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Company name: Ramp Swaps Ltd.
Year Established: 2017
Registered office: Epworth House, 25 City Road, London, England.
Management: Przemek Kowalczyk, Szymon Sypniewicz
Website: ramp.network
Available: In over 160 countries
Email: [email protected]
Best Ramp Casino: Bitstarz
Best Ramp Bonus: 5 BTC at Bitstarz

In 2017 the Payment provider Ramp was founded by Przemek Kowalczyk and Szymon Sypniewicz in the Polish capital of Warsaw. The company's goal is to act as an interface between blockchains and banks and banks, with Ramp focusing on the particularly secure secure Open Banking APIs

In terms of functionality, the provider can be compared with Changelly and Moonpay compare, because Ramp is not an exchange or a not an exchange or wallet in the true sense of the word, but rather an opportunity, to easily exchange real money for any crypto without having to wait for long periods of time.

Ramp Defi was developed as a modern, fast and decentralized protocol.. The idea behind it: To make payments of cryptos that are not based on the ERC20 blockchain easier. So with Ramp, one has found a way to also place such coins on Ethereum platforms.

Ramp cooperates with various wallets, including the cold wallet, including the cold wallet Ledger, which allows investors to store crypto logs without them being connected to the Internet. This is also known as a "crypto wallet," where Cold Wallets experience shows that cold wallets are even more secure than hot wallets.icher than hot wallets like Binance and Exodus.

Table of Contents

  • Top Ramp Casino 2024
  • Buying cryptos with Ramp – these are the steps you need to take
  • What exactly can the Ramp wallet do?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Ramp
  • Also mobile a fast as well as secure solution
  • Tips & tricks for payment with Ramp
  • Facts about Ramp
  • Which exchanges does the payment service provider cooperate with?
  • Which currencies can I buy with Ramp?
  • Deposit and exchange Ramp credits – with these methods
  • Ramp Casino FAQ
  • Conclusion about Ramp Casinos

Top Ramp Casino 2024


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  • Rating: Excellent
  • Establishment: 2014
  • Online since: 2014
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When we talk about Ramp Casinos, we mean providers that allow crypto purchases via Ramp. So, we are talking about the interface. In fact, from the developers of the Ramp program was created in parallel the eponymous, still quite unknown cryptocurrency was launched at the same time. However, after intensive research, our experts come to the conclusion that RAMP tokens are not yet very widespread, especially in the crypto casino industry.

Moonpay Logo
Currently, in terms of distribution, Ramp cannot yet compete with the more prominent payment service provider Moonpay in terms of penetration, but offers similar functions and is just as secure, when it comes to performing crypto transactions. With providers like Bitstarz Ramp is currently being used specifically for the fast as well as direct exchange of real money into any token. provided.

This saves time in that customers do not have to register with a wallet, deposit money and then exchange it for coins. For the later payout of winnings, a wallet, be it the Cold Wallet Ledger or alternatives like Bitpanda, but is still required.

Buying cryptos with Ramp – step by step guide.

As with all payment methods in crypto casinos, the first step is the Registration in the first place. Only after the registration is completed can transactions be correctly assigned to the customer. Once the most important of all tasks has been completed, the exchange of euros into cryptos is relatively simple. However, a few things still need to be taken into account here.

At example of Bitstarz you can see the necessary steps explained simply:

  1. Press the "Deposit" button
  2. Enter the desired Euro amount
  3. Select "Buy Crypto" in the top right tab
  4. Press the buy button next to Ramp
  5. Click on "Continue
  6. Select preferred token on the Ramp page
  7. Continue the process by clicking the button
  8. Complete registration with e-mail address
  9. The amount and fee will be debited using the preferred method
  10. The casino account will be credited within 15 minutes.

As soon as the registration code sent by e-mail is Ramp automatically generates its own crypto address. crypto address.

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Important: The method selected on the payment page cannot be changed during the payment process. In general, however, Ramp accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, as explained earlier.

The decisive factor is that the credit is actually transferred within around 15 minutes to the casino account within about 15 minutes is the choice of the Revolut payment method, similar to the direct debit, which is better known in this country. Who, however, opts for a Standard bank transfercurrently the only possible alternative, must expect processing times of up to up to two working days to be expected.

Connecting Ramp to the Wallet in Use

For those who would like to speed up their crypto transactions in the future, Ramp offers the option of using a special API interface with the crypto wallet already in use. Thanks to the provider, it will be possible to make payments via the DApps used payments faster than ever before and, what's more, they are particularly secure.

Simplified, it can be said that RAMP offers the ideal opportunity, to connect wallets with banks, without losing valuable time in the process. Especially for the crypto casino industry, this is an interesting way to accommodate customers in the future when making payments.

Image video of Ramp.

What exactly can the Ramp Wallet do?

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Once again for clarification: Ramp merely provides a link between the closed banking system and the much more open, now even very versatile crypto space. A wallet is thus not behind itRamp merely enables the purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies. purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies.whereby the payment is basically made via the bank account or a credit card credit card.

