place via the preferred crypto casino. The steps on mobile devices remain identical to those that have to be carried out on the desktop.

Tips & Tricks for payment with Moonpay

Once again clearly to the understanding: Moonpay permits the fast exchange of various real money currencies into cryptosbut is not a crypto exchange or wallet. This means that the service is especially suitable for casino deposits, where credit cards and direct debits can be used to guarantee a quick start to the game. What is exciting above all is what the company has already achieved since its founding in 2019.

Interesting facts about Moonpay [2]:

  • 3.4 billion US dollars in revenue since its founding
  • Already exchanged more than 2 billion cryptos
  • Company growth of over 1,700% within 2 years
  • Huge platform with over 5 million customers
  • More than 80 cryptocurrencies are supported
  • Solid 4.2 star rating from the portal Trustpilot

No registration is required on the Moonpay website. However, anyone who wants to buy cryptos or sell them again by entering bank details must also enter some personal data there. This is the only way to ensure that funds and tokens arrive at the right place.

What Moonpay alternatives are there in the crypto casino?

Although Moonpay is certainly the best-known option at the moment, there are now several payment service providers that function similarly, such as Ramp and Changelly.

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Since sometimes only cryptos can be purchased via the Moonpay service, it makes sense to look into alternative payment options – at the latest when a payout of winnings is imminent. Wallets have proven themselves, because coins can also be purchased there. Registration is required there in any case. Here are some examples:

These cryptos can be bought via Moonpay

According to its own information, Moonpay now accepts and exchanges more than 80 cryptocurrencies – among them especially those that have established themselves not least in the field of online gaming. Here are some of the most tokens that can be purchased via Moonpay are as follows can be bought via Moonpay:

Which tokens in the casino itself can be purchased via Moonpay, which varies depending on the provider. Cloudbet is especially versatile, but also competitors like Bitstarz have long since allowed some Alternatives to Bitcoin.

The preferred real money currency can also be selected at Moonpay – from euros to US dollars to Russian rubles, various options are conceivable. Thus, the interface perfectly adapts to the conditions of numerous countries, which now benefit from the advantages of the payment provider.

Interesting facts about the Moonpay payment service

For all the simplicity that Moonpay promises users, its own energy efficiency is high on the agenda of the still young company. According to its own statements, Moonpay works almost entirely with renewable energies and, on top of that, does not use paper in any of its processes. But these are not the only facts that speak for the payment service provider.

In addition, it stands out from classic crypto wallets in the following points:

  • With Moonpay, cryptos can not only be purchased, but also but also sold be sold
  • The wallet is similar to the more prominent PayPal in many respects and is therefore often referred to as the PayPal of the crypto world referred to
  • Since its official launch in 2019, Moonpay has wagered approx. 3.5 billion US dollars in cryptos. at
  • The Growth of the payment provider since its inception is a staggering 1,700 percent
  • More than 5 million customers already rely on the Moonpay concept
  • The provider accepts over 80 cryptocurrencies from all over the world

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When we talk about the crypto sale we are not talking about "getting rid" of the tokens elsewhere, for example by sending them to third parties. Rather, cryptocurrencies can be turned into cash with little effort. This is done through the service of Moonpay – unlike the purchase – free of charge.

Moonpay Casino FAQ

  1. Does Moonpay accept deposits in advance?
  2. How can I buy bitcoin at Moonpay Casino?
  3. Is Moonpay available in Australia?
  4. What are the Moonpay fees?
  5. Where can I find my crypto winnings at Moonpay?

1.) Does Moonpay accept deposits in advance?

In a sense, Moonpay is a company that facilitates the exchange of euro or other real money currencies into cryptos without waiting possible. The important thing here is to enter a correct bank account in the form, because the direct debit usually only takes a few days to arrive.

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While such a debit does not work in real time – just like the debit of the credit card – players at Moonpay Casino by no means have to wait days to be able to play with the exchanged crypto funds. As a rule, this is possible immediately.

The payment service provider's approach also explains why Moonpay is often referred to as a PayPal for cryptocurrencies because the prominent payment provider is the only one that offers payment in advance just like Moonpay. Prepayment while other providers, such as Skrill and Neteller can only forward deposited funds to the preferred casino.

2.) How can I buy Bitcoin at Moonpay Casino?

Whether it's Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency: once logged in to the Moonpay supported crypto casino, all you need to do is click on "Buy crypto" in the cashier, to carry out the transaction. The fact that Moonpay supports BTC payments almost goes without saying given the high profile of this digital currency. According to one's preferences, bitcoin can be selected as the equivalent of the real money amount to be determined below.

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Once the amounts are set, the payment process described by our experts follows step by step, and the purchase is completed either by credit card or with the help of a classic SEPA direct debit.

3.) Is Moonpay available in Australia?

All crypto casinos represented in our ranking are internationally licensed. If they accept players from Australia, a deposit via Moonpay is also possible in principle. Unlike the payment provider's website, the purchase service is provided in Australian via the gambling industry companies, which makes the process of a Coin purchase much easier. The Moonpay website, on the other hand, is currently only available in English. It is primarily intended to provide information about the service as well as the associated usage functions.

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Basically, it can be stated that the Moonpay service is adapted to more than 160 countries worldwide. so that even in Australia everyone is offered the opportunity to conveniently buy cryptos for gambling in the casino. Providers allow the display of the exchange in both various crypto and fiat currencies, including the euro used in this country.

4.) What are the Moonpay fees?

Unfortunately, Moonpay does not completely avoid fees, but they are quite low. low set. Essentially you can choose between two cost items be distinguished. On the one hand, there is the processing feewhich is stated at a flat rate of 3.99 or the corresponding equivalent in other real money currencies. On the other hand, there are also the now well-known network transaction fees apply.

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For example, anyone who decides to buy BTC via Moonpay will pay an amount of around 31 euro cents – regardless of how high the number of tokens to be purchased turns out to be. For alternative coins, the fees may differ slightly, but in our estimation they can be described as manageable overall.

5.) Where can I find my crypto winnings at Moonpay?

Moonpay is not a digital "wallet" for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitpanda, Exodus and Binance. Behind the concept is merely the exchange of real money into cryptos and vice versa. and vice versa. A classic registration is therefore not required. Provided it leads to a casino win casino winnings, they can be easily paid out to a preferred crypto walletbut not to Moonpay itself.

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You can say that Moonpay is an intermediary servicewhich does not offer the possibility to store crypto funds, but tobut does offer the possibility to convert them into real money. For this to work, all you have to do is enter a bank account on the provider's website. All crypto transactions of Moonpay are processed via this bank account. Alternatively, the use of major credit cards is allowed.

Conclusion about Moonpay Casinos

The functionality of the payment service is certainly interesting for the casino industry, because it also opens up a simple way to play with digital customers a simple way to play with digital coinswho have not yet dealt with crypto wallets and exchanges.

A payout option would certainly be an advantage for the future, but even the purchase as such makes it much easier to get started with providers like Bitstarz. In addition, the fees are very low fees are very low, which makes a significant difference to classic crypto wallets in the long run.

On top of that, the high transparencyMoonpay handles payments and the exchange of real money currencies into cryptos with a high degree of transparency. The creates trust and makes the decision to use the service itself particularly easy.




Author: Peter McCollinRated: MoonpayAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%