With the help of the generated wallet addresses, coins previously purchased via Ramp can be posted to the preferred wallet afterwards.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ramp

  1. What advantages does Ramp offer in the crypto casino?
  2. Are there any disadvantages with Ramp payments?

What advantages does Ramp offer in the crypto casino?

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If you want to buy cryptocurrencies quickly and securely to use them as a means of payment in the casino, Ramp offers the perfect basis as an interface between exchanges and banks. Ramp crypto purchases take about according to the casino operators. 15 minutes whereas a classic wallet takes considerably wallet needs significantly more time to recognize deposited funds and enable the exchange into preferred coins.

The payment provider payment provider is exemplary when it comes to the transparent presentation of fees, payment limits and conditions. Also advantageous: Ramp is available as a mobile app for all devices is fully compatible and can be used to purchase crypto credits for the casino on the go. It is up to the customer to decide between common real money payment methods.

These are the most important advantages of the Ramp Wallet

  • Complete mobile compatibility
  • Quick and easy Buy cryptos for the casino
  • Transparent, fair fees
  • Secure interface between wallets and banks
  • Different payment methods selectable
  • Huge selection of digital currencies

The ones offered by crypto casinos accepted Coins are all available through Ramp. Consequently, there are no restrictions that customers have to accept. However, it is important for casino users to choose their preferred digital currency at the provider itself.

Are there any disadvantages with Ramp payments?

Although Ramp has been available since 2017, word of its existence has yet to reach the major crypto casinos active in this country.

The numbers that Crunchbase [1] cite in this regard suggest that the payment processor has plenty of room to grow in terms of its current prominence. An average of approx. 58,000 visitors visitors to the Ramp website, and our experts have only been familiar with the associated token for a short time.

Nevertheless: The The number of visitors is growing monthly by an average of 82,55%which indicates that Ramp may soon be able to compete with better-known service providers such as Moonpay or even Changelly could soon prevail. To date, Ramp has not yet reached this level of penetration, although this could change quickly in our fast-moving and technology-oriented times.

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Website of the provider only in English
  • Low availability in crypto casinos
  • No payout option of winnings

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Especially with regard to casino transactions, the biggest disadvantage is probably that Ramp is not a standalone wallet. Means in plain language, Winnings can not be stored therebut must be transferred to an exchange like Bitpanda or Binance. This in turn means that registration with one of these companies is essential for casino customers.

But: As already explained, for the token purchased via RAMP, a wallet address is a wallet address is generated directlywhich significantly simplifies the transfer to known wallets. Overall, the advantages outweigh and it thus remains to be seen whether Ramp will possibly gain more importance in the future – especially for the casino industry.

A fast and secure solution for mobile as well

For those who play a lot in the mobile casino and are rarely at home, Ramp offers a decisive advantage. All functions are also available on the go. The Ramp app is considered 100% mobile compatible and is also very easy to use – which is especially helpful for beginners.

The video shows how buying cryptos via Ramp works on a smartphone.

Currently the Ramp Mobile App is only available in English but you can get by with little knowledge of foreign languages, as all areas are self-explanatory. self-explanatory are self-explanatory. Especially the exchange of Euros into any Coins is similarly simple as with the better known Moonpay.

Tips & tricks for payment with Ramp

Even though any amount can be exchanged for cryptos via Ramp, it makes sense for casino players to set up a parallel to this a wallet in parallel. Common crypto wallets which offer the highest security standards, have already been extensively tested by our specialist editorial team. The wallet is required for payout of winnings is required. At the same time, all tokens that users exchange via Ramp can be stored directly on it. Here, it is enough to enter the generated wallet code.

Also important: The fees incurred must definitely be taken into account when depositing in euros. This is crucial because in casinos like Bitstarz there is a Lower limit for the ramp deposit applies, which may not be fallen short of – which would be the case, for example, at 50 euros without taking into account the fees incurred.

All facts about the payment provider Ramp

  • Founded in 2017 in Warsaw
  • Functional mobile app available
  • Available worldwide
  • Around 93.9 million euros in funding
  • Funded by currently 24 major investors
  • Cooperation with wallets like Ledger
  • 66 technologies for versatile use
  • Huge user growth since inception

Of course, like all growing companies, Ramp has to finance itself somehow. Since its founding, a total of 24 investors have decided to support the payment provider's well-thought-out concept. In particular, groups such as Firstminute Capital and NFX play a decisive role. They are among the leading investorsas is the British company Balderton.

With which exchanges does the payment service provider cooperate?

A special feature of Ramp is that tokens are made compatible via the ERC-20 interface. This means that purchased or exchanged cryptocurrencies can now be stored on all known crypto exchanges. One of the important partners for Ramp is Ledger, known as a so-called cold wallet in the form of a nano stick. But classic wallets can also be used to store exchanged coins.

The most important wallets at a glance:

To move the exchanged crypto funds to the wallet, it is enough to enter the generated code mentioned earlier – a wallet address on Ramp, from which cryptos can be easily moved to the preferred wallet.

What currencies can I buy with Ramp?

In the FAQ all tokens available on Ramp are listed in detail and alphabetically. Here, the provider distinguishes between international currencies and currencies specifically tailored to the USA.

Popular tokens at Ramp

Particularly interesting: According to his own statements Ramp likes to respond to the ideas and wishes of his customers customers. In general, the payment service provider shows great effort in developing the portfolio portfolio of accepted and available tokens constantly expanding.

Deposit and exchange Ramp credits – using these methods.

Similar to real money wallets, for example. Skrill and Neteller Ramp also does not does not require payment in advance, but the chosen amount to be exchanged for coins, directly. Currently, the selection of payment methods is quite manageable, so a decision is usually made quickly.

For deposits the following options are allowed:

  • Bank transfer
  • Revolut (similar to direct debit)
  • Credit cards

As already noted, classic bank transfers take more time than the faster alternative Revolut. This is also referred to by Ramp as Fast Bank Transfer because the purchase is made within a few minutes using this method.

credit-cards icon
Credit cards in turn, are charged automatically, the settlement takes place with most banks in the monthly cycle. An advantage is that Ramp not only accepts the classic variant of Visa and MasterCard, but payment is also quite possible with debit cards possible.

Ramp Casino FAQ

  1. Which countries does Ramp support?
  2. What are the Ramp payment limits?
  3. What are the Ramp fees?
  4. Why do I have to verify my identity with Ramp?
  5. Is Ramp as good as Moonpay and Changelly?

1.) Which countries does Ramp support?

Especially when it comes to questions like these, the Ramp website provides transparent answers. Currently the Wallet resp. Wallet interface on API basis with over 160 countries worldwide including Australia, Belgium, Austria and Canada, to name just a few.

In the Ramp FAQs, the company lists all countries individually, clearly showing that the concept behind the interface is apparently not only well received in Poland – where Ramp was launched in 2017.

Those responsible point out that there are restrictions specifically for the USA exist, as not all U.S. states allow payment or purchase of cryptos with Ramp. In general, however, it can be said that numerous destinations are already benefiting from the features that Ramp has to offer them.

2.) What are the Ramp payment limits?

The Limits for transactions are clearly defined at Ramp and depend, among other things, on which verification steps have already been carried out. Provided that users have completed all verification processes, the payment limit is 20,000 euros per dayand the monthly limit is set at 75,000 euros.

Depending on the country, additional so-called lifetime limits may apply. If these are reached, no further transactions are possible from then on – unless verification is carried out afterwards. Such verification is required for deposits with Ramp starting at 250 euros.

3.) How high are the Ramp fees?

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According to its own information, Ramp offers the best fees in the crypto industry. However, the fact is that these are a bit higher than those of its competitor Changelly. Basically, customers pay 2.9% of the deposit amount additionally. In addition, there are further conditions that depend on the preferred payment method – for example 1,99% up to 2.500 Euro via Revolut, or else 0,99% in case of a classic bank transfer.

The maximum feestated by crypto casinos applies only to transactions by credit card credit card. Here Ramp also mentions a minimum amount of 2.49 euros per booking.. It is advantageous that the payment provider is very transparent about fees. This makes it easy for users to adjust to any additional costs and take them into account when making payments.

4.) Why do I have to verify myself with Ramp?

Like all payment providers in the crypto sector, Ramp is also bound by applicable KYC rules and is therefore obliged to ensure compliance with them. For customers this means that a Verification essential is – and always when the limit of 250 euros is exceeded. For smaller sums, Ramp uses the KYC check by means of bank account data. This is done via the Open Banking API, so it is not necessary to submit any documents.

Those who have recognized the advantages of Ramp for themselves and would therefore like to use the provider more often are well advised to carry out the verification early on. Once verified, the Ramp customer account can be used extensively afterwards, up to the already mentioned 75,000 Euro payment limit per month.

5.) Is Ramp as good as Moonpay and Changelly?

What is the functionality Ramp maintains a similarly high level as its competitors. In terms of fees, it is easy to see that there are significant differences between the three interfaces for crypto purchases, especially with regard to crypto casinos.

When it comes to the cost factor cost factor, Changelly Changelly is currently ahead of the game, because no processing fees are charged, only the typical network transaction fees. Ramp is ranked second with 2.9% processing fees, while Moonpay brings up the rear with a much higher 4.5%.

thumb-up icon
Users should not make their decision dependent on this alone, because aspects such as the acceptance of different coins and the speed certainly play an important role. In this respect, Ramp definitely does not have to hide behind the competition.

Conclusion about Ramp Casinos

Currently, there are not yet too many companies in the industry that open up the possibility for their customers, crypto purchases quickly and conveniently with Ramp. However, the payment provider proves to be transparent throughout, which clearly speaks for its seriousness.

A translation of the Ramp website including features would be desirable, because it is currently only available in English. What the conditions and functions functions, the company has positioned itself very well. well positioned and has a high potential to gain more importance in the future, especially in industries such as online gaming.


[1] Crunchbase (https://www.crunchbase.com/) is an international commercial database / search engine headquartered in the USA. It accumulates information about companies in all industries and makes it available for retrieval.

Author: Peter McCollinRated: RampAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐89%